Staggering Animated Map Of Every Nuclear Bomb Detonation In History

In the early 1940's some of the greatest scientific minds of all time gathered in Los Alamos, NM for an "R&D" project, infamously dubbed the 'Manhattan Project', that ultimately changed the course of human history forever. 

Just a few years later, on July 16th, 1945, that team of scientists detonated the world's first nuclear weapon, code-named "Trinity", in the desert just north of Alamogordo, NM.  Less than one month later, the only two nuclear weapons to ever be used in combat were detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki resulting in over 100,000 immediate civilian and military deaths.

And while no nuclear weapons have been used in a combat situation since August 9, 1945, as revealed by the following animation, a staggering number of tests have been conducted all over the world and most of them in the deserts of the Southwestern United States.

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And while nuclear tests are somewhat more rare now than they were during the height of the Cold War, there remains a devastating number of nuclear warheads deployed and ready for launch today...a fact we recently detailed in the post below entitled "15,000 Nuclear Weapons In The World - Mapping Who Has What":

So, how many nuclear weapons are there, and what exactly is happening right now? Let’s launch into it.


Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

As VisualCapitalist's map above demonstrates, the United States and Russia still maintain the world’s largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons, holding 92% of the world’s estimated 15,000 nuclear warheads.

While today’s arsenals seem quite excessive, they are actually quite modest compared to historical totals such as those during the Cold War. In 1986, for example, there were actually 70,300 nuclear weapons globally – but luckily for us, the number of warheads has eased down over time as countries disarm more weapons.

Will this number of warheads continue to slide down as a result of increased international cooperation? The Brookings Institution has grouped the nine countries with nuclear arsenals into categories that identify prospective entrants to the global arms control regime:

Any advancement of multilateral arms control, such as a treaty limiting limiting nuclear weapons, would likely take place between these countries.


Thanks to various arms reduction agreements, thousands of nuclear warheads have been retired. That said, warheads are still stored in a number of sites around the continental United States. The map below also highlights laboratories and interstate shipping routes. (Yes, nuclear weapons are apparently shipped in big rigs.)


The Hermit Kingdom is a relatively minor player in the nuclear weapon ecosystem, but they have been capturing the world’s attention. Under Kim Jong Un, North Korea has dramatically ramped up the frequency of missile tests, with 17 confirmed launches so far in 2017.

Here’s a look at the country’s arsenal of nuclear weapons, along with ranges of specific weapons.

More than a decade has passed since North Korea detonated its first nuclear weapon, and the country is now believed to be capable of intercontinental ballistic missile delivery. This, combined with aggressive rhetoric from North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, has forced the Trump administration to take their threats more seriously.

That said, experts suggest that recent provocations aren’t much different from previous periods of tension between the two countries, and that the risk of an actual conflict is overblown.

North Korea’s comments are clearly deterrent in nature, and the Guam ‘threat’ was exactly along those lines.


– David Kang, director, Korean Studies Institute, USC

Either way, while the prospect of an all-out war is unlikely – the war of words between North Korea and the United States is likely destined to continue.


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The whole time of the video I had my eyes locked on what was once Palestine.  So quiet... so tranquil... yet so menacing.  But lo, the tribe that took it over in 1948 isn't mentioned at all in the video.  Ever hear of Dimona, Mr. Producer? There is no greater nuclear threat in the world than the "Samson-Option" Israelis with their German Dolphin-class submarines capable of delivering them anywhere.  And who has the greatest historical proclivity for false-flag-by-way-of-deception stunts?

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if you go to Hiroshima Ground Zero museum - they have a huge map of all the countries that have nukes - and Israel is on the map. I remember it was a 2 digit number at least 20. 

I spoke to my American military friends from the nearby base and they told me it was Uncle Satan who gave Israelis nukes

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 No, ZH used to be a financial blog.  ZH also used to have some really good commentary and advice by readers.  Now it’s mostly political clickbait and a war of words in the comment section between paid liberal trolls and those not bright enough to ignore them.  Present company excluded, of course.  RIP Zero Hedge.

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I first saw that video a while back, its been around a while. If you had asked me a couple years ago how many nuclear weapons we stupidly detonated on our own soil, I'd have guessed a couple dozen, max. I had no idea we detonated several hundred, nor that we were stupidly still doing it in the middle of the country in the early 90's. I would have guessed we shut that shit down, on US soil by 1980 at the latest.

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"You missed a couple."

Yes; most noticeably the one in the South Atlantic. 

"The Vela Incident, also known as the South Atlantic Flash, was an unidentified "double flash" of light detected by an American Vela Hotel satellite on 22 September 1979, near the Prince Edward Islands off Antarctica. The most common theory among those who believe the flash was of nuclear origin is that it resulted from a joint South African–Israeli nuclear test."

