After Treatment Of Domestic Critics, Western Support For Iranian Protestors Rings Hollow

Via: Disobedient Media

“The World Is Watching,” the US recently warned Iran, as related by the BBC. The report continued: “The US says “The world is watching how Iranian authorities respond to anti-government protests that have broken out in several cities. A White House statement said Iranians were fed up with “the regime’s corruption and its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism.” During the week President Donald Trump has  published multiple tweets on the matter, excoriating Iran for human rights abuses.

The news is particularly concerning in light of geopolitical fallout from any potential military intervention, and highlights the hypocrisy of Western treatment of whistleblowers, protestors and advocates of transparency. The potential for Western-backed regime change in Iran raises serious concern in light of the repetitious failure of past interventions, including Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and many others.

The US’ violent intervention in Libya stands out in particular. In the wake of Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s 2011 demise, Libya has descended into chaos, with slave markets of Nigerian migrants now a horrifically common occurrence. Newsweek reports: “Stories of black slavery in Libya have emerged frequently over the last two years after a NATO-backed intervention in the North African nation toppled 40-year leader Muammar el-Qaddafi in 2011. The bloody civil war that followed years later has led to an explosion in people-trafficking in the country and a clandestine slave trade.”

US intelligence agencies have had a long history of intervention in Iran. Newsweek outlines part of that history, including the 1980’s Arms-For-Hostages scandal that became known as the Iran-Contra affair. More recently, US spies launched a successful cyber attack under the name Stuxnet on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Wired wrote of the event: “Stuxnet, as it came to be known, was unlike any other virus or worm that came before. Rather than simply hijacking targeted computers or stealing information from them, it escaped the digital realm to wreak physical destruction on equipment the computers controlled.”

In 2013 The Guardian reported that the CIA had finally admitted to its participation in a coup that resulted in the overthrow of democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953: “The military coup that overthrew Mosaddeq and his National Front cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of US foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government,” reads a previously excised section of an internal CIA history titled The Battle for Iran.”

Although the current regime was not put in place by the CIA, its existence can be attributed to the destabilization caused by US intervention. Based on the lengthy history of such actions, it is extremely unlikely that future intervention would have a stabilizing or democratizing effect on the region, and would be most likely to deteriorate human rights conditions.

The growing public support for the establishment’s narrative regarding in Iran is particularly troubling in light of the country’s strategic position in relation to other world powers including Russia and China. The support of protestors is entirely legitimate, however, if the US were to intervene militarily in Iran, it could very well incite a larger conflict between these powers. After the US establishment’s extremely loud and equally baseless accusations of Russian interference, it would be an especially bad time to raise tensions further.

In the worst possible scenario, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US would join forces to militarily “intervene” in Iran, leaving it in the same variety of devastation and destabilization that previous intercessions have created, including the starvation and rampant cholera currently ravaging Yemen.

As John Bolton calls for the US to impose regime change in Iran, a military source who wished to remain anonymous tells Disobedient Media that Saudi interests are planning to take advantage of the fluid situation in Iran by: “possibly launching a surprise attack on the country, which will include targeting civilian populations.” They stated that: “The CIA is not only a fully aware of the situation, they are advising the Saudi’s in conjunction with Israeli military leaders.” When President Trump vows to ‘support the Iranian people,’ it is hardly a statement of moral solidarity or emotional support. It is an intimation of military intervention, and should be treated as such.

Additionally, as Wikileaks recently highlighted via Twitter, a leaked memo from the State Department policy chief revealed that the “US human rights playbook” was currently active in Iran. Independent Journalist Caitlin Johnstonehas also noted this fact in her article, “US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria.”

Likewise, the disastrous 1992-1995 US-led intervention in Somalia under the pretense of humanitarianism and ‘peacekeeping’ ended in disaster and was eventually memorialized in the blockbuster film ‘Black Hawk Down.’ Somalia then devolved into the epitome of a failed state, a situation which The Guardian reports is showing glimmering signs of change decades later.

The establishment’s outspoken support for Iranian protestors also serves to underscore the legacy of hypocrisy with which Western dissidents have historically and recently been treated. Disobedient Media recently reported that US authorities had employed the pretext of Russian collusion allegations to launch an outright witch-hunt against anti-establishment figures including Randy Credico and Dr. Jill Stein.

The West has shown its intolerance for free speech and evidence-based criticism in a more general sense  for decades. Recently, the European Union remained idle as a member state violently crushed peaceful Catalans in their effort to vote for independence. Individuals including Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Lauri Love, and others who have proven troublesome to establishment interests have faced massive threats to their lives and livelihoods or long prison sentences and documented inhumane treatment. 

