Protecting The Belt And Road Initiative From US-Led Terrorism: Will China Send Troops To Syria?

Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

An interesting theme concerning Syria is the involvement of the People's Republic of China in the conflict. While China’s diplomatic and economic assistance has been constant, its military contribution to Syria is less known. It is important for China and Russia to contain and defeat the terrorist phenomenon in the Middle East, as well as to defang the strategists in the US deep state who are unceasing in their efforts to employ jihadism as a weapon to destabilize Eurasia’s integration projects.

The Jihad International, under the economic and strategic guidance of the United States, has recruited tens of thousands of terrorists over the years and sent them to Syria. Among these, a significant number come from the Uighur ethnic group, situated in the autonomous Chinese province of Xinjiang, particularly from the city of Kashgar, geographically located in the extreme west and close to the borders of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The employment of ethnic and religious minorities to destabilize the majority of a given population has been an ancient artifice repeatedly relied upon by great powers. We thus remember how radical Islam was used in Chechnya to strike the Russian Federation at its "soft underbelly" in the south-west of the country. Two wars and repeated terrorist attacks show the area has yet to be fully pacified. The Wahhabis, a Sunni (anti-) Islamic minority, have shown themselves to be the perfect spark to ignite the tensions between Shiites and Sunnis in the Middle Eastern region and beyond. The case of the Uighur Islamist extremists in Xinjiang is no exception, and the Chinese central government is well aware of the potential danger from an internal uprising or targeted sabotage in the region. Not surprisingly, there has been a tightening of security measures in the region, with exercises against terrorist attacks and riots carried out by police and paramilitary groups. Beijing does not underestimate the danger posed by populations susceptible to foreign manipulation.

While the economic support for Uyghur Islamist separatists more likely derives from Turkey than Saudi Arabia (for historical reasons), it is worth highlighting the highly proactive attitude of China in addressing the issue. As well as beefing up internal security and having a policy of zero tolerance towards such extremist ideologies, Beijing has since 2011 been contributing economically and diplomatically to the Syrian war against the jihadists.

Official estimates place about 5,000 Chinese Uyghur terrorists in Syria, and Beijing’s strategy has reflected the one already implemented in the Russian Federation. Rather than waiting for highly trained killers to return home, it is better to confront the danger in a foreign land, thereby gaining a strategic and tactical advantage over those financing and manipulating terror, which is to say the American deep state and its military and security apparatus.

Thus far, there has been a continuous support of the Syrian government coming from Beijing, both economic and diplomatic. However, rumour over the last few weeks has it that Chinese special forces and war veterans will be deployed to Syria to eliminate the Islamist threat breathing down on China’s western border.

As always, when Beijing decides to move, it does so under the radar, with extreme caution, especially militarily. Chinese military strategists intend not only to act pre-emptively against internal destabilization, but to also respond asymmetrically to American involvement in the South China Sea and other areas lying within the China’s sphere of influence. The insertion of Chinese troops into the Middle East (albeit in limited numbers) would signal an epochal change in the region, a change that was instigated by the Saudi-Israeli-American trio in an effort to employ controlled chaos through Islamist terrorism but which is proving to be a chaos that they are incapable of controlling.

Preventing the spread of terrorism in Asia, and more generally in Eurasia, is understandably an important goal for Russia and China, especially in view of ambitious infrastructure projects like the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Much of the success of this project will depend on how well the Chinese government and its partners (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey in particular) will be able to prevent destabilization through the fanning of ethnic and religious tensions along the route of the BRI, such as in Pakistan.

China’s foray into Syria will involve a few special-forces units, namely: the Shenyang Military Region Special Forces Unit, known as the "Siberian Tigers"; and the Lanzhou Military Region Special Forces Unit, known as the "Night Tigers". These units will have responsibilities for advising, training and conducting reconnaissance. Similar to the Russian engagement in Syria, Chinese involvement will remain as hidden and limited as possible. The Chinese goal, unlike the Russian one, concerns the gaining of urban-warfare experience, in addition to hunting jihadists, and more generally, to test Chinese military readiness in war conditions, experience of which is lacking in Beijing's recent experience.

China’s involvement in Syria is less obvious than that of the Russian Federation. The strategic objectives of the Chinese vary greatly from that of the Russians, especially vis-a-vis the Russian ability to project forces a long way from home.

The Chinese and Russians are increasing their operational capabilities, both in terms of defending their territorial boundaries as well as in their ability to project their power as a result of increased naval and aerospace capabilities. Syria offers Beijing the perfect opportunity to include itself in the global fight against terrorism, thereby preventing possible terrorist insurgencies at home. Further, it serves to send a clear message to rivals like the United States who might have thoughts of using Islamic terrorists to destabilize China. Beijing is aware of the perverse employment of terrorism to advance geostrategic goals by its Western adversaries and has no intention of succumbing to waves of attacks or chaos coordinated by the Western powers. Prevention is better than cure, and Russia and China seem to have completely embraced this philosophy by deciding, in different ways, to assist allies like Syria, Egypt and Libya to fight terrorism.

