The Vision Of Technocracy And Your Future

Authored by John Rappaport via John Rappaport's blog,

“Well, boys, we’ve got this strange thing called THE INDIVIDUAL. Could somebody tell me what he is? He’s not conforming to our algorithms. He’s all over the place. And while we’re at it, what the hell is this IMAGINATION? It keeps slipping out of our grasp, it doesn’t fit the plan…”


Technocrats say they want to wipe out poverty, war, and inequality. But in order to achieve these lofty goals (or pretend to), they need to re-program humans

Technocracy is the basic agenda and plan for ruling global society from above, so we need to understand it from several angles.

Consider a group of enthusiastic forward-looking engineers in the early 20th century. They work for a company that has a contract to manufacture a locomotive.

This is a highly complex piece of equipment.

On one level, workers are required to make the components to spec. Then they must put them all together. These tasks are formidable.

On another level, various departments of the company must coordinate their efforts. This is also viewed as a technological job. Organizing is considered a technology.

When the locomotive is finished and delivered, and when it runs on its tracks and pulls a train, a great and inspiring victory is won.

And then…the engineers begin to think about the implications. Suppose the locomotive was society itself? Suppose society was the finished product? Couldn’t society be put together in a coordinated fashion? And couldn’t the “technology of organizing things” be utilized for the job?

Why bother with endlessly arguing and lying politicians? Why should they be in charge? Isn’t that an obvious losing proposition? Of course it is.

Engineers could lay out and build a future society that would benefit all people. Disease and poverty could be wiped out. Eliminating them would be part of the blueprint.

This “insight” hit engineers and technicians like a ton of bricks. Of course! All societies had been failures for the same reason: the wrong people were in charge.

Armed with this new understanding, engineers of every stripe began to see what was needed. A revolution in thinking about societal organization. Science was the new king. And science would rule.

Of course, for an engineered world to work, certain decisions would have to be made about the role of the individual. Every individual. You couldn’t have an air-tight plan if every human were free to pursue his own objectives. Too many variables. Too much confusion. Too much conflict. Well, that problem could be solved. The individual’s actions would be tailored to fit the coordinated operations of the planned society.

The individual would be “one of the components of the locomotive.” His life would be connected to other lives to produce an exemplary shape.

Yes, this could imply a few problems, but those problems could be worked out. They would have to be worked out, because the overriding goal was the forming of a world organization. What would you do if one bolt (an individual human) in one wheel of a locomotive was the wrong size? You would go back and correct the error. You would re-make the bolt.

Other people entered the game. High-echelon Globalists saw technocracy as a system they could use to control the population.

Essentially, an already-misguided vision of a future technocratic utopia was hijacked. Something bad was made much worse.

In a nutshell, this is the history of technocracy.

A locomotive is a society? No. That was the first fatally flawed idea. Everything that followed was increasingly bizarre.

Unfortunately, many people in our world believe in Globalism, if you could call a partial vague view a legitimate belief. They dreamily float on all the propaganda cover stories—greatest good for the greatest number of people; no more poverty; equality of sharing; reducing the carbon footprint; a green economy; “sustainable development”; international cooperation; allotting production and consumption of goods and services for the betterment of everyone; and all of this delivered from a central platform of altruistic guidance.

If you track down the specifics that sit under these cover stories, you discover a warped system of planning that expresses control over the global population.

The collective utopia turns out to be a sham.

Waking up is hard to do? Breaking up is hard to do? They must be done.

A workable technological fix is a very nice achievement when the project is a machine. But transferring that glow of victory to the whole of society is an illusion. Anything that calls itself education would tackle the illusion as the first order of business.

Engineering society requires engineering humans.

That is the fatal flaw.

It’s called mind control.



Any genuine artist, any builder of communities, any sane activist, any honorable visionary stands outside technocracy, and is not part of this program.

Instead, his thrust is toward more individual freedom and a more open society with greater decentralization of power.

Decentralization is the key.

