Iran Claims It Has "Hard Evidence" Of Foreign Meddling In Protests

Friday's UN Security Council meeting didn't disappoint in terms of the anticipated level of inflammatory rhetoric and accusations. Also not unexpected is that the US finds itself isolated after a week of the Trump White House going on the offensive: first by essentially calling for regime change in Iran after the onset of mass protests last week (the State Dept.'s first statement a week ago referenced "transition of government"), and then came the bombshell announcement that all foreign aid to Pakistan, which reportedly totals up  to $2 billion in promised security aid, has been cut.

And not helpful to any of this was Trump's lashing out through a series off the cuff tweets aimed at Iran and Pakistan in the past days - some of which may have precipitated Pakistan's finally pulling the trigger on ditching the dollar in trade with China in retaliation. 

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These countries and others came out swinging at the UN. First, Iran's ambassador told the meeting that his government has "hard evidence" that recent protests in Iran were "very clearly directed from abroad." 

According to the Washington Post, Iran's highest legal authority previously claimed direct CIA involvement in the unrest which has now taken over two dozen lives, including at least one police officer and three Iranian intelligence officers who were reported killed during clashes in the western city of Piranshahr on Wednesday. The Washington Post summarized the allegations as follows:

Iran’s prosecutor general, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, alleged Thursday that an American CIA official was the "main designer" of the demonstrations. And Iranian Ambassador Gholamali Khoshroo - whose country isn’t a Security Council member but was invited to participate Friday - said the protests had gotten "direct encouragement by foreign forces including by the president of the United States."

The Trump administration has denied having any hand in the demonstrations, saying they arose completely spontaneously. The CIA declined to comment.

Ambassador Gholamali Khoshroo also accused the United States of abusing its power as a permanent member of the Security Council by calling for a meeting to discuss the protests. "It is unfortunate that despite the resistance on the part of some of its members, this council has allowed itself to be abused by the current U.S. administration in holding a meeting on an issue that falls outside the scope of its mandate," he said.

Iran's accusation was backed by Russia, whose envoy Vasiliy Nebenzia addressed the US head on, asserting "You are dispersing the energy of the Security Council, instead of focusing it on dealing with key crisis situations in Afghanistan, Syria Libya, Iraq, Yemen, DPRK, the African continent. Instead of that, you are proposing that we interfere in the internal affairs of a state." The Russian representative continued, “We obviously regret the loss of lives as a result of the demonstrations that were not so peaceful. However, let Iran deal with its own problems, especially since this is precisely what’s taking place.”

Russia further presented the US position as one of hypocrisy: "If we follow your logic, then we should have meetings of the Security Council after the events in Ferguson or after the dispersal by force of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Manhattan,” Vasiliy said. "We don't want to get involved in destabilizing Iran or any other country."

This was in response to US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley's opening speech, who characterized the week long unrest in Iran as a "spontaneous expression of fundamental human rights," claiming the protests were simultaneously playing out in "over 78 locations" - though according to many reports anti-regime protests have largely died down while giving way to possibly larger pro-government rallies. She ascribed the usual freedom and democracy motives to the Iranian demonstrators - which by the accounts of many analysts are multi-faceted and complex, mostly focusing on deep seated economic grievances - something to be expected anytime protests occur in any country whose government the US doesn't like. 

"In the end, the Iranian people will determine their own destiny. Let there be no doubt the US stands unapologetically with those in Iran who seek freedom for themselves, prosperity for their families and dignity for their nation. We will not be quiet," Haley said, while also derisively shooting down accusations that protesters and provocateurs being used as "puppets of foreign powers." She said the US was absolutely sure that protests were not at all being driven by external influence or intervention. She further reiterated a warning first emphasized in a prior State Department press release: "The Iranian regime is now on notice: The world will be watching what you do."

