Alabama Declares State Of Emergency Over Flu Epidemic As Death Toll Rises

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

Citing a strain on “overwhelmed” health resources, Governor Kay Ivey declared an official State of Emergency in Alabama on Thursday due to the rapidly spreading flu epidemic.

WHEREAS the State Health Officer has reported that an outbreak of the influenza virus has occurred in the State of Alabama; and

WHEREAS this outbreak poses a high probability of widespread exposure to an infectious agent that poses significant risk of substantial harm to a large number of people in the affected population; and

WHEREAS the health care facilities and personnel of the State are overwhelmed by the number of ill patients and taxed to such an extent that care of patients may now no longer be provided in the traditional, normal, and customary manner nor is the utilization of traditional, normal, and customary standards of care possible.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kay Ivey, Governor of the State of Alabama, pursuant to relevant provisions of the Alabama Emergency Management Act of 1955, section 31-9-1 et seq., Code of Alabama (1975), on the recommendation of the State Health Officer, do hereby declare that a State Public Health Emergency exists in the State of Alabama. I direct the appropriate state agencies to exercise their statutory and regulatory authority to assist the communities and entities affected. I also direct the Alabama Department of Public Health and Alabama Emergency Management Agency to seek federal assistance as may be available.

FURTHER, I direct the following:

1. Health care facilities that have invoked their emergency operation plans in response to this public health emergency may implement the “alternative standards of care” plans provided therein, and such are declared to be the state approved standard of care in health care facilities to be executed by health care professionals and allied professions and occupations providing services in response to this outbreak.

2. These “alternative standards of care” shall serve as the “standard of care” as defined in section 6-5-542(2), Code of Alabama for the purposes of section 6-5- 540 et seq. The “degree of care” owed to patients by licensed, registered or certified health care professionals for the purposes of section 6-5-484 shall be the same degree of care set forth in the “alternative standards of care. To the extent that the provisions of section 6-5-540 et seq. are inconsistent with this order, the said provisions are hereby suspended.

3. All health care professionals and assisting personnel executing in good faith under the “alternative standards of care” are hereby declared to be “Emergency Management Workers” of the State of Alabama for the purposes of title 31 of the Code of Alabama.

4. The State Health Officer shall inform members of the public on how to protect themselves and actions being taken in response to this public health emergency.

According to the CDC, this is the worst outbreak in their 13 years of tracking influenza.

The reason this year’s flu season is more severe than usual is because it involves the dreaded H3N2, a strain of the influenza A virus that causes more health complications and is more difficult to prevent.

H3N2 hits people harder than other seasonal flu strains and can be especially deadly among vulnerable groups like the elderly and children. Researchers still aren’t sure why, but they’ve found that a flu season involving the H3 virus is generally nastier — with more hospitalizations and flu-related deaths — than seasons involving mostly H1N1 or influenza B viruses.

This year, more than 80 percent of flu cases involve H3N2 strain. And the CDC’s Jernigan reported that there were 22.7 hospitalizations related to flu per 100,000 population during the week of December 31, 2017, to January 6, 2018. That’s a doubling from 13.7 the week before. “We’re seeing a rapid rise in the number of people being hospitalized,” Jernigan said. (source)

But it isn’t just Alabama.

The flu epidemic is spreading across the US.

18 people have died in Dallas, Texas from the flu, 4 in Tennessee, and 27 have died in California. Hospital waiting rooms are jammed with flu victims, the doctors are running out of medication, ambulance services are strained and even IV bags are in short supply. Influenza is impacting 46 states.

In total, the flu has killed 85 adults and 20 children in the United States and last week, the CDC reported that the hospitalization rate for people with the flu DOUBLED.

Here’s the CDC’s map of the flu’s spread throughout the US as of the last day of 2017.

As mentioned above, 80% of the cases in the US are H3N2. As usual, although this year’s flu vaccination does NOT protect against the H3N2 strain, “experts” are still urging everyone to get a shot anyone. (Despite the fact that some numbers say it is only 10% effective.)

One hundred years after the Spanish flu pandemic, could we be facing another deadly global outbreak?

Some resources for pandemic preparedness are this article and this book.

How the flu kills

When you start getting sick, it can be hard to tell if you have a cold or the flu. This guide can help. You can treat your symptoms with home remedies, but this is really NOT a virus to mess around with. It’s killing people. Rapidly. Even those who seem to be in prime health can be felled by the virus, like the 21-year-old fitness enthusiast who died 5 days after contracting H3N2.

According to Scientific American, it isn’t the flu that kills people, but the body’s attempt to heal itself.

After entering someone’s body—usually via the eyes, nose or mouth—the influenza virus begins hijacking human cells in the nose and throat to make copies of itself. The overwhelming viral hoard triggers a strong response from the immune system, which sends battalions of white blood cells, antibodies and inflammatory molecules to eliminate the threat. T cells attack and destroy tissue harboring the virus, particularly in the respiratory tract and lungs where the virus tends to take hold. In most healthy adults this process works, and they recover within days or weeks. But sometimes the immune system’s reaction is too strong, destroying so much tissue in the lungs that they can no longer deliver enough oxygen to the blood, resulting in hypoxia and death.

