Chaos Strikes As 1.4 Million Afghans Have 30 Days To Leave Pakistan

On Wednesday, the Pakistani government ordered 1.4 million Afghan refugees to leave the country in 30 days. According to DAWN, the oldest English-language newspaper in Pakistan, this is the sixth extension given to refugees, which the last expired on December 31.

The announcement was made by the National Security Committee and approved by the federal cabinet, which comes after President Trump unleashed a series of tweets accusing Pakistan of harboring terrorist.

“The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools,” Trump said on New Year’s day.

“They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”

Further, the US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley accused Pakistan of playing “a double game for years” and said President Trump will withhold $225 million in aid to the country.

The Pakistani cabinet viewed the American statements as distasteful and detrimental to the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and the United States. The official statement from the PM Office media wing said,

“Pakistan has rendered huge sacrifices, both in terms of loss of precious human lives and substantial damage to the economy. Achievements made by Pakistan in curbing the menace of terrorism have been acknowledged throughout the world.”

Before Trump tweeted, the Pakistani government was considering a proposal for granting a one-year extension in the Proof of Registration (POR) Cards for the refugees under a tripartite agreement with Afghanistan and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

It appears the announcement’s decision was linked to President Trump and US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley threats to Pakistan, which now requires 1.4 million Afghan refugees, who lost their legal status on December 31, 2017, to migrate back to Afghanistan by end of month, where the infestation of Taliban forces thrive. On top of America’s failed war in Afghanistan, President Trump has ramped up aerial bombings in the country by threefold leading to more destabilization.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan called President Trump “ignorant” and “ungrateful” while responding to his tweets.

Khan blames the CIA for the creation of Jihadi groups and a decade of failed wars in the region.

“And now Pakistan being blamed for US failures in Afghanistan by an ignorant and ungrateful Donald Trump,” Khan tweeted.

“Finally, Pakistan suffers ultimate insult: being made scapegoat for US failure in Afghanistan,” Khan added.

Bottomline: With the latest collapse in American and Pakistani relations, are we witnessing America’s collapsing prestige?


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What does that wind up meaning anyways?

Are you saying Bin Hidin, provided sanctuary in Abbottabad, in a walled compound, down the road from a Paki military base, just around the corner from a hospital for his physical afflictions...was a CIA plant/ really gonna stick with that?

You're going to have an awful lot of "truther's" on your ass if you do.


Yes? No? Undecided? Skeert to say? ;-)

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Ah,the indestructible Osama bin Laden myth! Hiding in Pakistan also he was dead.

Let me tell you,as somebody who has medical knowledge:

OBL was suffering from what is called Marfan syndrome,a genetic condition.This affects the collagen tissue(which is located in the joints and vessel walls ,mostly).The joints are lax,the people affected are very tall ,slender(remember him?),develop early in life aneurysms and secondary to that,kidney failure,heart failure,aortic dissection.etc. Their life expectancy is 44-48 years.

Osama BL was 44 when he died ,middle of December 2001,in a Pakistani hospital(the See Eye Ayy knew about this,impossible not to ).He was suffering from end stage kidney failure and was on hemodialysis. People on hemodialysis have a life expectancy of max 10 years if offered the best conditions (develop infections and heart diseases) .

Impossible to live on hiding in Afghanistan caves with this.

Those two combined ,don't give you too many years in life span.

Now,go and ask any doctor if somebody with Marfan syndrome and ESKF on HD can live for 10 years in Afghanistan caves or even in Abbottabad,because it is physically impossible.

His death was announced in ALL Arab newspapers at that time.

AND when he was  KILLED AGAIN,with no proof,no witnesses,no videos,no pictures and the seal team 6,conveniently killed in an "accident" ,this is  a fairy tail,only children could believe in.

I rest my case.


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So you are saying, the guy who double tapped him (O'Neill & Bissonette who was investigated for confirming an op) are liars.

I'm pretty badass however I don't go around calling out SEALS as liars each his own. 

Perhaps "the next Bin Hidin" can be brought back alive, have his throat slit like a goat and then have his head impaled on the WH fence so the birds can peck his eyeballs out as your proof ;-) 


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they killed some one, thinking it was the target ID..where told dna confirmed it was OBL..of course they did not do the dna test, they just read the results..who knows who that muzzi was for sure, as body was dropped into the sea..all normal procedure ..not.

I do not think the seals are liars..however nmewn, disposal of a body at sea is not you agree?

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Certainly not SOP but Bin Hidin wasn't an ordinary Muslim either. 

I don't have any way to dispute the DNA tests done at Bagram confirming it was Bin Hidin and neither does anyone else on this thread. AQ acknowledged it was him and vowed revenge for killing him so that alone is good enough for me even without the DNA. As far as the burial at sea, we were told no country would accept his body which is plausible seeing as how no government would want a place for Islamists to make a "pilgrimage" to. 

Governments are about control...first...everything else is secondary and Pakistan is no different.

Which sort of gets back to the topic of this article, the Paki's didn't want his grave there either even as "elements" inside its government (particularly the ISI) knew he was there when alive and is now pissed off that hundreds of millions of dollars is being cut off because they are being called out as double dealing assholes...which is is why the Paki's were not alerted that a raid on the compound was coming in the first place...think of "elements" inside the FBI/CIA/NSA etc. as being against Trump and for Hillary and you have some idea of Pakistans ISI except with an Islamic flavor. 

