New Pipeline Doubles Russian Crude Oil Supply To China

Russia quietly doubled its crude oil export capacity to China in the new year when it launched a new pipeline, cementing its position as the number one supplier of crude to its Asian neighbor.

The extension of the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean, or ESPO, oil pipeline between Russia and China started operating on January 1, doubling the export volumes from 15 to 30 million tons annually, or almost 220 million barrels, Xinhua reported. The agency noted that the extension, which was agreed in 2013, would serve China’s Belt and Road initiative for expanding China’s regional influence in Asia.


The new section of the Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean pipeline began operations Monday, Xinhua added. The venture is expected to "deepen energy co-operation between Moscow and Beijing" and serve the Belt and Road Initiative, a major Chinese-led development project across Asia.

Rosneft is the supplier of the crude via the ESPO pipeline, while PetroChina is the buyer. The oil will be processed at three refineries in the Northeast of China. Back in September, Reuters reported, citing refinery sources, that one of these was undergoing a capacity expansion upgrade that cost US$880 million. The upgrade should increase its capacity to 400,000 bpd by the end of this year.

Originating in Skovorodino, Russia, the pipeline stretches to Mohe, the northernmost province of China, before passing through the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region all the way to Daqing in the northeastern Heilongjiang province. As a result of the second line, Russia’s crude export capacity to China has now doubled from 15 million to 30 million tons, or about 600,000 barrels a day. This significantly boosts Russia’s lead over Angola and Saudi Arabia as Beijing's’s biggest supplier of crude oil. China is currently considered the number one importer of raw petroleum in the world.


Construction on the second line began in August 2016. According to RT, the first pipeline from Mohe to Daqing began operating on January 1, 2011. Some 110 million tons of oil have passed through the first line so far. Another section of the pipeline snakes around China to Russia's Far East, serving the specialized oil seaport of Kozmino.

Almost exactly one year ago, we reported that Russia overtook Saudi Arabia  to become China’s biggest oil supplier for 2016.  Since then Russia has held the crown of China's biggest supplier for nine consecutive months based on the latest data, released in the last week of December.

In November, Russian crude exports to China totaled 5.12 million tons, or about 1.25 million barrels daily. That was 11% more than in November 2016. At the same time, Saudi imports fell by 7.8% in November, to 1.056 million bpd.


Higher imports have been necessitated not just by growing energy demand in China but also by falling production from mature field, many of them in northeastern China. But Russia is not the only one eating Saudi Arabia’s market share in the world’s top importer: the U.S. has been exporting crude at unprecedented rates. Last year, the average U.S. oil shipments to China stood at 180,000 bpd for January to September alone.


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pipelines are often doubled with power and telco lines, so from there permanent monitoring systems and automation could work. Do you really think russia wouldn't look after their precious and leave it in the open to rot?

Moreover, oil exports are deemed a strategic resource. I do not know to which level they are protecting it, but my little finger tells me they put enough staff on physical security along the whole road.

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fairmontobsever shitshitshit Thu, 01/04/2018 - 10:18 Permalink

    Your username is extremely offensive, especially when deliberately placed next to the most precious symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church.
 The Russian Orthodox Church lost 40,000 clergy, more than 100,000 monastics, and 40,000 churches to Communist massacres. 
It is a miracle that it still exists, and you are showing cultural-religious hatred by using our sacred symbol with your offensive username.

    It is very offensive for you to use the Russian Orthodox Christian cross, no matter what you think of yourself call yourself and your moral standing (reflected in your username). You have nothing to do with Christianity in Russia. Otherwise, I and others will consider that usage(symbol + offensive wording) an actual example of Nazi-like propaganda. Are you going to use other religions' most beloved symbols in your demonic hatred of all things good?

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they do shit like that every year and over here they don't even show it in the media anymore because everybody knows it's bullshit.


What are these climate accords? Only ways to move the industry to Azia. 

Who gives a fuck what America signs or not? It's China who's shitting all over the place.

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China is by far the largest consumer of energy and its share will expand. Meanwhile, as Saudi builds its Unicorn Cities in the Desert and International Human Rights Consulting Practices, it is likely to remain (over) dependent on oil exports for the foreseeable future. So rapid erosion of market share in the increasingly largest market is no really a very good thing. Of course, should they agree to sell oil to China in CNY, their share might stabilize. And that should happen very soon, assuming Washington doesn't substitute Iran with Saudi at the top of the MIC target list. But either way it will happen in 2018. Washington will respond in its usual intelligent way by cutting arms sales to Riyadh, whereafter Saudi will commence buying better and cheaper weapons from Uncle Vlad. And of course, the US is still dependent on Saudi oil imports. Karma is a bitch!!

