UK Political Circus Continues: May Spices Things Up With Cabinet Reshuffle

Described as a PR exercise by Labour (somewhat obvious in this day and age of politics, and spin), Theresa May will conduct a cabinet reshuffle which should see around a quarter of ministers 'moved on' to make way for fresh blood and inject some life into the government, clearly suffering in the polls due to frustration over the Brexit process as well as key issues domestically such as NHS funding.  

There are clear safe 'seats' in the process; Chancellor Hammond will likely remain where he is, as will David Davis in his post as Brexit minister - indeed he is set to receive some help from the introduction of a 'No-Deal' minister (that is how it has been branded) who will be responsible for covering all bases should EU negotiations fall flat. The official will have all privilege bar the rank of secretary of state. Hard line Brexiteers will naturally be appeased. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson is also expected to hold onto his position, as is Amber Rudd as Home Sec. 

So who is out? 


deputy Damian Green was sacked before the Christmas period, and is tipped to be replaced by Jeremy Hunt who will vacate the Health department. Patrick McLoughlin is also expected to be replaced as Tory Chairman; he a minister stretching back to the Thatcher era when he won the Wolverhampton East seat in the 1983 general election.  He was Transport Sec in 2012, moving to chairman in 2016.

Other members of the Cabinet in the line of fire are Justine Greening as Education Sec and Greg Clark in charge of Business, but these are down to conjecture at this point.  

The Prime Minister is looking to promote some of younger members of the party, and those from the fresh intake of MPs from 2015, with a focus on promoting women as well as ethnic minorities in order to refresh and clear out some of the old guard.




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This reshuffle is a non event that is designed to overshadow Nigel Farage meeting Michel Barnier (the chief EU negotiator) this morning.

The reshuffle sucks column inches away from Farage as he comes out of the meeting to report to his Brexit followers on exactly how he believes the negotiations are going.

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After Brexit: the UK will need to renegotiate at least 759 treaties

It poses a formidable and little-understood challenge for Britain’s prime minister after the June 8 election. While Brexit is often cast as an affair between Brussels and London, in practice Britain’s exit will open more than 750 separate time-pressured mini-negotiations worldwide, according to Financial Times research. And there are no obvious shortcuts: even a basic transition after 2019 requires not just EU-UK approval, but the deal-by-deal authorisation of every third country involved. “The nearest precedent you can think of is a cessation of a country — you are almost starting from scratch,” says Andrew Hood, a former UK government lawyer now at Dechert. “It will be a very difficult, iterative process.

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To use the well-known saying:  They would say that.  The FT is a Big Business supporting newspaper.....  And a supporter of the EU.  Their reporting has consistently been anti-UK  ie, anti-BREXIT.  Yes, the UK will have to negotiate with many countries but those countries will be negotiating with one country - not an EU rep who is trying to placate 27 members, all of which want the best for themselves and stuff the rest.

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British leaders are living a delusion. The parasite is chewing off their head and they think it is kissing them. The philosophy is appealing, therefore it must be true, they believe. It couldn't be against their interest; it's too wonderful. In the end they will wake up. But then, for many of them, it will be too late. The enemy's work is intentionally insidious, will bring about ruin before its purpose is recognized. That is what's happening to Europe. Many of the people see it. But the leaders are misled by noble and inspiring ideas. That's the problem with inspiration. It's often of more use to one's enemy than to the benefit of oneself. And every noble plea conceals a secret cause. If an action is good for you, your leader doesn't have to manipulate your emotions. He can simply tell you why it's in your interest. That's not happening. Instead, the truth is being avoided. Suppressed in many places. By the very people who should be shouting it from the rooftops.

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re Theresa May is set to conduct a cabinet reshuffle... to make way for fresh blood and inject some life into the government...


It's kinda difficult to inject "life" into a cadaver - as exemplified by May's whole persona, like something that just crawled out of a sarcophagus at midnight - no matter how much fresh blood is pumped-in...

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Lord Monckton! Nigel Farage!  
Upgrade those Cabinets

ps: don't make me have to upgrade my UK aerial television license complaint again, I keep telling you I have 9 Televisions all turned on and streaming BBC, and I am not paying you ANYTHING ever! 

Also, Your license board web complaint forms, is much easier to use than the FCC website so I give ya props for that.

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Is this, Theresa May, all the English can come up with?

You can change cloths, but the face is the same ...

Better hurry up with the Sabre engine!  At least this engine gives the English a chance.

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Theresa May is merely trying to look as though she has some sort of real control.

She converted, through her political stupidity, a small working majority into a minority government propped up by a bunch of Northern Irish MP's with views that would not be regarded as reasonable by the rest of the UK.

Those MP's were not slow to extract tribute for their support.

She is easily the most over-promoted, totally out-of-her-depth UK Prime Minister since Edward Heath.