Ukraine's Future Nazi Leader?

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Today’s Ukraine is painfully reminiscent of Germany in the 1920s: poor governance on the heels of a lost war, which – added to the sense of betrayed hopes and the sharp decline in average incomes coupled with rising prices – is all driving a critical mass of the Ukrainian population toward an overwhelming feeling of desperation. A demand from the public for a “strong hand” – a new, authoritarian ruler – is rapidly coalescing, due to their dissatisfaction with President Poroshenko and all the other jokers they’ve been dealt from that shabby deck of political cards.

And a man like that already exists in this destitute and disintegrating country.

Andriy Biletsky, the commander of the Azov Battalion who is known to his comrades-in-arms as the “White Führer,” is making an ever-bigger name for himself in the Ukrainian parliament.

He makes no secret of his views – in his 2014 program declaration “Ukrainian racial social nationalism is the core of ideology of ‘Patriot of Ukraine’ organization” he expressed himself quite bluntly: “Our nation’s historical mission at this critical juncture is to lead the global White Race in its final crusade for its survival. A crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen.”

He was drawn to Nazi ideology while still a university student. In the early 2000s, while studying in the history department of the National University of Kharkov, he wrote a paper on the activities of the collaborationist Ukrainian Insurgent Army during World War II. Later, as this student of history and amateur boxer put it, “preference was given to the creation, rather than the study of history, and to fighting in the streets instead of in boxing rings.” In the 1990’s and 2000’s, as he moved toward the formation of his own nationalist organizations, such as Patriot of Ukraine (founded jointly with the current chairman of the Ukrainian parliament, Andriy Parubiy) and later the Azov Battalion, Biletsky managed to have a hand in almost every far-right group in Ukraine: the Stepan Bandera Tryzub, the Social-National Party of Ukraine, and Svoboda (Freedom) party. Now he also leads the Social-National Assembly, an umbrella group for a number of racist and neo-Nazi Ukrainian organizations. He himself has claimed to have had first-hand involvement in what are known as direct actions, i.e., military and terrorist operations.

In 1999, together with a group of nationalist “sports fans” from Kharkiv, Biletsky tried to travel to Kosovo to help fight Muslims. In 2001 he participated in the riots in Kiev during the “Ukraine without Kuchma” protest campaign. In 2008 he was involved in clashes with the police during a march to honor the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Between 2008 and 2009 activists from the Patriot of Ukraine organization that was under his direction repeatedly attacked individuals of non-Slavic appearance.

Wounded anti-fascist journalist Sergey Kolesnik, a snapshot of Ukrainian TV report about the incident.

Wounded anti-fascist journalist Sergey Kolesnik, a snapshot of Ukrainian TV report about the incident.

In 2011, Biletsky, along with two other members of Patriot of Ukraine, was arrested and charged with armed assault: on Aug. 23 of that year there was an altercation in that organization’s office with journalist Sergei Kolesnik who was doing a story on their activities. As a result, the reporter ended up in the emergency room with a head injury and lacerations to his chest. The organization claimed the charges had been trumped up and that the detained activists had been the victims of a political witch hunt. They were released in February 2014 after the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, when the Verkhovna Rada adopted resolution No. 4202, On the Release of Political Prisoners. There were 23 people on the list of detainees to be freed, primarily members of Patriot of Ukraine. The author of the bill was the head of the Radical Party, Deputy Oleh Lyashko, who later worked closely with the Azov Battalion.

Immediately after his release, Biletsky was put in charge of the “special operations” of the neo-Nazi organization Right Sector and proceeded with reprisals against “undesirables” – the Ukrainians who objected to the illegal seizure of power in their country. In March 2014 he was responsible for an explosion that blew up a monument and then some attacks on local residents in Kharkov, resulting in the deaths of two people and serious injuries to a law-enforcement officer. In May 2014 he and some of his underlings were involved in the execution of policemen in Mariupol who had refused to use their weapons against civilians.

At that time Biletsky created the Azoz Battalion, an armed, retaliatory unit of activists from racist and neo-Nazi organizations. Its ideology is based on neo-Nazism, aggressive militarism, and flagrant racism. The group employs the Nazi Wolfsangel and Black Sun symbols (“die Schwarze Sonne” – a type of swastika with multiple rays).

In the article “Language and Race: The Primacy of the Question,” found on pg. 28 of his book The Words of the White Führer (in Ukrainian), Biletsky insists on requirements for the racial purity of the “Ukrainian nation” and on the impropriety of “accepting a person of a different bloodline, mentality, or culture into one’s family and nation and allowing one’s own genes to mix with those of a different, inferior breed of people.” “Ukrainian social-nationalism considers the Ukrainian nation to be a society based on a common bloodline and race.” “Race is paramount for the genesis of a nation,” the leader of the organization asserts. “People are naturally born with different abilities and opportunities, and therefore a person’s happiness comes from finding his place in the national hierarchy and in conscientiously carrying out the task that life has assigned him.”

"Ukraine, you are the light of Europe! Our nation has sufficient strength to stand up to pressure from outsiders, to purify our land, and to fan the flames of purification throughout Europe!” (Biletsky, The Words of the White Führer, pg. 23)

“Ukraine, you are the light of Europe! Our nation has sufficient strength to stand up to pressure from outsiders, to purify our land, and to fan the flames of purification throughout Europe!” (Biletsky, The Words of the White Führer, pg. 23)

Shortly before the 2014 Verkhovna Rada (parliamentary) elections, when asked whether his views had changed, Biletsky replied: “We remain true to ourselves. Azov’s very soul consists of the right-wing ideology it received as its legacy from Patriot of Ukraine.”

Refusing to have his name listed on the ticket of the People’s Front party (led by Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk) during the 2014 parliamentary elections, Biletsky strengthened his position as the leader of Ukraine’s Nazis and won a seat in parliament as an independent candidate from one of Kiev’s single-seat districts. In the Verkhovna Rada he is the deputy head of the Committee on National Security and Defense and is ironically a member of a group on inter-parliamentary relations with Georgia, Great Britain, Israel, the US, Poland, and Lithuania.

His alliance with the new government in Kiev has made it possible for the White Führer to “legitimize” his militants and get the state to pay for their upkeep. The Azov Battalion was incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine, which is under the control of the minister of internal affairs and former governor of the Kharkov region, Arsen Avakov. Back in November 2014, Avakov posted the following on his Facebook page: “The work has begun to bring this regiment up to the combat standards of the National Guard brigades. That also means in terms of weapons and technology. Currently dozens of kids from the Azov Battalion are already being trained at an artillery school, getting the hang of new armored vehicles on the practice ranges, and learning how to coordinate operations with the tank squadron assigned to their regiment.”

Andriy Biletsky (C) and Arsen Avakov (R in front) announcing incorporation of Azov battalion into the National Guard of Ukraine, Oct 2014

Andriy Biletsky (C) and Arsen Avakov (R in front) announcing incorporation of Azov battalion into the National Guard of Ukraine, Oct 2014

That was approximately the same time that Azov introduced its youth squad – the Biletsky Youth, also sometimes called Youth of Great Ukraine. It draws teenagers aged 14-18. Members are required to develop themselves physically and mentally, to study the foundations of social-nationalism, and to recognize Andriy Biletsky as their  Führer…

Despite the fact that in June 2015 the US House of Representatives blocked the transfer of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, known as MANPADS, to Ukraine for fear that they might fall into the hands of neo-Nazis from Azov, some European politicians certainly don’t seem to consider him a political “untouchable” – soon after the US bill was approved, Czech MEP Jaromír Štětina invited Biletskiy to visit the European Parliament and share his views (the invitation apparently wasn’t accepted).

In October 2016 Biletsky created his own political party, the National Corps, and announced his readiness to assume responsibility for what was happening in the country. On Feb. 22, 2017, this party, along with Svoboda and Right Sector, held a March of National Dignity in Kiev, which resulted in an ultimatum being issued to the government, as part of which, the nationalists announced the coordination of efforts “to resist the country’s surrender to armed invaders from the East and financial bloodsuckers from the West.” On March 16, these forces, in addition to the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, and the neo-Nazi group C14, signed their National Manifesto. Once you take away the clauses of social-populist demagoguery, that statement mostly boils down to the following:

– looking not to the West nor to the East, but to the formation of a kind of “new European alliance – a Baltic-Black Sea Union