The use of technology does not imply living inside its control. The use of technology does not imply that society should be laid out like a giant machine with fitted parts.

Those futurists who have offered “overall plans” for the disposition of society generally ignore or sidestep the issue of who is going to administer the plan. To say this is an error is a vast understatement.

Where is one far-reaching center of power in our world that would run society?

All such centers of power are, first and foremost, dedicated to their own survival. And after that, they are dedicated to control of the territory they believe they own. THE INDIVIDUAL is a messy thing that needs to be sidelined or dealt with as a disruptive element.

I speak to those people who understand that the idea of the free, independent, powerful, and creative individual is being sidelined, shelved, and sent down the memory hole. This is no accident. This isn’t just a devolutionary trend. Technocrats see this as a necessary action, in order to “clean up” their equation for the civilization they’re building. The individual is a slippery variable that throws a monkey wrench into formulas.


Imagination never dies.

It belongs to the individual. It isn’t property of the group.

It enables solutions that eradicate problems and get out ahead of problems before they raise their heads.

Time and time again, the individual, as he wends his way through life, encounters persons and organizations that consider imagination a negative. In the clearly defined shapes of society, imagination must take a back seat to planning.

Is the individual resistant to such manipulations, or does he give in?

This is the key question.

Does the individual view society as an operation that can potentially lift up individuals and empower them? Or does he give in to the idea that society should create more and more dependent people?

The individual can be a source of spreading freedom, or he can defend the notion that there are an endless number of “entitlements” that must be honored.

Technocracy promotes entitlements as a doorway into the future. Its ultimate entitlement goes this way: you have the right to be re-programmed to believe you have a slot in the future world; we will make this slot as attractive as possible; you will serve the overall good as we engineer it.

That is the fundamental justification for the Welfare State. It’s the justification for a future technocratic policy which will assign citizens energy quotas. A citizen would be permitted to consume a set amount of energy in a given time period. (So-called smart meters are a step in that direction. The meters enable more specific measurements of energy consumption.)

This is how technocracy views the future…your future.

The ultimate technocratic vision? Your brain is a processor, and your brain is your mind. That’s all your mind is. Therefore, connecting your brain to a super-computer, or to the Cloud, will magically expand your mind and make it “more than human.”

You will become trans-human. A hybrid of human and machine.

This is the fairy tale to end all fairy tales.

It’s wishful fantasy dressed up as science.

The idea is: you will become More. You will overcome the limits and problems associated with being an individual.

Every individual will receive the same information and the same answers and the same solutions from the Cloud. AUTOMATICALLY.

This is the programmer’s wet dream.

Technocrats will thus be able to build a global society and control its every facet.

That’s the revolution.

The counter-revolution is YOU.

The free individual.

Never forget it.


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Plato started talking about this 2500 years ago.  About how the best people should rule the world, the best people should be soldiers, the best people should be the ones to write music, books, and dramas.


Of course who gets to decide who the best people are?  All that bullshit leads to one place and one place only:  communism.  Fuck off and die, appartatchiks.  We hate you.

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I think there are a few 'rebels' that sneak through the system, like Brandon Smith and Ken at 'Redefining God'.  But there are very few who know of the upper layers of the onion, and *those* writers do tend to get targeted.  The few of those who don't make you wonder, like David Icke, because I like most of his stuff too.

Just always question everything, believe nothing, and be ready to pivot on a dime according to your intuition.  Honing your intuition to razor-sharpness is the greatest defense that one can ever have.

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The ultimate technocratic vision? Your brain is a processor, and your brain is your mind. That’s all your mind is. Therefore, connecting your brain to a super-computer, or to the Cloud, will magically expand your mind and make it “more than human.”

You will become trans-human. A hybrid of human and machine.

This is the fairy tale to end all fairy tales.

He's describing the fucking BORG, from Star Trek.

