"It Looked Like A Battlefield" - Photos Show California Mudslides' Devastating Aftermath

California just can't catch a break.

After wildfires - including the largest blaze in California history - tore through Southern California last month, causing billions of dollars in property damage, heavy rains triggered mudslides in some of the areas hardest-hit by the fires - including Montecito in Santa Barbara county, where the most deaths were reported.

The storm may be over, but the hunt for survivors isn't. So far, 13 people have been confirmed dead, while 25 more were injured and another 50 had to be rescued. But those numbers could rise as the search is deepened and expanded Wednesday, with a major search-and-rescue team arriving from nearby Los Angeles County and help from the Coast Guard and National Guard along with law enforcement, according to the Associated Press.


And as the search for victims ramps up, more photos over the devastation wrought by the mudslides are beginning to emerge.

The mudslides took thousands of Californians by surprise.It was unleashed in the dead of night by flash flooding in the steep, fire-scarred Santa Ynez Mountains. As the AP  explains, scorched areas are especially susceptible to destructive mudslides because the earth doesn’t absorb water well and the land is easily eroded when there's no vegetation.

Montecito was burned by the Thomas Fire, which erupted Dec. 4 and became the largest ever recorded in California. It eventually spread to more than 440 square miles (1,140 square kilometers) and destroyed 1,063 buildings and homes. It continues to burn deep in the wilderness.


Some witnesses likened the sound of the mud to a freight train or an earthquake as the torrent arrived suddenly, carrying rocks and trees as it washed away cars and trashed homes.

Video shows rescue workers saving a man whose car was washed away in the mudslides.



Thomas Tighe said he stepped outside his Montecito home in the middle of the night and heard “a deep rumbling, an ominous sound I knew was ... boulders moving as the mud was rising.”

Rescue personnel in Santa Barbara County early on Wednesday morning continued searching for victims where mudslides slammed into homes, covered highways and swept away vehicles early on Tuesday when more than a half-inch (1.5 cm) of rain fell in five minutes, a rate that far exceeds the normal flash flood threshold.


Video and images of the 101 Freeway showed the road completely covered in mud. The road between Montecito and Santa Barbara will remain closed for at least 48 hours, according to Capt. Cindy Pontes of the California Highway Patrol.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown told CNN that the mudslides “looked like a World War I battlefield.”

"It was literally a carpet of mud and debris everywhere, with huge boulders, rocks, downed trees, power lines, wrecked cars, lots of obstacles and challenges for rescue personnel to get to homes, let alone to get people out of them," Brown said. More than 500 firefighters were assisting with the rescue effort in Santa Barbara alone.


In Burbank, a dozen firefighters sheltered in place after being trapped by mud and debris in Burbank.

But as the storm passed Wednesday morning, a rainbow appeared over Santa Barbara County...


...Proving once again that mother nature does have a sense of humor.


JIMSJOE2 Cognitive Dissonance Wed, 01/10/2018 - 08:42 Permalink

Actually there is no debate as NASA has confirmed what Armstrong Economics has confirmed with there computer models that the reduced sun spot activity is making the earth much colder. As we moved in 2015 both the 12 and 17 year cycles correlated with the record cold and snow across northern US and Europe. This decreased sun activity also causes increased hurricanes and volcanic activity which we have been seeing. It has also produced the flooding. The models forecast a few years back that southern Europe where food is grown year long will experience record freeze in late spring and or early summer in 2016 wiping out crops. This in fact happened and there was actually shortages of certain foods especially on the UK with prices spiking if you could even find it. As we move further forward the models are forecasting that this will cause food prices to skyrocket and also cause the largest migration since the 1800s as people only venture out to work and buy the essentials which will seriously hurt businesses who rely on customers discretionary income. People and businesses will eventually be forced to move to the south especially farmers who produce food. Prices will not go down until enough farmers move south and start to produce food to bring prices down. We are already seeing farmers planting later and harvesting sooner reducing crop yield.

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northern vigor JIMSJOE2 Wed, 01/10/2018 - 09:16 Permalink

If you look at a world map, you will see most of the world's bread basket is between the 30 and 60 north parallels. As you move closer to the equator the length of sunlight particles hitting plant cells is more direct and creates a less digestive lignin...poorer quality feed and less food production. People at equators are usually starving. Between the 30 and 60 in the southern hemisphere there is basically water. Man has no where to migrate to. 

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BarkingCat northern vigor Wed, 01/10/2018 - 09:56 Permalink

Near equator is actually very lush in South America and at least parts of Africa.

The reason they are starving in that region of Africa is because they are too stupid to farm.

Rhodesia is a perfect example (although a bit south of the equator).

When whites were farming the land, there was enough food surplus to export to other countries.

Then Rhodesia because Zimbabwe and the white farmers were either killed or forced off their land.

Now the low IQ natives are starving. 

You have to be really fucking stupid to starve while living on some of the best farm soils and climate in the world.


You could give these people Europe and with all the modern infrastructure and equipment, they would be extinct in a couple of decades. 

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Uncoy BarkingCat Wed, 01/10/2018 - 12:10 Permalink

Your abusive language does not help your case. You could try a phrasing like:

The reason they are starving in that region of Africa is because they are too disorganized to farm.

It would also be closer to the truth. Farming does not require a great deal of intelligence. On the other hand, farming does require application (hard work) and organisation (going out at the right times with the right tools/fertilizers).

Even when the white farmers were organising the work, the actual farming for the most part was done by black natives.

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Sean7k Uncoy Wed, 01/10/2018 - 12:57 Permalink

Only a non-farmer would state farming doesn't require a great deal of intelligence. Farmers must be masters of many trades (mechanical, carpentry, animal husbandry, etc), depending on the size of their operations, they need to understand option markets, transportation and inventory controls. Working knowledge of soils, botany and biology are a must.

In fact, the successful farmer puts Phd's to shame, scientists can only marvel.

If the blacks DID all the work, then of course, they should have been able to get similar results. However, they have failed.

While I am not a fan of coarse language, I have even less respect for rampant ignorance...

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francis scott … buzzsaw99 Wed, 01/10/2018 - 14:12 Permalink

Just the opposite, buzz.

When global warming begins, it means more evaporation as

the planet tries to resist getting hotter.  More evaporation

means cloudier skies and more rainfall.  


Eventually the warming overwhelms the moisture in the

atmosphere, which rises into the thermosphere where the

Sun's radiation bombards its molecules until they are split

into their component atoms and create more heat as the

thermosphere expands in altitude.  Finally the toaster bell

rings and God gives  the Earth a generous schmear of cream

cheese before He enjoys it with a radioactive latte.


         (don't worry, buzz, i made all of that up) 




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mobius8curve SubjectivObject Wed, 01/10/2018 - 08:04 Permalink

No those rainbows are a sign of how quickly the ants living on Father's globe can quickly see their kingdom thrown into calamity for refusing to seek His Kingdom:

Proverbs 1:24-29 Because I have called, and ye have refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man hath regarded; (25) But ye have set at nought all my counsel, And would none of my reproof: (26) I also will laugh in the day of your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; (27) When your fear cometh as a storm, And your calamity cometh on as a whirlwind; When distress and anguish come upon you. (28) Then will they call upon me, but I will not answer; They will seek me diligently, but they shall not find me: (29) For that they hated knowledge, And did not choose the fear of Jehovah:


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