These Are The People Going With Trump To Davos

Two days after the NYT reported that Trump would attend the 48th World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this month, making him the first sitting US president since the Clinton administration to attend the annual photo-op boondoggle of world leaders, billionaires, and captains of industry, Bloomberg leaked the people Trump will be taking with him to Davos (one year after the main topic at the Swiss village was how to avoid a Trump presidency and avoid populism).

According to Bloomberg, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will go with Trump. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao will also accompany him, one of the people said.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Energy Secretary Rick Perry are also attending the World Economic Forum the week of Jan. 22 but as part of a separate U.S. delegation, one of the people said. They will arrive on Monday and leave Wednesday in part to free hotel rooms for Trump’s delegation, which arrives on Thursday.

What is notable is that while the main topic this year will surely be trade protectionism (and globalization), the delegation is made of half trade hawks and half doves. It is also worth remembering that Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Cohn have been trying to convince President Trump not to pursue too aggressive trade policies.This is against the supposed advice of Ross, Lighthizer, and not mentioned for the Davos delegation, Peter Navarro.

Also notable is a report by Axios from last week, according to which "Cohn and (Treasury Secretary) Mnuchin are now appealing to Trump's obsession with the record-breaking run of the stock market under his presidency, according to four sources with direct knowledge." Cohn and Mnuchin have argued that an attack on trade would hurt stocks and the middle class, undoing the tax cut. However, "though Cohn and Mnuchin don't like tariffs, they're comparatively comfortable with targeted actions against truly bad actors, as in this case."

As a reminder, Trump’s administration is embracing Davos this year after previously spurning the gathering of the world’s economic elite. His former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has derided people who attend the conference as the “party of Davos,” describing them as anathema to the nationalist, populist voters who put Trump in the White House. Last year, before he was inaugurated, none of Trump’s aides or Cabinet nominees attended the conference, except for Anthony Scaramucci. Incidentally, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said Trump seeks to “advance his ‘America First’ agenda with world leaders” at the conference.


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when all you can do is print or print faster and all your printing has caused productivity to decline you are sort of fucked (details of how and which orifice are irrelevant)

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we'll soon learned that shrump was directly responsible for deciding how much the $dji, $spx and $ndq should increase every day...kinda like how obummer personally decided which people to dronemurder...

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Davos, a Coven of Satanic Billionaires

the leaders of global working class oppression,

secret schemers, the cream of the exploiters,

feudal lords of the techno-industrial hierarchy.

Meetings about skims, scams, rules, regulations

and laws, to the benefit of the elite at the expense of the toilers.

Nothing good will come to you as they squeeze the system

with one new financial funny product after another.

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I told you...

Donald Trump is a Big Government Statist.

Statists want government to have a great deal of power over the economy and individual behavior. They frequently doubt whether economic liberty and individual freedom are practical options in today's world. Statists tend to distrust the free market, support high taxes and centralized planning of the economy, oppose diverse lifestyles, and question the importance of civil liberties.

Want to travel to a beautiful place and hang out with some libertarian-minded people, instead of a bunch of statists?

Come to the 2nd ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club in Marfa, Texas, June 1-3...…

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well they don't eye the masses as a buunch of ZH'ers. More like the free shit army and snowflakes out there. Wouldn't you view the plebs in the same way? With people, its about quality not quantity..


survival of the fittest is a great economic policy guideline. not saying we have that, but in theory.

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Look a squirrel!  Orange claimed to hate the Davos crowd, the elites, roused up his base to "elect me and we'll fight them"!  Sorry serfs, rooked again ...

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Yeah, but, seriously: what choice did they have? It was him or Hitlery.

He's been a Statist and Democrat all his life, and an authoritarian one to boot. But he made some good noises about US military adventurism, talked about actually enforcing immigration law, dismissed AGW as a non-issue, and vowed to reduce regulations.

So far he's pulled out of the idiotic Paris agreement and (or so I'm told by people in the know) US regulators are no longer enforcing with such zeal. I'm told middle-class Americans are paying less tax, and that people can no longer deduct State taxes from Federal ones. I'm in two minds about that; I mean, anything that reduces taxes are a good thing, right? But when you consider the previous law meant Blue states were enacting leftist legislation and it was essentially being subsidised by low-tax states, then at least they're now shouldering the burden of their statism more equally.

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Jim your tax thesis is completely wrong.  You state:  "Blue states were enacting leftist legislation and it was essentially being subsidised by low-tax states" and I'll tell you why:  BLUE states are NET DONOR states ALREADY to the federal treasury.  In other words, they pay MORE to the treasury than they get back.  California gets back about $0.80 of every $1 they put in.  The rest goes to meth-laden, whining, jeebus loving, RED states.  IF blue states wish to tax themselves to make their states parks, schools, neighborhoods decent, like CA (UC, Cal-State etc) that's a state issue. 

NOT taxing citizens, on involuntary TAXES they paid to their state is NOT subsidizing.  BUT IF you want to take that argument, then we should STOP  SUBSIDIZING voluntary donations to RED-STATE CHURCH's!  These so-called religious institutions pay no tax but get more representation than taxpayers like me!  If we take away the Church deduction(tithes), I'll have no problem being double-taxed on the involuntary taxes I pay to my state.  Really give some thought to this one ...

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This is a critical stealth meeting between Trump and Indian leader Modi, after Modi bear hugged Trump at the Whitehouse, expect the marriage ceremony to be conducted in secret at this meeting.

India is shopping for advanced high tech weapons and doesn't have enough capital for a complete rebuild of the Indian military. The deal to license fighter bomber production in India failed because US weapons, new weapons are more expensive than other nations. India must replace the old Mig-21 squadrons.

Trump executive order for the government to help win defense contracts in a highly competitive business was needed for the Indian technology transfer and it failed because not enough boots were on the ground in India explaining the easy terms the federal government is willing to offer India.

India is taking center stage and the US wants to ensure India is a strong ally able to stand up to China.

The other part is, this is Trump payback, he will make a big deal out of it, by USING the platform to cheer lead his America First agenda and New Economic Order, the US economy must have favorable conditions and the ONE WAY STREET IS CLOSED.

This is an excellent opportunity to announce and too make sure with physical appearance, the end of the One World Government and the end of Soros/International Communism's Open Borders.

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I'm guessing whilst the Stock Market melts-up.  Whilst you are counting your tax savings and talk with the other plebs about how great this mediocre economy is, the elites in Davos will be scheming as how to enslave you and yours.  Enjoy.  

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"Newsflash! Just in! The presidential jet has crashed on its way to Davos, killing all aboard! Fortunately, President Trump had declined to board at the last minute due to "illness", but - tragically! - his entire staff of Goldmanites, Warmongering generals, AIPAC Israel-firsters and assorted RINOs were not so lucky!"

A man can dream, can't he?

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