Pakistan Says The US Is No Longer Its Ally (And It's A Much Bigger Deal Than You Think)

Authored by Darius Shahtahmasebi via,

Donald Trump’s decision to ring in the New Year by simultaneously demonizing both Iran and Pakistan on Twitter has already backfired tremendously.

Following threats that the U.S. would withhold aid to Pakistan, the U.S. confirmed it would withhold $255 million in aid (which has now become $900 million) and is now reportedly threatening a roughly $2 billion more, as well.

“We’re hoping that Pakistan will see this as an incentive, not a punishment,” a State Department official told reporters.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this recent animosity towards Pakistan has not gone over well. Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said in an interview that the U.S. has failed to behave as an ally, and as a result, Pakistan no longer views it as one.

"We do not have any alliance [with the US]...This is not how allies behave.”

If anything, Washington’s recent behavior has only pushed Pakistan into the open arms of America’s traditional rivals, China and Iran. China has long been providing financial and economic assistance of its own to Pakistan with plans to expand an economic partnership in the years to come.

China has already pledged to invest $57 billion in Pakistani infrastructure as part of the so-called “Belt and Road” initiative. Just last month, Pakistan announced it was considering a proposal to replace the U.S. dollar with the Chinese yuan for bilateral trade between Pakistan and China.

Following the Trump administration’s recent attacks on Pakistan, Pakistan confirmed that dropping the dollar was no arbitrary threat and immediately replaced the dollar with the Chinese yuan.

“Chinese investment in Pakistan is expected to reach over $46 billion by 2030 with the creation of a [China-Pakistan Economic Corridor] connecting Balochistan’s Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea with Kashgar, in Western China,” Harrison Akins, a researcher at the Howard Baker Center who focuses on Pakistan and China, told Newsweek.

In the middle of last year, it was reported that China was considering establishing its own naval bases in Pakistan. These reports began to immediately resurface again in the past week, though Pakistan has vehemently denied that any such naval base will be built (even though Chinese military officials were the ones to expose the plan to build a naval base at Gwadar Port, in Balochistan).

Whether or not the reports are true, what is becoming apparent is that Pakistan will look to cooperate with China both economically and militarily while giving up its reliance on Washington.

“The history of Pakistan’s relationships with China and the United States also shows that Pakistan’s policy does not respond to strong-handedness, but to loyalty, and to being treated with dignity,” Madiha Afzal, a nonresident fellow at Brookings, said as reported by CNBC.

Further, according to the Times of Islamabad, Iranian and Pakistani defense ministers have held talks on Washington’s role in the region and have indicated a growing defense cooperation strategy between Tehran and Islamabad. Even before Donald Trump’s decision to unilaterally try to isolate the two countries, the expanding relationship was already well underway – most likely the more truthful reason the Trump administration has targeted both of them.

Much to Washington’s dismay, this is only the beginning of the end of America’s role as an unchallenged global superpower. The Asia Times reports that Iran, China, and Pakistan are set to launch a “trilateral nexus” that would support economic development for as many as 3 billion people. The biggest obstacle to implementing such an economically viable nexus would actually lie in the growing economic power India, not the United States, which seems to be able to do little but taunt, threaten, and bully the ever-growing list of defiant states.

Without hesitation, Turkey, another country that is forging stronger ties with Russia, China, and Iran, also came to Iran and Pakistan’s aid. Turkey is a NATO ally.

“We cannot accept that some countries — foremost the US, Israel — to interfere in the internal affairs of Iran and Pakistan,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters before heading on a scheduled trip to France.

Turkey and Iran also famously came to the aid of Qatar last year, further complicating the restructuring of traditional Washington-led alliances.

At this stage, both Turkey and Iran could end up joining the Chinese and Russian-led military alliance known as the Shanghai bloc, with Iran recently strengthening its military ties with China. Given China has both economic and military interests worth protecting in Pakistan, this Eastern alliance is spreading ever further by the day to the detriment of Washington.

It’s no wonder the European Union is practically building its own army given the number of countries that feel safe to rely on the United States’ so-called global leadership under Donald Trump are growing smaller by the day. And given the serious implications of Pakistan’s shift into China’s sphere of influence, it’s curious this story isn’t making the headlines.


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Honesty, who didn't see it coming? 

If they do it like this it means it's been planned ahead of time and the Don is only a pretext. 

In other terms China and Russia already undermined and pretty much eradicated all Americano interference in the whole central Eurasian region and each country there will magically join the belt and road initiative because the more join, the higher the return. No amount of Americanski bullying will change that. To the contrary. 

Say hi to this Brzerzinski dead fag. It's a new dawn for Eurasia. 