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Somewhat OT but I have seen four meteor fireballs in two days.  I am not talking puny meteor shower falling star stuff either, I am talking in atmosphere meteor fireballs.  I just saw another about an hour and half ago and it made it down very low.  I never saw it go out.  I was starting to cringe thinking there was going to be an impact blast (of course it could be above two states from here for all I know).  We have had two meteor fireball explosions in the last couple of years in Arizona and at least one made an impact after jarring the whole state awake as it detonated and turned day into night.  They actually found the rocks.  Something is going on with that too.  It may be that since our magnetic shields are lowered due to nil sunspot activity has made them survive longer and penetrate further.  Either that are we are in some type of debris belt.

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It's starting to piss me off that there is no discussion of the massive uptick in meteor fireballs anywhere.  It's in the scientific circles here and there but completely removed from public discourse.  I saw maybe two and a satellite fall until I was 30 and in the last ten years I can't even count how many I have seen.  There is so much crazy shit going on right now and everything is so Orwellian.  Its not like they are giant planet killers or anything but they hide shit and nobody else cares because the west is famously pathetic about looking at anything that may have negative implications.  Russia and Arizona have already been hit.  Its such a joke that in this tremendously advanced era and when we are paying out the ass for all of this science and the bastards bogart everything.  Its the same with anything nuke.  We have to take pathological liars word for everything.  Anything experimented with is classified and we really don't know jack shit.  How do we know shit about the halflife of any of these products even?  We don't. 

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There IS someone who follows this stuff - just check page 8 of this forum for the charts of incoming fireballs, and they are sobering:,29604.105.html

Same people who own SOTT.Net; they have a front-page section on that news site devoted entirely to "Fire from the Skies".

This shit is cyclical, and I believe the elites know it - hence, all the weird BS going on right now.  I think all this nuclear war shit is posturing for when this stuff starts happening FOR REAL, and that they will head to their underground bunkers at that time.  Until then, maximum Kardashian bullshit to keep everyone distracted.

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Japan. The nuclear accidents in Japan in 2011 sent tens of thousands of tons of aerosolized enriched uranium and plutonium across the Pacific Ocean and North America. This radioactive material is equivalent to millions of modern nuclear weapons going off in a concentrated area. Material that will become increasingly radioactive and lethal for billions of years.

Additionally, there are 400-1,000 tons of radioactive water entering the Pacific Ocean via Fukushima every day, and will until the underground river flowing over the sunken cores runs out of fresh water. Could be a few centuries, could be 100,000,000 years. This radioactive water has entered the rain cycles of every country surrounding the Pacific Rim, and will increase in lethality for more billions of years.

North America is fucked. Our immune systems are deteriorating - it's called 'radiologic leukopenia' - and at an accelerating rate. According to the CDC, the average incubation period for this shit, at our level of exposure, is 15 years. We're going on 7, so in another 8 years the sickness and death rates will climb exponentially, for billions of years.

There is so much that is not important any more, and there is so much that must be a priority if we are to die in peace. We must return to a country built on the rule of law, and we must protect our ability to pay our bills and provide a compassionate level of hospice to the American people.

We don't need to accelerate our demise by starting WWIII with people that would just rather leave us be. We are not a country worth invading, our extractable resources will become too radioactive to recover and we will soon become too sick to mount any kind of extended military campaign.

And if the Luciferian kiddie fuckers do manage to start WWIII, every nuclear plant in the US will light off within two weeks and we would have at the most 4-6 months before we all drop. There would be no escape plan, no hiding from the radiation anywhere.

Make peace with your Creator, hug your loved ones, and pray for some kind of sanity in those that will determine the level of hospice we will receive - if any at all.

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I don't know about that but I sometimes wonder if the effects of nuclear weapons, as far as the near permanence of the lethal pollution, is exaggerated.  People with the big guns are obviously going to want everyone to fear the big guns.  They have motive to exaggerate and science is on near complete lockdown.  Very brilliant people can believe complete falsehood when they accept what they are taught about things and don't verify through research.  Also measurement can be fucked with based on assumption and they wouldn't even know.  I know that nuclear materials have become more advanced but I find it strange that more people are not dead from past nuclear fuckery, including Fukushima. 

Of course they could take measures to cover things up but Japan was straight nuked and those areas are habitable now, or appear to be.  There are definitely deformations and deaths caused by Chernoble but it seems to be healing and once again the fatalities seem too low to match what they say those weapons will do.  We shouldn't be seeing occasional deformed pigs and wolves at Chernoble but you would think everything near there would be dead or dying upon any exposure for any decent period of time.  I could be wrong but maybe the effects are super intense to begin with but fall off more rapidly over time then they are telling us.  I know an adopted Chernoble baby and besides being an alcoholic she is very healthy.  They know she was massively exposed.  It just seems inconsistent.

