Sanders Implies That Bannon Effectively Wrote Wolff Book And Other Highlights From Fiery Press Briefing

Not surprisingly, Bannon's alleged comments in a book set to be published next week, in which he, among other things, accuses Don Jr. of "treason", took center stage at today's White House Press Briefing.

While Sarah Sanders answered most questions on the topic by referring reporters to Trump's statement released earlier today, she did take the time to answer the following question on whether a feud with Bannon could impair his base of support.

Interestingly, when asked who granted Wolff access to the White House to gather intel for his book, Sanders said that 95% of the interactions he had were "done so at the request of Mr. Bannon."  Of course, this begs the question of whether Bannon intentionally helped Wolff draft the salacious book as an insurance policy ahead of his imminent dismissal.

"So far from what I can tell, of the...dozen interactions that he had with officials at the WH, I think 95% were all done so at the request of Mr. Bannon."

And, of course, the obligatory question on Trump "mental fitness" for office given his tweets on the relative size of his "nuclear buttons" compared to North Korea...

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For those who missed it, below is the full briefing with Sanders:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders faces a crowd of White House reporters who smell blood following the release of excerpts from Michael Wolff's book.

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