Meanwhile Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has added his name to the growing chorus of countries charging the US with meddling in the internal affairs of both Iran and Pakistan, and other Muslim majority countries. At an Istanbul press conference on Friday, Turkey's president accused the US of seeking control of the Middle East's resources, saying, "We cannot accept that some countries - foremost the US, Israel - to interfere [sic] in the internal affairs of Iran and Pakistan," according to the AFP. 

A number of nations, including European countries like France, have worried that the US is exploiting Iran's domestic situation to undermine the 2015 nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA). Earlier in the week Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov expressly warned the US "against attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran," while stressing, "what is happening there is an internal affair".

And even France in a rare moment of complete agreement with Russia and Iran earlier in the week slammed the US for prematurely using human rights to undermine the nuclear agreement. On Wednesdays President Emmanuel Macron told reporters, "The official line pursued by the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who are our allies in many ways, is almost one that would lead us to war." He charged that some countries seemed to be engaged in a “deliberate strategy” to undermine the JCPOA. 

“Otherwise, we end up surreptitiously rebuilding an ‘axis of evil’,” Macron said in reference to an infamous phrase by former President George W. Bush, who used the phrase to describe countries including Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Macron further warned at the time that the world could go down a path of a "conflict of extreme brutality" should US pressures on Iran continue. 

During Friday's UN emergency session, France stuck by Macron's earlier words, as French Ambassador Francois Delattre urged a careful approach to Iran's internal matters, saying just before the meeting, "Yes, of course, to vigilance and call for full respect of freedom of expression, but no to instrumentalization of the crisis from the outside - because it would only reinforce the extremes, which is precisely what we want to avoid."

His call to cautiously prevent the "instrumentalization of the crisis from the outside" is a clear reference to repeat Israeli and US officials' demands for international solidarity with the anti-Tehran protesters in cause of regime change. Thus when even France sides squarely against the US and with Iran and Russia, the US has definitely found itself isolated on the world stage.



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Irony of Iranical Ironies it be... the tards swingin hard to implicate that 'cia' monster thingy again...

find it necessary to scrupulously scrub the fact that Bush the scrub... and his crew of disenfranchised former spooks and international drug peddlers - aka - the 'shadow CIA set up to grab power on behalf of the neo-con/trots who would achieve - via sleep walker Reagan - control over AMERICAN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC POLICY

were the folks who cultivated the fake mullah Khomeini... his cabal of kooks and former Savak spooks... and welded them into a gang of Ali Babas with a faked 'legend' for public relations purposes.

No, we will not talk about that... for fear that it would tip off folks to the mossad/cia/MI5 underpinnings of the 'REVOLUTIONARY REPUBLIC' that the special snowflakes of the fake 'alt-right' choose to cheerlead for. And then lead to further difficulties with the associated storylines about sweetness and light in emerging Urassian alliances.

Every day.. in every way... the wheels are a comin offa your tards trumped up tall tales. It's totally clear to the thousands of silent readers that even just one small voice of truth in the middle of your tsunami of bullshit is enough to turn the tide. And turnin it be.

Exposed as fifth columnist enablers of the talmudic plan for a new world ordure and the death of the west... our rogues' gallery of wretchs have gotten nuthin left but a dead VOTAN vote meter and a frenzied circle jerkin circus of pimps pumpin up a phony persian gangster regime with 'made in srael' written all over the package.

Try HARDER... or die Harder losers... it's all goin down in flames!

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Iran Claims It Has "Hard Evidence" Of Foreign Meddling In Protests

It claims as evidence that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has given support to anti-government protests

and that the English newspaper, the telegraph, stated that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Jew.…

"Experts last night suggested Mr Ahmadinejad's track record for hate-filled attacks on Jews could be an overcompensation to hide his past." Sounds like Hitler:

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.

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Wall St Journal  June 2, 2017 9:04 p.m. ET 
CIA Creates New Mission Center to Turn Up the Heat on Iran…
WASHINGTON—The Central Intelligence Agency has established an organization focused exclusively on gathering and analyzing intelligence about Iran, reflecting the Trump administration’s decision to make that country a highr priority target for American spies, according to US officials..........

