No, The EU Is Not Militarizing Africa To Halt Migration, But Simply To Organize It


We offer a counter-analysis to “EU Militarizes Africa to Halt Migration” that appeared on Strategic Culture Foundation.While the original article offers an interesting study of the latest neo-imperialist military involvement of European countries in Africa, spearheaded by French President Macron, we beg to differ on what is going to be the impact on migration flows and what are the EU goals. Recent events suggest a rather different conclusion. Let’s go in order.

Last summer, when the news that NGOs were shipping migrants to Italy and cooperating with traffickers surfaced, the newly elected Emmanuel Macron quickly came up with a solution: hotspots in Africa where people seeking protection could go to and apply for the status of refugee,and, if granted such a status, could be moved to Europe in an official way.

The plan has been operational for a few weeks now: the first batches of positively-verified asylum seekers have been moved to France and Italy,while European governments are sending their troops to Africa to help manage the flow. The first groups come from the most afflicted area, Libya, due to its lack of a stable government, ironically resulting from French intervention of a few years ago, when the “Arab Spring’’ brought about the removal of Muammar Qaddafi, leaving the country in a state of perpetual civil war. After the Italian government had partially (up to 6000 migrants every month are still shipped to Italy) sealed the Libyan route, those who couldn’t make it found themselves trapped in the North African country and NGOs started lamenting human rights abuses and slavery market in development.

The process is referred to as “humanitarian corridors’’ and is lobbied heavily by the open borders civil society. Asylum seekers whose request is accepted are transferred to their destination, while those whose request was rejected are moved back to their home country.

Finally, last week, on the occasion of the ‘’International Migrants Day’’ the EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos penned an article for Politico,expressing his commitment to open borders migration policies and outlining the EU’s role on the matter: the flow will not be stopped, but managed.

Hence our different conclusion from Strategic Culture: it is true that the EU liberal establishment is rattled by the rise of right-wing anti-immigration parties, most notably the latest alliance forming the Austrian government between the recently elected Sebastian Kurz and the far-right Freedom party; however, the EU establishment finds that such popular rejection of their policies is unjustified, coming from ungrateful people who do not see the bigger picture, fail to appreciate the alleged benefits of vibrant and diverse multicultural societies, or are simply misguided by populist politicians or fake news from Russia.

The commitment to free movement of labour, a key component of modern liberalism, combined with that of capital and goods, remains. The approach changes. The Marie-Antoinettes of the liberal elite realize that the Brexit vote might have been partially instigated by the human flows following Merkel’s decision to open European borders to Syrian refugees. But according to them, the problem isn’t Merkel’s policy, it’s the mediatic impact of the human waves or the migrant boats in the Mediterranean, creating a fear among Europeans that they were being overrun. The new approach of humanitarian corridors aims to continue the flow; however, it will be meticulously organized, in theory barely noticeable to the view of the public. Migrants will keep arriving, not on foot or by boat but by plane.

The liberal elite wants to prove it can solve problems without compromising its values.

The plan resembles the one adopted by Merkel with the agreement with Erdoğan. While the human wave stopped, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have been flown to Germany since then. Liberal leaders are convinced that immigration is not a problem if managed orderly, and that anxieties of European citizens will go away if the media covers the topic correctly.

Will it work?

We stick to the effectiveness of Merkel’s policy, since it’s the only precedent. The answer is no. Germany has already found out the hard way that integrating hundreds of thousands of people in such a short time is impossible, economically and socially. Merkel started early this year the ‘’Joint Way Forward’’ scheme to return Afghan refugees to their home country, but even returns have turned out to be problematic, with pilots refusing to fly over safety concerns. Nonetheless, the economic costs keep rising and the German government is looking for ways to send Syrians back to their homes as well,much to the consternation of open borders advocates.

Politically, the refugee policy has killed Merkel’s credibility for a relevant part of her former electorate. She had run and won her previous mandate under the simple message that voters knew her and what they could expect from her, but it didn’t turn out that way. After this year’s election, Merkel is currently unable to form a government after losing a significant number of votes to the anti-immigration AfD. The ‘’Jamaica coalition’’ idea with the FDP and the Greens failed. Negotiations with the SDP are stalling. New elections would force her to relinquish power; the liberal elite had chosen her as the new ‘’leader of the free world’’, a nominal role uniquely attributed to US Presidents in the past, out of rejection of Donald Trump, but it looks like they are going to need a new one as well. Predictably, it’ll be Macron and he’s already well on his path to repeat the same mistakes.

Merkel’s attempt to quell dissent by enacting a number of censorship laws on social media has not worked either. The problem isn’t the media, nor the allegedly unjustified criticism by Europeans; the problem is her policy.

