Former Idaho State Rep Commits Suicide After Sexual Assault Allegations

Another Republican state legislator has killed himself following allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual assault.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Former Caldwell Rep. Brandon Hixon has died, according to the Canyon County Coroner’s Office.

Hixon’s suicide follows the suicide of Kentucky state lawmaker Dan Johnson, who shot himself in the head after pulling off the side to the side of the highway. Johnson left an emotional social media post blaming the media for his suicide, and denying allegations that he had molested children.

A family member found Hixon, 36, in his Caldwell home early Tuesday. The former lawmaker resigned from the state legislature last fall after reports that he was the focus of a criminal investigation by Caldwell police. That inquiry is apparently related to sexual abuse, according to a document through which the Idaho Attorney General’s Office took over the investigation. The AG’s office didn’t have a statement about the investigation into Hixon’s death. The Statesman reported that Hixon’s death was the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Hixon, who was in his third term, was facing a re-election bid dogged by the sexual abuse allegations.



Idaho Governor Butch Otter in November selected Caldwell city planner Jarom Wagoner to take Hixon’s seat in the legislature.

House Speaker Scott Bedke announced Hixon’s death to lawmakers during Tuesday morning’s House session.

“Our thoughts go first to family and friends who are suffering from this loss,” Bedke said, according to the Spokesman-Review. “We should … support those who are close to us when they are struggling. Please remember Brandon’s family in your prayers.”
Lawmakers are spending part of their afternoon at mandated anti-harassment training; Senate Pro Tem Brent Hill opened the session with his own condolences. “There’s a special sorrow in our world today,” Hill said.



Bedke added that the state assembly would organize some sort of financial relief for Hixon’s family. He said it was too early to say what exactly was planned.

After resigning, Hixon was arrested for DUI in December. In his mugshot, he looks noticeably more disheveled.



Records obtained by The Associated Press show that Hixon was the focus of a separate police investigation in 2014 after he was accused of inappropriate touching while babysitting, though all the other names were redacted. Hixon had resigned in October - two weeks before the AP report - after news of the investigation became public.

Other than Hixon, all other names and ages — including the accuser — were redacted in the police documents.

Police records show that Hixon denied the accusations and was worried how the allegations would affect his political career.

Caldwell police launched the investigation on Dec. 9 and closed it on Dec. 24. No charges or arrests were made, but the report notes that the case could be reopened at any time if the victim "was able to communicate to us later that something has happened."

It’s unknown if the new investigation — which has been ongoing since Oct. 5 — is connected to the prior case.

Hixon joined the legislature after being elected state representative in 2012. He served on the House Business, Health and Welfare, Transportation and Defense panels.


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Guilty as hell.

Had a person in our town a few years back got popped for child porn, molestation, etc.  He apparently had been doing it for years.  The evidence was overwhelming.  He put a bullet through is brain not long after being bailed out, pending trial.  Our community thanked him for saving us the cost of the trial by burning down his former house (which was a pile of shit anyway).  The remains were bulldozed.  Beautiful new house stands there on the same ground now, nice family moved into it about 3 years ago.  NOBODY gives a shit about him being gone, nor should they.  


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Yog Soggoth NoDebt Tue, 01/09/2018 - 23:07 Permalink

He was not indicted and that is the difference. Trust me, I would be all over him like walnut sauce on pizza if I had any proof of him being part of those people. This to me looks like a planned compromise scenario with an unhappy ending. Paid for usually, but quite effective. Remain on the fence until further evidence is a good way to look at 2018, not that that was not a bad idea for the years prior.

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Five more women accuse Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct across three decades


On this day — less than two weeks after Simmons, 60, was accused by a former fashion model of sexual assault in a story by The Times — the businessman, a regular at his West Hollywood studio Tantris, was nowhere to be seen.

Since The Times’ Nov. 19 report detailing model Keri Claussen Khalighi’s allegations, five additional women have disclosed new stories about Simmons, including an alleged rape. Some of the women questioned Simmons’ personal metamorphosis and suggested that it was just another opportunity to expand his business ventures.

Instead of running his companies, he said he would commit himself to continuing his “personal growth, spiritual learning and above all listening.”

In a 2012 Forbes profile, Simmons said of his enduring interest in women: “It was the last problem for Lord Buddha before enlightenment. I go to the classes, but I’m still looking at asses.”…



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Who the fuck lets an adult male babysit? Jeezus. I might let the guy watch the kids if he was their uncle. But seriously, asking an adult male to babysit your kids is problematic.

It is a BIG RED FLAG if he asks to watch your kids. What adult male in their 30s wants to watch someone else's kids? What adult male in their 30s wants to watch their own kids? Not many!

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I get special requests for service by the kid action committees regularly.

The parents aren't afraid I'll molest their little bodies (Besides I usually take Ms Creature with me for diaper duty.). No, no, no, no.  ... The adults are afraid I'll infect their young minds with my screwball ideas about fair play, taking things apart that we really shouldn't tinker with and having fun!

Live Hard, Join The Dune Cult Today, Kids! ... And Give Your Control Freak Parents The Nervous Breakdowns They So Richly Deserve!, Die Free

~ DC v8.4


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This is weird. Unless he is a pedo and was about to get busted. Been a number of weird deaths on the right side in the last 8 months or so. If rumors are true with up and coming info, the left will be dying off in hoards. They will be anyway if they keep up their marxist shit.


At some point, men will stand up... Sad to say, our representatives don't represent us.  These are not opinions, but are based on like situations from history. This is prone to happen when a government stops representing its people and represents corporations or business interests over the betterment or fair treatment of the people.

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So-called "conservative" politicians are often self-destructive gun nuts. AND, they're frequently lying crooks as well. Here's a typical example-…

I used to listen to his radio program for laughs. He was a big Trump supporter, gun nut, and frequently held events at shooting ranges. He killed himself the day that the FBI was going to interview him about his graft and corruption. For example, he created a disguised shell corp that got large school development contracts (while he was in the state assembly) all the while screaming about all the money wasted on school projects. Like Trump, he was hypocrite and a total fraud. 

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This man is leading by example.

There is some honor in his actions and it saves court costs.

Nowhere near as satisfying as watching a good old fashioned hanging tho.

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Odd none of the libtard rapists and sex perverts have taken the manly path and hari karied themselves too.

Hillary is still calling rapist Weinstein her "close friend" and Meryl Creep defends him. Obama's pet wookie calls Weinstein "a hero."

The democrats are serious perverts, one and all.

Russell Simmons Accuser: ‘This Man Violated Me Like I Was Nothing’

Sherri Hines said she was a teenager when she was “pinned down” and raped by Simmons in his New York office.…


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No need to open carry, everyone in Idaho can carry concealed without a permit and everyone does and everyone knows everyone does.  A very polite society indeed, especially people on the road.  The advantage to carrying concealed vs. open carry is that you can unlawfully get away with carrying concealed in places that are posted as prohibiting weapons, except of course the courthouse.

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