Robo-Strippers "R2-Double D" And "Triple CPU" Battle Humans At Sapphire Las Vegas

The annual CES gadget show kicks off in Las Vegas this week, as over 4,000 technology companies from around the world converge to showcase their wares to over 170,000 people during a week of of drinking, gambling and hardcore nerding out.

And while some attendees surely plan to indulge in any one of Vegas's many strip clubs to blow off some steam thinking about Intel's hot new 8th generation Core processors, CES participants (with badge) can take a free Tesla ride over to Saphire and partition their hard-drives to the gyrations of "R2 Double D" and "Triple CPU," a pair of non-judgmental "fully animated electronic twins" who hope you don't mind silicon implants.


The pair was unveiled with much pump and circumstance the night before CES officially kicks off - showcasing their sexy CCTV camera heads and moves to match.

And in case anyone is vacillating between silicon or silicone, R2-DD and Triple-CPU were pitted against human strippers during a Monday night preview party.

UK artist Giles Walker created the robot pair in 2008, explaining to The Verge that they were created as a commentary on government surveillance, a decidedly unsexy thing. That said, they could just as easily draw attention to the growing trend of automation replacing human labor. 

On second thought, they may have a long way to go...



Tarkus HRClinton Tue, 01/09/2018 - 15:23 Permalink

God fashioned the ship of the world carefully.
With the infinite skill of an All-Master
Made He the hull and the sails,
Held He the rudder
Ready for adjustment.
Erect stood He, scanning His work proudly.
Then -- at fateful time -- a wrong called,
And God turned, heeding.
Lo, the ship, at this opportunity, slipped slyly,
Making cunning noiseless travel down the ways.
So that, forever rudderless, it went upon the seas
Going ridiculous voyages,
Making quaint progress,
Turning as with serious purpose
Before stupid winds.
And there were many in the sky
Who laughed at this thing.

Stephen Crane

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J S Bach Stackers Tue, 01/09/2018 - 15:33 Permalink

In an ironic sense, this is where all of this great "technology" is leading us.  Vapid, useless, selfish, "applications".  You can see in the young people today a laziness that is comically absurd.  They find it difficult to merely push a button for something.  No.  It has to all be done automatically, whether it's driving your own car, opening your own garage door, or flushing your own toilet.

And what is the point of these robostrippers?  Is it merely an attempt to show off the lithe supple movements of robots - or the enormous amount of free time high-tech programmers have to indulge in such meaningless tripe?

I wish my time-machine were ready for operation.  I would dive into it yesterday to escape this lunatic asylum known as the 21st Century.

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True Blue Doppelganger71 Tue, 01/09/2018 - 18:16 Permalink


When you know what the future would hold; when you know that nothing you could do would alter the outcome would you really want to go?

I'll stay and continue this fight in this time and place in the hope that something right could come of it and the future won't be as bleak as today is. Now is when it matters.

All of the D&G scenarios surrounding AI; that they will 'take over' or exterminate humanity pale in comparison next to the dystopia of what would happen if AI were perfectly benign and successful. Humans were not meant to live a life of idleness, or to be catered to. Humans need challenges and difficulties to surmount; we need work; real work with real rewards.

Why do so many millennials OD on pharma? Why are so many obsessed with video games or social networks like Zuckerturd's FaceCrook? Because they need the validation and feeling of accomplishment that work used to provide and which these artifices provide as an anesthetic, simulacrum or replacement.

Most probably do not recognize this need within themselves or others; and why should they when everything they are told and shown and taught leads them to believe that a life wallowing in idleness and participation trophies is 'how it should be'?

'By the sweat of thy brow' is not a command or a directive; but a primal need within humans to be worth something, to create and build; to accomplish.

Five minutes after AI is 'perfected' we will kill each other and ourselves from sheer boredom and an unfulfilled need to be something more than consumer lapdogs.

Just my $0.02 now that I can log in again.

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Peak Finance J S Bach Tue, 01/09/2018 - 19:59 Permalink

Three words buddy.

I say these words to my friends all of the time when they are perplexed over something that "should" work that doesn't anymore (billion dollar companies with broken websites), basic failure in something that worked flawlessly for decades (like electrical blackouts during billion-dollar sportsball games), or in response to some weird new degeneracy:






It's like when Seldon realized the entire universe was going to shit and came up with that little plan. Seldon KNEW the end was coming, not because of some huge systemic failure, but, because of dozens and dozens of little failures like we experience daily. 


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SixIsNinE RhoneGSM Thu, 01/11/2018 - 18:41 Permalink

exactly - that's why the antarctic ban is ON.  small skip & jump and you can see the next pond/puddle over to ours...

we're clearly a beta model SimEarth 1.3.288894892 - that's why Admiral Byrd was killed after he started to talk about what lies beyond the ice wall of our southern barriers.

if you still believe you live on a spinning ball in the vacuuum of space then you are still a PAWN in the game of life.

wise up and move out of pawn status -  - check Globebusters, Mark Sargent, Jeranism,  many more...


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