In the West, even organizations who are supposedly in favor of press freedoms overtly attack whistleblowers and publishers whose material contradicts US interests. The latest example of this flavor of hypocrisy can be seen in the Freedom of The Press Foundation’s decision to discontinue hosting donations for Wikileaks, which took place after the group reportedly fell under the sway of Pierre Omiydar, who had received an alarming $55 million from the Clinton Foundation. Yesterday Lee continued his attacks towards Wikileaks, associated twitter accounts and Assange.

The International Business Times wrote of Assange’s response to the situation: “The [Freedom of The Press Foundation] faces criticism for receiving donations on our behalf, but that is its function,” he responded. “If it bows to political pressure it becomes part of the problem it was designed to solve and yet another spurious free speech organization – of which there are plenty.” The decision coincided with a number of defamatory statements by Freedom of the Press Foundation director Micah Lee toward Assange, making the parting of the organizations particularly acrimonious.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation and its Director Micah Lee’s attitude towards Assange and Wikileaks is emblematic of the acidic treatment of the supposedly liberal, free speech loving Western establishment towards its own critics and advocates of transparency. In 2017 The Hill reported that CIA Director Mike Pompeo lambasted Wikileaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service.” Lee has also been associated with a central figure in the scandal surrounding the outing of Chelsea Manning. Although protestors and transparency advocates should always be protected and supported, Western attacks against its own critics and Trump’s vocal support of Iran’s protestors rings especially hollow.

Humanitarian interest is an especially insincere in light of ally-nation Saudi Arabia’s atrocious disregard for civil and human rights. The country has been renowned for its outrageous human rights violations towards citizens for decades. The country still engages in abhorrent medieval public beheadings and other draconian punishments meted out for the slightest infraction. Despite this, no protest is raised from the West, and The Independent reports that the country astoundingly retains its seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council. When Saudi Arabia finally allowed women to drive, the country was heralded for it’s ‘liberal’ decision.

Multiple American Presidents, including Trump, have rewarded the Saudis’ abuse of civil rights of Yemen and their own citizens by repeatedly agreeing to arms deals with the state amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars over the last decade.

Additionally, the stellar reporting of Robert Parry at Consortium News has underscored the unfortunate reality that the US may have supplied the terror group ISIS. With the monstrous history of ISIS in mind, Parry’s report becomes particularly galling in comparison to the US’ claim of interest in human rights. As Redacted Tonight recently noted, American officials have publicly advised on the best ways to avoid human rights abuses compromising profit.

The unfortunate truth is that fickle US Deep State interests are using the pretense of ‘supporting human rights’ as a pretext for inciting regime change in benefit of allies including Israel and Saudi Arabia. Such an action, if it were to take place, would inevitably see the creation of another destabilized region in its wake. Adding to the irony of recent events is the reality that the current Iranian regime antagonized by the West would never have taken power if not for the intervention of the CIA, which set the path for the current regime to take hold into motion.

The West’s attempt to crush whistleblowers, advocates of transparency and protest movements sheds light on the duplicitous nature of current calls from the West to support ‘free speech’ or to protect human rights in Iran. The same BBC that breathlessly related Sarah Huckabee’s “warning” to Iran regarding its treatment of protesters also reported that Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions had called Assange’s arrest a ‘top priority.’

With all of this in mind, it is clear that, while Iranian protestors absolutely should be protected, a US-led military intervention in the name of protecting human rights would be unacceptable. The West and its allies including Saudi Arabia have violated human rights tirelessly both at home and abroad. Perhaps American establishment figures should turn their attention towards addressing domestic human rights abuses before they encourage regime change in other nations.


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"Our" (((media))) is working overtime to demoralize what is left of the Western shell that these Godless zio-parasites have consumed. Now their attention will be focused towards South America and the East.

Next is a global financial crisis and WW3. Presumably in that order, but who knows.

Greetings and Shalom to Rabbi Dovid Feldman, of Neturei Karta, who understands well that zionism is 1) illegal, 2) against God's wishes, and 3) does not represent true Judaism, that is based on the Torah first.

Don't believe me. Listen to the Rabbi denounce Israeli Zionists.

Good Jews do exist:


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"Good Jews do exist"  I hate when people say shit like this.  Good Catholics do exist.  Sorry but if you associate with a filthy, war mongering, criminal group of people and their beliefs, you are directly condoning what they stand for.  Once I found out how horrible the Catholic church was, I sure as fuck don't identify as one.  All religion is meant to control people, period.

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It must be Hell to be perfectly moral and without any human failing.