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giovanni_f shitshitshit Thu, 01/11/2018 - 02:40 Permalink

wait until the next depression will manifest the fatal internal rot of the US. I expect some form of civil war, widespread chaos and the potential of a break-up.

Things will then change fast and furious. A.o., the question as to what business the US has in Eurasia will be asked and answered.

P.S: What remains of Western Europe will be finished in the process by the Anglos (to prevent the Chinese or Russians to feast on the carcass) - but this is a topic for another post.

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sarz giovanni_f Thu, 01/11/2018 - 03:30 Permalink

"Donald Trump’s decision to ring in the New Year by simultaneously demonizing both Iran and Pakistan on Twitter has already backfired tremendously."

Maybe it's time to consider that he's doing it on purpose. His basic goal is to have America as one among a world of sovereign nations, and there is no faster way of disassembling the empire than the one he's chosen. Play the cluless clumsy asshole whose hyper-aggression keeps misfiring. Jerusalem. Iran. Pakistan/Afghanistan. 

It takes not just a stable genius, but someone with the guts to take on whatever the present masters of empire are willing to try. Roy Cohn said it well. The man pisses ice water. 


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Ecclesia Militans Librarian Thu, 01/11/2018 - 06:39 Permalink

Seriously Tylers - are you now having your foreign policy and national security strategy articles penned by a bunch of shit kickers from Arkansas whose entire national security background consists of playing Call of Duty Black Ops III?  I know a bunch of Filipinas in Kandahar pushing mops at the MTF at KAF who know more about Pakistan than the idiot who wrote this crap.

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HopefulCynical svayambhu108 Thu, 01/11/2018 - 09:40 Permalink

Calling out a pretend friend as such is not bad policy. It's vital to self-preservation.

As to China or Russia "coming in with the money"{ - what money, exactly? China is a paper fucking tiger, a house of cards built on a beach at low tide. Russia is massive in land and resources, except a yuuge chunk of the place is basically a glacier and their economy still hasn't recovered from 70 years of commie bullshit (nor from the subsequent (((ass-raping))) they suffered prior to Putin coming to power).

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earleflorida Ecclesia Militans Thu, 01/11/2018 - 11:58 Permalink

Balochistan covers ~ 40%-45% of Pakistan, its largest province and borders SE Iran and undeveloped.

The 'Dirt' in Balochistan is RICH having been neglected for centuries.

China knows whats in the 'Dirt' and will build railroad & Highways transit hubs throughout using Pak's Army as its own security.

This, [all] has been talked through thoroughly concerning the indigenous tribes in the area.

The Taliban want what's good for the people [in] Afghanistan only... thusly would stay within their borders and watching admirably.

Why not [we], follow Pak's footsteps for a better future?!?

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this is great news!

any "relationship" the USSA had with Pakistan was a deep state Cabal one at its best. Pakistan's double dealing, rampant corruption and backroom facilitation of Everything and everyone terror related is best put in the ash heap of history.

Trump is defunding the deep state terror network.

Just a little snip taken from the black budget of USSA terror and a bit more in everyone else's pocket.

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Brazen Heist giovanni_f Thu, 01/11/2018 - 06:08 Permalink

The USSA empire is coming apart at the seams, influence is waning.

How do I know? Take a look at the its "leaders" since the end of the cold war - all morons, like Rome had in its last days. Bush? Clinton? Trump? Obongo? Oprah? The Rock?

MAGA was also a Freudian slip - Make America Great Again.

Once passed the peak, no going back. The cabal screwed up and got carried away with greed and power, like all empires before it. Hardly exceptional. The only exceptional thing is that this will be the first empire collapse to be fully documented and live-streamed.

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OverTheHedge shitshitshit Thu, 01/11/2018 - 02:49 Permalink

Seems appropriate:

FWIW, I am of the opinion that this is being done on purpose, to elicit the Pakistani reaction. It is not an incompetent "Art of the Deal" cock-up, but an ordered restructuring of the system. I have no idea as to why (other than money). Maybe Xi Jinping slipped an envelope under the table when we were all distracted by missiles failing to fly into Syria.

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Lore OverTheHedge Thu, 01/11/2018 - 04:33 Permalink

No, I think it's merely a combination of arrogant, narcissistic doltishness and world awareness that the real United States economy is on the verge of collapse.  Which would you rather do, take the word of a group of people who are known to bargain in bad faith, or pivot to the neighbors on the other side of the street, who apparently have some comparative moral high ground and show interest in doing something besides nation-destruction and posting late-night tweets?

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LOL "...US economy is on verge of collapse." This is what you want to happen which is outside reality, are you on some type of drug, medication, because when GDP growth is over 3% that's $600 billion wealth created, when the US economy hits 4% which it will in 2018, that's $800 billion wealth creation.  That's one Russian economie every two and half years.

