Top 10 Revelations From Leaked Fusion GPS Testimony

After Senator Dianne Feinstein leaked the transcripts of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson's Congressional testimony - tainting every single witness from here on out who can now corroborate their testimony, some interesting findings have come to light after parsing through the 312-page document



Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele

While analysis of the transcript is ongoing, here are the top-10 revelations to come out of Simpson's testimony so far: 

1) As we reported earlier, "somebody's already been killedas a result of Buzzfeed publishing the dossier, according to Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson's attorney: 

2) The FBI had a "human source" within the Trump campaign:

This "human source" is thought by many to be former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos, who reportedly told Australian diplomat Alexander Downer at a London bar in May, 2016 that "Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton." When DNC emails began to leak, Australia apparently contacted US intelligence to report the drunken admission by Papadopoulos - igniting the Russia probe. 

Except, this was already public information...

3) Christopher Steele, who assembled the Trump-Russia dossier for Fusion, went to the FBI with concerns that Trump could be blackmailed, then reported back to Fusion GPS that the FBI found his information credible because it had corroborated information from a Trump source

Glenn Simpson also told Congressional investigators that the FBI already had a relationship with Steele due to his role as an MI6 agent, which may have boosted his credibility with the agency: 

4) Steele stopped dealing with the FBI after becoming concerned that the agency "was being manipulated" by "Trump people." 

5) The first dossier memo containing the "pee pee tape" claims was unprovable and not unusable

6) Simpson denied employing any other Russian-speaking individuals, while having hired Nellie Ohr - the wife of demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr who is fluent in Russian.

7) Fusion gave information to Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall St. Journal, "probably" Reuters, and Legal 360:

8) Senator John McCain allegedly became involved with #Fusion after the election:

9) Fusion agreed to discuss questions "5 through 13" from Sen. Grassley's March 24 letter:

Of note, questions 1-4 have to do with the identities of Fusion GPS clients

10) After being denied a copy of the transcript, Fusion GPS attorney Mr. Levy requested it be kept confidential. Months later Simpson asked that they be released in a NYT op-ed:

Commentary for further consideration: