Israel Is Offering Illegal Immigrants $3,500 And A Plane Ticket To Leave

Preserving Israel’s uniquely Jewish character is one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top priorities. Now, in addition to marginalizing Arab-Israeli citizens and their representatives in the country’s parliament, Netanyahu is staging a crackdown on illegal immigration – offering refugees from Sudan, Eritrea and other African countries who illegally entered Israel via Egypt a relatively generous sum to relocate back to their home countries, or to move to a designated third-party country that has agreed to take in the migrants.

The government believes there are 38,000 such immigrants in the country. And while many of the migrants have applied for refugee status – claiming to have fled war and persecution - instead of processing their applications, the ruling party instead chooses to classify them as economic migrants with relatively few rights.

Rwanda and Uganda are two countries that have offered to accept the Israeli migrants.


African refugees

Netanyahu’s offer of $3,500 and a plane ticket is good through March, at which point the government will begin a crackdown on illegal migrant communities that could result in large numbers of migrants being deported or imprisoned, according to Reuters.

Just like in the US and parts of Europe, many of the migrants live in slums and work in low-paying jobs. They’re vulnerable to crime because they lack access to the country’s banking system.

The plan launched this week offers African migrants a $3,500 payment from the Israeli government and a free air ticket to return home or go to "third countries", which rights groups identified as Rwanda and Uganda.

"We have expelled about 20,000 and now the mission is to get the rest out," Netanyahu said.

An immigration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there are some 38,000 migrants living illegally in Israel, and some 1,420 are being held in two detention centres. "Beyond the end of March, those who leave voluntarily will receive a significantly smaller payment that will shrink even more with time, and enforcement measures will begin," the official said, referring to incarceration.

Some have lived for years in Israel and work in low-paying jobs that many Israelis shun. Israel has granted asylum to fewer than one percent of those who have applied and has a years-long backlog of applicants.

Remarks made by members of Netanyahu’s government echo some of the heated rhetoric that Trump administration officials use to describe immigrants and immigration policy.

Rights groups have accused Israel of being slow to process African migrants' asylum requests as a matter of policy and denying legitimate claims to the status.

Netanyahu has called the migrants' presence a threat to Israel's social fabric and Jewish character, and one government minister has referred to them as "a cancer".

Some migrants who have spent most of their lives in Israel say they’d rather go to prison for a spell than be kicked out of the country permanently.

Teklit Michael, a 29-asylum seeker from Eritrea living in Tel Aviv, said in response to the Israeli plan that paying money to other governments to take in Africans was akin to "human trafficking and smuggling".

"We don't know what is waiting for us (in Rwanda and Uganda)," he told Reuters  by telephone. "They prefer now to stay in prison (in Israel) instead."

Like Trump, Netanyahu has said removing the immigrants will reduce crime and make the country's Jewish more comfortable.

The large presence of African migrants in Tel Aviv's poorer neighborhoods, where Netanyahu said "veteran residents" - a reference to Israelis - no longer feel safe.

The Trump administration has drastically reduced the number of refugees being admitted to the US; last month, Trump announced he would end immigration protections for thousands of Haitian refugees who sought succor in the US following a devastating 2010 earthquake.



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wow it is almost as if the could PRINT MONEY? well they do

to move to a designated third-party country that has agreed to take in the migrants ... Germany!


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"it does not get any better than this" ...…

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The question is are (((they))) true sons of Shem or devious and gropy sons of Canaan that washed up by inter-marrying European nobility and royalty?

Maybe usury was too big an incentive to become Jewish for the Baal and Moloch worshipping Canaanites, who were the Phoenicians, and they controlled trade in the Mediterranean for a long time; from PURPLE dye, to tin, and then maybe to the monopoly of usury, because Christians were not allowed for the longest time.

Also the Phoenician city of Tyre, and one Hiram Abif is intimately connected to freemasonry for those in the know. And since freemasonry rules us behind the scenes, this connection makes sense. Phoenicia means PURPLE land in Greek, and maybe you have noticed this campaign of wearing purple by our "luminaries" as a sign of being owned by these folks.

By the way, usury still is a grave sin folks.

Now let's see, the true sons of Shem would not be promoting perversity nor usury, now would they? Nor selling "spirits" (alcohol), pornography nor peddling drugs. Nor would they be controlling abominable secret societies, nor promoting the Kabbalistic Egregore, astrology, and other New Age esoteric dead ends.

This brings the anti-semite shield used by these folks into question. Semite means son of Shem; shemite, known as the upright sons of God. Maybe the true sons of Shem were driven out of the Holy Land and never returned. Did phoenician impostors use Judaism as a shield of respectability, or did a large part of the tribe of Judah corrupt themselves with Caananite Baal worship and traditions during their Babylonian captivity?

Occupying Israel now is not permitted by the Torah, as per Rabbi Dovid Feldman's own wise words. He represents Neturei Karta and knows that Jews should not be in Israel, nor supporting Zionism at this time.

Why is their line matrilineal when the sons of Shem were patriarchal?

Do Ham, Canaan and Naamah ring a "bel".

Mt. Hermon up in the Golan Heights seems to be dear to them too.

Earthly truth is very disappointing...

Are you entertained, R.C. "Christian"?

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True sons of Shem, sons of Israel (Jacob), sons of Adam are all white. We are the Children of Jacob. The impostor serpent spawn masquerading as chosenites are nothing more than the Biblical tares, bad fish, bad figs and will be eliminated in a flash when our Christ Yahshua (Jesus) returns. Until then we can push them around, but cannot rid ourselves of them.

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What a bunch of hypocrites you are...
On one hand you express hatred to all Jews on the face of the earth, and on the other hand you condemn us as "racists".
On one hand you would like to deport all illegal immigrants from your countries, and yet you condemn Israel for doing just that.
The cognitive dissonance is so extreme that your heads might explode.

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What you say is true, and this article from the Times of Israel helps to explain that the most racist Israeli's are supporters of right wing political parties.

52% of Israeli Jews agree: African migrants are ‘a cancer’

" Broken down by political and religious affiliation, the monthly index’s findings reveal that among Jews there is a direct correlation between right-wing political affiliation and a racist attitude toward migrants. Thus, 86 percent of Shas voters and 66 percent of Likud voters polled expressed identification with Regev’s controversial statement, as opposed to 32 percent of Labor voters and four percent of Meretz voters. "…


Beware the raging far right, for they surely are the face of evil.

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Hey don't forget to feed the 100,000 sandniggas that Cuckistan imported by the hand of the inbred queer boy aka "Prime Minister", at the rate of $43k/year each, while the Cuckistanis are starving or cannot pay bills.

Retarded Cuckistanis like yourself are in no position to given "lessons" to a far more successful Israel that had ten times achievements in half of the time despite of no resources and being attacked continuously. May be they weren't wasting that much energy and money feeding the negroes wherever they were found.


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What a bunch of hypocrites you are.

I agree.  Come on hedgers! ZH denizens are supposed to be monetarily aware.  Paying unwanted elements to leave your country is an excellent way of keeping your family/nation healthy.  No soy-boys, bug men, or liberal fem-nazis can complain because method is non coercive, but instead uses incentives.  

You pay them to leave, and it then prevents future societal malfunction and high friction.  It is STATESMAN LIKE.  Having millions of African's in your country is demonstrated to cause social problems.  This is factually observable throughout history and in any country afflicted.  It is data, it is reality, it is not debatable no matter how much you wish it wasn't so.  

So, Jews in Israel are doing the same thing to African's that we should be doing to Jews.

It is Havarra plan in reverse.  Paying Jews to leave Western Lands would be an excellent way of dealing with the Jewish Problem.  Separation or Divorce does work.  I suggest paying Jews to go to Uganda, a country under consideration at the beginning of Zionist project. 

Credit as money has a future orientation, what better way to channel credit than to use it to improve the future?

As long as our ((friends)) own money creation power via private bank stock ownership, we cannot direct OUR national credit in ways that are helpful to OUR future.

It always reduces to the money problem.

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Jews like negroes insofar as it promotes Jewish in-group profit taking or group interests.

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The NAACP was funded into existence by New York jews, who proceeded to maneuver blacks as an army of destruction.  No mass movement, like that of the civil rights movement, goes unfunded.  There is always a central figure doing co-ordination and funding.

Even more sad, Booker T. or even Marcus Garvey offered real solutions, not the fake legalistic Jew solutions to the black problem.  Everything Jews touch turn to shit, and the reason why, is that they are anti-logos.  It is their role on the planet to stand for unnatural law, so separating or divorce allows breathing space for higher civilization to develop.



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What is wrong is "The Narrative." All those nice changes Cultural Marxism said would work; don't. Multiculturalism has failed. Immigration is not needed by the host nation.

If a country cannot find enough stupid, poor, workers that do not speak the language (or can write in the language of their country of origin), then that country has a problem. Giving them SNAP, Section 8, education, private charity is NOT the solution. If a country cannot find enough qualified high tech workers, then that country has a problem. Importing 3rd World quacks from India is down right dangerous!! Those idiot "doctors" are just as bad as Indian programmers, except now someone's life is on the line.

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if character maters this makes sense. go to baltimore if this doesn't compute. offer them $ 20,000(printed money anyway) and a one way ticket. they suck 30k a year as useless eaters. could be much moar for funerals, crime, law enforcement, emergency medical care, and cost of devaluation of property values.

smart plan...

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Who is "They?" Mr. DJT gonna send 12 million Mexicans back sure gonna cost > $3000 each. Then Congress will approve abolishing the 14th Amendment taking away citizenship of well, maybe everybody who can't show their "papers" where their Granddaddy came from Africa in 1700 was never naturalized so none of them will be citizens, what could go wrong with that? 

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