Israel Confirms It Has Spies Operating Inside Iran

In a rare admission an Israeli intelligence chief confirmed early this week that Israel has spies currently operating on the ground in Iran.

Yossi Cohen, the director of Israel's Mossad - the country's powerful national intelligence and special operations agency, addressed Israeli policy and the recent Iran protests at a closed session of the Finance Ministry on Tuesday. In the midst of a talk assessing the "Iran threat" to Israeli security Cohen bluntly stated, “We have eyes and ears, even inside Iran.” 

This stunning confirmation from Israel's top intelligence official came the same day Iran's supreme leader lashed out at the country's foreign enemies, saying according a Reuters summary of his statements that "Iran has foiled attempts by its foreign enemies to turn legitimate protests into an insurgency to overthrow the Islamic Republic." The thrust of Cohen's speech, according to Arutz Sheva news, warned of increased Iranian hegemonic ambition across the region as Tehran is "gaining footholds across the Middle East," which Israeli defense officials as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have long identified the chief threat to regional stability and Israel's security, even above the threat of ISIS.

Image source: Express UK

"The Iranians are spreading across the Middle East with a vast array of forces, and there is little holding them back," said Cohen. Iran has very nearly realized "its dream of creating what almost amounts to a land and air bridge allowing them to dump troops across the Middle East." But as we reported in November of last year, this "land bridge" has already become a reality as the rapid demise of the Islamic State resulted in the anticipated linking up of Iraqi and Syrian troops at the shared border, along with their Shia paramilitary allies (foremost, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units/PMU and Lebanese Hezbollah, the prime ground ally of the Syrian Army).

Both Israel and Washington's past decade of Iran and Syria policy has been driven by fears of this so-called "Shia crescent" or Iranian land bridge which would conceivably connect Tehran with the Mediterranean in a continuous arch of influence (Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut). More recently Israeli and US officials have spotlighted claims that Iran is intervening in both Yemen and Lebanon against Saudi Arabia and Israel - both unlikely allies who've lately acknowledged an intelligence sharing relationship aimed at rolling back Iranian influence.

And with the onset of mass anti-regime protests in Iran two weeks ago (initially driven by economic grievances), which have since ceased as both security forces cracked down and demonstrators' momentum generally waned, many analysts have speculated on the degree to which outside intelligence services may have covertly intervened to steer to protests toward Tehran regime overthrow - an accusation which the Iranian authorities have explicitly and repeatedly made.

During the Israeli national security talk, Cohen acknowledged Israeli intelligence's long term desire to see regime change in Iran, saying "We don’t need to start speculating, even though I would, of course, be very happy to see a social revolution in Iran. That’s something that could perhaps happen in the future."

Meanwhile, PM Netanyahu reportedly made an outrageous claim leveled against Iran during a lunch with NATO ambassadors in Jerusalem this week, saying "As part of Iran’s plans of conquest and colonization of Syria, they want to bring in as many as 100,000 Shias, Shia fighters… not Iranians, under Iranian command." Netanyahu has issued repeat warnings over the past months that Israel would not allow Iran to establish and enduring presence in Syria. 

At the same time (on Tuesday), Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei published a series of statements via twitter alleging a covert externally driven plot to destabilize Iran, and promising "this won't be left without a response." He said, "Once again, the nation tells the U.S., Britain, and those who seek to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran from abroad that ‘you’ve failed, and you will fail in the future, too’."

Khamenei also expressly accused the Israelis and an opposition militant group, the MEK [a controversial exiled opposition group, People's Mujahedin of Iran, which has long been favored by Washington and has launched assassination campaigns targeting Iranian scientists] of secretly fueling the unrest which left at least 21 dead - among them Iranian intelligence personnel and a police officer.

In response to prior tweets by President Trump condemning the Tehran government while expressing support for protests, Khamenei further addressed the White House and Trump directly by saying, "this man who sits at the head of the White House - although, he seems to be a very unstable man - he must realize that these extreme and psychotic episodes won't be left without a response."

Thus far the Iranian authorities have only responded internally as CNN and many other outlets are now reporting as many as over 3,500 arrests following the ten days of protests. Tehran authorities have alleged that provocateurs in league with foreign sponsors drove the demonstrations to violence. There are also multiple allegations of torture and new reports of prison detainees committing suicide surfacing; however, the bulk of such reports are unverifiable and sourced to opposition activists.  