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One interesting thing about the nuclear test sites in NV is that by fracturing the crust in that fashion has led to earthquake pressure relieving in those exact areas.  It is permanent now.  When earthquake pressure travels it will always at least in part cause quakes in those areas.  Dutchsinse has absolutely made that case.  He also noticed, long before science admitted it, that fracking can cause similar issues.  Some regular oil wells in the right areas will have them too but not like the frack wells.  This also of course takes place with volcanoes, even if long extinct.  In the US we have earthquakes on fault lines, past or current volcanoes, geothermal areas and in areas where we have perforated the crust.  These are the only places that they happen.  It seems to be more around the disposal wells where you have the combo of fractured crust plus lubrication but the nuke sites probably didn't have the lubrication element.

The quakes that come from fracking are not usually severe (mostly below 3.0) but we have seen now where they can approach 6.0 and I saw where mainstream science has admitted that and there isn't much controversy in science about that.  We don't know how big they can get.  Another issue is that the location of these quakes in Oklahoma are close enough to the New Madrid seismic zone that we may have reactivated it.  It's hard to be sure but right after the pressure relieves in the fracking areas it is also causes similar strength quakes or slightly smaller in the New Madrid periodically.  The quakes are now going all the way around (mostly around the craton except where we perforated it) up into the North East.  It may be the case that this would be happening anyway because earthquakes have been increasing but it's also possible that we have put that area more at risk.

If you ever get the chance to see that nuke area via google earth and zoom in, it's absolutely incredible how many nuke explosions they let off in the Nevada desert.  They are all marked.  Dutchsinse has obviously discovered quite a few things.  These control freak bastards do not even want us to understand earthquakes and are actively covering up the size of quakes and their numbers.  I believe they are doing so because the solar cycle is responsible for the uptick and people becoming aware of it threatens their global warming meme, which is a pillar of globalism.  Dutchsinse was the only utuber at one point that was listed on DHS website as, I believe it was actually something like terrorism but maybe they used the term extremist or something.  I don't remember how they labeled him exactly but it was really bad. 

They hate him.  He is just a good Christian kid (doesn't even hardly ever cuss the guy is harmless) who is super sharp and discovered some things while engaging in nerdy curiosity.  He wont back down though and he is rather courageous.  He isn't always right but he has had a tremendous success rate on predicting earthquakes.  He has proven that most earthquakes can be predicted, not all of course.  He is also himself still learning and improving.  They had to have known this.  So there is one more thing to add that they have obscured from us.

Here is a picture of the North American craton with Dutchsinse's marks in black.  This is how pressure coming from the ring of fire tends to move across the US.  The New Madrid is on the eastern edge of that craton but these Oklahoma fracking quakes are within the craton. 

Here is a pic of some of those test sites.  I don't know how far an underground nuke blast can affect the crust but it may be the case that some areas are more fragile for whatever reason.  Obviously Oklahoma is more conducive the manmade quakes then Texas for example, although Texas and ND have had them too.

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There are other people catching that too.  Mary Greeley and others have made it pretty clear that they have hid at least 1500 quakes in Yellowstone during this latest long term swarm.  You can see them on multiple seismographs simultaneously (meaning not mine blast, geyser activity, rock slides, etc., triangulating is how it's done and if they don't scrub the seismographs it's obvious and so there is really zero doubt that they are doing it.  Plus you get the undeniable screw wave, P wave pattern).  What's alarming and interesting are the massive non-stop and very unusual swarms that are taking place around the periphery of that volcano.  Idaho falls to it's south east, Montana to it's north and some quakes by that freakish crack that developed in Wyoming to the east.  This plume underneath is something 230 miles across or something (don't quote me on that I don't remember exactly0 and at it's edge and somewhat further out are the areas that are quaking.  The softer rock in the middle is just having smaller quakes but tons of them.  It doesn't mean that it is going to go off but if this continues it sure as hell could and they obviously don't want us to know shit about it. 

The good thing about Yellowstone and Mammoth is that if it is going to go they wont be able to hide it.  The thing will start blowing new geysers and animals will start getting gassed to death, major tree deaths, etc.  Should be interesting to see how this plays out.  With that big earthquake we just had in the Carribbean one monitor in Yellowstone showed good movement, usually all of the monitors show it though, like with the big Mexico quake.  So they are definitely screwing with monitors at this point too.  Super volcanoes are recharged by other earthquakes so it makes perfect since that it is behaving the way it is and it all goes back to the sun.  That thing could take 1,000 years to recharge for all we know but it is definitely happening.

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Regarding Mammoth and pertaining areas, the tree die off is exponentially worse than just 5 years ago. Its so bad some local 'scientists' have said were going to lose 50% more in just 10 years. The narrative from te higher ups is the bark beetle...maybe, but when one actually lives here you notice the sulfur smells getting worse, areas are cordoned off now with signs, etc...  We havent had a big quake in a while either, except for the occasional growl.


Not sure what to make of it all, but we do live on a caldera lol

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With over 2,000 nuclear detonations in under 100 years, I do not think Humans have got any right left to live on Earth.... I suppose we are just visitors... until the day we wipe out ourselves...


An we have the gall to demand world peace....