Justice Denied: The Government Is Not Going To Save Us

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled: it will not hear the case of Young v. Borders.

Despite the fact that a 26-year-old man was gunned down by police who banged on the wrong door at 1:30 am, failed to identify themselves as police, and then repeatedly shot and killed the innocent homeowner who answered the door while holding a gun in self-defense, the justices of the high court refused to intervene to address police misconduct.

Although 26-year-old Andrew Scott committed no crime and never fired a single bullet or lifted his firearm against police, only to be gunned down by police who were investigating a speeding incident by engaging in a middle-of-the-night “knock and talk” in Scott’s apartment complex, the Supreme Court refused to balance the scales between justice and injustice.

Despite the fact that police shot and killed nearly 1,000 people nationwide for the third year in a row (many of whom were unarmed, mentally ill, minors or were shot merely because militarized police who were armed to the hilt “feared” for their safety), the Supreme Court will not act to right the wrongs being meted out by the American police state.

Although “knock-and-talk” policing has become a thinly veiled, warrantless—lethal—exercise by which citizens are coerced and intimidated into “talking” with heavily armed police who “knock” on their doors in the middle of the night, the Supreme Court will not make the government play by the rules of the Constitution.

The lesson to be learned: the U.S. Supreme Court will not save us.

No one is coming to save us: not the courts, not the legislatures, and not the president.

According to journalist Michael Harriot:

More people died from police violence in 2017 than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in action around the globe (21). More people died at the hands of police in 2017 than the number of black people who were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow (161 in 1892). Cops killed more Americans in 2017 than terrorists did (four). They killed more citizens than airplanes (13 deaths worldwide), mass shooters (428 deaths) and Chicago’s “top gang thugs” (675 Chicago homicides).

Americans are dying at the hands of the police, and the U.S. government doesn’t care.

Worse, the U.S. government is actively doing everything in its power to ensure that the killing spree continues.

Take Jeff Sessions, for example.

While the president’s conveniently-timed tweets distract the public and dominate the headlines, his attorney general continues to bulldoze over the Constitution, knocking down what scant protections remain between the citizenry and the hydra-headed police state.

Within his first year as attorney general, Jeff Sessions has made a concerted effort to expand the police state’s power to search, strip, seize, raid, steal from, arrest and jail Americans for any infraction, no matter how insignificant.

What this means is more militarized police, more asset forfeiture, more private prisons, more SWAT team raids, more police shootings of unarmed citizens, and more wars waged by the government against the American people.

And while the crime rate may be falling, the death toll—casualties of the government’s war on the American people—is growing.

Even so, it’s not just the police shootings that are cause for concern.

We are inching ever closer to a constitutional crisis the likes of which we have never seen before, and “we the people” are woefully unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with a government that is corrupt, topsy turvy, unjust, immoral, illegal, brutal, violent, war-hungry, greedy, biased, imbalanced, unaccountable, non-transparent, fascist and as illegitimate as they come.

Where do we go from here?

We’ve been through troubled times before.

In fact, it was 50 years ago this year, in 1968, when the country was buffeted by assassinations, riots and protests: “The assassinations of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. The riots that shook Washington, Chicago, Baltimore and other U.S. cities. Campus protests. Civil rights protests. Vietnam War protests. The Tet Offensive. The My Lai massacre. The rise of Richard Nixon and the retreat of Lyndon Johnson.”

Fifty years later, we’re no better off.

The nation is still being buffeted by economic instability, racial inequality, injustice, police brutality, government misconduct and a rising discontent on the part of the populace.

I can’t help but wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. would have to say to about his dream of a world without racism, militarism and materialism: America has become a ticking time bomb of racial unrest and injustice, police militarization, surveillance, government corruption and ineptitude, the blowback from a battlefield mindset and endless wars abroad, and a growing economic inequality between the haves and have nots.

We cannot afford to wait until it is too late to act.

This is no time to stand silently on the sidelines. It’s a time for anger and reform. Most importantly, it’s a time for making ourselves heard. And there is no better time to act than the present.