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Is this Trumpo pursuing MAGA for the American people like he promised?? 

Why do the American people need the CIA to take down Iran?? Answer: They don't. The American people do not need the CIA to destabilize Iran.  But ... Israel Likudniks do need the American CIA to destabilize Iran. 

Trumpo's true and obvious agenda is MIGA not MAGA. Yet the Trumptards are too blinded by Hopey-Changey to see. My advice to Trumptards, unplug and throw away your TVs. It's poisoning your minds. 

Zionist Trumptards, being ideologues are impervious to reasoned argument. They are of course ecstatic with Trumpo placing the interests of Israel over those of the American people. 

If there are any genuine American Trumptards, please snap out of it. Your hero is just using you to advance the agenda of an evil, foreign entity. 

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 I'm not surprised to see what happens here; after years of insanity due to the Nobel piss prize whiner having got fired everyone in the intelligence and military communities who did not agree to his agenda, chances that he would have found talented people to replace the leavers on the spot were already meager. Now add to this the effect on the morale of the troops and you'll get a complete representation on both motivation and competence in this destitute new age intelligence body. 

So to compensate for their newly acquired lack of competences they set out to reuse former plans that were not even successful to begin with. 

Imagine how Iranian authorities must have felt when they only had to pick up the agitators and gently squeeze them to get the intel they already knew. 

A walk in the park. And now that they got all the proof in the world to embarrass and harm you know who; they're just not releasing it yet because they must be trying to monetize it in order to make them feel they can do some damage control. 

This will result in a few C130 full of banknote pallets, preferably not $$ but other useful currencies, and then the world will know only a few less details, like the names and full dump of their current spying network on the region. Anyway they're toasted. 

The new Americano management team better quickly catch up with the fact that Iranians are the best negotiators in the world. By not treating them like shit you will get much more out of them. If understood well this may deserve a real Nobel peace prize this time. 

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Iran has a close relationship with North Korea. It is a military technology and weapons transfer relationship. North Korea was of vital importance to the success of the Iranian missile program. Iran brought in NK special commando forces to Syria as a spearhead for it's operations.

The Iranian nuclear program is being conducted in secret in NK. Iran has funded part of the R&D for the ICBM and thermonuclear program in NK. Iranian officers have been photographed in NK, and the number two man in the NK regime made a top level agreement when he visited Iran. No doubt, it's isn't speculation Iran is working with NK, just like with missile engine transfers and the thousands of Iranians working in NK factories etc. technical trainees are Iranian engineers, just like Iranian engineers in South Korea and Japan.

The other input to the Iran/NK military technology and weapons transfer agreement, the huge Obama secret money transfer to Iran was used for technology and weapons transfer. That is speculation, but the program didn't take off until after the Obama money transfer. And, the continuation and up grade of the Iranian/North Korean military technology and weapons transfer program didn't happen until the NK number two man was sent to Iran.

The French will protect Iran for trade purposes, the nuclear deal?, they know if the US can reimpose sanctions on Iran, contracts like the Airbus planes and many more contracts in oil and natural gas would be put on hold. The French are winning contracts in Iran.  The French Macron puppet is doing what he was told to say.

The Russians?, Iran is a Russian proxy for the Middle East. Turkey, the US(NATO) must remove the nukes from Turkey now. We use one base with other NATO players, nukes are stored in bunkers to be used by NATO. Trump must break NATO in his second term. We must divorce our nation from NATO to force NATO countries to take more of a responsibility for their own defense. Global policeman duties are draining our nation with zero return for the cost.

Pakistan? give me a break, dirt poor country, at $2 billion per year we should have had three Pakistan corps operating in Afghanistan, what did we get?  We were played by Pakistan. And Obama doubled down on more money for Pakistan, why? because Pakistan is one of the countries Obama lived in.