I find it hard to believe the US would risk its technology and some of its best warriors just to take out his wife & son, who were also there ;-)

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You rest your case. It does deserve a rest. Where did you pick up the Marfan stuff? Yes, he was on dialysis, but kidneys are available for a price, and not only from rabbis. An old lady I know of in Abbotabad lived a few houses away from the alleged bin Laden house. One day, on her evening walk, the gate of the compound happened to be open and she saw someone she swore was bin Laden. Her family members were amused, but she insisted. The American action, as reported by China's Xinhua correspondent, was obviously a joint American-Pakistani caper rather than a confrontation. Bin Laden, who, Sibel Edmonds tells us, had until 9/11 been faithfully doing CIA work creating trouble for the Chinese in Sinkiang, was probably sent back to a comfortable life in Saudi Arabia. Thierry Meyssan conjectured at the time that the purpose of the caper (apart from its usefulness to Obama) was to reset al Qaeda as the good guys, as in good terrorists trying to rid Syria of a cruel dictator, not at all your garden variety heart eaters. As you saw, Obama's al Qaeda friends were never embarrassed with the 9/11 stain. 

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If that was Bin Laden in Abottabad, then that was by arrangement at the United State's highest government levels.  Bin Laden was a hero to the muslim world post 911, and the U.S. was afraid to kill him outright, because we were dependent on towel-head oil (the Saudis and other towel-heads would have been forced to embargo us if we killed Bin Laden outright), so we made a deal to let Pakistan keep Bin Laden on ice until such time enough time passed, and he was old news.  Ten years was enough time for this, and we killed him in 2011.  Sad that we were such pussies that we did such a thing.  Sad that our f*cking politicians allowed millions of hostile muslims to immigrate to the U.S. and perpetrate a 911.  Sad that we white men lost our balls, guts, and back-bone and did not use that opportunity to nuke those cunts and subdue them.  I was stupid enough to volunteer to come back to the military just before we invaded Iraq, because I was naive enough to believe that we were going to overthrow Saddam, take Iraq's oil, and then use Iraq as a base of operations/jumping off point to conquer the sand-niggers and keep our boot on their throats and make them pay us tribute until Jesus second coming.  Boy, was I wrong.  I did not factor in that we were just doing Israel's dirty work as most of this effort.  It took me taking the Red Pill to awaken from The Jew Matrix and figure out the above.  

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Guess what, fuckface, thats the dumbest goddamn argument on earth. What you are essentially saying is that because my ancestors came here from another country a couple centuries ago, that means that today everyone has the right to live in any country they want. Fuck that. White people build nice countries, and these nice countries have the right to tell foreign squatters to leave at a time of their choosing.


As for Afghans in Pakistan, I'd stand and applaud if trump pulled every last American out of that country and stopped bombing them. I don't want us involved anywhere in that region. But, Pakitsan has every right to expel foreigners it doesn't want there.

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" Guess what, fuckface, thats the dumbestIs goddamn argument on earth. "

Your ancestors were British mostly, they revolted against the British Crown. You do know that ..right??

Your Country you say.. What the fuck made it 'your country'?   Is your claim similar to Israels 'Facts on the ground'?

Like, after the American Blue Army defeated the Indigenous People with repeating rifles and cannon and set about laying waste to the buffalo?

Please explain why you think you are so priviledged to think, the United States of America is yours to have and to hold.


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Please explain why YOU think anyone has a right to live in any country they want? Are you saying that some random Nigerian has as much claim to America as I do?


Ill tell you what makes it 'our/my country'. I was born and pay taxes here. I have children and a house I bought here. So were my parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents, great great grandparents, and great great great grandparents. Thats as far back as I am certain. But thats nearly two centuries of people living, working, building, and raising families here. That is my claim. What claim does Abdul have? Do you have any argument other than 'white people killed indians here a couple centuries ago, so that means everyone on earth has the same right to be here as you do'? Because that's your argument in a nutshell, unless you have something better.


Extra dumbass points for somehow managing to misspell words in something you were trying to copy.

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" Ill tell you what makes it 'our/my country'. I was born and pay taxes here. I have children and a house I bought here "


That doesn't make it your country, your property you asshole. You are a squatter, and that's all you are and it's all you will ever be.

You are allowed to pay taxes to the descendants of the people who killed the rightful owners, with repeating rifles and cannon until they were defeated. You have no right to claim any special status and you don't even use free speech responsibly. You are just another raging Trump trunk monkey.


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So, since I'm just a squatter, that means that Pedro fresh across the Rio Grande has as much claim on my house as I do? That any African that manages to make it to Europe has as much right to Germany as native Germans do? Please answer the question.


"who killed the rightful owners, with repeating rifles and cannon until they were defeated."


You keep using that line, what special point does that make? I get it, the militarily superior and more intelligent group will defeat the lesser group. Same as it ever was. Thats been the case throughout history. Why is it that you leftists only bitch about what white people did? Why is that so much worse than African tribes butchering each other? The Aztecs conquered and subjegated much of present day south and central America, and weren't very nice to the other tribes. But you don't hear anyone complain about them. Only later, when the Spanish defeated the Aztecs, do you bitch. White people are the most successful race of people in the history of the planet. This doesn't mean we are under the obligation to allow others to live here at our expense. Are you some kind of indigenous person?

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" So, since I'm just a squatter, that means that Pedro fresh across the Rio Grande has as much claim on my house as I do? "

Don't try to feed me that horseshit, this isn't about Pedro, it's about you and your ignorance, your arrogance, and your stated claim to ownership of some part of the United States that you personally never earned, and haven't proved your ancestors did either.  And of course you can't prove that, because it's unprovable unless you want to take the position that killing the Indigenous people and taking the land gives you the rights you claim to have.


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