Americans' Confidence Hits 17-Year High As Democrats Throw In The Misery Towel

'Chuck and Nancy' have a problem. It appears the Trump tax cuts were the final straw that broke the partisan confidence camel's back as the last week saw Democrats' comfort spike by the most since Dec 2011 to pre-election levels.

Americans’ confidence began 2018 by rising to an almost 17-year high on greater optimism about the U.S. economy and buying climate, according to the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index released Thursday.

Measures tracking views of the economy rose to 55.8, also the highest since March 2001, from 53.6.

But perhaps most notable was the surge in Democratic voters' comfort...

Despite an endless procession of political and media types proclaiming the Trump tax reform act as a scam, and despite Tom Steyer's best efforts to scare everyone, Democratic voters' comfort soared in the first week of January 2018 to pre-election levels as it appears partisan views of the world may be fading a little more back to reality.

For context, this was the biggest weekly jump in 7 years!