NY Declares State Of Emergency: JFK, La Guardia Close Due To Huge Winter Storm

Update: The MTA is closing all above ground subway service, Long Island Railroad Service and all Metro-North Service at 4 pm EST.

US railway operator Amtrak is running on a reduced schedule, and interstate buses are also being cancelled, according to the BBC.

The weather pattern has already brought snow to the US South as far down as Florida.

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Flights at JFK airport have been temporarily suspended "due to strong winds and whiteout conditions” caused by Winter Storm Grayson.



"Travelers are urged to contact their airline carriers for updates on resumption of service," the JFK Twitter account advised.



New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared an official weather emergency in New York City, Long Island and Westchester County on Thursday as the storm is expected to drop up to a foot of snow on New York City.

All flights out of La Guardia, New York City’s other major airport, were cancelled around midday Thursday in anticipation of the storm.



Newark Airport warned flyers to double check on the status of their flights because many had been cancelled.



The airline-tracking site FlightAware is reporting more than 3,200 canceled flights within, into, or out of the United States on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

The massive winter storm is sweeping from the Carolinas to Maine, dumping snow along the coast and bringing strong winds.

The governor of Massachusetts is warning of possible prolonged power outages resulting from the strong snowstorm that is pummeling the East Coast, to be followed by more severe cold.



Gov. Charlie Baker said during a morning briefing Thursday that emergency officials are prepared to open shelters in southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, where heavy wet snow and howling wind gusts of 60 mph or higher pose the greatest threat of outages.

The strong winds could also make it difficult, if not impossible, for utility crews to use bucket trucks to quickly restore downed power lines.



In Connecticut, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says more than 100 warming centers are open in 34 towns. Malloy says the state has 634 state plow trucks and 250 contractors working to clear the highways.

Already, seventeen cold-related deaths have been reported across the US, according to the Associated Press, as hurricane force winds of up to 60 mph (95km/h) hammered the north-eastern US coastline.



Authorities say two men died during the winter storm Wednesday night when their pickup truck overturned into a creek.



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It might be warm for now but it looks like they may have something coming too.  Don't worry, you guys will get your chance.  Winter just started.

"A spell of strong and gusty winds is expected to move eastwards during Thursday.

Some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport are likely with some journeys takinglonger. Delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges are also possible. There is also the potential for some short term loss of power supplies.

It is likely that some coastal routes, seafronts and coastal communities exposed to these winds will be affected by spray and/or large waves. "


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State of emergency ??? Come to Canada, we call that a pleasant Christmas morning. On a side note. Bitsequence is a new investment firm only 29 days old that is betting on the crypto world. They guarantee 3% a day profit for ''life'' apparently. Check it out , read reviews. Do your due diligence . Happy investing and have a great year folks.


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FrankDrakman didthatreallyhappen Thu, 01/04/2018 - 16:54 Permalink

I've traveled all over the world and even lived for a while in the USA. But every time I travel, I am so happy to come home to Canada. I really have the best of all worlds here - four seasons, a reasonable government for the most part (of course it's fucked, but it's fucked everywhere; we're better than most), good economic opportunities, a great standard of living, decent and affordable health care, etc. etc. 

I'm glad so many people don't like the cold weather. It puts the "white" in "Great White North". 

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I can't; I gave all my money to the Clinton Foundation and the I'm With Her campaign.  I was supposed to be appointed Ambassador to Bimini.  Sunshine and bikinis!

Instead I'm still here in Wisconsin freezing my balls off, my money is gone, my Stronger Together bumper sticker is covered with road salt and grime, and Huma won't return my calls.  What happened?

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Already, seventeen cold-related deaths have been reported across the US, according to the Associated Press, as hurricane force winds of up to 60 mph (95km/h) hammered the north-eastern US coastline.

This is why Global Warming (even if it was true) is a good thing. There are soooo much more cold weather related deaths each year than heat-related deaths...


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