In terms of diplomacy and economic aid, the Sino-Russian contribution could prove decisive in linking the Middle East and North Africa to major projects under development, such as the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) and the Eurasian Union. We are still at the preliminary stage for the time being, even as 2018 could end up being the year that major conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region end, with the prospect of economic reconstruction being at the forefront.


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They won't tame it, they'll control it.

The British were fine at that when they believed in themselves....they no longer do so the raggies no longer fear them.


The raggies fear the Russians...and the Chinese.

Because those two cultures are NOT confused.


Contrast that with the West. The raggies think the west is a joke....only cause it is.



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No, we need to know about this aspect, too. It does not explain why there is always bigger trouble than before where the US starts to overtly or covertly help.

It does not explain the US addiction to destroying places and people. We have lost the hope that the US is a force for good, so we are interested in what else is out there. I apologize for honesty, but someone's got to say it.

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i guess you didn't see where they want to develop urban warfare skills........DUUUUUHHHHHHHH!

I dare the pussies the USSA sends to guard the opium fields to fuck with the Chinese........they;ll be lots of MAGA body bags coming home.

Wonder why Americans hate Amerika?  Because we have no say in what these murderous cocksuckers do in the name of our country.

These "mad dog" faggots and bankers all need to be shot on Pennsylvania Ave and left to rot in the sun!

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Dear sir, why do you care about downvotes or upvote? They're just silent opinions which you know, are like arseholes, everybody has got one. Care about well reasoned commentaries to your comments.

I've been reading zerohedge for years, I only started posting when I observed intelligent people like hedgeless, ghordius etc. getting overwhelmed by asinine trolls.

I never get bothered by them, please don't either, thanks for contributing, the trolls are needed too else, we'd be in an echo chamber.

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If you're advocating that ZH shouldn't publish "anti-American" articles, go to Fox to kep your dillusion of US exceptionalism alive.


Yes the US is funding Jihadists, anything in the doomed attempt to maintain hegemony through divide and rule and sowing chaos wherever there is the prospect of BRICS cooperation prospering. The truth is clearly very uncomfortable for you.



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As long as usa  exists there will never be peace where usa put "foot"