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You know something else about him I don't?  I generally like his writing as he does point out a lot of the flaws in society, including vaccines; MSM; and politics.  He also gave a shout-out to Larry Abraham and Gary Allen's book, 'None Dare Call it Conspiracy', which was a major turning point in my awakening.

Then again, I also used to like about 90% of Alex Jones' stuff, and PCR, before I found out they were false opposition...

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DuneCreature Implied Violins Wed, 01/10/2018 - 22:55 Permalink

A lot of the 'good guys' have figured out you almost have to talk code on the Internet and airwaves if you want to get out any info at all.

Alex and PCR are two code talkers. .. I'm not saying they aren't compromised to some extent or another. ... Read between the lines and cherry their intel. ... Sometimes if you listen carefully it is clear to me that they want to tell the whole truth but can't. .... They know the deal is; Play ball with the technocrats and control freaks or they will silence you all together.

So it's veiled information and code....... or silence.

Jon Rappaport is another code talker, IMHO. .. He has done some great work and keeps swinging hard at the tyrants.

Where there is a will there's a way. ...... Look inside US prisons. .. When the inmates want to communicate they get the message through even though they are under tight surveillance 24/7.

Everyone seems to be operating under the assumption we have free speech here in this 'free' nation. ... That is an highly erroneous assumption.

AI is only going to make it much worse too.

This is going to become (already is actually) man vs. the machines and the evil assholes own the mechanization. ... We better wake up to that PDQ or it's over and out for the free creative individuals

Live Hard, I Love Machinery But Not When It Is Programmed By Evil Bad Dudes To Kill And/Or Enslave Me, Die Free

~ DC v8.4

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You may be right, but I read a LOT of history, and those at the top of the pyramid have a predilection for controlling both sides of a revolution.  All you need to do is read some of Antony Sutton's books to see how thoroughly the international bankers controlled both sides of WWI and WWII.  And they've followed the same formula since the days of Babylon.

PCR has a photo of himself sitting in front of a painting of a revolutionary war hero, who has his left hand hidden ("the hidden hand" - left hand of the NWO; the right hand is the "action hand") under his cloak.  He was an assistant treasurer under Reagan, so is a pawn of the banking system.  The man is playing 'good cop', doing his job of painting the west as evil and corrupt as all hell - which is true, so he is compelling - but the purpose of it is so that we will be led towards the east and the BRICS system willingly.  (While ignoring that the majority of people in the BRICS countries have FAR less money and freedom than we do.) 

And here is a 55-page thread on Alex Jones being COINTELPRO:,1210.0.html

I question EVERYTHING.  Too many times in history has mankind been led down a path that those at the top WANTED us to follow, while making other options seem worse - while neither option actually led to freedom, even if it seemed so at the time.  After all, the best slaves are those who don't believe they ARE slaves.


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peddling-fiction Implied Violins Wed, 01/10/2018 - 23:29 Permalink

+322 Assume everybody is tainted, and go from there. There may be some truth to their pitch, but you really need discernment to join the dots right.

Sometimes you will suddenly know new, non-published things by intuitive discernment alone. That is when it gets really interesting. Being persecuted means nothing, when you know the Holy Spirit has your back.

Have faith and no fear.

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DuneCreature Implied Violins Wed, 01/10/2018 - 23:33 Permalink

All good valid points, IV.

I don't take much of anything at face value these days. .. And yep, Sutton was all over the bankster's tricks.

Like I was trying to say. .. Cherry pick the points that square with what you 'know' and verify everything......twice.

The misinformation flows about copiously in 2018.

Have a good year, IV.

Live Hard, I Think That Is Why We Exist, To Try And Sort The Wheat From The Chaff And Make Bake Good Wholesome Bread With What We Learn, Die Free

~ DC v8.4

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VWAndy DuneCreature Thu, 01/11/2018 - 05:18 Permalink

   Yep discernment is key. That whole walking your dogma thing matters.

   Its a trouble shooting thing I picked up over the years. Many a tech will go in wanting it to be an easy fix. Or a big money making deal. So thats what they look for. The best techs dont care one way or the other. They fail to see the big picture because they have a particular focus. Its a mistake that bites me in the ass just about every time.