As Robert F. Kennedy reminded his listeners in a speech delivered at the University of Cape Town in 1966, “Hand in hand with freedom of speech goes the power to be heard, to share in the decisions of government which shape men’s lives. Everything that makes man’s life worthwhile—family, work, education, a place to rear one’s children and a place to rest one’s head—all this depends on decisions of government; all can be swept away by a government which does not heed the demands of its people.”

What can ordinary citizens do?

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, instead of sitting around and waiting for someone else to change things, take charge. Never discount the part that everyday citizens play in our nation’s future. You can change things, but there can be no action without education. Get educated about your rights and exercise them. Start by reading the Bill of Rights. You can do so online at www.rutherford.org. Or, if you want a copy to keep with you, email me at staff@rutherford.org and I’ll send you a free one.

Most important of all, just get out there and do your part to make sure that your government officials hear you. The best way to ensure that happens is by never giving up, never backing down, and never remaining silent. What matters is that you do your part.

It’s midnight in America right now. But the real question is, will there be a dawn?

That’s up to you and me. The future is in our hands.



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The American people won their freedom rallying to the truth that "All men (people) are created equal". How? Equal with regard to natural law and natural rights.  The one who wields the bat against his fellow man rejects this truth. A house built upon a false foundation will fail.  In the American Lands, the false foundation can be summed up in these words from art. 1, sec. 8 of the US Constitution:

"Congress shall have power ... to lay and collect taxes".  

The answer to the American people's dilemma can be found in ceasing to base our civilization on theft, fraud, and murder as empowered by the idea that some people are entitled to take from others by force (power to tax). In order for people to take from others against their will requires all manner of deceptions and/or physical aggressions. We won our freedom empowered by great truths. But as soon as we proclaimed theft as our foundation, our liberty bell, that was intended to ring out freedom to the world, instead cracked.

We must go back to the truths and reject the lies of the deceived. We are equal with regard to the truths of creation and the true laws of creation. You shall not steal! You shall not bear false witness! You shall not murder. 


You have heard it said:  "Render unto Ceasar the things, that are Ceasar's". These are true words, for NOTHING is Ceasar's other than the reply one should give to any criminal who wields the sword to force his will upon the unprepared!


From whence come wars?  Instead of a person viewing his Brother as his equal and asking fairly for voluntary exchange and respecting his Brother if he should say "no" to an exchange, some people ask amiss, because they demand and do not ask,  and they pretend that they are above their brother. Truly when we can ask one another justly with due respect for our equality under natural law, it is then that wars can come to an end.


Proclaim liberty throughout the land!  Stop using the paper money of the deceived and build a peaceful future through voluntary exchanges using free methods of exchange beyond the control of the wicked!

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Justice Denied: The Government Is Not Going To Save Us

My response: Isn't it interesting how the topic of JUSTICE and GOVERNMENT go together. One might ask the question: Where did this idea come from originally? Below is the answer:


Submission to Governing Authorities

Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.


Living Godly Lives in a Pagan Society

Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul. Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.

Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority:whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people. Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves. Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor

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You must remember that this is being told to the house of Israel who were slaves and captives in every nation under the sun. Israel was instructed to obey the laws of whatever land they were in because it was God who sent them into captivity for their transgression. To rebel against those the Lord put over them is to rebel against the hand of the Lord himself. Israel is the name that God gave his church when he adopted Jacob and he will not have his people behaving like the heathen and setting the wrong example. Other scriptures let us know that "ALL" the nations have rejected God and his Christ and their rulers will be brought before the Lord in chains for their crimes against his people. He sent them into captivity but the rulers got carried away and went to far with their afflictions.

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Hey Gus--

I guess, according to your low-testosterone and shallow reading of the Bible that you're always thumping, that the Apostles Peter and John did wrong in the site of God in the following passage out of Acts 4:

"But that it [the faith in Jesus] spread no further among the people, let us straitly threaten them, that they speak henceforth to no man in this name18 And they called them, and commanded them not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus19 But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye. 20 For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard."

I don't think it's your intention, but you're sounding like a fluffer for the powers that be. Did Peter and John do wrong?

