Here's Why There's No More Free Passes For The Clinton Foundation

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A new Department of Justice probe of the email and charity fraud scandals won't end well for Bill or Hillary...

Until recently, the Clinton Foundation has been monitored by the IRS, the Department of Justice, and the FBI, and multiple state government authorities that are seeded with persons loyal to either the Clintons or the Obamas.

Every time, the Clinton Foundation got a free pass.

But now it appears key authorities may finally be turning strict attention toward answering tough questions about public filings of Clinton “charities” inside and outside the United States. When these powerful organizations engage motivated minds, they will wish to concentrate on a few areas that have long gone begging for attention.

The first time the Clinton Foundation was investigated, between 2001 and 2005, then-FBI Director Robert Mueller, then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey, and others could not seem to find obvious and escalating frauds as a supposed presidential library complex in Little Rock, Arkansas, also “fought HIV/AIDS internationally” from unregistered offices in New York and Massachusetts without ever obtaining required audits of worldwide activities.

Strangely, as the first investigation wound down, evidence in the public domain suggests that the Clinton Foundation also defrauded the National Archivist by making demonstrably false representations in a binding legal agreement.

For example, there is no evidence the IRS provided final approval to the Clinton Foundation to “fight HIV/AIDS internationally” as a tax-exempt purpose by Nov. 18, 2004, the date the presidential archive was officially donated.

That Nov. 18, 2004, agreement is nowhere to be found today on the Clinton Foundation website and in public filings despite the charity’s more than 13 years of widespread solicitation across state and national boundaries using telephones, mail, and the internet.

The next major investigation started in December 2009 when the French government launched a detailed look into UNITAID, a multilateral international organization — primarily funded by France — that has sent more than $650 million to arms of the Clinton Foundation engaged, at least in theory, in fighting HIV and AIDS.

Reports concerning this investigation, written in French and published in 2010 and 2011, show that French government authorities, like their U.S. counterparts, missed the heart of the problem posed by the Clinton Foundation.

The foundation, by its own description, started soliciting funding for its fight against HIV and AIDS early in 2002, though its authorized charitable status didn’t change until March 2004, after the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative Inc. was officially recognized on March 24, 2004, in Arkansas.

Applications made to the IRS, to various states and to foreign governments for tax exemption and solicitation rights to pursue this radically different mission, are not available on the central portal operated by the Clinton Foundation, nor forthcoming, yet, from the governments concerned.

Federal tax filings for this entity for the partial year in 2004 and for 2005 aren’t available on the Clinton Foundation website, perhaps because they show substantial activities that seem to fall far outside tax-exempt purposes approved by the IRS.

In addition, these and other tax filings fail to explain payments to members of the Clinton family for services received and for reimbursement of expenses by donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Even though there is no public record that the Clinton Foundation ever was authorized to control a supposed charity “fighting HIV/AIDS internationally,” the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative Inc. was supposedly liquidated as of Dec. 31, 2005, with all of its worldwide activities and obligations supposedly taken over by the parent foundation. There is no evidence in the public domain that the merger was lawfully completed in each U.S. state and foreign country in which either entity operated.

From 2006 through 2009, the Clinton Foundation solicited funds and received a majority of its growing revenues, in theory, to fight HIV and AIDS internationally. Required audits were not prepared to strict U.S. requirements.

Moreover, versions of these audits on the Clinton Foundation website exclude key “combining” statements that show for 2007 through 2009 just how substantial HIV- and AIDS-specific financial amounts are compared to the combined total. The Clinton Foundation attempted to reorganize in 2009, but available public filings could place multiple individuals in significant jeopardy.

For example, claims made to the IRS in applications for federal tax exemption on Form 1023, under penalties of perjury, are false and materially misleading concerning numerous entities created after Sept. 4, 2009, to carry on unauthorized activities in which the Clinton Foundation had been engaged starting in 2002.

To get to the heart of the vexing problems that allowed the largest unprosecuted charity frauds ever attempted to flourish from January 2001 forward, one must ask many questions of central figures in federal, state and foreign governments.

How did Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, while U.S. attorney in Maryland, miss the fact that the Clinton Foundation was promoting use of potentially adulterated HIV and AIDS drugs from October 2003 forward, even as he took until May 2013 to help win a $500 million set of penalties against the Indian manufacturer of the generic drugs?