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Yuan and Ruble.

And starting January 18th,yuan backed by gold ,as a trade Gold note.

As in the final blow for the petro-f*cking-dollar.

The end for the Empire of chaos,terror,and bullshit.

Observe how panicked the US is! Running around like a headless chicken,trying to hit and threaten everybody!

Remember the threats toward Pakistan? They just announced their trade will be in yuan.

Well,if US is so great and its economy so awesome and the petro yuan backed by GOLD is no threat to US,why does US threatens every country renouncing its trade in $?

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I blame Russia for pretending to be the opposition when they're doing as the US regime does.  It's called being a hypocrite, and that's why many can't stand the US regime.   If Russia acts the same, then there's no reason to support them, or pity them when attacked.

America doesn't "NEED" Saudi oil.  There's a big difference between needs and wants.

The Saudis don't own half of America.  There's not enough to form half when you take out how much the zionists own, unless of course, you're pointing to the fact that Saudi Arabia and the "jewish state", idol of zionists, were created and are ran by the same people.

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Yes....yes Putin is. And not just any weapons, but the S400. Something Putin has REFUSED to sell to Syria. (Pssst, the Saudis are the enemy of Syria and have been key in recruiting and paying for ISIS in Syria to kill Syrians and destroy Syria).

Putin also signed into law new criminal laws (a per Germany, France and some other EU countries) making it a serious CRIMINAL offense to question the Holohaux.

China is doing business with Russia and acts with Russia when they find appropriate... but China does not extend itself with or for Russia. And China continues to seek to ensure other sources for oil for it's future, as the US/Zionists seek to stop them. Such as the zionists/US adventures in Afghanistan.

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I was wondering how long it will take for your BS to appear?

-Syria has something better than the S400.What is that ,you ask? Russia military bases there.The Tartus port is set to become a nuclear military base,ready to accommodate nuclear submarines and ships.

-in case you haven't noticed,the war in Syria is lost for US/SA/Israhell/UK.What they are doing now is mop up operations;may need another year to finish it.

-the Russian and Chinese economies are intertwined now(and military treaties)

-the Russians have mandatory reading of Solzhenitsyn in schools.There is nobody who had a more complete and truthful description of the 1917 Russian Revolution and its real culprits.If you do not believe me,read "200 years together". Oh,I forgot,if you are an American and you do not speak French or Russian,you can not read it.

-as for the Holocaust,the Russians know which was the REAL HOLOCAUST,that of the 66 Millions Russians,killed by the Bolsheviks,something that Mr. PUTIN told directly to the International Jews (there is a video),when they went to Russia to ask for some artifacts from the revolution.

- In May 2014, Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a law making the denial of Nazi crimes and "wittingly spreading false information about the activity of the USSR during the years of World War Two" or portraying Nazis as heroes a criminal offence

.This is what you are trying to say as Holocaust denial.It was mostly a reaction to the Ukraine neo nazi government

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Putin signs into law making it illegal to deny the holocaust occurred. Per Putin Nazi crimes include the holocaust. Putin knows who his master is, as it was when Russia became the Soviet Union long ago, and as it stayed when Russia renamed itself back to Russia. AND "false information" is anything that the jews disagree with in regards to WW2, the holocaust and Germany's efforts to shake off the jew bankers hold on their society.…

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says the hasbara troll, without any proof using the only language he knows,foul one,with sexual and  poop connotations(they are obssessed with these)

Solzhenitsyn is the greatest writer of the 20th century and one of the greatest of all book is so documented,with so many footnotes ,that is difficult to read.

the West gave him a Nobel for the Gulag Archipelago mostly,because he criticized the USSR and ignored him completely and started denigrating him(like you did) after he wrote"200 years" together.

Wonder why?(rhetorical)

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Saudi is tapped out. So is Venezuela and Iran. 

ALL THE OIL PRODUCTION FIGURES ARE BAKED. They’re all lying, including the US. 

That said, this means China and Russia have achieved autarky. By February everything will be in place to proceed to phase 3 of The Reset. 

And you can see Trump doing his best to distract the dumbasses from the devastating truth. 

Final preps, 


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