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The only valid governing authorities are the natural laws of creation from the creator. No man or man-made law is in "authority" unless a particular person chooses to place himself under a man-made law or authority and then he volunteers to be in submission. From the beginning, the message was freedom under the universal and self-evident laws of the creator, and no "king". To choose any other authority other than the natural authority of the creator and the laws of creation is a form of idolatry, an abrogation of a person's own status as a child of the same creator. And those who would claim to have authority over another person set themselves up as a god in the place of the creator (just like the emperors who proclaimed themselves gods).

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In case you were not aware, sacred writing and teachings have been intentionally corrupted and modified to suit the whims of those in power. 


In the 4th century the Roman Emperor Constantine had a serious problem. There were no more easy prey to absorb and plunder anymore to pay for "his" increasingly expensive to maintain armies and empire. He himself, along with many in his army worshiped "Sol Invictus" their pagan sun god. What to do? He realized that "his" empire was full of division and diverse cultures and belief systems. With no easy external prey he needed to raise plunder in a new more effective way, but people do not choose to remain in subjection as tax slaves unless they can be bludgeoned into obedience (a very expensive way to collect taxes) or be convinced that the "leader" has some kind of moral authority to prey upon them. And after many centuries of theft, fraud, and murder, such authority was running rather thin at this point. 

This is the idea Constantine came up with: he took some of the themes of the popular Jesus movement extant in his empire and clothed his old Mithraic sun worship religion with this new external form. He was able to bribe some corrupt "leader" elements of this movement with power, position, and/or wealth but he needed consensus in his new system, for unity, and for easy taxation purposes his subjects had to be convinced that he was their rightful god-ordained ruler. So he got his "Christian" co-conspirators to call an empire wide council where they could proclaim the "one true faith" that was pleasing to both themselves and Constantine.  

History records this as the 1st Nicene Council of  AD 325. From this comes the "Nicene Creed" and a group of "correctors" who had the task of "clarifying" some of the extant scriptures to better support this new invention of the conspiracy. Those who would not go along with this "Nicene Creed" and specific groups that the empire wished to plunder were branded as "anathema", a serious capital offense, and the best part for the emperor: after they are executed or banished, all their property is confiscated by the empire! Now to establish the emperor's authority to tax he needs his religion to establish Earthly authority, part of that is proclaiming Jesus as a man-god substitute for the previous incarnated Mithraic sun god that his loyal army knows and loves, the one and only Son of God who's "Kingdom" rules the earth! Naturally once this sun god in the flesh is no longer around you have to have a successor to maintain "god's" kingdom. 

For the simple minded many would just be convinced by this new religion and so become obedient tax slaves. For the wiser ones who knew what was happening, the sight of others receiving "justice" was enough for some to become obedient followers of the "one true faith". Others wanted to help with the process to get in on the loot. The emperor was pleased because his empire "flourished". For the minority who chose to reject this religious innovation despite the consequences, what can you conclude about people who will choose to uphold their truth, even under threat of execution rather than choose to live under the tyranny of a mass-murderer? 

Among the "anathema" were the Gnostics and Ebionites, some of whom were actual descendants of families who lived with Jesus (Yeshua), that understood that the "Kingdom" does not come in the earthly sense: "My Kingdom is not of this world"...(John 18:36). But is to be sought within the individual: "the kingdom of God is within you" (Luk 17:21). Further they understood that all must come to perfection just as Jesus (Yeshua) their "elder brother", (not their "God"), had done by following the true teacher of all, the inner "Logos" - Son of God. The laws of Nature's God are the same for all, and always have been. You can understand why the emperor and the corrupt clergy would not want such ideas continuing in their empire! 

Some who foresaw the dark age to come chose to hide several libraries containing their scriptures that had not been modified by the "correctors". One such library was discovered not too long ago: the Nag Hammadi Library.  Also some scriptures were sent east beyond the armies of the emperor. One such scripture: The Gospel of the Holy 12 survived and in 1977 a new translation was published under the title "The Gospel of the Nazirenes". 

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Even the most casual reading of the letters of the Apostle Paul (or St. Paul) reveals him to be a low-down, inching, ingratiating, old-maidish, gossip-mongering, snake-in-the-grass little twat. In a sense, he was Christianity's resident mole.

Scripture does not absolve you from your personal responsibility to distinguish between right and wrong.