Why was an African-American selected for prosecution during her re-election campaign in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was left unscathed despite the many years of questionable charitable activities by the Clinton Foundation?

How did Rosenstein miss obvious errors in the Clinton Foundation tax filings for 2010 (originally submitted in 2011 with amended versions submitted in 2015) concerning a $37.1 million donation to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund at a P.O. Box address in Baltimore, Maryland, that was never declared, as required, in key states like New York?

Why did Rosenstein (and many other officials, including New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman), fail to require Laureate Education and the Clinton Foundation to explain how they organized the “Clinton Global Initiative University” and why the Clinton Foundation tax filings for 2010 through 2016 don’t explain what Bill Clinton did for the $17.6 million he was paid as part-time chancellor while he held key roles at the Clinton Foundation?

Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown, a Florida Democrat, reports to jail for a five-year term in federal prison following her conviction of being part of an $800,000 charity fraud. Why was this African-American selected for prosecution during her re-election campaign in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was left unscathed despite the many years of questionable charitable activities by the Clinton Foundation?

Former presidents in either the Democratic or Republican parties are not above the law. Now it’s up to President Donald Trump to make this fact abundantly clear.


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 the FBI has opened a new investigation of the Clinton Foundation launched by the DOJ - spearheaded by its Little Rock, Arkansas field office

That would be Clinton Corruption Central .... likely everyone in that office owes their job to the Soros-Clinton-Obama Machine.  

I’m guessing that Sessions was too busy fussing about State marijuana laws to be interested in this sort of thing so the Little Rock office was chosen by the Mueller-Rosenstein duet.



Corruption!  It's what's for breakfast.

-- Bill Clinton


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Donald Trump interview 2 days after 9/11 at ground zero

The real Suspects of 9/11 (Corbett report video series reupload)

9/11 - 15 Years Of Lies An Cover-up

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

Incontrovertible - New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

The Deliberate False Flag Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty.

Jesse Ventura - 9/11 Fox news hoast walks off

Victor Thorn - 9/11 Evil - Israel’s Central Role In The September 11 Attacks

Israel Lobbyist - We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!

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We have to see the "uniqueness" of this situation. She lost. A lot of people colluded to make sure she, or at least a Democrat won.

Now they are all turning their backs and scrambling to avoid being sucked into the crime. Widespread collusion.

Why I say "uniqueness" is that the criminality would have escalated further but now those that want to "keep their jobs" have to do what they were expected to do and hired to do. Trusted by "The People" through their elected representation to do.

Imagine how much more the criminality would have escalated?

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They might not get off this time. The criminal injustice system is highly unlikely to get them, but if the banksters consider them a threat to exposing the underlying connection, they make make Arkancides look like like a flea market compared to eBay. The Clinton mafia might have a substantial death toll, but they're just a tiny subsidiary of the bankster juggernaut. Shillary and Bilious would be well advised to never take the same flight again.

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This email released by WikiLeaks from Doug Band to John Podesta is a good example of the Clintons using Foundation funds for personal use.…


It discusses the Chelsea Clinton wedding 


Investigators should have no problem digging into this misappropriation of donor money.


The vendors will have payment records for the FBI to look through. In Hillary's mind, the wedding is a justifiable Foundation expense. Probably listed it as a fundraiser on the 990 for 2010.

According to estimates and reports, the $2 million to $5 million event held in Rhinebeck, NY included:

$750,000 for catering, according to Brides magazine deputy editor Sally Kilbridge

$11,000 for the cake, which is reportedly gluten-free

$250,000 worth of jewelry for the bride

$109,000 for the tables and crockery for around 400 to 500 invitees

$600,000 in air-conditioned tents, complete with glass walls

$200,000 in extra security, paid for by the Clintons

$15,000 in high-class toilets, according to online gossip site TMZ

$500,000 in flowers arranged by Jeff Leatham, who’s worked with Madonna and other celebrities

Wine as a party favor from Clinton Vineyards (which has no relation to the presidential family)

A Federal Aviation Administration-enforced no-fly zone from 3 p.m. Saturday to 3:30 a.m. Sunday over Rhinebeck, the small New York town that includes Astor Courts, a picturesque mansion that’s hosting the event and overlooks the Hudson River



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There probably is enough such evidence to convict the "Foundation" although not necessarily its Officers and Trustees. Given the complete lack of integrity of the Clintons, you can guarantee that many records have been "lost" or "amended". And they have had a long time to prepare for this. It really needs a full forensic audit by experts to piece together outgoings versus declared income and income declared for tax purposes by donors and Governments. At the very least that would identify "inconsistencies" and "missing" supporting documentation which, in the scope of such an audit, would be adequate to support an overall conclusion of criminal intent.

