"A Strange Coincidence": US Spy Plane Circled Near Russian Base During Massive Drone Attack

On Tuesday, we reported  that the Russian military in Syria thwarted a massive drone attack at the Khmeimim air base and Russian Naval point in the city of Tartus on January 6, intercepting 13 heavily armed UAVs launched by terrorists.

Shortly after, the Russian Ministry of Defense  released new information, noting "strange coincidences" surrounding the terrorist attack: these included a US spy plane spotted in the area, namely a US Navy’s Boeing P-8 Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft on patrol between the Khmeimim airbase and Tartus naval base in Syria during the time of the attack.




Boeing P-8 Poseidon

While the Russian Ministry of Defense consciously didn’t point any fingers when talking about the January 6 attack, it demonstratively pointed out that the technology used in the attack was telling. Advanced training in engineering in “one of the developed countries” would be necessary to program the principal controllers and bomb-release systems of an aircraft-type combat drone, the Russian statement stressed and added that "not everyone is also able to get exact [attack] coordinates from the space surveillance data."

"This forces us to take a fresh look at the strange coincidence that, during the attack of UAV terrorists on Russian military facilities in Syria, the Navy reconnaissance aircraft Poseidon was on patrol over the Mediterranean Sea for more than 4 hours at an altitude of 7 thousand meters, between Tartus and Hmeimim."

The Russian Ministry of Defense also declared that this is the “first time that terrorists massively used unmanned combat aerial vehicles of an aircraft type that were launched from a distance of more than 50 kilometers, and operated using GPS satellite navigation coordinates.”

The statement said the drones “carried explosive devices with foreign detonating fuses,” adding that the “usage of strike aircraft-type drones by terrorists is the evidence that militants have received technologies to carry out terrorist attacks.”

Which is why the presence of the Navy Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft, a high-tech spy plane with electronic warfare components, in the region during the drone attack, does appear rather suspicious.

The Pentagon countered that while the US was “concerned” over the incident, Pentagon spokesman Maj. Adrian Rankin-Galloway, however, claimed that “those devices and technologies can easily be obtained in the open market.” He later also told Sputnik that the US already saw what it called “this type of commercial UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle] technology” being used in Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) missions.

Russia has repeatedly warned that US military supplies aimed at supporting “moderate” Syrian militants eventually end up in the hands of terrorists.

Meanwhile, as we noted earlier, after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial withdraw of troops from Syria back in December, militants have been eager to gain an edge with swarming high-tech drones that have remarkable long-range capabilities. However, in light of these latest development, the one latent question we -and others are asking in this incident - seem even more pressing: who is supplying the militants with these high-tech, long-range drones, and in  - light of the above - who is supervising their proper deployment?


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By now anyone who actually gets out of bed knows ISIS is just a subsidiary of the CIA.

So if ISIS did it........CIA did it.

Vlad is going to have to respond somehow / someday.  But I bet he does it in a lot smarter way than our Private Central Bankster Deep State Puppets do it.

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fockewulf190 Moe-Monay Wed, 01/10/2018 - 03:16 Permalink

Liveleak has this video from early 2017 showing iSIS drone capabilities including weapons capacity, underwing hardpoint mounting, and release.  Seems to be carrying modified rifle grenades.  The basic drone model should be easily identifiable.  This drone had to be modified and the ammunition looked specialized.  Point being, this has been going on for quite sometime, and if you scan liveleak, you’ll find other attack drone videos showing footage of Iraqi forces under attack.  The very last frame gives you a good picture of how modified the ammunition is for drone use.  Systems such as these are very portable and having an autopilot.“fly-to” GPS coordinate capability is long off the shelf technology.  Question is, where is the factory pre-assembling these light attack drones located?  https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=89d_1486076223

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"Draining the swamp" was just a nice catchy slogan for all the dumb and anti-Semitic (oh the irony, see point number one below, hahahaha!) Red Necks of which there seem to be plenty here on ZH.

Well, you only have yourself to blame, lots of you fanboys here voted for Trump!

It was clear from anyone who even paid a little bit of attention during the campaign that Trump;

1) is in bed with Israel/Bibi Netanyahu from day one,

2) is in bed with the MIC ("MAGA" and promising that he would increase the already bloated defence budget even more),

3) has no clue about anything, other than boasting and bragging about how rich he is,

4) is the self-proclaimed "King of Debt" so he won't change anything regarding the Weak-Dollar and Petro-Dollar policy, and therefore nothing substantial will change in the Middle East and US foreign policy,

5) has repeatedly said that he has no problem with torture and water-boarding, so prepare yourself for more Patriot Acts, Freedom Acts and an increase of the American Police State, and,

6) will prevent you from being able to leave this American Police State (with or without your gold coins sown in your belt) because of his economic and MIC/foreign policies he will need more and more tax slaves and canon fodder. To prevent you from leaving he will build a nice big wall just like they did in East Germany.

The only thing people (also all the ZH fanboys who voted for this Clown) had to do was read and listen, but obviously most "highly educated" folks here are too stupid for that.

"Collusion with Russia?" Heck no, Trump is bought and paid for by Israel!

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I've looked into this a little bit and actually, while it has taken him over 10 years after Yeltsin, he drove out the Rothschild, foreign influence, et al, and today Russia has control over their own central bank. We haven't ours, where our big banks and foreign (London, primarily) big banks have had free run for more than 200 years!!!

Every President who opposed these forces caught a bullet in the head. Face it, under Putin, Russia's government has become more in line with the principals in the U.S. Constitution than the U.S. is today.

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It is not just ISIS, the rest of head choppers too.  the defenses east of M5 collapsed, the strange part, the withdrawal is coordinated from a central point and  it doesn't fit a prisoners dilemma or game theory models  of independent actors. all groups in idlib region share a  central command beside the obvious common enemy. 

the list of candidates is  very short.