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That's an illogical statement because the man who said that was at the top of the governmental food chain, so-to-speak.


It's not government that is the problem - it's the people who keep stealing the elections that are the problem. 

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the ZOMBIES dead asleep still, some are waking up.  Is this the Mass Awakening?  I think so.   zoomtruth on steemit    they pay to post and comment come join, it is amazing free speech community with NO ONE IN CHARGE.

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Save us?! I think the vast majority of the people here spend most of their sleepless nights determining the best way to keep  the government at a distance. I think it's fair to say that the vast majority here don't expect any sort of support from the GOV and want to be left the fuck alone.


The crazy guy is crazy until everything is crazy. Not sure where it will snap but shit people have said here in absolute sarcasm and disbelief has become standard operating procedure. 

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Yes, the government is the problem; but only because the citizens are too stupid to vote out every incumbent, every election. Period. We need to make representation a community service of one term. Make them come back to live with their decisions for the rest of their lives. Not a way for political sociopaths to get rich by selling out their constituents to financial sociopaths.

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More people died from police violence in 2017 than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in action around the globe (21).

bulsheeet as hell,. pentagon and madfuckingdog dont know where is exactly 40 000  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   soo deats is more than xx digits 

this ZH is sheet propaganda 

Noktirnal VIS MAIOR Wed, 01/10/2018 - 23:31 Permalink

The Pentagon doesn't know where 40,000 DoD/military personnel  are, or they aren't telling? Either way, it doesn't mean they are all KIA. It definitely doesn't mean that they all were KIA in 2017. Police killed ~1000 people in 2017. 128 police officers died while on duty in 2017. 

Most of the police deaths were motor vehicle collisions. All of the civilians killed by police was due to homicide.

Think about that. If traffic accidents only accounted for 51%, and all the other police deaths were homicide. 1000 people were killed by police. Some of the people were armed (some where it its legal to be armed).  Some attempted to harm or harmed police or others. But, some of these people called the police for help. Some were pulled over on the street. Some were homeless, or mentally ill, or injured in an accident. Some were children. Most were innocent, because they hadn't been proven guilty of anything, and had yet to be charged with anything. Let that sink in...

I don't know the arrest and conviction rate for cop killers, but I'd bet it's pretty high when the police can refrain from killing the suspect first. I also don't know the arrest and conviction rate for cops who kill unarmed civilians, but I know it is rarely heard of and usually on lesser charges than murder.

Also think about this: Police have magical dogs that can telepathically communicate to his handler whether or not there is probable cause to search you. These dogs' telepathic communication can then be used against you in court. In many jurisdictions, if you kill one of these magical telepathic dogs, you will be charged as if you murdered a police officer.

The odds are not in "We the People's" favor, because most do not care. Certainly not enough to do anything about it. Especially not now, when the initial sacrifice so great, and the return being minuscule or nonexistent. There needs to be a critical mass, and a seed to crystallize on.

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Rights are not things you cash in to get you stuff. The Left’s cadre of ‘rights’ is all material. They are things, which must be produced and therefore gives them the justification to compel someone to produce it for them. Their needs are larger than all the concepts that are truly rights. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness are things to be infringed upon to provide what they think they are entitled to.

When Patrick Henry famously proclaimed, ‘give me liberty or give... me death’, he declared all the risk and dangers that come along with freedom are preferable to tyranny. Our Bill of Rights is an abbreviated list of those liberties. They are things that the Founders knew government could not be trusted with and the things they would go after first during the creep of tyranny.

The very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to remove certain topics from the political arena. They are not subject to the lawmaker or the majority even if the people want it. The most beautiful phrases in our constitution are, “Congress shall make no law” and “shall not be infringed”.

Once upon a time there was a country that was the greatest and freest the Earth had ever known. Some absolutely ridiculous people would sometimes take issue with this statement but could never produce an alternative that constitutionally protected the individual rights of speech and religion and assembly and the press and the right to petition the government or bear arms are be secure in the privacy of their homes in addition to promoting economic freedom and the actual righ...t to pursue happiness as the individual saw fit. It was the most diverse nation and produced a disproportionate amount of wealth and innovation to the benefit of the world.

