"All These F**king Excuses": Baltimore Parents Lash Out In Public Meeting Over Frozen Classrooms

Last week we noted that Baltimore students and teachers returning to school from the long holiday break were greeted with frozen classrooms and some that were even flooded due to busted water pipes. Not surprisingly, the conditions prompted backlash on social media as outraged parents questioned why their students were being forced to attend class in an unsafe environment.


“It was miserable. The kids had their coats, hats, and gloves on all day,” said Jesse Schneiderman, a social, studies teacher at Frederick Douglass High School.

One classroom at Frederick Douglass was completely destroyed, after flooding from a burst pipe rendered the classroom unsafe.

“A teacher in our basement, because her room is under the flooded classroom, lost all of her materials,” he said. “Other teachers had to teach in the library because their classrooms were too cold.”


Not surprisingly, the cold classrooms drew some harsh criticism from angry parents at a public meeting with the CEO of the Baltimore City Schools.  Here's more from Fox 45:

It was a heated meeting over cold classrooms with parents outraged with the system's CEO and board commissioners under fire.

"You tell me you care! I don't believe it because I've been here before the heating issue," screamed one parent at commissioners in a packed board room.

"Stop it! All these (expletive) excuses," she screamed.

It was a public outcry on the cold school crisis at the school board's first meeting since several days of a deep-freeze gripped the city.

Meanwhile, Mike Pesa, a teacher at Patterson High said students and teachers deserve better. "There was a room that was 37 degrees at my school and students were expected to stay in class all day. You can't learn in those conditions and it needs to change," said Pesa.

On the upside, since Baltimore teachers have admitted to passing students who don't even bother to show up for a single day of class for a whole year (see: "It's Very Common": Baltimore Teacher Admits To Passing Students That Never Showed For A Single Day Of Class), students should feel welcome to just stay home in the warm comfort of their living rooms and watch cartoons all day...

But this teacher says grade changing at Calverton goes much further than just taking a failing grade and making it a 60. Some students who pass, according to this educator, don’t even have grades because they’ve never showed up to class.

“There were students on my roster all year that I had never met, had never seen. On paper they passed my class and passed onto the next year.”

“I love my job and I love my students,” concluded the teacher. “I want to see the students at Calverton and other schools across the city, get a fresh start. And it’s going to be hard because the students are used to this now. But the students deserve better and our city deserve better.”



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Yes, worry about HVAC issue in the classrooms. Ignore that no education is occurring in the classrooms in any temp.

Baltimore schools are just day care for K-12.

Other Peoples Money should include a free contraceptive implant.

Want to kill a fetus? Sure, but it includes a free sterilization procedure to prevent you from killing another fetus.

Actions have Consequences.

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~" Keep voting Democrat!"~

These are the same parents who have voted for the same collectivist statists every election cycle since they got the vote whilst their city has turned into a shithole with unheated schools and a murder rate to make it the envy of Mogadishu. Yet they go home and teach their kids that it's "whitey's fault".

It makes you wonder why they aren't in there protesting the fact that their school system is turning out village idiots, not whether the classrooms are heated or not. I've yet to see a single riot in Baltimore, (or any of the other negro ghetto urban centers for that matter), about their kids "graduating" as functional illiterates with failing grades. But now their pissed because there is no heat in the k-12 kiddie daycare center? Really? The real laugher here is that all of their elected officials and school admins are black too. The only difference is that those officials and school system admins don't send their kids to Baltimore schools.

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Let me say that that kid is killing it with that white frosted tips look on his jet-black hair. Watch for that look to become quite en vogue soon. A little bit of red rouge on the cheeks and all the girls will be banging it. Guy Fieri, step aside. That little Chinese kid just ate your lunch.

Interesting in that article is China rescinding their coal-burning ban. Too bad we over here are too stupid to sort that one out. How about a little coal-fuel heat in Baltimore schools? Who is against that again? Oh yeah, democrats.

I can hear one of the mothers now...

"Somebody has to take care of these chillens'!"

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"Cut the salaries of the administrators and teachers by 50%"

We should do this anyway. We're paying the highest per-student costs to get amongst the worst educational results.


Here is an article from 2013 from left-leaning CBS News: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/us-education-spending-tops-global-list-stu…

"When researchers factored in the cost for programs after high school education such as college or vocational training, the United States spent $15,171 on each young person in the system — more than any other nation covered in the report."

Note they try to portray the teachers as not getting raises fast enough compared to other countries. Why would we hand out raises if performance remains low? Get the students' scores above at least the international average and then we'll talk about raises.


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You are half right. There are a fuck of a lot of teachers that really give a damn- and them that can't teach (or hate to) administer. I have seen this in every public school I got involved with when my children were in them. Every single one. Some average and mediocre teachers, and a few bad ones; some good teachers, and a few really great and outstanding ones. All governed by asshole administrators that couldn't teach themselves out of a paper bag, or any other bad metaphor you could come up with.

(Come on people, help me out here...) 

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Niggers are hopeless monkoids. 

Present day America filled with niggers and gang-banger spics is doomed.

The gov't has busted its ass to bust white society and that's just the way it is.

Civil rights for the scums & bums and more taxes for Whites' rights to pay escalating costs for insurance.

Personally, I carry my own.   lol

Can't endure cold winters ?  Move back to afro-land and continue the over-populating.

Nature laughs at her niggers and will continue to make life miserable for Whites until one side breaks.

Since half of the whites are now brain dead coon-coddlers, it's looking pretty bleak Captain Smith.




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The point is:

"From the time you are born,

Till you ride in a hearse;

Things are never so bad

That they can't get worse."

Trump is not near, not even close, to being the lying hypocrite that Hillary would have been (shudder) - his shithole statement proves it - there are countries that are shitholes, and most of the people from there do not have the education or cultural values that would be of any use to present taxpayer citizens of the US of A (of whom I am one).

Trump is the ONLY candidate fielded last election that would dare point this out.  The very fact that Merit Based immigration standards proposed by Trump is 'racist' proves how fucked up and far away from your vaunted 'truth' the MSM has moved. Shitholes are shitholes are shitholes, which is why so many people want to leave them- duh.

Time they stayed home and cleaned up their own mess. We need to clean up our messes here, and it ain't gonna happen if we have to support more and more shithole immigrants that have neither education, energy, or cultural values to add anything to our collective cultural and economic system.

Trump, for all his faults, is the least lying POS we have had for potus since maybe Reagan or JFK. And they both got shot.

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They're not African negroes, they're American negroes. And they were here before Columbus, living right on what is today Baltimore as well as the rest of the Eastern and Southeastern US. There are thousands upon thousands of pieces of historical and archaeological evidence that establish this. But you can continue to believe the mainstream 'African-American' lie.

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