– unleashing an economic, propaganda, and guerrilla war against Russian Crimea

– returning Ukraine to the status of a nuclear power “due to the violation of the Budapest Memorandum”

– nationalizing mineral resources and industry, a total ban on the free sale of agricultural land, and a prohibition on pulling capital out of the country to stash offshore

In this manner, far-right forces in Ukraine have now consolidated and are ready to take action. For the past three years, Biletsky has carefully avoided making any racist statements and has been busy trying to burnish a positive image of himself for his Ukrainian and international audiences. He and his patrons expect the deepening crisis of power in Ukraine and the imminent fall of the Poroshenko regime to provide them with a unique window of opportunity for seizing power. His maniacal hatred of Russia and desire to escalate the armed conflict in the eastern part of the country will likely win him the “benevolent neutrality” of the major Western powers, just as Hitler enjoyed on the eve of his attack on the USSR. And to any impartial observer it is clear that “Weimar Republics” always eventually metamorphose into Reichs.

“The new Ukraine is not a republic or a dictatorship, but a republic AND a dictatorship. Not socialism and nationalism, but national socialism. Not an empire and not democracy, but an empire AND democracy.” (Biletsky, The Words of the White Führer, pg. 20)


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moar diversity

This shows how (((their))) usual tactics are: plausible deniability, again and again.

Should something go wrong, (((poroshenko))) and the rest of his ilk would claim it was the fault of the big bad nazis, and that he would be innocent etc. although he's pretty fine with this useful idiot. Until the day he becomes the target.

A last word on the white fuhrer: he doesn't look very bright, so either he's got a team to back him up, or he's a spartacus of sorts. In either case this makes the point, he's a useful idiot.

Hint: will there be an attempt to take over crimea by force under his patronage?

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It does imply that those folks are not Jew haters but Semite haters ... plus, like 7/26/1941 for example, nothing “neo” about it.

Just one brand of Commie fighting with another commie under a different name. Under the tutelage of that crusty old Hungarian fella, as a matter of fact, probably.

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Hi, Dinesh D'souza. Have you figured out how to poo in the loo yet?

There's a huge difference between National Socialism and International Communism, against which it rose as a diametrically opposite reaction. Communism is true radical equality that destroys everything by a reckless levelling, from erasing all borders and nationalities, to levelling the differences between the genders until transgenderism is pervasive, down to the eradication of the family structure.

Classical Liberal Democracy isn't even in this fight.

It is just slow-motion Fabian communism, where you look around you and say "We've always been a nation of immigrants" and "We've always had Child Protective Services taking away children from families for wrong-think" and "We've always sought to make men and women the same" and "We've always had transgenderism and homosexuality promoted by the media" ... because you are content to be boiled so slowly to destruction that you don't even notice how much is changing. You believe vastly different things from your grandfathers and yet it's still "Always been who we are as a people!" 

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You, Sir, are an idiot! the Nazi fascist regime was one of the biggest atrocities ever unleashed on mankind. And it was NOT a "reply" to communism, that existed just in the Soviet union. Hitler attacked lots of western non-communist countries, before finally turning against the Soviet union. And he did the latter NOT out of his dislike for communists (which he brutally tortured and murdered by the millions), but because he needed the vast natural resources of the Soviet Union to win the war against Britain and the USA in Africa and Europe.

And while speaking of nazis and anti-semitism, isn't it ironic that the fascist, anti-se,ite Azow batallion has been financed by the Ukrainian billionaire Jew Igor Kolomoyski? A jewisch puppet master having anti-semite nazi idiots serving as his tools against Russia and especially for his own enrichment. What a farce.

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Damn, fx. They got your brain all jewed up and screwed up, my friend.

France and Britain declared war on Germany first, and you are babbling about how he always intended to fight them. You're pretty demented by the propaganda. Hitler didn't want to fight France and Britain. He offered them peace many times and didn't wipe out the British Expeditionary Force on the shores of Dunkirk when he could have.

Suckers like you aren't even smart enough to understand basic facts about the war. Research the "Last Appeal to Reason" which was a peace offer to Britain that he had  airdropped in leaflets all across southern England. Research why he hated communists by studying the 1919 revolution where Judeo-Bolshevik Communists tried to take over Germany before being stopped by the Freikorps militias.