As always -  Long Live the Orange LION

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There is more to the Iran/NK relationship, it goes all the way back to the Iran/Iraq war in the 80's. There were no weapons NK wouldn't supply Iran. In the beginning, Iran couldn't make rocket motors for SCUD clones. Iranian rocket motors never worked, but imported NK rocket motors worked. Iran sent engineers to work in NK factories. This has been an on going relationship. There is enough evidence and linkage to say, Iran is working on it's nuclear weapons program with it's ally North Korea. It isn't really speculation when cause and effect happen in relationship to little bits and pieces of the puzzle. Since I've been a student of this subject since the 60's, this intelligence assessment is both accurate and timely.

NK can't hit any US target including Guam. The engineering hurdle NK must accomplish is to spin the warhead at time of release, if not it will tumble. Japan is a strong and wealthy ally, the SK/US/NK showdown is of vital importance going back hundreds of years, Korea in ancient Japanese imperial war plans is consider the dagger in the side of Japan because of the close proximity to Japan for invasion. Pusan and Fukaoka are a short distance a part, I've crossed in a Hydrofoil once. However, a nuclear armed, a NK ICBM testing over the heads of Japan and the animosity the North Koreans have for the Japanese, and the repeated threats to nuke Japan and the US, the Japanese leader came begging twice to get Trumps attention, if Trump hadn't acted with a strong face, and stern resolve, Kim might not have gotten the advice to start peace negotiations, because China to save the plan to defeat America economically with it's huge trade surplus with the US, may be preparing to invade North Korea. Cause and effect, Kim is headed into talks.

Will see, but I'm out of pop corn, headed to the store for pop corn. and as the world turns.

And again - Long Live the Orange LION!!!

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Holohoax Alert

by Alfred Schaefer

MONIKA SCHAEFER was arrested on January 3 2018 in the very heart of “Holocaust country” while attending, as an observer, the bizarre inquisition hearings against the courageous Sylvia Stolz. This “trial” was for illegal words that Sylvia Stolz had spoken at the “Anti Censorship Coalition” (AZK) in Switzerland in 2012. The twisting nonsensical accusations of the inquisition was beyond bizarre. What the snake that calls itself the “State Prosecutor” did, will be something that will amuse future generations when studying the “witch” trials of 2018.

Forty-five minutes into the inquisition the “State Prosecutor” snake called for a surprise break, which was then used to arrest my courageous sister Monika. The only thing Monika did was watch quietly as the inquisition was dealing with Sylvia Stolz. These people have us under close observation and figured it was a good opportunity to demonstrate their “power” and intimidate us.

Another snake masquerading as a “State Prosecutor” accompanied by three heavily armed thugs handcuffed Monika and dragged her away. When my sister protested that she is a free person from Canada and had done nothing wrong, the “State Prosecutor” snake told her, “if you wanted to stay free you should have stayed in Canada”. (Welcome to Holocaust country.)

Now they have moved Monika Schaefer to the high security prison in Munich and will keep her there indefinitely. Monika is accused of making an apology to her own dear mother. The title of the video was “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.

What has angered the Jews is the fact that this one little video has undone hundreds of millions of dollars worth of their psychological warfare that most of us had become victims of. They thought that their ridiculous “Holocaust” program was now firmly wired into our brains, and then, along comes Monika and blows it out of the water with a simple apology to her Mom. That really surprised them.

This is happening at the same time that our borders are open and millions of young men from Africa and Asia are flooding into our European countries with a free pass to do whatever they want. This is something that the Jews had planned for the European countries for a very long time. In the end our cities are supposed to turn into Lagos- or Calcutta-type slums that can no longer resist Jewish hegemony.

The sick perverted criminals that ordered Monika arrested are people that put a pancake on their head and nibble the foreskins off of little eight-day-old baby boys thinking that this odd behavior somehow gives them the privilege to rule the planet. These perverts are the same ones that tried to silence me a long time ago already, but have failed. Here they are: B’nai Brith Canada.