Thus far Trump hasn't responded to Iran's top Muslim cleric accusing the president of "psychotic episodes" though it will be interesting to see what the next Trump tweet on Iran has to say. 



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Jews were burning German books long before Germans started burning Jew-porn.

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Fuck Israel, I hope it goes up in flames. The Joos lied about the 6 million, and they lie about everything else. They control Hollywood and the U.S. press. So they have the brain dead Americans on their side. No wonder history is full of Joo-haters, they only care about themselves. 99% of the countries in the world see Zionism as a form of racism. A typical U.S. joo is Harvey Weinstein. They are the pigs of humanity, not God's chosen. God sent his only son to save them and they crucified him, how do you think God feels about them now. If I posted this on Facebook, It would be deleted and I would be banned from Facefuck. I grew up in a Joo neighborhood, my best best in school was a joo. The neighborhood I live in now is 50% joos. I don't blame them for who they are. I would just prefer to be around less prejudiced people. 

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Great offensive intelligence technique. Now Iran's intelligence apparatus will eat itself alive searching for the moles while Israel sits back and watches.

The Russians did the same to us. The CIA was destroyed as an effective intelligence operation by James Jesus Angleton while searching for moles in the 1950's to 1970's when Anatoly Golitsyn and Yuri Nosenko showed up as defectors.

IMHO, the CIA and maybe the entire American Intelligence Community may have never recovered from this innovative attack.

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Oh, yeah, a really great offensive intelligence technique

You, sir, are a pompous idiot if you believe that Iran 

has changed any of its activities in ferreting out kike

spies inside its borders.


Or that Russia isn't feeding Iran with everything it

knows about hook nosed snoops in Iran.  And tell us

again how Israel and Mossad are more advanced

in everything they do than Russia is.


But an idiot like you also thinks that Israel is the 

smartest, greatest thing in your pathetic life 

since the French Tickler condom your wife likes

so much.


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Wow ! Water is wet, air is invisible, and Washington is crooked. The next newsflash the author will be freaking out over is that someone has lost a dog.....

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Netanyahu's a psychopath. Anything that comes out of his mouth regarding accusations against Iran are nothing more than projections It's IsraHell that wants ME HEGEMONY. And Israelis LOVE this jackass??

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Netanyahu's a psychopath. Anything that comes out of his mouth regarding accusations against Iran are nothing more than projections It's IsraHell that wants ME HEGEMONY. And Israelis LOVE this jackass??

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Israel which hasn't admitted bombing Syria from Lebanon,

is telling the world it has spies in Iran. 




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Meh, even I feel Mossad have an agent inside my house, let alone 'arch-enemy' aka target #7

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Israel's best friend in the Middle East for many years was the Shah of Iran until he got betrayed through Khomeini. I bet they left many contacts there after the Shah was removed.

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Once again Secret U.S. missile and electro-optics technology given to Israel was sold to China recently by Israel, prompting anger from the U.S. and causing a senior Israeli defense official to resign.

The head of defense exports for the Israeli Defense Ministry resigned after a U.S. investigation concluded that technology, including a miniature refrigeration system manufactured by Ricor and used for missiles and in electro-optic equipment, was sent to China, according to the Israeli newspaper Maariv.


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The money will always buy information and the Iranian regime has plenty of enemies inside of the country so gaining information will always be relatively easy. 

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Iran is gaining footholds across the middle east ... yep ... by smashing existing regimes and creating carnage you actually accelerated the growth massively.

Bit like pouring gas / petrol on a fire ... it burns better now chuck on more wood.

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Sayanim Everywhere

“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined... They are the gravest threat to our national security.”

— Admiral Bobby Inman 
    Former Deputy Director of the CIA…

(2007) Israel Flagged As Top Spy Threat To U.S. In New Snowden/NSA Document…

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Iran has been killing israelis spies by the hundreds, it does not need israel to confirm anything , the best is Iran has hundreds of spies in israel too and israel cannot find them as most of them are orthodox joos. 

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That kind of information pop often when they have i.e. lost the cover of most of their spies there. 

Such confession show their weaknesses not strength

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What a load of shit we already knew story. You might as well have reprinted  an excerpt from an old nancy drew short story for all this is worth.

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And Israel has spies operating inside the US as well - but nothing new here.  

The US should have spies operating inside Iran, and Israel as well, but unlikely.