An alternative path

Avramopoulous has presented his opinion that migration flows can’t be stopped as an absolute truth. Yet, when one of the most committed countries to open borders, Sweden, found out that the flow was not compatible with its integrating capabilities, ranging from housing, to education, to social stability, it did reinstate controls to the border with Denmark to limit any further influx from the Third World, with the minister of a left-green coalition government announcing the measure in tears.More recently, the Swedish Finance Minister admitted that ‘’integration isn’t working’’and immigration costs for Sweden are unsustainable.

Avramopoulos’s truth might as well be a lie, as we are shifting in the Orwellian phase of liberalism, where every word means the exact opposite. The flows envisaged by the EU chief have already proved to be unsustainable; if he doesn’t have the will or the power to stop them, someone else will do it, without the need to give up on humanitarian assistance.

Can humanitarian assistance coexist with the necessity to curb migration flows to Europe?

Instead of funding UN/UNHCR/IOM schemes to fly refugees to Europe, an alternative could be to create protection centers in stable countries neighbouring conflict areas. If there’s a conflict in Eritrea, then the EU, European countries and the rest of international institutions could offer additional aid to the neighbouring Ethiopia in exchange for setting up centers for refugees and offer protection locally. If the crisis is in Sudan, then centers could be set up in the Central African Republic, or Chad, or Kenya, or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Localized humanitarian protection has various advantages over the human corridor approach; while both allow the EU to save its face on humanitarian matters:

  1. Individuals needing protection will actually be closer to the place that can protect them, without needing to travel to Libya or other North African shores.
  2. It’s financially sounder; according to Oxford professor Paul Collier, it’s 135 times cheaper to protect refugees locally, rather than bringing them to Europe, due to the cheaper currencies and standard of living of developing countries.
  3. The cheaper costs would allow taking care of bigger numbers.
  4. Once the emergency is finished, it’ll be easier to return to their home countries.
  5. Family reunions would be easier as well.
  6. Finally, it’d prove to Europeans that leaders listen to them and reconcile the masses and the elites by providing a solution on an extremely divisive issue.


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The Crazy EU- Gibraltar

MEPs and legal experts have claimed the veto over the territory’s future after Brexit would give Spain special status among EU nation, when they should be on an equal level.

The EU’s Brexit negotiating guidelines stated that the Brexit deal will not apply to Gibraltar without an “agreement between the kingdom of Spain and the UK”.

Experts have told the Telegraph that the veto could be illegal under EU law.

Spain's Gibraltar claim has NO legitimacy and YES would be illegal.

They've effectively signed the territory away 3x times!

Gibraltar – Spanish Myths and Agreements (single page):


So much for democracy and the EU.


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It's all them people smugglers, I tell yiz.  The people pay the smugglers lots of munny so they can get smuggled into the good countries so they can has a better life becoz they haz no munny!

And then the people walk the rest of the way with no outside help what-so-ever and food just magically appears out of nowhere.

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You have identified the solution. The leaders of Europe are busy dreaming their delusion and cannot be bothered to take right action, and therefore it is for the people to address the issue. Unfortunately, history suggests that before this can happen, the wrong will have to become completely intolerable before men will be willing to risk their lives in doing anything decisive about it. By that time, the enemy will have become so entrenched that many more will die than otherwise would. The alternative is likely to occur, and that is that the men will not be men but will become sheep, and sooner or later even the concept of Europe will cease to exist. This is the same war that has been waged for more than a thousand years, and now the indigenous peoples of Europe are capitulating.

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The European leaders - willing puppets beholden to their masters of the Illuminati/Deep State - are doing this intentionally. They have their goal as the flooding of Europe (Germany more so) with incompatibles, next step build up their numbers, next step set them and the ethnic-Europeans against one another - divide & conquer, and miscegenation - ALL in order to genocide 'Whiteness'.

This is a Jewish initiative as told by themselves (Barabara Lerner spectre et al) but not for Isra hell where apartheid rules. My solution: 1) Germans must immediately stop so-called 'reparations' to Isra hell - not a penny more. 2) The U.S. must stop feeding the parasite too. 3) George Soros' tentacles must be immediately annihilated and a people's arrest put in place. 4) The ethnic-Europeans need to grow some and say a resounding 'NO!' and remove their treasonous politicians.