There was one side that wished to conserve those things, which had provided for this incredible success; Judeo-Christian values, individual rights, free markets and a constitution that limited and separated the powers of government. The other side actually wanted to transform this nation, which was the greatest and freest ever into one that resembled one of the far less free and prosperous nations. There side was given the advantage of having 90% of all the news media on their side along with the same degree of support from the popular culture and the institutions of elementary and higher education. Despite these incredible advantages they still could not convince more than half the country to go along with their madness.

What happens to all these people will be determined by whether or not the side that wants to conserve its greatness can finally understand that there can be no compromise with those content with destroying America just to rule over the ruins. They will have to find much better leadership and re-engage in the culture and education of the youth. And they must understand that from the morality of the Bible to the appreciation of the principles of liberty, people learn through the telling of stories. We must learn how to tell the story of freedom and responsibility so that we can all live happily ever after.




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Wonderful! Absolutely beautiful reasoning. You sir, are brilliant, conservatives have been called a lot of nasty names but you just clarified that all we desire, is the protection of the sacred, the prevention of the profane.

I once asked an African why they didn't write down their history like in the west, his response was eye opening. He asked which was easier to remember, a soul stirring song about your ancestors, or verbose text?

They use music to tell stories, just like you're suggesting, tell stories, rather than rote.

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All gov from local to international are mass murdering enemies. The only way to fight it is physical. Using there people to fight there people is insane. We out number the gov in this country alone 101 to 3 not including illegals, prison pop, and free unregistered people. We can win hands down. 

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Government is now involved with every aspect of our lives. Every year when they announce all the new laws the sheeple are happy until they get enforced with deadly results. Trying to legislate morality has become a bloody and gruesome business for cops. It will only get worse and worse. Nanny-Socialists, Ban-It People and Authoritarian Pricks Suck Donkey Balls! ‎

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Given how shitty US homes and doors are built, a kid can break down the front door.

You Plantation Slaves have Quarters, not Homes or Castles.

My door can't be kicked open or banged open with a hand-held battering ram that cops use.

Stack less and build better, you Debt Niggas.

I am Groot HRClinton Thu, 01/11/2018 - 01:13 Permalink

The cops would have to drop a motherfucking MOAB on my ass to get me out of my house......My crib is like a castle. Layers of security people. Layers........I have outer fences and inner fences. Steel framed doors. 6X6, 2 ft high flower beds all around the house. Large concrete planters. Security cameras. Flower boxes and thorny bushes in front of all the ground floor windows. Thick bamboo surrounding the outer fences. One road in to the house. 3 miles of barbed wire and concertina sitting in the garage. Everything but a moat and a Phlanx on the front lawn.......

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You are absolutely correct.  The gilded age inspired mcmansions and the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired open air glass houses were not designed for a period of social unrest. For the most part, our architecture is absolutely indefensible. In the event of collapse, our homes are barely habitable.

Somebody who is smarter than I am needs to design a tiny house for the zombie apocalypse.

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Oh?  So NOW we care about rights?  So when I was screaming at the top of my lungs about mass surveillance since 9/11 suddenly now that the robot cops are at your door, that we 'journalists' suddenly care about rights


And let me guess....Sessions inaction is "Trump's fault"


And 8 yrs of Obama's rights destruction are "Trump's Fault" also


Ok.  You can have that point of view.   But the problem is You.  All of you


Evil won because good men did nothing. And you ignored those who tried very hard and lost all their friends trying to help you.

novictim Wed, 01/10/2018 - 23:44 Permalink

The many worlds theory of quantum mechanics suggests that a near infinite number of Andrew Scotts survived that night and won the lottery the next morning.  The SCOTUS refuse to collapse that wave function.

Ace006 Thu, 01/11/2018 - 00:47 Permalink

This is hysterical garbage. The incident involved in the case was tragic and the cops were beyond stupid to be unable to figure out a way to merely talk to someone with alarming him. However, the article provides zero useful information on the circumstances of all those other killings. Some of the dead were minors? Well, has the author seen some of the animals out there who fall in that category?

I'm unimpressed by 1,000 is more than 12, 34, 64, 438, 39, 15, etc. 

"Killing spree"? GMAFB.