Venezuelan Soldier Shoots, Kills Pregnant Teen In Meat Market Melee

Just when you thought things in the socialist South American utopia could not get any worse, The Guardian reports that a Venezuelan soldier is being held after opening fire on a group of citizens tussling over scarce meat and killing a pregnant teen.


Alexandra Colopoy was shot by First Sergeant David Rebolledo, according to a tweet by the state prosecutor late on Sunday night. No further details were provided, but critics of President Nicolás Maduro’s leftwing government seized on the incident, calling it a stark example of the oil-rich country’s meltdown.

“This is how the murderous regime treats the people,” opposition lawmaker Delsa Solorzano tweeted on Monday.

“The sorrow of this man, whose wife and baby to be were killed by a bullet from the state, is Venezuela’s sorrow.”

Local media reported that Colopoy’s husband and a witness said the soldiers were drunk when they arrived at the queue for pork in a poor area of Caracas. They said the soldiers ordered the people waiting in line to move on because the traditional Christmas meat had run out, but they refused.

“The national guard went crazy and started firing,” Colopoy’s spouse Bernabé said in a filmed interview circulating on social media.

“She fell to the ground,” he said, adding his wife was five months pregnant. His brother Alejandro was also shot, but was recovering, he said.

Prosecutor Tarek Saab condemned the incident.

“The Venezuelan state guarantees the respect and application of human rights, as well as sanctions for those who violate them,” he tweeted.

Food riots and rowdy queues in front of supermarkets have become frequent in Venezuela. 

But that will all be solved soon, according to President Maduro, as he introduces the 'Petro' - a cryptocurrency backed by gold and oil.


land_of_the_few HowdyDoody Sun, 01/07/2018 - 06:46 Permalink

This story appears to have some intriguing inaccuracies. Which is not unusual from the Guardian.

From AP we have "According to versions of the local press, the incident occurred in the neighborhood of Antimano, southwest of Caracas (i.e. a Caracas suburb), when the woman, identified by Saab as Alexandra Colopoy Herrera, trying amid a tumult be one of the beneficiaries of free distribution of perniles promised by the government of President Nicolas Maduro for Christmas and New Year. "

(Perniles = Christmas slow-roasted marinated pork shoulder)

And that photo was taken 40 miles West of Caracas in another city Guacara unrelated to the story, in another state of Venezuela (Carabobo) not far from the state's capital Valencia, if it's real.

She's still dead though. Good of them to prosecute the soldier.

The other injured person appears to have been shot in the butt, and will presumably survive that.

The pork is alleged to have run out earlier than usual, because of the "international community" (i.e. Western banks) freezing VZ funds normally used for food and medicine imports and intentionally holding up specific payments for the pork.


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The_Dude Justin Case Sat, 01/06/2018 - 23:31 Permalink

You sound like every thug dictator down there...It's Americas fault, just give me control and I'll put a chicken in everyone's pot.

That's right...keep blaming the US as these countries keep descending deeper into socialism and outright tyranny.  I'm sure that will help the people understand who is really fucking up their world.

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Late Stone Age cultures conquered by late Iron Age cultures in Latin America were never displaced like they were in North America.  Private property is a European concept. The understanding that the defense of those rights were key to survival never permeated indigenous cultures. The highly complex societies that arose in Latin America were theocracies ruled by god kings.  In the less well organized societies, land was control by tribal leaders and allotted to their kinsmen and supporters on a rotational basis.  With a few exceptions, the idea of a yeoman farmer was alien to indigenous cultures. 

This is why Marxism and rule by oligarchs resonates throughout the region.  The right of self-defense falls out of the purview of the collective.  In the mind of the collective, there is no self.  There is only the community.  This all works right up and until the point the individual begins to starve.  Then, the individual goes rouge and begins to take from others.  He either flees the region or in time joins a new collective beginning the process all over again.


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dchang0 HRH of Aquitaine 2.0 Sat, 01/06/2018 - 19:16 Permalink

I wonder how many millions will starve or be assassinated this time around.

Venezuela has approx. 32 million people. Pol Pot killed (directly or indirectly) 1 to 3 million out of 8 million in Cambodia, so let's say the ratio is the same (1/8) in Venezuela.

(Soviet Union and China are too large to compare directly to Venezuela; Cambodia is a closer match.)

That should be 4 million dead.

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Scanderbeg Moe-Monay Sat, 01/06/2018 - 21:09 Permalink

I'll take a heavy dose of Milton Friedman and Helicopter rides for pinkos over being starved to death by a Communist bus driver any day if that's what you mean.

And no, the C.I.A has nothing to do with the problems there. Every once in a while ZH's must accept that not everything that happens in the world is the US's fault.

The Chavistas mismanaged the oil sector, didn't invest properly(Venezuelan crude requires heavy refining) and then went on a wild spending spree during a period of high oil prices as if it would last forever.

When prices collapsed, imports spiked, the government could no longer afford those programs and predictably resorted to price controls, confiscation and mass inflation which destroyed the economy.

And now they're shooting starving pregnant women and raiding the zoo for horse meat.

Yet another Communist success story!

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> Every once in a while ZH's must accept that not everything that happens in the world is the US's fault.

Bears repeating... and upvoting...

ZH'er tend to vacillate between "it's all an evil (sometimes Ashkenazi) government conspiracy" vs. "these people in government are just too fucking incompetent to pull something like that off".

Weekends amplify this to an annoying level.


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F U, You think Capitalism, Hyper Financization, Hyper Banking, Hyper Consumer Credit, Hyper Opium Wars, Hyper Cold War Politics, Hyper A-Symmetric Warfare when a nation or city puts it's bonds on the international market... is nice, fair, friendly, cordial, courteous, or kind to political reforms like social porgrams or national reforms for social progress....



What the hell are you smoking?