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Migrants are being brought in as farm equipment. They will end up in the countryside growing crops on estates and plantations. The Western elite are hedging their bets that if the EU currency does crash they´ll still have population to farm the European countryside. With European demographics crashing they have to ship in Africans. If we see the same kind of inflation in food that Europe has experienced in housing it would result in a massive famine across most the continent. Right now food prices stay low because of third world agricultural produce. Many of these ancient towns are actually prime farm land but were uncompetitive with modern industrial farming and cheap imports.…

The purpose of the Right Wing Revival is just to make sure the white supremacist element are there to protect the financiers from a future slave rebellions amongst the new farm workers. Its been done before when hundreds and thousand of Algerians were sent to the French countryside in the 1930s to make up for man power shortages after World War 1.  Gatestone, Netanyahu and the other bastards have done nothing to halt immigration but they need areas where the population is hostile to keep the black farm workers in line. I think reactivation of Central European Military Industrial Complex in the Visegard region is currently in the works with Eric Prince making orders for cheap weaponry. Most NATO militaries are too expensive and the French military is mostly second generation African or Arab. Central European Fascists are now on the Israeli pay roll. Macron used to work for them so its not a surprise.…

In my opinion the shit they are feeding the public about robots is probably a lie. It will only work if global manufacturing output can increase rapidly. Even the Japanese out source to cheap countries despite decades of labor shortages and promises of further automation. The U.S desire for robotics is more to do with Social Security payments, Medical and housing costs. No corporation can afford to shoulder these burdens and be globally competitive. The real shift will be to low technology for commodity production. Get ready for Feudalism.   

The U.K knows whats happening so they want out. Gibraltar means a great deal to the British navy but its now just a spending project. The future of Europe will be something akin to the Koudenhov Kallegri program meets Game of Thrones.

A darker angle is that its a set up for bigger collapase later on. 


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Nope. White genocide is the stated goal and they tell you themselves. You need to learn about THE KALERGI PLAN:…


Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre says 'we Jews' are behind the Muslim

invasion of Europe. Listen to her say it here: (1 min)


In her own words:


"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in

time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we

are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must

take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once

were in the last century. JEWS ARE GOING TO BE AT THE CENTRE OF THAT.


It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a

multicultural mode and Jews will be resented BECAUSE OF OUR LEADING

ROLE. But without that leading role and without that transformation,

Europe will not survive. 16.09.2010 Barbara Spectre" (No

'multiculturalism for Israel of course!)

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Yeah, it's a communication problem. Sure. That's actually how these fuckwits think. Doug Saunders at the Globe & Mail prime example. I've read his shit before where he says, us plebs just need to hear and be educated by his fucking stupid ideas and so we can embrace a good raping. Meanwhile he's 6 suburbs over, where Moroccan street food and cheap nannies is the closest the liberal elites get to interacting with immigrants.

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Going full retard.

What difference, at this point, does it make?

In the past those ships would have been burned and sunk if they had ever set sail.

Invaders would have been repelled and pushed back.

Europe's Future is to become like American Cities.

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Actually, borders were open and there was free movement of peoples for millions of years, up until the late 1800s. It is a very modern idea that you are not allowed to leave your country.

Of course there was nothing in the way of social security for the new arrival, and not speaking the language may not of helped, when 3 weeks without food means you are dead. Europe has a very long tradition of people travelling, either for religious pilgrimage or work (the German journeyman system is outstanding, and was widely practised, I believe). Huge numbers of refugees would be bumped from one area to another by war or famine. Happened all the time. Unfortunately, the new system is to forcibly extract vast numbers of surplus population from Africa and send them to Europe, to be fed by Europeans, for slightly fuzzy, unspecified reasons.

Because no one has actually come out and said "Look - we really, really need these immigrants, and if we don't get them you will all be poorer, and this is why, so stop whining and be nice", the public is trying to work out what's in it for them, and not coming up with any real answers. The next step will be the locals creating their own solutions, final or otherwise, but is that actually the plan? Create a right-wing backlash, then send in the EU army to enforce the law?

As I posted yesterday, one of my biggest failings is a tendency not to believe that people are so devious, corrupt and thoughtless that they would plan genocides, and yet genocides still happen. It must be sheer incompetence, not evil.

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The reasons given by the elites aren't "fuzzy or unspecified". We're told we need them for demographic reasons, as the taxes all these benefit-receiving "refugees" will somehow pay are needed to fund Europeans' pensions.

You're right, though, immigration was uncontrolled until relatively recently, and people moved around largely unhindered. It's the advent of Western prosperity, welfare, reduction of racism, better transport and overpopulation in the 3rd world that has led to all these people deciding they want to come to Europe now.

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They can soak up inflation just by being dropped off somewhere. If the population drops and the money supply expands the system will begin to unravel. Same story for all the shit that was built since the 1960. If European population drops to the levels seen around early 20th century much of the peripheries will end up looking like Chernobyl.


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This is no more than leftist school bussing of the 60s redux. The hoped for result was to give black kids a chance to better themselves. The actual results were to turn the white schools into the same kind of shit holes the blacks had just come from. The problem for whites in Europe is that they have no suburbs to flee to with their kids.

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That bussing was NOT to give black kids a chance to better themselves. they already had the same education system. It was a Jewish initiative to remove 'Whiteness' (White genocide) now in full swing:

Jewish Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev states here that he wants

White people genocided. I guess if you are Jewish its not 'hate speech'

and okay to push this agenda.