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The Cabal is desperately trying to provoke Russia into WWIII.  A lot of idiots say Putin is chickenshit because he doesn't respond in a fashion to escalate the violence and tension.   He and Xi have decided to take down the Cabal by letting the almighty dollar self-destruct giving it a little push along the way.  With the "Peoples' gold" in Fort Knox and the foreign gold on Liberty Street already stolen, how is the US MIC going to pay for the raw materials to arm its military?

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" Information on who is financing the drone attacks into the RuAF airbase and Tartous Naval base is arriving and linking to Ahrar al-Sham terrorists organization with money and drone access thru Qatar, which means thru Turkey as we all well know Turkey and Qatar regimes are strongly linked. Russian MoD is getting details of it and won’t take long to respond.
Initially the attack was linked to the US regime due to a US regime drone flying closer to the area during the terrorists’ attack, but now the Russians and Syrians are concluding this is a bigger game involving US, Turkey, Qatar and Ahrar al-Sham.
Interesting days ahead, we may expect few US regime drones to fall from the skies, but also, most likely, the SAA will crush turkish backed terrorists in Idlib, it presume both Russia and Syria will respond asymmetrically some way or another, the terrorists will pay dearly due to their masters attempt.": CantHama@SyrPer

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USSA will be getting whacked very soon...but it won't be because of drones that don't work. The great flush of the IOU Saudi Mercan "reserve currency" toilet paper dollah is about to come flooding back to Slumville in the greatest tsunami of toxic derivative shit ever seen. The last days of the anglozionazis waging wars without end on Chinese credit are upon US. Praise the lord.

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I dunno. Those drones looked pretty sketchy.

i have no doubt cia had a hand in this, but I seriously doubt these nigrigged RC airplanes needed an air traffic compliment.

TxExPat RumpleShitzkin Wed, 01/10/2018 - 08:18 Permalink

Surveillance aircraft was not there for Command Control, it was there to access how well the drones worked in reality, what the Russian Drone/Anti-aircraft actually defenses actually can do (in reality, not on paper), and to probe for weaknesses, both in the drones and the Russian defenses.  "Maybe" the plane was up there for routine bird-dogging of the region, "Maybe" the real owners of the drones regarded the actual drones as expendable, but wanted to extract as much information from the "unexpected" attack as possible...  Lot of information to be extracted from watching radars light up, SAM's firing (from where, and at what rate), where the AAA batteries are deployed relative to the air field (and how effectively they were aimed), and exactly what ECM measures were employed.  (Sounded like quite a bit of signal jamming was going on in the vicinity of the airfield).  All this stuff is "good to know" if you are supposed to be in the business of knowing this stuff...



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7.3-7.6 hit the Caribbean.  Tsunami warnings issued.  That part might be past.

Edit:  Looks like it came in 7.8-8.0 and then possibly downgraded.

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The pentagon must think everyone is fucking stupid. Nearly all commercial drones are limited in range if they are going to be remotely piloted. Even a drone in the thousand dollar range will have a range less than a quarter mile. To get it to fly farther in automated mode requires a good GPS receiver, good automatic flight navigation, and someone needs to tinker with a release mechanism when it gets to the target. So you're talking about several thousand dollars a drone (times 13), plus sophisticated modifications costing almost as much or more.


There is no such commerical drone on the market, though there maybe a company that modifies drones for money. I would say that it would cost a terrorist group 100,000 to 200,000 dollars to mount such an attack. At minimum. No terrorist group is going to waste money on that bullshit when they could buy some sex slaves, some AKs, some RPGs. That's like giving a heroin addict 20,000 dollars, and wondering which car he is going to buy with it. He's going to blow it on drugs. Simple.


No. Some asshole government/intelligence agency with a big budget decided to do this. I'm guessing either Israeli or Turk, with American help.

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I'm not a drone expert, but I assume from the range that we are not talking quad-copters. These are more remote controlled model aeroplane style, but you would assume with some fancy chips on board to autopilot. My most charitable conclusion regarding the Orion is that the US wanted to get some intel on the Russian response - any data is good data, and it is not often they fire up their pantsuits. Obviously, this means that the US knew about the attack. It doesn't mean they built the kit, trained the Muppets or supplied the munitions, but if they knew the attack was happening, then you could always extrapolate.

I still think this has been done to try to get Russia to retaliate - this WWIII is taking forever to get going.

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The photo of the drone looks like the same kind as Israel operates. Israel was one of the first to export drones to many nations. Israel manufactures this kind or style drone. The drones were most likely sold as kits, and redirected to Syria. We can't determine a nation behind it, but the pentagram did, because they had a spy plane observing.

And GPS coordinates would be easy to obtain from the library computer using Google satellite. And to drop the explosive or if it was a suicide drone full of explosives, a simple cell phone or radio signal from someone in the hills with a pair of binoculars would detonate over a target like a parked plane.  

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Last year one of my kids bought a French Parrot Disco drone (around £600)....we are constantly amazed at what it can do. With the standard battery it flies for 45 mins and you can program its flight path, ie you don't need to manually control it once it's programmed....just chuck it in the air and Bob's your uncle. (Not BritBob, lol). When it's finished its programmed route it automatically returns to where it started. I often think how easy it would be to weaponize it and fly it through someone's window at around 40 mph...more in a dive.... you could put in the target co-ordinates and fire and forget.....45 min battery (and you can get upgraded batteries) @ 30 mph and we are already looking at over 20 mile range. And this is a kid's toy.


What I'm saying is you don't need to be very sophisticated to pull off this stunt.


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If Putin is weary of waking up in the morning to find NATO sleeping on his lawn, he need only turn on the sprinklers. He has natural resources and labor- both dwindling in the West.