Atheists are such paragons of virtue, with a philosophy that is worthy of only first-rate intellects. The societies and cultures they gave the world led to Nirvana on Earth. Oh, wait! I just remembered the 20th century, with all of those radically secular and nominally atheist societies and governments that massive numbers of people risked everything to leave. Apparently, those fortunate enough to escape to 'horrible' christian countries thought that it was much better than being thrown on the pile of human wreckage created by their godless leaders and countrymen.

In case you didn't get the sarcasm, your comments indicate that you have all of the intellectual insight of pimento loaf.

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Some people are born into slavery while others succumb to its Safe Borders. Much like the parasites in the Media who feed off the Public Purse, content in spewing their Paymasters Propaganda for the Great Unwashed's Consumption or the Congress-men/women who have sold out the Sheep for personal benefits, they, are also Slaves to the Cabal ( Men who must Rule ).

Captured - Herd Mentality - Weakness of the Mind/Spirit - THE EASY OPTION

Divide & Conquer - Kowtow - Debt Slave

Living a LIE - There's nothing new under the sun


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Those people are not Jews at all, they're no more Jews than all those in our Govt. claim to be Christians. 

Here are a few real Jews who tell the truth.

David Sheen - Inside Israel's Race Wars [FULL]

Benjamin H. Freedman speech (UNEDITED VERSION!) 1961

Empire Files: Inside Palestine’s Refugee Camps

Holocaust Completely Exposed by Jewish Truthseeker David Cole

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A gripping novel... by the pen of our new and unannounced authoress... who had me till - 

Although the current regime was not put in place by the CIA,

at which point i realized... we were indeed being invited... as the churn on sock puppet apologists for the $powers' latest covert moves in the muddled east gets ever stronger... 

to read yet another fictional treatment of a story which simply boils down to... 'PHONY MULLAHS CULLED FROM THE IRANIAN DIASPORA GET AIRLIFTED INTO POST SHAH IRAN BY mossad/cia etc. AND SET UP IN A THEOCRATIC TERROR STATE to beat  citizens of SREALS' BIGGEST POTENTIAL ENEMY IN THE REGION INTO SUBMISSION ...while pretending to be SREALS BIGGEST ENEMY!

... OR something like dat! A farcical premise based upon a delusionary theme - something only a HOLLOW-WOOD screen writer could dream up!

Gold for Oil - Oil for Blood: Part Nine - Return to Babylon


Could our world have become a ghost strewn nightmare land haunted by 'performance actors' and demons conjured from dimensions unknown - and we were simply too busy to notice? A further trip into the dark terror of kabbalistic magic and "film theory"... aka modern geopolitics?"


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The CIA did many dirty deeds in Iran but the nail in their coffin was put there by Jimmy "peacemaker" Carter. It was bad enough that he threw the Shah under the bus but it was he who allowed Khomeni to return from exile. Khomeni, an illiterate, sent glowing ass kissing letters to Jimmy proclaiming he was a man of peace and only wanted to go home and help his country in it's time of need. The Iranian military was the only thing stopping the return of Khomeni and Jimmy told them to stand down and let the old fart return. Within days the executions started many of which happened on the roof tops as Khomeni's people invaded military offices and took the officers up to the roof and shot them. 

Lately on ZH we have had some who claim the Jimster was getting a bad rap and really was a great president. Right. The example above shows just how incompetent Carter was. Supposedly at the same time Iranians occupied the American embassy they also took over the Soviets. While Jimmy vacillated the Soviets told the Iranians to get out or they were going to saddle up their military and come in. Whereupon they vacated the Soviet embassy. Let's not forget it was Jimmy who signed off on the creation of Al Qaeda to support rebels fighting the Afghan government and it's Soviet supporters. According to Brezinski Jimmy knew full well the situation when he signed on. As per usual no one in DC was smart enough to figure out the eventual consequences of this action. It was all about killing Russians.

Much has been said about the brutality of the Shah and his secret police but compared to the aftermath of the Khomeni takeover they were minor league scrubs.

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How do you figure out how to get outta bed?


The phony mullah - without a drop of "persian" blood... had many 'helpers' in the course of reinventing himself as an  'islamic Icon'...

including Richard Cottam and the rest of the resources which the CIA was eager to provide him and his entourage. But you'd never take the time to research those salient details still hidden within the 'assets' legend...

cause you be too busy blowing Shiatard Mullahs whose strings are pulled by Talmutard Rebbes!

Now back to the drawin board genius!

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"I am tired of addressing beery wenches"

That aside, I'm married to a Persian woman. And when I tell her the US is going to attack she says "Ha Ha". So Ha ha I say to you all. There will be no regime change. If the Saudis attack, there will be a regime change but in Saudi Arabia and it will be renamed. 

So it looks like the Orange Haired Trash, the Ritz Carlton Extortionist and the Nutty Yahoo land grabber are powerless. Russia and China will not let it happen.

