Censorship “Is The Cause Of Every Revolution In Human History”

In response to a question about stopping “fake news”, Edward Snowden notes:

Censorship does not do good. We might want to believe it does, and this gets into the fake news problem, for example, that if we just empower Facebook to decide what we can and can’t see and what is good and bad, the problem can be solved. But this is a mistake for a number of reasons.

One, it creates a slippery slope where now we have private corporations deciding what can and cannot be said. But further, let’s say there are clear cases, we’re talking about things like Jihadist propaganda, we’re talking about fascist communities that are promoting ideas that are actively harmful, out in the public. The problem is, if you censor them, you don’t actually remove them. You don’t stop the idea from being spread. You just force them underground. It is underground where these ideas actually propagate best and most effectively. This idea that we can just stamp out ideas, we know does not work. This is the cause of every revolution in human history.

President Kennedy agreed:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

Indeed, the American government is doing what King George did before the American Revolution … trying to crush dissent.


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I would guess that 'Censorship' was about 187 on the the list of causes for the American Revolution!.


Absolute Statements are for Absolute Thinkers, who rarely get it right!

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Right on except the article should have mentioned that for the libtards, "hate speech" is the standard excuse for censorship while for the neocon/righttards, it's "national security".  Both sides of this phony coin hold hands and sing Kumbaya when it comes to destroying freedom.

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that's not really true. there has always been censorship in the media by .gov and by editors, publishers and writers locally and nationally, even internationally. the problem isn't too little info getting through. the problem is too much info is getting through. the internet is still beyond anyone's control and that scares the hell out of the zionazis. the irony is the internet has returned the usa to a media free world like it was in the early days of radio. the internet is a medium where any idea can get a huge following for 1 minute or for many years.

9/11 is the best case for the impact of the internet. pre internet there was no way anyone could have gathered the evidence and spread it out to millions of people virtually underground and make it an issue that went from having an opinion that should not be spoken to being ridiculed if you say you believe the .gov conspiracy theory.

the problem is the social media aspect of the internet has been targeted by .gov as both the most useful and the most dangerous development in internet history and must be controlled at all costs.

c'mon, the msm is 90% controlled by 6 people. media has been censored for decades, all the way back to when you only had three tv sources ,your local paper and radio when there was all sorts of different news and views in the usa compared to today but the only way to see it was to travel(or stay up late at night to catch some of the radio am superstations broadcasting from across the country)

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 Censorship is just tptb in panic mode. They know they lost control of the narrative. Slowly at first. Then they went too far too many times. In Charlettsville they lost the left. 

 Yea all them lefties that was calling me of all people a nazi? They shut right up. Im talkin cali lefties here. They are starting to wake up pissed off. I just point at the bankers.

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Now that IS SCARY, RLB!

My thoughts scare me sometimes. ... I would hate to infect anyone else with a few of them.

Live Hard, I Am An Advocate For Peaceful Change And Non-Violent Revolution, BUT I Do Know How To And I Am Skilled At Defending Myself From All Threats And Comers, Including Nefarious Elements In My Very Rogue And Increasingly Tyrannical Techno Government, Die Free

~ DC v8.4


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ZH and Lionel Nation are today's Freedom of thought and speech leaders.

Judicial Watch, Charles Ortel and George Webb are today's Freedom and Justice fighters.

President Trump is Making America Great Again!


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re. Censorship “Is The Cause Of Every Revolution In Human History”

Uughh? American "history" from DAY #1 - even those parts which, no doubt, the author celebrates - has been censorship of the truth of whatever matter it pertained to

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Censorship also creates a tiered availability of knowledge. Knowledge is a very useful thing to have more of than other people.

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I see freedom and slavery as opposites.  To enslave another requires repressive force be applied to the slave by the master because very few people are willing to volunteer to be enslaved.

So if you want to make a sweeping statement about the cause of revolution, point to enslavement and not just one component of slavery like censorship. Where censorship exist then look for the other hallmarks of slavery like a skewed distribution of wealth and unequal application of justice, sort of what we see going on around the world today.

As we fall more deeply into slavery then look for revolution to follow, but don't expect slavery to necessarily disappear because often times the leaders of revolutions just find a way to impose their own version of slavery, say for instance what happened in the USSR when they overthrow the repressive Czarist government and substituted an even more repressive communist government. It seems that psychopaths and sociopaths thrive in slave systems and are attracted to positions of power in governments.