To put Monika Schaefer in prison because she apologized to her Mom is making many people very angry and not helping people “like” the Jews very much. In fact, this may give Jews who want to come clean and join humanity, the opportunity to help us get Monika out of prison. So, if you are a Jew, we have many JEWdicial costs to cover, and helping Monika out of prison can be used as proof that you are a “good” Jew. Just contact me and we can work together.

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@ PT,


The Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the Mossad / CIA Deep State never met a Destabilization Campaign they didn’t like.


This with the Criminal MIC providing cover for I CIA SIS to exit Syria are signs of impending more covert proxy War to escalate.  Expect asymmetrical Warfare. With the unintended “Blowback” & “Plausible Deniability” card by the Deep State Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the Mossad / CIA. 

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oh fuck that I hope the "supreme leader of Iran" mr. supreme Burrito  himself chokes on a piece of donkey meat and drops dead in the street, peacefully of course.. meat huffing tyrant jailed 1000 people in Iran. 

the hate america first crowd here always wails when one of their tyrants gets whats coming

but shenanigans involved? foreign meddling?  that never happens (said with sarcasm)

But the rigged election charge in the USA when state after state voted Trump doesn't ring of any truth.. and the 1000 or so arrested in Iran doesn't tell that truth.. nope.. sounds to me what tyrants say when the populace has had enough and want change.

Now if the supreme burrito gets a stick in his ass from his own people?  I call that democracy in action.


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You are a poorly crafted Bot.. or an example of some short-circuited jump to another topic by someone frozen away from medication.. when the pharmacy opens.. go and get your meds.. nobody and I do mean NOBODY was discussing the stuff you jumped in with.. we cn all have our own opinions but not topics or facts..


white on rice??

Patriot Act??


If your responding to my wish that the Supreme Burrito get a stick up his ass by his own people in the streets.. I didn't gather anything from that with your response



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Nice of you to point out we in the U.S. have to deal with so many "diverse" peoples, many of which cannot behave civilly more than 10 minutes at a time.  Maybe we should deport them to Iran so we no longer have to deal with them and fund their prison stays.

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C'est possible pour les exceptionnels

I hope Iran parades those See Eye Ayy/Mo$$ad guys ,preferably tied to its new S-300,as a special FU .

The Donald said "that the world is watching Iran for their human rights violation"(something like that).

Let me correct this: after Iraq 14 years of non stop rape,murder,pillage,based on lies,after Libya and the  complete destruction of a prosperous country,based on lies,after Syria ,which was loathsome even for Murka's standards(remember the 2013 almost invasion,the multiple lies regarding Mr. Assad,the multiple attacks on SAA,the obvious protection of ISIS,including by the Donald,see the heliborne operations to save ISIS fighters,after the 59 tomahawk missiles based on lies,after 16 years of non stop blunder in Afghanistan ,after the Ukrainian obvious coup,and now sending them heavy weapons ,after ALL these,the world is ,indeed watching,but it is watching the Beast,in horror and amazement for their hypocrisy.

Get it,the Donald?

Oh,and something else:

-the Donald's attack dog,McMaster,the National Security adviser f*cker, just threatened Russia" Russia will pay a heavy price for being on Iran 's side"

-the Donald's boys and girls are looking more and more like the Mafia's boys ,armed with bats,let loose in the neighborhood ,to convince the people they "need protection"

What a shame!

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Yeah but Iran wants to be like the U.S so it won't do anything about having hard evidence. When I have hard evidence I blow somebody up. But Iran wants to beat the U.S with the U.S's rules but that's not a winning strategy.

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As I said on the Buchanon thread,they do have the evidence.

They set a roach trap in co-ordination with Pakistan probably, or at least got a heads up from

them.They are now partners in case you missed the implications of switching to the yuan.

OBOR is going through Baluchistan to Iran.

The US has no alternative but to withdraw from Afghanistan, in the most face saving way possible,

or with its tail between its legs and join the long list of empires that lost against them.

Not bad for illiterate hill tribesmen armed with AK47's.

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