"We'll See" - Trump Refuses To Commit To Interview With Robert Mueller

Reporters finally had an opportunity to ask Trump about a Washington Post report claiming that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is hoping to interview the president in the near future as part of his investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia - an investigation that's reportedly pivoted toward he issue of obstruction of justice.



When asked by Fox White House reporter John Roberts if he would consider sitting for an interview - or if he would request special terms or conditions - the president dismissed the investigation into Russia's election meddling and possible collusion as "a Democrat hoax" that left a "phony cloud" over his first 11 months in office.

“It’s a Democrat hoax that Democrats are blaming for losing an election they should’ve won because they have such an advantage in the electoral college."

Trump brought up Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI over Fourth of July weekend in 2016.

“Hilary Clinton had an interview where she wasn’t sworn in, they didn’t take notes, and it was done over Fourth of July weekend. That's perhaps ridiculous - a lot of people looked at that as a serious breach, and it really was.”

"I can only say this: There was absolutely no collusion. Everybody knows it.

By focusing on the Russia collusion investigation, Trump claimed that Democrats are "hurting" his administration and the US government.

"I’ve been in office now for 11 months and for 11 months they’ve had this phony cloud hanging over our government and it’s hurting our government."

Asked repeatedly if he would consider it, he repeatedly responded "we'll see."

Trump repeated that "virtually everybody" has come to the conclusion that there was no collusion.

"When they have no collusion, and nobody’s found collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you’d even have an interview," Trump said.

According to WaPo, Trump’s attorneys are reluctant to allow him to sit down for open-ended, face-to-face questioning without clear parameters. Since the December meeting, they have discussed whether the president could provide written answers to some portion of the questions from Mueller’s investigators, as then-President Ronald Reagan did during the Iran-contra investigation.




JRobby yrad Wed, 01/10/2018 - 16:45 Permalink

That was a great line. As well as the "revenge,.........for what?......for being born" line.


CONgress should have already fired Mueller. Obviously, staying true to their corrupt form due to financial gains and blackmail, they have not. They will push it until CONgress stops it. The party is already destroyed so I assume they will continue to the bitter end.

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spastic_colon JRobby Wed, 01/10/2018 - 16:50 Permalink

thats weird, I was literally thinking of that line last nite for some strange reason..........


"poor soul, he was just too high strung"


PS - the longer he allows this to be drug out the more he can use it against the dems come midterms.....he's gonna need everything possible because they will use this, the markets, the economy and all else against him.

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Rex Andrus Wed, 01/10/2018 - 16:32 Permalink

Under the Obama interpretation of the United States I was told that I am considered under arrest whenever I speak to an LEO. Lock Mueller Up and confiscate his assets. 

wmbz Wed, 01/10/2018 - 16:36 Permalink

Trump should sit down and ask Mueller the first question.

Hey Bob, what is the size of the wart on Bill's dick? Then fire his sorry money wasting ass. POS.

lester1 Wed, 01/10/2018 - 16:43 Permalink

Fuck Mueller and the corrupt FBI. Never talk to those fuckers. Stay silent and make them prove their case beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

And use the Hillary defense, that she got away with all her crimes. The jury would easily side with you over the corrupt FBI/DOJ !

Clowns on Acid Wed, 01/10/2018 - 16:43 Permalink

Shouldn't Muellar be the one investigated / questioned by Sessions regarding his illegal acts with Comey, Hillary, and HusseinObama ?

Oh yeh thats right Sessions is changing his adult diaper at the moment.

Tell Muellar to get fucked El Donaldo !

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