  A big thing for me was the fear of being wrong. Now I kinda like it in that im going to ad this new input. Upping my game.

 Sorting the beliefs from the provable is something we all need to do more often.

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are feral children: lobotomized herds

of tattooed obesity-beings, on the verge

of gender transformation, one lottery ticket

away from destiny, led by a dumbo-ruffian


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I'm going to spend my retirement in another country. When cameras showed up at each intersection I began to ask people did they notice and why we've never seen a news report on all the cameras. Most all of the people questioned had not noticed the cameras. HAD NOT NOTICED THE CAMERAS AT INTERSECTIONS, because I noticed and questioned the reality I live and others didn't I began to realize I was outside the MATRIX looking in. The American mind must conform, non-conformity is considered a mental illness by the state. State sanctioned terrorism against the citizen has forced millions of Americans not to see the cameras at their local intersection.

Then the intersection I was living close to at the time had a workman one night, and I asked him why there were four cameras monitoring the intersection. He named all but one and where they went to. After three months, the cameras which had been up since after 9/11, two were taken down in early 2013. Apparently the war on Americans was low on funding and all the buddy companies which made their fortune were long gone.

Technology is being used to harm, subjugate, and to condition the citizen into a second class status to obey on command. Their minds won't record the most obvious example, cameras at intersections.

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On YouTube is a very old movie, now in the public domain, called "Things To Come", supposedly based on an HG Wells book of the same name. (Wells dropped out of the creative team as it didn't hold to his vision s laid out in the book.)

The basic premise was a world history from 1936 to 2036, with WW2 starting in 1940 with the war going chemical early on and then biological, wiping out most of humanity and leading to societal collapse, warlords, etc. It is rebuilt by surviving technocrats that take over the world with advanced technology, putting down nation-states and eventually creating, as one character puts it, a 'great white world'.  The themes about technocracy that are covered in the article above are all loudly championed by a major character in the movie.

Things To Come full movie

UnhingedBecauseLucid Wed, 01/10/2018 - 22:13 Permalink

["Engineering society requires engineering humans."]

Bullshit. nonsensical catch phrase that'll only impress dimwitts.

Junk article.

Lawyers, economist and "social scientist" did the engineering -- and they were all too fucking scientifically illiterate to understand technological progress doesn't mean unlimited growth on a finite planet.


Not that we know for sure that the system would have been truly better had it really been "engineered" by hard scientific reason -- but it sure as shit didn't happen that way so we DON'T know, and YOU DON'T KNOW, so just shut the fuck up with your parallel universe crystal ball, you cheap fairy tale cunt. 

You had Carter who was an engineer and tried to warn the public, than you had that fucktard 'b' actor Reagan, then Fucktard Bush, Backstabbing pretentious asshole Clinton, Moron Bush, visionless bagholder Obama, and now his ROYAL TACKYNESS: CLUELESS FUCKING MORON TRUMPTY DUMPTY!!


Don't quit your day job didn't pass the filter...

Concertedmaniac Wed, 01/10/2018 - 22:33 Permalink

Article is way too feel good. Maybe if it started with ‘liquidate the globalists..’ but it doesn’t. I have trouble these days socializing with non-red pilled people, unless they’re talking revolution I’m not interested. 

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Imagine if ZH started employing bots like in Reddit.

In fact, there's an idea. A censorship bot.

Beep Beep, I'm a bot! I've sensed you have micro-aggressed against the sensitivities of others! You have 2 strikes remaining until you are banished from this site. Please do not respond because I'm a bot. If you wish to get this strike reviewed, please contact the Ministry of Truth.



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Humans built in a fail safe device against psychological testing.

Irish people,

so computer accumulating data., just crash.  

We are very frustrating.  