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Two things have been done by "outsiders."  One is the writing of the book, _Clinton Cash_ by Peter Schweitzer.  The other is the forensic accounting done by Charles Ortel.  The tough work has already been done.

The missing supporting documentation is part of what makes it easy.  They should have had licenses in every State and apparently they did not so any donor is subject to have his or her charitable donation looked at and disapproved.

The expenses had to be posted somewhere but to that they have to provide back up that makes them legitimate.  Keep in mind of all the money they collected, only 15 percent tops went to actually help people in need.  Unrealistic overhead that in good part paid their friends who worked there and sometimes also included their apartment rentals in NYC.

Then there will be an issue of missing altogether funds that can be at the very least construed as personal income on which taxes will be due.  And those funds that came from donors will not be allowed to be described as charitable deductions.

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Yes agreed, Ortel in particular has done selfless and exceptional work with incomplete access, he is a true hero. But his work would not be recognised by a Court. It needs a full forensic audit by an officially-appointed audit expert (probably one of the big 4....yes, I know!!). But the work already done would of course help focus on some of the important issues and save some time.

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A huge part of the "donations" flowed through the Clinton-Giustra charity in Canada, where the donor to the Clinton Foundation was a Canadian Charity called Clinton-Giustra, but the donors to the Canadian Charity were anonymous under Canadian law.

The Clintons regularly visit Canada, where phone-calls go out to rent-a-crowd, but the real purpose is to communicate with their bagman, face-to-face, so no records can be found.

The Canadian "Charity" is where the Chinese money flowed through, not just the Uranium One bribe money.

The trade negotiations with Canada are going nowhere until Justin starts co-operating with access to the dirty "Charity".

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you are correct.


I gave complete testimony and evidence regarding how to link their activities (hint... Haiti). Told that it would at worst force an adjustment to non-foundational status unless principals caught. We did that too, but inconvenient fact on an argument that the deep state finds intolerable... well, here we are some time later....


Gitmo baby....

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and then there is the recent fire in the outbuilding at chappaqua. who is cgi, bari and cvc? would terry be terry mccauliffe? we know who cheryl mills is (given immunity by comey's fbi relative to her conversations with h. clinton on the homebrew server).

certainly the prosecution will be entertaining and instructive political theater. may even wring some justice finally from these two despicables.

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They owe taxes penalties and interest on all of it since inception would be my interpretation under the existing "code". They should lose tax exempt status for numerous violations.

Much less than half of the revenues and subsidiary entities on a consolidated basis have been reported on returns. The term "shoddy accounting" does not come into it. It was concealment.

Then we get into the criminal charges of which tax evasion is the mildest.

I assume a fine without admitting any wrong doing.

Bill dies from "an undisclosed illness" (a side effect being his dick falls off)

Hillary dies from a fall while home alone, re-fracturing her skull.

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RumpleShitzkin JRobby Sun, 01/07/2018 - 01:17 Permalink

Plus the structuring and laundering of funds through Canada and elsewhere.


You throw it all in a pot and what it boils down to is exactly what RICO was created for, plain and simple.

With her other crimes at State Dept, the email shitshow, server...etc, I can see a need to use some of the legal tools in the NDAA combined with RICO.

People say on here all the time...she needs to hang. They may say it just to be flip.

She does, though. Hang or fry. I don’t care. There’s a bunch that do. This level of crime has no precedent in the history of this country. Some lives are going to have to be taken for Justice and to set an example.

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It also comes down to claiming 501(c)(3) status versus 501(c)(4) for tax exemption.  Their web site claim(es/ed) that they were 501(c)(3) and they should have registered with my state's DOJ.  Further, 503(c)(3) organizations are not allowed to participate in political activities, plus their donor's donations are tax exempt.   A 503(c)(4) organization is exactly the opposite in both respects.  

I suppose this will all come down to "intent".  Intent to defraud, that is.

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