White House Asks For $18 Billion To Build 700 Miles Of Border Wall

After yesterday’s meeting with the Senate Working Group on Immigration, Trump told reporters that before agreeing to any legislation enshrining DACA protections into law, Republicans would need to secure more resources for immigration officers, provisions to stop visa overstays and – crucially – legislation limiting chain migration, a topic that Trump has tweeted about regularly since the Halloween terror attack on Manhattan’s West Side Highway.

And as the administration braces for the upcoming battle over US immigration policy, they're asking Congress for $18 billion to build 700 miles of new and replacement barrier along the southern border over the coming decade.

Construction on the prototypes for Trump’s wall has been completed, and the Department of Homeland Security is ready for next steps: If approved, that would be a major expansion from the 654 miles of barrier now, bringing the total to nearly 1,000 miles, about half of the entire southwest border.



According to the Wall Street Journal, the plans are laid out in a document prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for a group of senators who asked the administration to detail its request for border security. The document was described to The Wall Street Journal by two people who had seen it. Presumably, WSJ’s sources attended Thursday’s working group meeting.

In total, the administration details about $33 billion in desired new border-security spending, including funding for technology, personnel and roads. The document refers to this as "critical physical border security requirements."

President Trump’s proposed border wall was in many ways the essence of the 2016 Trump campaign. In many ways, it factored into his rhetoric from the beginning, almost immediately after Trump descended the golden escalator in Trump Tower to declare his intention to run way back in June 2015.

Trump routinely described his pet infrastructure project as a “big, beautiful wall” that would rise over the southern border, preventing illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Furthermore, Trump promised that the project – some estimates placed the cost at close to $70 billion – would be paid for by Mexico. Yet so far, Congress hasn’t agreed to spend any money on the project, and Mexico has repeatedly said it won’t fund it.

But the document cited by WSJ is perhaps the first comprehensive vision of what the wall will look like, if completed.

The document, from the Customs and Border Protection agency at the Department of Homeland Security, envisions the border-wall project unfolding over 10 years. If carried out as described, by 2027, about 970 miles of the 2,000-mile southwest border would have some sort of fencing or wall separating the U.S. from Mexico.

It comes as lawmakers and the White House negotiate an immigration package that would legalize young undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, a group known as Dreamers. The White House has demanded that border security be included in the legislation, and last month a group of GOP senators asked for details of what the White House is seeking.

Of course, the document isn’t a complete representation of the administration’s immigration demands – which also include changes in laws and policy. The paper also cautioned that support for the border wall is tepid, even among Republicans.

The document isn’t meant to be a complete outline of the administration’s requests, which also involve changes to the legal immigration system and other enforcement measures, an administration official said. Rather, it details only the border-security elements.

Congressional support for the border-wall idea is tepid, with Democrats and even many Republicans opposed on either financial or symbolic grounds. But lawmakers in both parties support other types of increased border security.

In addition to the wall-related funding requests, the White House and its partners in Congress are also seeking $5.7 billion over five years to pay for towers, surveillance equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles and other technology; $1 billion over five years for road construction and maintenance; and $8.5 billion over seven years for 5,000 new Border Patrol agents and other personnel. The administration has already requested $1.6 billion for 60 miles of a new barrier in Texas and 14 miles of replacement fencing in San Diego for the current fiscal year. Congress hasn’t passed the spending bills for 2018, and wall funding is one of the hang-ups.

The administration’s new document doesn’t detail where the additional miles of barrier would be constructed beyond 2018. It refers to the barrier as a "wall system," though Trump and lawmakers have at times said they would accept "a fence" or a "see-through wall."

As we noted late last year, by leaving several controversial provisions – including an immigration deal – out of the continuing resolution passed just before Christmas, Republicans effectively set themselves up for a grueling legislative calendar early this year, as the battle over DACA, the re-authorization of a controversial surveillance program and the long-term fate of a popular children’s health-insurance program must be resolved in the coming months.

Aside from that, Trump is pushing to pass his $10 trillion infrastructure plan which was whispered about late last year – before the mid-term elections.


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Ex-Stasi Spy Chief Markus Wolf Hired By Homeland Security?

Prison Planet | December 6 2004

Political analyst Al Martin, who has in the past proven accurate in getting ahead of the news curve, is reporting that Homeland Security have hired former Stasi head, the 'Silver Fox' Markus Wolf.

Martin states,

"Wolf is the man that effectively built the East German state intelligence operation’s internal directorate," Martin continues. "He turned half the population into informants. That is his specialty, is taking a population, constructing the various state divisions, mechanisms of control, in order to organize informants within the population. That is his real specialty. And that is precisely, as Primakov has intimated, why Wolf is being brought in. The regime knows that once all of Patriot II is in law and they begin working on Patriot III, they will then begin to establish the internal mechanism to coordinate, as an official function of state, a system of informants. Wolf’s speciality was to turn East Germany into the greatest and most efficient informant state ever created."

On a radio appearance earlier today Martin stated that the admission that Wolf would be hired was made in a BBC radio interview given by the former head of the KGB, General Yevgeni Primakov.

Martin had previously reported that Primakov had been hired as a consultant by the US Department of Homeland Security to implement CAPPS II and the national iD card system which he dubbed an 'internal passport'.

Sources close to Martin have told Alex Jones confidentially that the appointment of Wolf was also confirmed by a US Congressman.

During his radio interview, Martin outlined the immediate agenda. The remaining portions of the 9/11 Commission intelligence reccomendations which include the introduction of a national ID card would be passed and subsequently 'Patriot Act 3,' which would include the formal establishment of a Stasi-like domestic spying organisation which would be similar in scope to the TIPS program.

TIPS, which was supposedly nixed by Congress, would have recruited one in twenty-four Americans as domestic informants, a higher percentage than was used by the Stasi in East Germany.

Government funding was cut but private funding continues and the same program was intriduced under a number of sub-divisions including AmeriCorps, SecureCorps and the Highway Watch program.

After the passage of Patriot Act 3 Wolf and Primakov would be tapped for their expertise in further collapsing America into a surveillance grid police state. Primakov has openly stated that they are working on behalf of Bush and Cheney to complete the 'Sovietization of America.

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Screw the wall, we need to invade Mexico and topple the narco state. It has been awhile since we had a territorial expansion. Mexico has 8000 miles of warm water coast lines, 200 rivers, vast mountain ranges, large ag lands, abundant minerals and natural resources, and mostly good people. The people in Mexico hate the government, police, and military and would welcome the toppling. I live in a border county and know many Mexicans that have had to flee for their lives.

Most of you probably have no idea what's going on in Mexico - 23,000 murders in 2016.


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Look, I don’t blame you for thinking that since your heroes are pussies.

Donald is gonna do exactly what he thinks he said he was gonna do. What the little bitches don’t seem to get is that he has to play the game to get Ahead to the point where he can remove the cheaters from the “field” (Comey, Yates, Rosenstein?), Not because he owes anyone any legislation.

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Build it out of pressed blocks of Recyclables, that China won't buy any more anyway,  lower the cost, and if we ever need to Mine it for materials we know where it's at. win win.

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Last I checked Israel has terrorist attacks daily and Australia, which is surrounded by an ocean, has a significant illegal immigration problem.  Of course as a retard clamoring for giant government you'd never think to tackle the problem economically by removing incentive, instead you support an idea only an 8 year old thinks would work.  Jackass.

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