It;s like you've done no independent research at all while still maintaining the right to screech "You an idiot!" at others, like a judaism-infected macaque. 

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Come on - modern day Ukraine cannot be, in any way, compared to 1930's Germany which had thrown off the shackels of the Wall St banking elite and made their own way economically. This is just one big charade. Ukraine will never be independent or economically viable. Germany of the 30's was leagues ahead. Ukraine is a dumping ground for western tax payers money to justify selling arms and poking the bear. None of it will end well.

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When I read the inhuman ahistoric junk of idiots like you I seriously wish that you would have to live under a hitler nazi regime. I am 110% sure you would no longer whitewash his barbaric slaughter and declare that "he wasn't wrong".

Contrary to you, I have talked to many of the victims of that time or their children, my parents grew up under nazi rule and I am darn  suire that I know what I am talking about whereas you are just uttering a lot of sick bs.

You need not be a Zionist or a Pro-Jew to be a staunch opponent of any nazi regime anywhere. Every human being who still stands for at least some human values would oppose it.

And for the record, I am sick and tired of  the endless victimization charade of the jews who exploit the holocaust to the hilt to justify their current crimes and atrocities .

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"Hitler did nothing wrong. " - That's your really sick bs statement, Dindu nuffins.


The guy did unleash the most deadly war ever, was responsible for the destruction of most of Europe, for the deaths of dozens of millions of people, enslaved his own people, sent children and old people into the battle when the war was long lost.. . I could go on and on...

Yeah, that "nothing wrong"  thingy.

Only mentally sick, ahistoric idiots will ever proclaim such a nonsense as you did. There are thousands of volumes of documents, witness reports, video and picture material to document Hitler's and Nazi-Germany's atrocities allover Europe and against their own German people.

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"The guy did unleash the most deadly war ever, was responsible for the destruction of most of Europe, for the deaths of dozens of millions of people, enslaved his own people, sent children and old people into the battle when the war was long lost.. . I could go on and on..."

To someone who hates the truth, the truth is hate speech.  To a communist, Hitler just hated communists for no reason and wanted to murder them just because.  To god's chosen "über-mensch", Hitler was so consumed with that genetic white-people disease of "anti-semitism" that he spontaneously decided to murder all jews, gypseys and slavs and conquer the entire planet.  That while Germany was being demolished by thousands of (((allied))) long range bombers.

The kosher history narrative collapsed with the twin towers on 9/11, but some people refuse to accept it because they hate the truth.

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>I seriously wish that you would have to live under a hitler nazi regime.

Sounds great! I'll teach them how to build nuclear weapons and we will have world peace once the British deep state lead by Churchill is reduced to radioactive slag.

>I am sick and tired of  the endless victimization charade of the jews who exploit the holocaust to the hilt to justify their current crimes and atrocities

Funny how you are sick of that but fail to realize the whole deal was BS to start with. The terrible life the Germans experienced under Nazi rule was a result of losing a war with nations fully intent on the destruction of the German people.

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Governments never have any problem getting young men to go and kill or die. Just say this or that foreign power is evil and coming for your land, your wife, your X-box and your liberty is on the line. Nobody invaded Germany but off they went in their millions. 

Nobody invaded USA, but USA never stops waging war. Their territory is now the whole world and all must bend the knee.

It's in the genes of the human leadership class.

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That is the main point. If you just "choose" a side and cheer them on because they are against the jews, the muslims, the rich, the communists, you fall into the trap of the warmongers.

The Ukrainian Fascists and Putin may be mortal enemies, but basically they are the same type of warmongering idiot. Same with Kim and Trump, to choose another random pairing.

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FX my friend if you are surprised just remember the original Nazi Party was probably financed by Alex Warburg. He had a seat on the Reich Bank until 1935 when he sold it to the Nazi German government along with the rest of his German assets. Hard to see how he was not the key man being the scion of one of the oldest and wealthiest banking families in European history. The economic chaos that enveloped Germany after the first world war meant most of the wealth was in the hands of financiers. The Warburg brothers played a hand in the creation of the Federal Reserve, Financing of western war bonds and brokering the Treaty of Versaille. All of these things are viewed as catastrophic looking back. If Hitler was financed by jewish oligarchs then why should anyone be surprised if history repeat itself in Ukraine? it appears the Goyim really do behave exactly like cattle being led to the slaughter time after time.

The Warburg family still have a massive stake in the global financial system via the Eurobond market set up directly after World War II. Euroclear system has annual trading of 500 trillion dollars. Another major player in that is J Morgan family who also financed the first world war, Federal Reserve and the floating death trap known as the Titanic. The reason why European population has only grown by perhaps 20 or 30% in a century is because the economic and political system is controlled by mad men. Europeans and especially Ukrainians are going to be extinct after another century of this. Even the massacres of World War 1 are meaningless in the face of the massive levels of family break down and abortion since the 1970´s. If Donald Trump can get a Slovakian girl pregnant in his mid 60´s why can´t these Neo Nazi men turn around the demographic decline? Because that is not the plan and these men are probably homosexual fantasists hell bent on speeding up the destruction of their own people.

Looking at how long its gone on for it is basically the same outfit of financial families courting the same disasters that have afflicted the West since the start of the 20th century. Even the 19th century strong men were relatively sane in comparison with what the 20th century brought. The Neo Nazis shout about liberalism, Capitalism and the other races not realizing its their own leadership who are orchestrating white genocide. 

Best just to live and let these fools die........

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The hate America first card.. play it like your slapping down that racism card.

Each day I hear the hate America first cunts whining, whaaaaaaa whaaaaaa wa wa wa whaaaaaaaaaa!

You guys can't give it a rest and that is what makes you cunts that are ignored.

wa wa wa whaaaaaaaaaa!

I.. I.. blame and hate America first.

wa wa wa whaaaaaaaaaa!

a picture of your hate america first wailing

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One day soon Americans will be forced to face the reality of the misery they have inflicted on the rest of the planet on behalf of their overlords for over a century.  Too bad they are so stupid that they will be unable to connect their misery and impoverishment to their own crimes against humanity.  The silver lining is that they will be forced to stew for generations in the boiling cesspool of their own making because they do not want to know the truth.

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Look I agree on the fact that America isn't perfect, and truth be told I'd like a more pragmatic foreign policy approach like China.  Existential Foreign Policy approach.  But spare me the ills of the world are all Americas fault, because there are many opportune alternatives to fucked up out there!   Really.. I'm tired of the fucking whining.. as an example Pakistan.. when could we as a nation stopped pretending we fucking needed to deal with those corrupt fucks?  Let them have China and that atheist regimes boot instead.  I mean serious fucking up.. Let them live under a different set of rules I don't really care. 

It is as I state:  Just wide mouthed whining cunts wailing It's not fair!  It's not perfect!  wa wa whaaaa.. me.. me... me... just cunts whining and you deserve the sweet taste of shit of a really repressive regime.. you think things are bad?  The Pakistan's corrupt few just cashed a check that China is going to drive a harder collection upon.. and when they start playing the religion card it's Tibet time.. so save me your whining.. Go out today and do something for yourself.   Stop the easy fucking scapegoating. leave the group.. get focused on yourself.. get an education, grow up.  wa wa whaaaa America isn't perfect.. well comrade the Chicom isn't either.. or move to fucking Russia.. or Africa.. or where ever it is all these migrants are coming from.. or better yet a place like Poland even they don't fucking want "YOU" or New Zealand.. your comments make you the cunt nobody really wants.. fix yourself


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You are one mentally deranged dumb bitch. Holy Moses. You post zero facts, you drone on and on about "ignoring" posts you disagree with, yet you keep bit ching non stop. You have like 5+ posts with no facts, just never-ending bitching. Man you are one miserable shlomona. Good luck to you. May your nose unhook and may you one day resemble a human being.

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You Moron the country's been in distress and misery since 1913 (before that if you really want to get deep).  Those 3 you mention just did their part in continuing the plan while they had power, just like all the puppet-stooge-rulers before them.  Just like all the ones you supported in years past.  At the end of the day you are just as dumb as the citizens who supported Obama Biden or Kerry if you supported any of the puppet-stooge-rulers that came before them.

The faction of the Deep State that backs Trump is not as corrupt as the faction of the Deep State that backed Hillary.  They're currently fighting each other and The facton that backs Trump will win.  Watch out though the only reason they're not as corrupt is because they haven't been in power very long.  In a few years Trump's Deep State backers will be just as vile and corrupt as Hillary's Deep State backers.  Remember Lord Acton - "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".


