Pakistan's Asymmetrical Response To Trump Is A Clever Way To Flip The Tables On Afghanistan

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

Pakistan’s announcement that it will seek the expulsion of over 1,5 million Afghan refugees in the next 30 days is being tacitly justified by Trump’s tweet and channels his zero-tolerance stance towards immigration from “terrorist”-prone states, but it also represents the employment of reverse-“Weapons of Mass Migration” in pushing Kabul closer towards the edge of collapse and consequently filling the Taliban’s rank of supporters.



Trump is going to soon regret what he tweeted about Pakistan on New Year’s Day in accusing it of “giving safe haven to terrorists”, since Islamabad is poised to hit Washington with an asymmetrical counterpunch that it surely won’t forget.

The Pakistani government just announced that over 1.5 million Afghan refugees must leave the country within the next 30 days, a plan that it’s been working on for a while but which just received a fresh impetus and internationally-acceptable justification with Trump’s tweet.

Had it not been for the American President’s zero-tolerance towards immigration from what his administration labels as “terrorist”-prone countries, which crucially includes Afghanistan for substantial and not political reasons (as the latter relates to Iran’s inclusion and Saudi Arabia’s exclusion), then Pakistan would have risked drawing heavy pressure from the State Department on exaggerated claims that it’s “violating the human rights” of the refugees.

Trump, however, said that Pakistan was “giving safe haven to terrorists”, and since the US formally regards Afghan refugees as being too much of a potential security hazard to allow into its own country, it’s forced to accept Pakistan’s expulsion of 1,5 million of them on the implicit basis that they also constitute a serious terrorist threat to the state such as the one that the President just tweeted about.

This isn’t at all what Trump meant when he issued his tweet, nor the reaction that he was expecting, but by cleverly exploiting the President’s own policies at home and the suggestion he was making towards Pakistan abroad, Islamabad found a creative way to asymmetrically strike back at Washington.

Not only could Pakistan soon rid itself of actual terrorist sleeper cells and societal malcontents who have long overstayed their welcome in the neighboring country, it will also be catalyzing a series of cascading crises for Kabul through the employment of what can be described as reverse-“Weapons of Mass Migration”.

To briefly explain, Ivy League researcher Kelly M. Greenhill introduced the concept of “Weapons of Mass Migration” in 2010 to describe the ways through which large-scale population movements — whether “naturally occurring”, engineered, or exploited — impact on their origin, transit, and destination societies, theorizing that this phenomenon can have a strategic use in some instances.

Of relevance, the influx of millions of Afghan “Weapons of Mass Migration” into Pakistan since 1979 had the effect of destabilizing the host country’s border communities and eventually contributing to the spree of terrorist attacks that have since claimed over 60,000 lives in the past 15 years, but now the large-scale and rapid return of these “weapons” to their country of origin will also inevitably destabilize Afghanistan.

The landlocked and war-torn country is utterly unable to accommodate for what amounts to a roughly 3% increase in its total population in the next 30 days, especially seeing as how the Kabul government exerts little influence beyond the capital and has no sway in the approximate half of the country that’s under the control of the Taliban.

The US-backed Afghan government is already failing its citizens as it is and that’s why so many of them have either joined the Taliban or sympathize with it in the first place, so the odds of the returned refugees successfully reintegrating into their homeland’s socio-economic fabric and becoming “model citizens” is close to nil, meaning that it should be expected that the vast majority of these 1,5 million people will more than likely come to side with the Taliban than Kabul and consequently make the country much more difficult for the US to control.

In essence, what Pakistan has done is throw Trump’s tweet right back at him by using it as the internationally plausible pretext for initiating this long-planned move that was originally predicated on solely apolitical security-centric domestic interests but has now pertinently come to embody geostrategic contours by powerfully turning the tables against the US in Afghanistan through the employment of reverse-“Weapons of Mass Migration”.



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You maybe right. But read this CIA Report and especially the last part on implication for US.… 

It says, Washington should pressure the Donors to provide more money. Guess who in washington would be putting the pressure? Yes the Foreign Affairs department of course. 

The donors have promised to UN over $600 million but paid up only less than $50 million. UN reduced payment to Pakistan for refugees in 2016. and in Early 2017 Pakistan already started returning refugees back to Afghanistan. 

So, this article is all wrong. 

Trump is just dismantling another International mafia operation created by CIA for NGOS of Soros and Clinton to make more money. CIA should be dismantled too. 

