Wikileaks Publishes Michael Wolff's Entire Sold Out Trump Book As A PDF

Considering that Wikileaks made its name by leaking confidential and/or hard to find documents and information, and also considering the reversal in the Trump administration vis-a-vis Julian Assange, whom it first lauded only to threaten with incarceration in recent months, it is perhaps not surprising that moments ago the official Wikileaks twitter account published Michael Wolff's controversial - and largely sold out - book, "Fire and Fury" in pdf format.

Since, somewhat ironically, WikiLeaks picked a google drive to host the leaked pdf, it will unlikely remain available for an extended period, as it would mean substantial lost revenue for book published Henry Holt and Company. So for those who wish to read what all the hoople is about - for free - they are advised to do so sooner rather than later.




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Trying to save the more naive of the crowd... again.

Don't touch it. There's nothing in it worth reading and it's 100% downside to have infringement risk.

More savvy users might be able to get away with using a VPN through a country that doesn't share info with the US government, but from past experience most here aren't anywhere near that savvy.

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OK my last attempt to protect the idiots.

Here's Open VPN, it creates a VPN connection to whatever server you choose. Pick one from a country that does not cooperate with the US government's surveillance apparatus: Russia, China, Iran are good choices. Then whatever IP that GOOGLE (jesus fucking christ people) gets won't be your IP but some IP abroad they can't chase down.

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If you read the book you find out that the author actually thinks Trump is an anti-semite, and because of his anti-Jewish feelings, his Jewish son in law brings in Goldman Sachs Jews to offset the Bannonites who are allegedly anti-Jew. 

Uts another of many examples in the book where the contentions of the author are too convoluted to make sense. Kushner brings in Jews to the administration yet is anti-Israel. Bannon is pro-Israel yet an anti-Semite.

You can tell that this book was rushed to market without the kind of literary editing for factual content that most books about a sitting President would require if not demand. The author is part of the liberal cabal that will stop at nothing to overturn the election of 2016. They have failed at every turn in their endeavours, and so now in desperation they are going for the Hail Mary pass at the end of their game, enlisting an author who claims to have had access to the White House and who found a President who may not be capable of serving his term a la the 25th Amendment that calls for the replacement of a disabled President. 

This will be the democrat push in 2018, to force the Republicans to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment lest they lose both Houses of Congress in November's election and subject themselves to impeachment hearings and trial. Hence, they need to get the ball rolling on the 25th Amendment part of the strategy, which means getting this book  out asap, even if it is filled with errors and omissions.

It is a somewhat interesting read that gets a bit old in the tooth early. He uses the same sources over and again he tries to tie every issue that came up in 2017 back to the idea that Trump really never wanted the job, but just the glamour of being the candidate. It makes some sense on some levels, and fails miserably on others. Like the RussiaGate nonsense, it does not supply nearly the kind of factual information that proves Trump should not be President, and because it fails in that regard, it leaves a bad feeling about the motives of the author. The result is the objective reader walks away from the book wondering how a country so divided against itself that this kind of trash can be published ever will withstand the net set of difficulties that inevitably arise as time passes. 

The publisher should be ashamed to have brought forth this book. It really would have been better framed as a fictional allegory of the Trump administration, so as not to confuse reality with the musings of an author obviously not a fan of the President.

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I don't get the down votes. Your article states that Trump is a "jewish stooge". To some degree, based on Trump's words and actions, I don't think that assessment is too far off the mark!

Some ppl still think it is good for the entire congress and fed govt to be hijacked by israhell. What has it got us? Lots of dead bodies, worldwide destabilization, never ending chaos in the region of palestine, a freaky racist-'religious' state with a bizarre philosophy that under girds it (see the old testament, kabbalah, and talmud) that now has 200 nukes, nuclear subs, who will, presumably, use them to 'defend' the land they took by force of arms, under an entirely false pretext, linked to a dubious mythology, and it all came at (primarily) American taxpayer expense, to the tune of $2Ts and counting over the last 70 years.

As far as modern presidents go, Trump is just as good/bad as anybody else, definitely  lot more entertaining, and I think he actually shows up to work in the morning and gets the job done.

But his major fail is he keeps israhell/jew wood firmly in America's mouth. It's not like he did not telegraph he was going to go 'there'. Sadly, it looks like any hope of attenuation to the devotion to all things demon-state israhell are permanently off the table.

This is the #1 issue facing America and the world and should be really the only thing we talk about until the jew/israhell agenda is no longer promoted and supported by any nation, but particularly America. These azhlz pick our pockets (deeply) to promote all their racist BS, and heir 'chosen' plans associated with greater israhell, to (so they expect) take over Jerusalem, rebuild the temple, and then move their man in to rule the world from that location.

Most ppl are so dense and so totally out of it, they don't realize it is all happening right before their very eyes, and Trump is the chosen on of the chosen ones to take the agenda that much closer to fruition.

The down votes are at least symblomatic of the extraordinary ignorance and carelessness of ppl. jew/israhell totally controls America via its fed govt, media, then courts and the propaganda system euphemistically referred to as 'education', where we learn all about major historical events that never happened, but that we should believe them so we keep rolling over for the jew, this tiny bizarre cult with their completely foreign agenda.

Why we put up with this jew/israhell scam is as tragic, as it is disturbing, as it is outrageous. But what is worse, and a testimony to the cunning of the jew/israhell scumbag, is most ppl simply do not recognize this issue as THE most IMPORTANT issue of the day.

The jew looks out for its own, a luciferian cult in terms of its founding documents (lucifer is expressly mentioned in the kabbalah, a subject for the jew deserving of praise and adulation - read it yourself!), and that means transferring all the cost and liability of all their frauds onto somebody else, which means YOU ... dumbass :)




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last paragraph...

the 'LONG`'bottom-line' is so 'Spot-On'!

The jews make their own rules! Period!

kinda like the Catholic Church 'confession and communion' to white-wash a black-soul without a conscious--- the poor priest having been forced to listen to this shit and no outlet for sex!

and yet it is a perversion in Catholicism to get married,... 'to a woman?!?'   WTF!!!!

I can remember as a child my mother having to give 'catholic charities`20%' of her annual income so we could go to church. If not, we were shunned!

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one word,... 'Monotheism' has been around since ancient Egypt, evolving/ mutating where in ~33 AD Christ was crucified by the 'anti-Semite jews'!?!  the Christian religions didn't write (put in writing) their propaganda until ~ 400 AD!

the jewish writing were done behind a 'burning bush', embellished by a thunder (! lightning?) storm that spoke!?!

Christ 'never' put anything in writing, last I checked!

Mohammad was illiterate (couldn't read or write) therefore his thoughts, and actions were interpreted by his relatives and adherents?

Do you know what 'Semite' means? esp. in the MENA where monotheism was founded.

Where is the 'Cradle of Civilization'?

Ps. I must admit I was to personal and subjective,... [butt], that's me (full of BS)!

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"I don't get the down votes. Your article states that Trump is a "jewish stooge". 


I hate to have to be the one to say this, and yes there is a jewish conspiracy to eradicate the goyim, but not all of them believe this.  Some of them are repulsed by the notion of it.  Some don't want to kill everyone on the planet so they can have their own jewish world.  

That said, I generally hate them because my own limitations come into play.  It's easier to blame them all and commit genocide.

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"wrestle with facts"?

Please, using facts, tell us how what is referred to as 'israel' came into existence.

I have a bibliography of real facts of hundreds of sourced and highly detailed books I have studied for years with respect to the subject.

But, yeah, tell us your 'facts' on the moral high ground the jew walked to get the UN declaration in 1948.

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