Radical Marijuana Wed, 01/10/2018 - 22:40 Permalink

John Rappaport is able to indulge in superficial notions regarding "Technocracy"  which do not notice the recapitulation of "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost"  as "Science, Technology, and Evolutionary Progress."

The apparently infinite tunnels of deceits emerged due to the nonlinear feedback systems operating death controls, whose most extreme forms become the murder systems, which maximized maliciousness, due to that working best, particularly because those murder systems backed up the money systems.

Any "individual"  is one of the nested toroidal vortices engaged in the entropic pumping of environmental energy flows. People like John Rappaport, et alia, are forms of controlled "opposition," who continue to misunderstand the mechanisms of how things work in absurdly backward ways.

  "... endlessly arguing and lying politicians [APPEAR] in charge"  BECAUSE they were the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites ... 

If people like John Rappaport are going to offer genuine better resolutions of the problems, then they should propose and promote better death control systems. However, attempting to do so runs into the underlying issues that have resulted in the actually existing murder systems developing the maximum maliciousness, such as how actually existing money systems developing on the basis of enforced frauds becoming exponentially more fraudulent.

A genuinely better "Vision Of Technocracy And Your Future"  should attempt better understanding of the series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigms shifts achieved in physical science, which enabled an increasingly technocratic civilization to achieve series of industrial revolutions. Those profound paradigm shifts are what ought to be similarly applied through political science, and particularly through more radical truths regarding the death controls that backed up the debt controls, in order to better understand why the combined murder/money systems that actually exist actually exist!

John Rappaport's kind of approach is doing nothing worthwhile regarding the ways that the oxymoronic "scientific dictatorship" is not genuinely scientific about itself. To blame that on "technocracy"  is a superficial mislabeling of the issues, which ends up "barking up the wrong tree."

The oldest and best developed forms of social science and engineering were warfare, whose successfulness was based on deceits and treacheries, which then became the basis for financial successfulness based on public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, whereby those enforced frauds achieved symbolic robberies. Inside that context, the about exponentially advancing technologies enabled about exponentially increasing fraudulence.

Natural selection pressures were internalized as human intelligence, which was applied to the most important selection pressures, which were other groups of human beings. That drove the history of warfare to become murder systems that maximized maliciousness, as the basis for money systems which have become about exponentially more fraudulent, as about exponentially more advanced technologies were applied to better enforce bigger frauds.

But nevertheless, the underlying issues are that there must be some death control systems, whose most extreme forms are the murder systems. It is because those are extremely intractable political problems that there have been developed the most bullshit to bury those problems under the most bogus "philosophies."

People like John Rappaport, et alia, actually add more of the same old-fashioned bullshit on top the previous deep, deep piles of bullshit. Any "individual"  is necessarily one layer of nested toroidal vortices engaged in entropic pumping of environmental energy flows, all of which have become deliberately ignored and/or misunderstood in the most absurdly backward ways, due to the biggest bullies' bullshit, which became the banksters' bullshit, almost totally dominating Globalized Neolithic Civilization, as well as being built into the basic structure of the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science. Almost everyone takes those bullshit-based world views for granted when they think or communicate about political problems, and that includes the kinds of presentations made my people like John Rappaport, et alia.

Somewhat ironically, the so-called "technocracy,"  manifesting through the dominating "scientific dictatorship," does NOT change the ways it perceives and defines the world in any manners which are remotely close to becoming consistent with those profound paradigm shifts which were made by the mathematical physics, which enabled all of the most important technologies to be implemented. Of course, the same goes for almost all of the various layers of controlled "opposition" groups, such as represented by John Rappaport, et alia ...

Mostly, the popularized interpretations of mathematical physics continue to attempt to shoehorn those back into the Judaeo-Christian world view, i.e., interpret Science, Technology, and Evolutionary Progress as another form of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. However, post-modernizing science is re-converging with ancient mysticism. Hence, one should attempt to go way back before the origins of Globalized Neolithic Civilization, in order try to cope with the technologies enabled by the prodigious progress in mathematical physics.