In Tweetstorm, Trump Defends His Sanity: "I Am A Very Stable Genius"

Since the first excerpts from Michael Wolff’s "Fire and Fury" were published on Wednesday, its numerous (in)credulity-inducing details have dominated the news cycle and most of the official press briefings since. President Donald Trump has insisted that Wolff had "zero" access, and that the book’s contents are gossip leaked by former White House Chief Strategist and Trump campaign leader Steve Bannon, whom Trump rechristened “Sloppy Steve” and slapped with a cease-and-desist.

And, as Trump tends to do, he doubled down on half-a-week’s worth of denials and repudiations in a bizarre Saturday morning tweetstorm that saw him defending his sanity and intelligence while lashing out at two of his favorite targets: Hillary Clinton and former ABC White House Correspondent Brian Ross.

Far from being mentally infirm, Trump insists that his “mental stability” has been one of his greatest assets “throughout my life,” along with the fact he’s "like, really smart."

Furthermore, the fact that he was able to win the presidency on his first attempt, with no prior experience in politics (except for his 2000 bid for the Reform Party nomination, of course) prove that he’s not only a genius but "a very stable genius" at that. Saturday morning’s tweets essentially pick up from where Trump left off last night, when he tweeted that "Sloppy Steve" "cried when he got fired and begged for his job."

Interposed between the fiery denunciations, Trump includes a shout out of sorts to the Washington Post, which ran a Trump-friendly headline about the African-American unemployment rate falling to 6.8%.

Ross was suspended by ABC late last year after erroneously reporting that Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that Trump ordered him to establish contact with the Russian government during the campaign – an action that would be tantamount to conspiring with a foreign power to influence an American election. However, in reality, Flynn planned to testify that Trump senior adviser (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner asked him to meet with the Russians during the transition, a request that is not only legal, but routine.

Trump concludes that, since Special Counsel Bob Mueller has so far failed to take him down, the Democrats and mainstream media are resorting to questioning his mental stability, hoping to convince Vice President Mike Pence and members of Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment – something that’s been widely discussed over the past week.


Trump sued Wolff’s publisher, Henry Holt & Co., to block the book’s publication, which only inspired the publisher to move its release date to yesterday in the interest of furthering the public discourse cashing in on the hype.

Some of the book’s claims – like the idea that Trump wouldn’t know who former House Speaker John Boehner was despite tweeting about him several times – have been disputed by Wolff’s fellow journalists. Also, many of Wolff’s peers have criticized him for cynically criticizing his fellow journalists during several television appearances as a way to ingratiate himself with the Trump inner circle.

* * *

Naturally, and not surprisingly, this morning’s twitter outburst has inspired a flurry of responses on twitter, with users riffing off Trump’s “very stable genius” line.

Almost every working political journalist in the US tweeted some variation of this:

As more details from the book hit the web, it will surely continue to dominate the news cycle into next week if not beyond, and if history is any guide, expect Trump - unable to find closure - to accelerate his angry tweets in the coming days, while digging an even deeper hole for his critics.


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Trump: "I Am A Very Stable Genius"

Trump is absolutely correct that he’s a genius for about 30% of Americans that are angry…………..But, stable?

Bandy Lee

………a mental health crisis in a president who is not able to cope well with ordinary stresses such as basic criticism or unflattering news. His (Trump) trip to Asia brought a lot of ceremonial deference and customs of flattery that kept him doing better for a while. But that indicated a greater danger to us — that someone [was] that susceptible to fawning pointed to instability that would make him more volatile when he returned. And that’s exactly what happened.

……..but that is not the only danger we’re facing. There’s everything in between: provoking our allies and alienating them, instigating civil conflict, and laying a foundation for a violent culture that could give way to epidemics of violence — not to mention poke a beehive in the Middle East by declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. All of these actions are consistent with the pathological pattern he has already shown of resorting to violence the more he feels threatened.

And it is no accident that gun deaths are up at least 12 percent since 2016, and there is an increase in schoolyard bullying and an unprecedented spike in hate crimes that continue to this day.


Bandy Lee recently briefed a dozen members of Congress — Democrats and one Republican — on the president’s mental state. And this week, she, along with Judith Herman at Harvard and Robert Jay Lifton at Columbia, released a statement arguing that Trump is “further unraveling……….. she believes Trump is so dangerous, what an evaluation would entail, the president’s upcoming physical exam on January 12, and why she thinks it’s her ethical duty to educate the public and lawmakers about the option of containing the president against his will to do a psychiatric evaluation.


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Decmeber 2015: “Remember the word bubble? You heard it here first. I don’t want to sound rude, but I hope if it explodes, it’s going to be now, rather than two months into another administration,”

January 2018:  Trump is quoting CNBC articles on how great the stock market is ......

nuff said

very stable indeed

and weren't these jobs numbers cooked and fake to begin????????   

at least that's what zh used to acknowledge..........

fucking morons around here

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In Bizarre Tweetstorm, Trump Defends His Sanity: "I Am A Very Stable Genius"

My response: I don't know about everyone else, but the MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS are really getting on my nerves.

Any village idiot like Wolff can publish a piece fiction that tears down the fabric of what is left of the republic without consequences. 

This is no longer FREE SPEECH, but a subversive activity to DEMONIZE the POTUS and cause division in the republic. 

I would not call the tweetstorm bizarre, but a legitimate response to lies and fabrication that hurt the republic. If this was TURKEY, ERDOGAN will NOT put up with this kind of thing for a minute. WOLFF WOULD BE LOCKED UP, DISPOSED OFF and NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN.

Think about it.

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Dear DJT:

We hope you will drain the swamp - it is badly in need of flushing.  We don't really like you that much, but most of us will tolerate you if you will do what you have promised.   That is really the only reason you got into the White House.

As for tweeting your "genius", let it go.  You aren't ingratiating yourself to any of your supporters, and may actually be turning many of us off.  You certainly aren't convincing any of your haters -- you are just re-affirming to them that you have an ego the size of Rosie O'Donnell's backside, and nothing you can possibly do will turn them, unless dirt on HRC and cohorts is massively and publicly disseminated beyond any possible denial.  Please give it a rest.

Be a good president and bring back a sense that justice cuts across all class and political lines, and that there are no special cases and no free passes.  That is a plenty big enough job, and will guarantee you a re-election and a place in history.  If you want to do more....2nd priority after the on the climate change crowd.   There are many there that should be jailed for misuse of public funds - start with very public debate on the NASA/NOAA/NCAR "corrections" to the databases.


A. Choke


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Regarding the usage of "cleverisms"

Being a student of the funny and the mechanisms of language I want to give a small lesson. To wit:


I realize you think it's clever to say this and that it might advance your argument into the collective psych.  However it's weak. You are over using it.  You appear to think it's a traction worth phrase.  But I am here to tell you your dogged persistence is misplaced and it's annoying to the point that I felt I had to tell you how tone deaf you appear to be.

I realize Israel is an apartheid state that was most likely created as a homeland for Jewish banksters that ran afoul of the law.  I realize it was probably created to have all the trappings of state power captured under western banking interests.  But shitty cleverisms are shitty cleverisms.  Please try again and quit this unrelenting attempt to make us think it is clever.

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Most of the true geniuses I'm familiar with are not ultra-rich. They tend to be inside their heads a lot, because well a lot is going on in there. None of it may be practical, some might be groundbreaking, yet too far out there for the mainstream. Some take to creative endeavours and most have interests in a vast array of subjects. This sometimes makes it difficult to focus on one goal, which is necessary to be ultra rich. Donald may be an "alpha" male with above average intelligence, but he is no genius.

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