(just 40seconds):



2) Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre says 'we Jews' are behind the Muslim

invasion of Europe. Listen to her say it here: (1 min)


In her own words:


"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in

time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we

are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must

take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once

were in the last century. JEWS ARE GOING TO BE AT THE CENTRE OF THAT.


It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a

multicultural mode and Jews will be resented BECAUSE OF OUR LEADING

ROLE. But without that leading role and without that transformation,

Europe will not survive. 16.09.2010 Barbara Spectre" (No

'multiculturalism for Israel of course!)

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If immigration is moderated (far less than now) the people arriving become assimilated. So the West Indians arriving in small numbers into the UK along with those from India / Pakistan were just melded into the humanitarian pot.

Now they arrive and just want to kill us? BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE.


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If a country is going to basically house them and feed them, why not do that in their own country instead of bringing them into a new place? If everyone wants to spend so much time and energy on them, train them to survive (farm), drill wells, enforce safe zones and practice birth control. Doesn't matter how "Liberal" or "Progressive" they are--it just doesn't make sense what they are doing. The whole world is encouraged to take in these refugees--so how many have gone to China and Russia (the new leaders of the world)

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I say BRAVO. If I had planned to slowly destroy the EU, this is exactly how I would have done it. I too would be upset about Poland and Hungary not toeing the line.

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Mr. Truman drops atomic bombs on women and children and it my father who is posthumously adjudged a war criminal.

At Yalta with a sweep of a pen, a senile president condemns a third of the world to communism.

Europe with the zeal of a missionary gone mad, hands over the wealth and resources of Africa to savages who have barely learned to beat a drum.

Then you give them tanks and arms to replace their bows and arrows.

And when your freezers arrive, they use them to store their enemies until their Sunday dinner.

I have the grace not to mention Vietnam.

All over your brave new democratic world, inflation spirals as literacy drops.

And in America? They vote for law and order whilst shooting down Presidents, schoolchildren, and rock stars in the streets.

Johann von Tiebolt
The Holcroft Covenant (1985)

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There will be no place in the world that will not be trashed by bearly functioning third worlders. Except perhaps a few enclaves the 1% set aside for themselves. 

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The collapse of the global debt bubble and deep recession can't come soon enough. It will present an opportunity for the rivival of nation states in Europe; social cohesion in the face of hardship (less likely in US, not being a nation state and the deep racial divisions - dissolution more likely). The goverments of Poland and Hungary are a source of great hope.

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Wah wah boohoo our delusional socialist fantasy world is blowing up in our faces. But we're just sooo compassionate and we can't understand why everyone won't just accept the psychotic rape gangs into their countries. Maybe we should just abolish democracy and let the European Commission run everything since they know better than everyone about how to live their lives.

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The long term goal is to return a system of feudalism.

Business aristocracy, military and then peasants.


These so called Liberal leaders in fact cannot stand that the average person has any sort of independance.

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“Leaders” never look at history. When the socialist party ends, and that end is sooner than they suspect, people will rise up and take out their anger on the “new” people. It will not be a pretty end...

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It has been pointed out on this forum and other venues that America is doing a fine job of destroying itself from within. Diversity, social justice warriors, and all the assorted claptrap that is now part of the mainstream culture has Balkanized America. China and Russia don't need war, they just have to buy some popcorn and watch the festivities.

Now Europe, feeling left out, is playing catchup in the game of destroying their cultures. The entirety of Western civilization is a turd circling the bowl. 

How quickly the tide turns!   

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You could have saved a lot of typing by just referring to the Kalergi Plan or UN Agenda 21.


What you see is what you get when no-one will discuss the truth for fear of being accused of being a conspiracy theorist.


It is conspiracy fact folks, get used to it.

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Kalegri plan was financed by the same people who financed the Third Reich. It was just different angles to the same end. European population was collapsing after the First World War. Colonial Empires would have collapsed if they tried to use force so the plan was hatched to stave off African rebellion and prop up the wrecked European economy with population transfers. 

Same story now but its simply Demographics. The Developed world probably aborted 100 million of its people. Abortion rates were high in Europe and also quite high amongst poor whites in America. They are still catastrophically high amongst the Eastern Europeans who also have begun selling their women into prostitution to raise money. The only idea left is to rebalance the populations.

Plan now is simply to colonize Africa so the population stops growing while Europe has to be swamped with immigrants. A new Black or Arab middle management class will form in Europe to make sure the natives in Africa stay in line with the program.

Its already taking shape amongst the Moroccan and Algerian diasporas. The Mayor of Rotterdam was invited to Bilderberger a few years back. Same with Goldman Sachs getting its claws into Libya and other developing nations.

personally I think its a set up. The real goal will be to finish Europe off once and for all. Should people get out of line we will see what happened in Syria on the streets of European cities.   

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