U.S interventions around the globe (interventions, operations, instigations)
1840 - invasion of Fiji.
1841 - genocide on the island of Upolu (Drummond).
1843 - invasion of China.
1846-1848 war with Mexico.
1846 - aggression against the New Granada (Colombia).
1849 - shelling of Indochina.
1852 - invasion of Argentina.
1853-1856 - invasion of China.
1853 - invasion of Argentina and Nicaragua.
1854 - the destruction of the Nicaraguan city of San Juan del Norte.
1854 - an attempt to capture the Hawaiian Islands.
1855 - invasion and coup in Nicaragua.
1855 - invasion of Fiji and Uruguay.
1856 - invasion of Panama.
1858 - intervention in Fiji, genocide.
1858 - invasion of Uruguay.
1859 - attack on the Japanese fort of Taku.
1859 - invasion of Angola.
1860 - invasion of Panama.
1863 - punitive expedition to Shimonoseki (Japan).
1864 - military expedition to Japan.
1865 - invasion of Paraguay, genocide, 85% of the population destroyed.
1865 - intervention of Panama, coup d'état.
1866 - an attack on Mexico.
1866 - punitive expedition to China.
1867 - attack on the Midway Islands.
1868 - repeated invasion of Japan.
1868 - invasion of Uruguay and Colombia.
1874 - the entry of troops into China and Hawaii.
1876 ??- invasion of Mexico.
1878 - attack on Samoa.
1882 - the entry of troops into Egypt.
1888 - an attack on Korea.
1889 - punitive expedition to Hawaii.
1890 - the introduction of troops in Haiti.
1890 - the introduction of troops into Argentina.
1891 - intervention in Chile.
1891 - punitive expedition to Haiti.
1893 - the introduction of troops into Hawaii, the invasion of China.
1894 - intervention in Nicaragua.
1894-1896 - invasion of Korea.
1894-1895 - the war in China.
1895 - invasion of Panama.
1896 - the invasion of Nicaragua.
1898 - the capture of the Philippines, genocide (600,000 Filipinos).
1898 - invasion of the port of San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua).
1898 - the capture of the Hawaiian Islands.
1899-1901 - war with the Philippines.
1899 - invasion of the Nicaraguan port of Bluefields.
1901 - the entry of troops into Colombia.
1902 - invasion of Panama.
1903 - the entry of troops into Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Syria.
1904 - the entry of troops into Korea, Morocco.
1904-1905 - intervention in the Russo-Japanese War.
1905 - intervention in the revolution in Honduras.
1905 - the entry of troops to Mexico.
1905 - the entry of troops into Korea.
1906 - invasion of the Philippines.
1906-1909 - invasion of Cuba.
1907 - operations in Nicaragua.
1907 - intervention in the revolution in the Dominican Republic.
1907 - participation in the war of Honduras with Nicaragua.
1908 - invasion of Panama.
1910 - invasion of Bluefields and Corintho (Nicaragua).
1911 - intervention in Honduras.
1911 - genocide in the Philippines.
1911 - the introduction of troops into China.
1912 - the capture of Havana (Cuba).
1912 - intervention in Panama during the elections.
1912 - invasion of Honduras.
1912-1933 - the occupation of Nicaragua.
1914 - intervention in the Dominican Republic.
1914-1918 - a series of incursions into Mexico.
1914-1934 - the occupation of Haiti.
1916-1924 - occupation of the Dominican Republic.
1917-1933 - the occupation of Cuba.
1918-1922 - occupation of the Russian Far East.
1918-1920 - the introduction of troops into Panama.
1919 - landing of troops in Costa Rica.
1919 - war against the Serbs in Dolmatia on the side of Italy.
1919 - intervention in Honduras during the elections.
1920 - intervention in Guatemala.
1922 - intervention in Turkey.
1922-1927 - intervention in China.
1924-1925 - invasion of Honduras.
1925 - military operations in Panama.
1926 - the invasion of Nicaragua.
1927-1934 - the occupation of China.
1932 - the invasion of El Salvador.
1936 - intervention in Spain.
1937 - won with Japan.
1937 - intervention in Nicaragua, state coup.
1939 - the introduction of troops in China.
1941-1945 - the genocide of the civilian population of Germany (Dresden, Hamburg).
1945 - nuclear attack on Japan.
1945-1991 - sabotage activity against the USSR. (Invasion of the airspace - more than 5000, parachute assaults -
1940, direct diversions, the total budget - 13 trillion dollars).
1946 - punitive operations in Yugoslavia.
1946-1949 - the bombing of China.
1947-1948 - Reconciliation of Vietnam, genocide.
1947-1949 - military operations in Greece.
1948-1953 - military operations in the Philippines.
1948 - military coup in Peru.
1948 - military coup in Nicaragua.
1948 - military coup in Costa Rica.
1949-1953 - attempts to overthrow the government in Albania.
1950 - punitive operations in Puerto Rico.
1950-1953 - intervention in Korea.
1951 - military assistance to Chinese rebels.
1953-1964 - security operations in British Guyana.
1953 - the overthrow of Mossadegh, who received 99.9% of the vote in the referendum.
1953 - Forcible deportation of the Inuit (Greenland).
1954 - Overthrow of the government in Guatemala.
1956 - the beginning of military assistance to Tibetan insurgents in the fight against China.
1957-1958 - an attempt to overthrow the government in Indonesia.
1958 - the occupation of Lebanon.
1958 - bombing of Indonesia.
1959 - the entry of troops into Laos.
1959 - punitive operations in Haiti.
1960 - military operations in Ecuador.
1960 - invasion of Guatemala.
1960 - Support for a military coup in El Salvador.
1960-1965 - interference in the internal affairs of the Congo. Support Mobutu.
1961-1964 - a military coup in Brazil.
1961 - a terrorist war against Cuba using bacteriological weapons.
1962 - punitive operations in Guatemala.
1963-1966 - coup d'état and punitive operations in the Dominican Republic.
1964 - punitive operation in Panama.
1964 - support for the coup in Brazil.
1964-1974 - interference in the internal affairs of Greece.
1965 - a coup d'état in Indonesia, genocide.
1965-1973 - aggression against Vietnam.
1966 - intervention in Guatemala.
1967 - Support for the coup and subsequent fascist regime in Greece.
1968 - hunting for Che Guevara in Bolivia.
1971-1973 - the bombing of Laos.
1971 - American military assistance in the coup in Bolivia.
1972 - the entry of troops into Nicaragua.
1973 - coup in Chile.
1973 - terror in Uruguay.
1974 - Support for the regime of Moboth in Zaire.
1974 - preparation of aggression in Portugal.
1974 - attempted coup in Cyprus.
1975 - the occupation of Western Sahara, the introduction of troops in Morocco.
1975 - interference in the internal affairs of Australia.
1975 - an attack on Cambodia.
1975-1989 - Support for the genocide in East Timor.
1978 - military assistance to the dictator, financing of the genocide.
1979 - Support for the cannibal Bocas.
1979 - military assistance to the rebels of Yemen.
1980-1992 - military presence in El Salvador, special operations, genocide.
1980-1990 - military assistance to Iraq. A million dead in ten years.
1980 - support and funding of the Khmer Rouge.
1980 - operation "Gladio" in Italy, 86 victims.
1980 - punitive operation in South Korea.
1981 - attempted coup in Zambia.
1981 - military pressure on Libya, downed two Libyan aircraft.
1981-1990 - Contra support, terrorism, genocide.
1982 - interference in the internal affairs of Suriname.
1982-1983 - attack on Lebanon.
1982 - Support for the genocide in Guatemala.
1983 - intervention in Grenada.
1983 - interference in the internal affairs of Angola.
1984 - two Iranian planes were shot down.
1984 - mining of the bays of Nicaragua.
1985 - financing of the genocide in Chad.
1986 - an attack on Libya.
1986-1987 - attack on an Iranian ship in international waters, the destruction of the Iranian oil platform.
1986 - financing and military support of social terror, seizure of natural resources.
1987-1988 - participation in the Iraq war against Iran, the use of chemical weapons.
1988 - financing of terror and genocide in Turkey.
1988 - the explosion of a passenger plane "Pan American" over Scotland. The wine was recognized in 2003.
1988 - invasion of Honduras.
1988 - the destruction of the Iranian passenger aircraft.
1989 - intervention in Panama.
1989 - two Libyan planes were shot down.
1989 - bombing in the Philippines.
1989 - punitive operation on the Virgin Islands.
1990 - the genocide in Guatemala.
1990 - Iraq's naval blockade.
1990 - financing of the Bulgarian opposition ($ 1.5 million)
1991 - aggression against Iraq.
1991 - the bombing of Kuwait.
1992-1994 - the occupation of Somalia.
1992 - genocide and terror in the capture of the natural resources of Angola (destroyed 650,000 people).
1993-1995 - the bombing of Bosnia.
1994-1996 - terror against Iraq.
1994 - genocide in Rwanda (about 800,000 people).
1995 - the bombing of Croatia.
1998 - the destruction of a missile strike by a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan.
1998 - the bombing of Iraq.
1999 - aggression against Yugoslavia.
2001 - invasion of Afghanistan.
2002 - the entry of troops into the Philippines.
2003 - actions in Liberia.
2003 - clashes with Syrian border guards.
2004 - the entry of troops into Haiti.
2004 - Attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea.
2008 - the invasion of Pakistan.
2008 - The war in South Ossetia
2011 - The war in Libya
2013 - The war in Syria
2014 - The War in Ukraine?

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They sure did.

Nice list there and I approve. War is a Racket, and has been for a long time, it must stop. 

On the other hand Islam had been a going concern for over a thousand years by the time the US was born. I could post the list of all their aggressions, but it would take too much room. Instead here is the link…

The Early Middle-ages (7th-10th Centuries) saw twenty-seven campaigns, the High Middle-ages (11th-13th Centuries) thirty-seven campaigns, the Late Middle-ages (14th-16th) sixty-one campaigns, and in the Contemporary Era (18th-19th Centuries) fifty-nine campaigns, with the Post-Early Modern Era (19th-20th Centuries) registering at least eighty-seven campaigns in total.



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There is a push to convince Westerners that Islam is friendly:

OK, no shit that Zion is using Islam as dupes.  But here is the deal - Islam is easy to maneuver, BECAUSE their doctrine allows it.

Judaism has Kol-Niedre, Islam has Taquiyya.  Judaism hates Goy's; Islam hates Kaffirs.

Judaism has psychopathic utterings of the Sages; Islam has Abrogation which allows Imam's to pick and chose whatever Satanic verses they desire.

Lying and deceiving with concepts like Hudnah's don't come naturally to Western men, perhaps because of evolution.  

These people are alien in the way they think, so it is right to reject All OF THEM.

 Zionism, Talmudic Judaism, Freemasonary (Not regular deist Masons), Islam ... they all suck.


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Yes, every Muslim adheres to an ideology which is supremacist, xenophobic, violent and hateful and whose founder and role model was a caravan robber, mass murderer, sex maniac, sexual slave taker, deceiver, rapist and pedophile – a man who stated that he had been commanded to kill infidels and who bragged that he had been successful through terror.

Damm, MoHamHead must have been a Clinton ancestor.

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 There is a push to convince others that

Christian nations are peaceful.

A rather ludicrous proposition given the

constant warfare, including against other professed Christians,

and their global aggression and conquests and  persecutions  for

a thousand years past and continuing to this day.

(Not to mention the seeming pathological obsession of Christians

to destroy the planet's ecology and concurrently most all of its life forms)

Christians excuse their rapacity with a dogmatic belief that they are created in their god's image and act exceptionally with their god's blessing.

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No mention of the expansion of the USA into Native-occupied lands, especially after 1776?

Realize that a major reason for the War of 1776

was to free the colonists from British restrictions

on expansion into Native-occupied territories.

The land surveyor George Washington was a proponent of expansion.


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