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Bavarian 07564111 Sun, 01/07/2018 - 21:07 Permalink

Or he could be deliberately torpedoing the neocon/CIA effort there?  Recall that he spent weeks asking all advisors for a better plan than was in existence and kept asking for something feasible.  Maybe he anticipated this debacle?  Most likely not but food for thought.

I hear you and agree with the lack of access to a port.  All other byways have been blocked.  Ooops!  No NDN thru Russia and now even the overpriced routes thru Pakistan are blocked.  Thru Iran?  You must be joking.  Antonov cargo planes will be made available again this time for a special price.

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bkboy Bavarian Sun, 01/07/2018 - 22:05 Permalink

The fact is that Pakistan almost a year ago, long before Trump's New Year tweet, gave all Afghan's until the end of 2017 to leave the country.  So, yes, he didn't just "anticipate" Pakistan's ejectment, he reacted to it.  Good for him, as it will save US taxpayers, including myself and my children, a lot of money that otherwise is just wasted for the sole benefit of western bankers and multinational corporations.

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LOL the anti-Americans twist reality to make it bad for America. 1.5 million Pashtun tribes being pushed into Afghanistan is revealing the on going war between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This has been going on long before the Americans came and long before Trump.

It is Pakistan stirring up their tribal regions of which they have zero control. It has very little to do with the Americans, ISIS, and the Taliban.

If Pakistan closes logistic lines of communication, then the US replaces Pakistan with an airlift from India. I doubt Trump is worried about resupply of US forces in Afghanistan when his policy is to withdraw.

You're an anti-American POS who sees America's death in everything, thus, these articles and your post aren't worth reading because of the irrational slant.

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The only folks making fools of themselves is your circle-jerkin lil tribe of weirdo death to amerika' russo-talmudic trolls here sweetie..

and every day you're diggin yourselves in deeper... lookin up at your fake VOTAN scorecard, whilst the big board where the onlookin audience measures the action

shows big n bigger nought noughts for TEAM TARD. Hardly a week in...

to the year it all falls apart for yas... and the desperate spin has already spun... outta control!


#quit 'winnin' whiles you ahead dread!

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At this point, there's no manner of victory to be obtained in Afghanistan. The best Trump can do, is to stick to his instinctive and accurate assessment that Afghanistan was a serious mistake, dump the blame on the architects, declare "mission impossible", claim the savings in US scarce resources, bring the troops home, and concentrate on MAGA.

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I suspect Trump's first order of business in Afghanistan is to stop the opium production. To that end, nothing could be better than "losing" the country to the Taliban, who have already succeeded once in eradicating poppy fields and can certainly do it again. As for border access, Putin wants the heroin coming out of Afghanistan to stop as badly as Trump and will likely help any way he can. Since it's the Deep State that has been benefiting from the spectacular flow of heroin cash, Trump and Putin can make a useful alliance here to whack a common enemy.

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The mental Gymnastics you Trumptards go thru to deny the obvious is stunning. 

If Trump wants to turn Afghanistan over to the Taliban, all he has to do is tell the US and Zato military to leave. Today. Live on national TV. 

If he cannot wield the Constitutional authority he supposedly has, then he is not a factor, the POTUS is as real as his professional wrestling persona and we should stop talking about him.

Obamatards were also supremely confident that Obummer never made a mistake either. 

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Willis, please, too funny!

This is Pakistain.  You think these clowns know were 1.5(?) million Pashtoon Afgan  border tribes are? Or that Islamabad can manage a car fire, let alone a roundup?  Please.

Hows about its just Paki face saving trash talk, rug merchant counter offer, only Pakis got butkis, nadda, zip.



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Do we still honestly believe that there are not a honeycomb of underground supplyways into Afghanistan?


Given the plethora of testimony to the existence and usage of such "unofficial" technology, DUMB's (Deep Underground Military Bases), and subterranean highways; all of this posturing is a sideshow. A large percentage of what is REALLY happening is below the surface of this planet. This goes all the way back to the tunnel system running beneath Peru that is ancient, Pre-Incan.

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india doesnt need any more missiles and tanks thank you very much. maybe sell it to the UK instead?

the only way these toys are being sold are by bribing corrupt officials in pakistan, india etc. These companies are corrupting the officials in all countries AND the US. Fuck them and stop moralizing this behavior as some benevolent gift.




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