The US economy is a $20 trillion economy. The EU is ready to come a part at the seams, perhaps you confuse the EU with the US. China is on the edge of losing the China US trade which is 18% of China's export economy. There is two ways, any and all war by China in numerous regions means an end to the China US trade, the other way, if China's growth rate slows, China can't service it's debt. Then the Russia card, Russia blows itself up like Blowfish, Russias economy is ten times smaller than the US and the Russians have a long way to go before they recreate the Soviet economic and military power, which was derived from a buffer of slave countries.

This is just another anti-American article and all the deranged, not well read come  on here to rebroadcast propaganda from their HATING COUNTRY blaming the US for all their problems. When it is always corruption and lies in THEIR countries.

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bshirley1968 Moe Howard Thu, 01/11/2018 - 09:23 Permalink

Bullshit. GDP is created by debt expansion. You don't "create" wealth by printing more debt and papering over losses. Central banks have printed up $80 trillion in debt over the last 10 years, and you guys think there's been some kind of real economic growth? Dumbasses.

Any real economy of production of goods and services just got buried under a mountain of new interest payments coming due real soon.

People are "producing" just to make their debt payment. And you guys call that "wealth creation". Hahahah, lmao.

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"This is just another anti-American article and all the deranged, not well read come  on here to rebroadcast propaganda from their HATING COUNTRY blaming the US for all their problems. When it is always corruption and lies in THEIR countries."

Are you sure about that? I understand how you might get upset at Americans hating their own country, but the rest of the world has suffered under the fairly despotic hand of American Exceptionalism for quite some time, and the US is despised because of its actions, not its freedoms. Are you aware of the history of the CIA in (Oh, I don't know, lets pick a country, any country) Iran, for example? Or Iraq, next door, and I don't just mean the military invasion, but the mayhem caused for years before that, or how about....

This is actually boring - there are so MANY examples that I should cite, I'm not even going to bother. The US  has spent 70 years acting as a deranged, genocidal, brutal world dictatorship, wrapped in a flag and bought-and-paid-for newspaper. Countless millions have died, so that certain people in the US can be insanely wealthy. If the country as a whole benefited, then that is purely a serendipitous surprise. The rest of the world mostly lost out. Repeatedly.

You seem to be accusing people of being deluded, but people in glass houses have a tendency to get rocks thrown at them.

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ACP5gTG OverTheHedge Thu, 01/11/2018 - 10:35 Permalink

"but the rest of the world has suffered under the fairly despotic hand of American Exceptionalism for quite some time, and the US is despised because of its actions, not its freedoms."

And yet we have everybody wanting to leave the USA . . . not.

Don't you then think that this is a good start to disassemble the web of US hegemony that the US has carefully constructed the past 70 years?


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EddieLomax shitshitshit Thu, 01/11/2018 - 05:24 Permalink

The more people who join the higher the return?

That is not necessarily true, these people are not capitalists at heart, their priority is power and money.  As long as the wealth flows into their pockets then its all good, no doubt run from massive state owned enterprises in the PRC.

This will not be good for the regions wealth, but screw them, why should we care?


And why should the US tax payer be buying friends like Pakistan?  I agree with other sentiments here on Afghanistan being like Vietnam as in an unwinnable war, unless the USA suddenly got into the business to Christianize countries then I'd say there is no hope of turning Afghanistan into anything but the backwards dump it is today.  

All their efforts right now achieve is to maintain the status quo.  If they leave then the Turkmenstan and others will have to take over that effort supported by Russia, so the great irony here is that they're saving Russia resources right now.

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    Your username is extremely offensive, especially when deliberately placed next to the most precious symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church.  The Russian Orthodox Church lost 40,000 clergy, more than 100,000 monastics, and 40,000 churches to Communist massacres.  It is a miracle that it still exists, and you are showing cultural-religious hatred by using our sacred symbol with your offensive username. We believe that Jesus Christ save mankind by His death on the Cross, and your username in proximity to that is extremely offensive . 
    It is very offensive for you to use the Russian Orthodox Christian cross, no matter what you think of yourself call yourself and your moral standing (reflected in your username). You have nothing to do with Christianity in Russia. Otherwise, I and others will consider that usage(symbol + offensive wording) an actual example of Nazi-like propaganda. Are you going to use other religions' most beloved symbols in your demonic hatred of all things good?


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Russia and China are the founding member states of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) an intergovernmental economic and military alliance of mutual security.

Shanghai Cooperation Organization Forces:

Active personnel 5,325,000
Reserve personnel 7,675,000
Available personnel for immediate activation and Conscription 192,039,958

Total of personnel 205,039,958

The economic and numerical might of China, together with the military prowess and vast nuclear arsenal of Russia.

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