A happy new 2018 to you


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re A White House statement said Iranians were fed up with “the regime’s corruption and its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism

THIS from the ZOG-USSA Regime that has squandered America's wealth - not to mention its reputation - to the tune of $TRILLIONS, fomenting wars (Iraq, Libya, Syria...) and funding terrorists like ISIS while America's own infrastructire collapses and what little wealth remains is funnelled into the kleptocratic pockets of the top 0.1%

Talk about HYPOCRISY to the Nth Degree!!!

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Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova ridiculed [UN "Ambassador" "Nikki (born Nimrata Randhawa)] Haley's calls [shrieks  Ed.] to stand up for human rights in Iran, reminding Washington of its own record of cracking down on protests.

“There is no doubt that the US delegation to the UN has something to tell the world,” Zakharova said in a Facebook post. "Haley can, for example, share the US experience of putting down protests, tell [the Security Council] about the mass arrests and crackdown against the Occupy Wall Street movement or about the 'clean-up operation' in Fergusson.”

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Didn't support them 40 years ago.  Didn't support them 10 years ago.  Gee, I wonder what will happen this time.

IDK why they even bother reporting this shit.  The rebels won't win.  No one that cares wants to piss off Iran enough to help them win.  No one that is willing to piss off Iran cares enough to be bothered.

Why is that?  Because every revolution we've had in the middle east just ends up having a bunch of kid raping, gay tossing, hookah smoking, shit sack slavers take over, for the sole purpose of making shit even worse than it was before.  Allah hu fucktard.

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In the 1830s when Britain and Russia were angling for control of central Asia, British and Russian diplomats agreed on a few ground rules for their competing imperial ambitions. The first was that Tibet belonged to China. The second was that Persia (Iran) was an equal player in the great game and there would be no imperial incursions into Persia or it's realm.

The totally corrupt 20th century has seen fit to ignore this understanding. Or rather, the British in 1953 and the Americans since then have ignored it. Iran is a great power laid low by the criminal actions of the UK and the US.

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Iran repeatedly publicity stated its intentions to harm US interests. They gave carte Blanche ... now crocodile tears.


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What does it even mean when someone says "the world is watching". The world does have eyes, people do. The overwhelming majority of 3rd worlders dont even own a fucking tv or have access to any information and even if they did they wouldnt give a fuck because they are too busy trying to survive. 1st worlders could give a fuck less because morals have decayed past a point of no return. Trump should mind his own fucking business and do what he was elected to do instead of sucking Israeli dick all the time.

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Your title sucks.  You stated US mistreats domestic critics, then talked about how we support authoritarian regimes.  Total bait and switch.

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+1 more failure for the "chosen people"

How does losing all the time feel zio-tards?

This is why they need Americans to carry their hollow-headed asses around.

No surprise that the Muslims have conquered their stupid asses over and over again for 1000's of years.

When America stops giving Zios free handouts and fighting their fights for them they're finished. Like so many times before.

Leave it to a retard to declare himself the smartest guy on the planet.


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The basics of life here in 'Purgatory' is that the 'dark side' runs the show, and they like things to go 'bad'... which is 'good' for them.. thus wars, rape and pillage is the norm they project and promote upon the world.. but we only see the low hanging 'fruit'... strange as the song goes... in this case of Iran, what the author has left out is how this game, obstacle course, school of life is setup by the SG... setting the policy and sending it down the ranks to the deep state and then the establishment types that front for it.

Iran's example of how the SG operates both sides simultaneously is shown in Libya as well... in Iran, remember that the Shah asked for support and it wasn't given, and like Chavez he suddenly came down with late stage cancer when he sought treatment with us... and why oh why was the Allatoyah allowed back into the country from exile? Remember he was in exile in Turkey, then France, overseen by NATO intel operators... doesn't that sound familiar? Sort of like Gulen from Turkey now? enjoying his stay of many years here in the States?

If you don't keep in mind this larger dynamic of setting up the battlelines long before the war gets going, you'll never see the endgame, but not to worry, Mother Nature is set to sweep in within a decade to clean house and reset the pieces in this play... as the school allows those able to 'graduate' to do so in cyclical fashion. Don't you find it interesting how the markets are operating in typical cyclical blowoff mode just now as well?

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.... an old saying from the last time Momma sweep through with anything like this time.... anyone notice how quiet the sun has gotten lately, so much so that even NASA is saying its the start of another 'little ice age'? Even as the long term data indicates a regular one? How about that EM pole issue as the N/S poles have really gone on the move in recent decades? mostly the North? Another signal of what's to come as our 'shields' start to fall.... with the markets set to do the same.