German Hate Speech Law Backfires After Twitter Immediately Blocks Satire Account

2017 was the first year when public sentiment in the West began to shift against media, and large tech companies like Facebook and Google for allegedly enabling "fake news." While decades of flawed economic policies have resulted in out of control wealth inequality, which has driven the public to populism and nationalism, somehow it is all the content distributors' fault. But nowhere in the West has the backlash been bigger than Germany, thanks to a compounding refugee crisis that has made the situation worse.

And, as we reported recently, the backlash prompted government officials, who lost control of the narrative, to push through a sweeping anti-hate speech law to silence the opposition. The law forces websites to censor content deemed illegal under the new law and have it deleted within 24-hours. On January 01, 2018, the law was enforced and immediately claimed its first victim, a German satirical magazine’s Twitter account which “parodied anti-Muslim comment,” according to Reuters.


The Titanic magazine was mocking Beatrix von Storch, a member of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, who criticised the police for tweeting in Arabic “to appease the barbaric, Muslim, rapist hordes of men”. 

Beatrix wrote the tweet on Dec 31, 2017, as it was quickly deleted by Twitter after it received numerous of complaints on social media. Beatrix’s account was briefly suspended as prosecutors (i.e. the local thought police) examined her comments for hate speech.


Late Tuesday, Titanic magazine joked about Beatrix’s tweet on Twitter, quoting her tweet: “The last thing that I want is mollified barbarian, Muslim, gang-raping hordes of men.” On Wednesday, Titanic learned their account was blocked over the message, because of the new hate speech law enacted on Monday that could sanction the media company up to 50 million euros ($60 million).


Titanic editors were in absolute shock by the actions of Twitter. Titanic editor Tim Wolff reflected on the magazine’s website, who stated the new hate speech law is not exactly what Chancellor Angela Merkel and Justice Minister Heiko Maas pitched.

The Association of German Journalists (DJV) said it had warned about the dangers of social media companies in America censoring content in Germany when the law was drawn up last year.

“A private company based in the United States decides the boundaries of freedom of the press and opinion in Germany,” DJV Chairman Frank Ueberall called on parliment to reverse the hate speech law.

Reuters added,

Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms are scrambling to adapt to the law, and its implementation is being closely watched after warnings that the threat of fines could prompt websites to block more content than necessary.

Germany has some of the world’s toughest laws on defamation, incitement to commit crimes and threats of violence, with prison sentences for Holocaust denial or inciting hatred against minorities.

Merkel’s conservatives accused the AfD of undermining the post-war democratic consensus in Germany.

“The racism that AfD lawmakers have been tweeting for days is intentionally violating, with criminal intent, the basic consensus which democrats have built up since 1949 despite all disagreements,” Armin Laschet, party deputy of Merkel’s Christian Democrats, tweeted.
“By doing this, they want to pave the way to a totally different republic.”
Of course, George Orwell would be rolling over in his grave if he caught wind of Germany’s social media censorship through an American corporation. In Titanic magazine’s case, their Twitter account may have been restored, but we expect many more websites throughout 2018 will be sanctioned due to this "brave" new law.


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Every German should be up in arms over this law, whose blatant purpose is to suppress anti-muslim information from disseminating among other Germans. Merkel is blowing up the culture of the German people and they should be outraged and fighting back. I wish I knew how and why this is being done all around the world, but it is an outrage and all of us need to fight back against this effort to infect our cultures with these animals.

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All except the ethnic-European race:

1) Jewish Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev states here that he wants

White people genocided. I guess if you are Jewish its not 'hate speech'

and okay to push this agenda. (just 40seconds):



2) Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre says 'we Jews' are behind the Muslim

invasion of Europe. Its too 'White': (1 min)

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Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Seth Meyers all danced around the Louis CK issue without telling one funny joke.. But they find endless material on Christianity and Jesus?  Why is that?


Why do they think they have to "teach" their audience about their shows producer's political biases and atheistic beliefs.  If their audience thinks these washed up has-beens are informed- gee they are stupider than I thought they were!


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Hitler's mistake in killing all the men leaving a country at a loss with old spinsters running the show and willingly destroying their own country as they run it with female emotions , they feel they deserve to be raped , spat own, beaten up, humiliated with the feeling of being worthless.

If he had avoided the war with Russia , Germany would have had 20 million more men and Germany would be by now a super power instead of being a vassal muslim african state.

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Hitler, besides being evil, was a fucking hopeless military commander. Letting the Brits and French get away at Dunkirk? What a moron.

Having said that... a convincing case has been made that Stalin intended to attack Germany, and Germany's pre-emptive invasion staved off the inevitable defeat for a few years.

Regardless, Nazism was an unproductive economic system and the country (as well as all its conquests) would have been mired in poverty even if Stalin and Hitler had maintained their truce.

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When is enough enough?

It seems that TPTB will not stop until we run them over with a truckload of we the people have had enough!

 I predict some major protests of this western criminal .gov in the near future. 

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come on damen and herren, write a program that generates millions of twitter and facebook accounts using hacked yahoo accounts and automatically upvotes and recommends statements like "fuck you merkel" and "evict moslems that dont eat pork" or "you rape our daughters we bomb your countries" or "the sun rises in the west for europeans".. etc etc

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Cut out their tongues and if that doesn't work chop off all their fukking fingers. The truth is what the juice and their legacy media say it is. Sheeet!