The Richest Member Of Congress, Republican Darrell Issa, Announces Retirement

In an ironic twist, just moments after Trump requested a "tough primary" for California Senator Dianne Feinstein for leaking the Fusion GPS interview transcript, he is losing California Republican Rep, and the richest member of Congress, Darrell Issa, who announced moments ago that he is retiring and won't seek re-election.

Issa, an influential republican in the House, has been in Congress since 2001, and his most high-profile role was as House Oversight Committee chairman during former President Obama’s presidency, a position he used to hold many hearings on what he viewed as govt misdeeds. Issa, considered the richest member of Congress worth up to $768 million, and his wife ran the nation’s largest manufacturer of vehicle anti-theft devices before selling the co. in 2000.

Below is Roll Call's wealth of congress index, putting Issa's wealth in context.



His full statement is below.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This morning, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista) released the following statement:

"Two decades ago, when I stepped away from the business I'd built to enter public service, I never could have imagined that a long-shot bid for U.S. Senate would lead to 18 years in the House of Representatives and endless opportunities to make a meaningful impact.

From the first successful recall of a sitting Governor in California history, to establishing new and stronger standards for government accountability, to protecting the Internet from harmful regulation, and enacting the nation's first open data standards, we attempted and achieved much in the service of our nation.

Together, we put an end to abusive Congressional earmarks, strengthened the Violence Against Women Act, empowered better oversight of the executive branch, and cleared the course for better intellectual property protections to stop the piracy of American ingenuity.

Throughout my service, I worked hard and never lost sight of the people our government is supposed to serve. Yet with the support of my family, I have decided that I will not seek re-election in California's 49th District.

I am forever grateful to the people of San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties for their support and affording me the honor of serving them all these years. Most humbling for me and for anyone who represents this area -- has been the special privilege of representing the Marines and Sailors of Camp Pendleton and their families. On countless occasions, and in every corner of the world I met them, I was inspired by their bravery and humbled by their sacrifice to keep us all safe from harm.

Representing you has been the privilege of a lifetime.

While my service to California's 49th District will be coming to an end, I will continue advocating on behalf of the causes that are most important to me, advancing public policy where I believe I can make a true and lasting difference, and continuing the fight to make our incredible nation an even better place to call home."




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"At the request of Speaker Ryan, I have decided that I need to help my party one last time by getting them a step closer to again being the minority party in the House of Representatives.  We all agree that governing is not what we planned to do after the 2016 election.  Hillary was supposed to win and we were just going to sit on our asses while wielding majority power in Congress.  And we could have have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for that damned meddling Trump.  Sadly, with the shocking and shameful election of President Trump, we now see that the quickest route to victory for our party is to lose it's majority in Congress as fast as possible so we can't be blamed for not doing anything anymore.  Losing is the new winning.  I intend, as my final act in Congress, to be part of that winning strategy of losing."


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Okay... Things Are Picking Up... First Orrin Hatch... Now Darrell Issa.. Retiring... 

and ALSO 27 more... from USA Legislature Congressional Positions...…

Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Bill Shuster, Sam Johnson, Lynn Jenkins, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, John J. Duncan Jr, Dave Reichert, Charlie Dent, Dave Trott, Pat Tiberi, Jeb Hensarling, Lamar Smith, Frank LoBiondo, Ted Poe, Bob Goodlatte, Joe Barton, Blake Farenthold, Diane Black, Luke Messer, Todd Rokita, Raul Labrador, Kristi Noem, Steve Pearce, Jim Renacci, Lou Barletta and Evan Jenkins.

Many of theses Perennials will be stepping down ONLY to run for the Senate or Governorship... 

May the Force NOT be with them...  Only 509 More to Go... 

How about a few American carpenters, plumbers, small business owners, etc.... Honorable Americans in General... 

Non Swamp creatures... run for and take office for ONLY two terms and who will also abide by the Constitution.


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What is going down behind the scenes must be epic.  I would imagine that those being allowed to retire have cooperated and added to the evidence pile in some manner.  


God speed to all who are investigating this entire mess. 


Let the truth be known tho the heavens fall.



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Hey, everyone is so into computers, lets choose these folks with some kind of computer algorithm. Put in the job requirements, as well as any special circumstances (like recession, war, etc) that might require some specialized knowledge. Then put in all the known qualifications and facts about all citizens, and see who the computer picks for these jobs.

Even if it would never be binding, I'm DAMNED curious about this...who WOULD a computer pick, and why? We should do it every year, alongside elections, and compare the winners. Just for fun of course, but with computers already doing so much, it surely wouldn't be long until people started looking at those computer choices compared to their actual voter choices and saying, "Well, why not? It can't be any worse than this..."

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Fucking Issa - you swamp dwelling putz - GET - THE FUCK - OUT.

Your net worth makes you a elitist swine already....but retirement?

What.the fuck?

This cunt's as bad as Conyers.

It's called Public Service...not the other way around like these shitfuck liberals think....

2- maybe 3 terms in CONgress - then get the fuck...............OUT.


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Agree, except they weren't going to sit on their asses. Being the minority party and being able to proclaim, endlessly, that if we just keep giving them moar money, they willl eventually fix everything. I think them losing is better for their fundraising efforts. They can't be expected to actually do anything since they don't hold power, but their promises to do all these great things if given power works wonders. Now that they have power and do nothing, their popularity suffers, and Id imagine their fundraising efforts do to.

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Issa knows exactly what happened in regard to Assange, Wikileaks, Seth Rich, Awan brothers and the false Russia collusion narrative.

Kind of sounds like he doesn’t want to face the aftermath when the entire shitpile of DC goes up in flames.

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"Throughout my service"

That little line always severely pisses me off.

Everyone of these "self-serving" assholes uses it every single time! From the cesspool all the way down to your local school board.

"Service" my ass. Fuck Off!

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I have no problem with rich Congressmen, the wealthy are entitled to their voice. The problem I have is with Congressmen who get rich AFTER being in Congress...they 'get theirs', and their constituents end up with a rich prick who DOESN'T represent them anymore.


When in session, all members of Congress should be required to live in DC, in group housing similar to military barracks. A cot, a locked chest at the foot of the bed, a uniform and a strict schedule. No 'fundraising' dinners, cocktail parties, reserved seats at plays and concerts, etc. 

Fundraising...what the FUCK is that? No one elected them to FUNDRAISE for their party! They were elected to do a fucking JOB...if their party needs money, let the party go out and get it, on their own dime and time. But THAT FUCKING IDIOT we just elected is there to do OUR WORK, not the party's, damn it!

It would be no different than if you found out your Congressman was running a private business from his office, on company time, using company resources. Such a thing would mean immediate termination in any company on the planet, with a good chance of criminal prosecution as well.

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