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You’ve got my vote for best post! Lincoln screwed this country up and sent the infantile deep state into the steroid chamber to become what we have today. When the Founders talked of having a government without a POTUS and rejected that idea they made the worst mistake of all. You can’t give unbalanced power to one man EVER! The good men you place there in the beginning at some point will die and be replaced by some other ass that will take power that the law does not give him. The next guy will never give that power back in 99% of the cases! We don’t live in a world populated by people like Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus! We live in a fallen world populated by the fallible and corrupt in waiting, even if they don’t see themselves as such!~

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"Hitler did nothing wrong" - that is YOUR statement Dindu  Nuffins. I don't thinbk that you are on drugs, I am sure you write that in full conscience which goes to show how mentally ill you are. (As for me, I have never taken drugs, not even painkillers. Don't need any of this sick shit)

Have you ever visted a concentration camp? Of course not.

Ever talked to survivors of such camps? Looked them in their eyes. listened to their stories? Ever seen how barbaric Nazi hordes killed, raped, pluindered, burnt the Soviet union to the ground? Ever talked to the old people in Russian towns and villages who could still remember those years?

No, you sit on your couch and utter really sick, weird junk.

Yeah France attacked first, so what? They did so, after Nazi germany started bthe 2nd world war, with the false flag "sender gleiwitz" attack.  Next thing you want to tell me that Hitler was just a poor victim of a giant conspiracy against him? Please!


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"Person has different opinion based on facts which he states calmly... obviously, he is mentally ill and inhuman, and I have to rage emotionally without facts about how vile and SICK he is."

Sure, buddy. You do that.

Why do you have to make this about the Holy Cost? Everything about the Jewish takeover attempt in Weimar Germany must be excused, simply because you claim 6 million of yours died in the aftermath? If so, maybe you were making people angry, huh? 

I've seen footage out-takes of Jews talking about how they played football at Auschwitz (and the place did have football fields in aerial photographs, so...) and another of a Jew who took an actual shower in the rooms called gas-chambers. Those showers weren't fake, because many Jews have said they worked. Those clips are never shown because they cast doubt on the narrative. So let them be seen.

Can't. Illegal!

According to records that the Soviets took from Auschwitz and were hidden until the fall of the USSR, there were 68,000 meticulous death reports filed in Auschwitz from 1941 until 1944.

My personal belief is that 370,000 Jews died in what were largely prison labour camps. The 6 million figure has been bandied about despite claims from Auschwitz shrinking from 4 million to 1.1 million even in official tallies, and the deaths at Majdanek went from 2 million to only 70,000 in official tallies. Yet the 6 million figure never budges.

Nevertheless, you will not use your personal belief in the 6,000,000 to excuse the destruction of Europe happening right now. We're sick of hearing your mainstream narrative that we must all be wiped out becaust of your Holy Cost.

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There are claims Hitler was part of that Communist Jewish take over Dindu mentioned. He fought for the List regiment with the establishment of the Bavarian Socialist Republic. It was a failed attempt by Bavarian communist party under Kurt Eisner to break Germany along the lines of the Austro Hungarian Empire. Similar situation to the 100 Day Soviet in Hungary led by Bela Kuehn. There is photo of purportedly of Hitler at  Kurt Eisners funeral wearing a communist militia outfit.

Apparently it was a member of Oppenheimer banking family who shot Kurt Eisner to prove his loyalty to Germany. Von Graff apparently spent a few years in prison for the murder in the cell they put Hitler in after the Beer Hall Pustch. 

End of the day FX and Dindu its hard to even tell who Hitler was let along what he stood for. History is rewritten day to day and this suits the powerful far more than it does the masses. I think FX is correct. Something about the Fuhrer means we should look to leaders who avoid that mentality lest history repeat itself.

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End of the day FX and Dindu its hard to even tell who Hitler was let along what he stood for.


No it's not! It is because you guys don't know monetary history.  Schacht's mefobills were a form of national credit that stimulated GERMAN industry, and put people to work.  It stimulated the economy so much that national tax roles increased almost 3X between 33 and 38.

You can speculate and wave your hands all you want, but these are hard facts.

Reinhard's tax plans  benefited the German people.  Germany overcame Weimar debts, and de-linked herself from "international capital."  Germany moved toward autarchy with many clever innovations.

International Capital in turn wanted Germany dead because of this. How dare they show the world how to do things, and prove that money is law, not gold or debt. 

People get caught up in the fact that some Jewish bankers were allowed to remain n Germany, and some Jews were in the SS, and that some Jews paid money into NSDAP party.  This is all small beans, and not part of the over-all picture, and it is a distraction.  

Jewish banks that remained came under control, and were not acting against Germany.  The Jew's in the SS by and large were loyal, and did not act as Kol-Niedre agents.  Wall Street early funding was aimed at embarrassing Bruning government and to keep the government off-balance.

The data does not lie and it cannot be explained away by the "Hitler being funded" by external actors.  Increasing tax roles by 3X was not foreign capital, but internally derived monies.

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If international Capital wanted Germany dead they could have applied pressure via the French. Leon Blum called off the Saar offensive and the French High Command who were either Catholic or Masonic cursed him for it. He fucking ended up in VIP concentration camp for that. Germany was given time thanks to the Non Aggression pact and the foney war neither of which was possible without International finance

I will not knock the achievements of the German people in creating an Autarchic economy that became the template for the entire planet but there are flaws that make me think they had help. Buna and plastic production was never that high. They were working with international finance to get oil and rubber without which there is no industrial economy little less the war economy they had.

I´m more caught up with the fact that there are rumors Hitler survived. I also think the balance of power in international finance changed. The Rothschild family lost control while the Warburgs eclipsed them. The lasting effect is that western civilization is now crippled and dying. Perhaps not the fault of the German people but who can say.....

Mefobills like I said before you know your stuff but I see the world differently. Perhaps I need to do more research.......

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Oh look, Hasbara in da house. It's far too late for that CORRECT THE RECORD crap; you JIDF shills need to use your time figuring out why you were expelled from European countries hundreds of times in the last 2000 years. SPOILER ALERT: "Antisemitism" - at least as you people define that word - is not the reason.

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They were kicked out hundreds of times because of operating the usury mechanism.  Burning down of Jewish homes was not anti semitism, it is because that is where the debt records were kept.

In effect the burnings were a jubilee to erase exponential debts.  These debts were enslaving populations, and stripping them of their birthright.  But you know, it is ok to enslave, because Goy's don't have a sole, and are mere animals.

I've debated Jews and when confronted with truth of things, they dissimulate.  It is really pathetic.  Only the few Jews, the very moral, are able to turn their back to their shitty parasitic religion, and join humanity.  Unlike Islam, they can leave without being killed, yet they don't leave.  

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"The common good before the individual good. (Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz)"
-- Hitler “The Nazi 25-point Programme,” Hitler’s speech on party's program (February 24, 1920)

"Capitalism as a whole will now be destroyed, the whole people will now be free. We are not fighting Jewish or Christian capitalism, we are fighting very capitalism: we are making the people completely free."
-- Hitler (April 12, 1922 Hitler Speech, Munich)

"But first, there will have to be national socialism. Otherwise the people and their governments are not ready for the socialism of nations. It is not possible to be liberal to one’s own country and demand socialism among nations."
--  Hitler (Memoirs of a Confidant, Otto Wagener)

"What Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism failed to accomplish, we shall be in a position to achieve."
-- Hitler (Memoirs of a Confidant, Otto Wagener)

"It is already war history how the German Armies defeated the legions of capitalism and plutocracy. After forty-five days this campaign in the West was equally and emphatically terminated."
-- Hitler (Order of the Day Calling for Invasion of Yugoslovia and Greece April 6, 1941)

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Rejoice at his defeat, you frogs slowly boiling in democratic social liberalism! 

Social liberalism: a system where you've gradually assented to the very worst parts of international communism, while retaining a slimy film of crony-capitalism as a thin veneer over top it all.

Yes, Hitler was a national socialist, and that is not international socialism founded on radical equality. Look to your own nation now, to see whether or not you are being radically equalised in all things: open borders, six million genders, rootless atomised individualism, etc. You are obliviously living in a communist society that Hitler fought against.

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