In other cases it is not the flu virus itself that triggers an overwhelming and potentially fatal immune response but rather a secondary infection that takes advantage of a taxed immune system. Typically, bacteria—often a species of Streptococcus or Staphylococcus—infect the lungs. A bacterial infection in the respiratory tract can potentially spread to other parts of the body and the blood, even leading to septic shock: a life-threatening, body-wide, aggressive inflammatory response that damages multiple organs. Based on autopsy studies, Kathleen Sullivan, chief of the Division of Allergy and Immunology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, estimates about one third of people who die from flu-related causes expire because the virus overwhelms the immune system; another third die from the immune response to secondary bacterial infections, usually in the lungs; and the remaining third perish due to the failure of one or more other organs. (source)

Social isolation is the best way to keep your family healthy, but in a world where we work and go to school, this isn’t always possible. A strict handwashing regimen can also help lessen the likelihood of contracting the flu.

Worst case scenario, if you DO get sick, please don’t hesitate to seek medical attention if you need it. This virus can kill otherwise healthy people within days.


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In other news:

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Avoid all fruits and vegetables as they are picked by brown people with dirty fingers.


Humans, like cats, are obligate carnivores. I eat a diet of nothing but hotel quality USDA Prime grade beef for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A quick pan sear and stone cold rare inside. Never sick a day in my life. Stay hungry, my friends.

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I think this is the crud that went through Florida a month or so ago, nasty stuff.

You throat feels like its on fire, its really hard to swallow (even your own saliva) and you can't break the congestion loose at the top of your lungs no matter how hard you hack.

Its pretty bad, if one is in poor health don't wait too long to seek help...we didn't but it was rough.

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I can confirm the panic.  Just like Daisy, health care workers are freaking out.  I'm surrounded by people in masks, ironic considering they all got vaccinated, like good little serfs, and I didn't.

I ignore the isolation precautions, no mask, I take 5-10 grams Vit C daily plus 5k Vit D, I figure I'm getting exposed constantly and thus REALLY getting myself immunized.

The hospitals in my area (N Cal) are full of it.  CA death toll 15 or so?  Bullshit.  It's that in my own hospital alone.  I suspect they don't count anyone over 65, that suspicion based on communication with the local Coroner's Dept.

That said, there's 15 people die every week or so commuting in this area.  100-odd deaths nationally?  How many died falling off ladders last week?  How many got knocked off by the flu vaccine this year?

And remember, if the CDC says it and the MSM shouts it, it's a lie.  Use that to stay ahead.

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greenskeeper carl El Vaquero Sat, 01/13/2018 - 21:08 Permalink

Me, the wife, and my young kids all have it right now. It is fucking miserable. Its bad enough being sick like this, but trying to take care of miserable little kids while this sick ads a whole extra layer to how bad this sucks. Wash your hands, etc. Do not catch this shit. A couple days ago at the doctors office with my middle child, the last one in the family to get sick, the waiting room was overflowing. Nurse said 80% or more of people are in there for that, too. Its everywhere.

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The flu epidemics are only going to get worse. Your immune cells depend on positively charged mineral ions traveling through the cell's "Cell Channels" in order to work properly.

But these days everyone across America is absorbing huge amounts of positive ions from such things as cell towers and their cell phones. Those positive ions can and do repel the ions attempting to pass through our bodies' Channels. 

The result is poorly functioning or non-functioning immune cells which makes us more susceptible to flu viruses.

As we become more dependent and more exposed to all these many sources of positive ions, we are more likely to get sick. Holding the phone away from your body is NOT an adequate strategy. 

I use the Whirling Bliss Machine and Bliss Disks to protect myself. As a result I am able to hug people with the flu and not get sick.

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EINSILVERGUY El Vaquero Sun, 01/14/2018 - 15:00 Permalink

Im 56 and had it for a week (day 6). I have had the flu before and this is wicked. Could only go 3 days and then had to go to doctor when temp wouldn't go below 100.9. Got to over 102.  I can deal with the temps and the aches and pains. Its the freaking throat ripping pain from swallowing that almost brings me to tears.  Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Amoxycillin. Nothing to screw with

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yes, similarly, i read about this combination w vit c and steroids- same doc. everyone should be listening to his results, but humans are stubborn and resistant to change.  i shared w my family so a last ditch effort can perhaps make the difference between organ failure and death or an easy treatment. thanks for your article, which shows the cocktail composition.…

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The first step in solving any problem is to correctly identify it.

Up here in the Pacific Northwest (exact location undisclosed for reasons of personal safety and privacy), the 'benevolent' chemtrail spray planes (like C-117s and such) have been going non-stop for the past couple of weeks. GEE WHIZ; the 'flu outbreak' up here began to show up a couple of days after this onslaught (I saw an article today about a middle school in Kellogg, Idaho being CLOSED because 40% of the students were SICK with 'the flu', if that's what people ignorantly call it).

Population reduction and population weakening via high-altitude aerosol injections over large territories is NOT A NEW OR UNTESTED METHOD OF OPERATION. For FUCK'S SAKE, I DO hope you understand about the whole 'AGENT ORANGE' 'defoliation' experiments that the USMIC carried out in Viet Nam actually HAPPENED... 50 fucking YEARS ago... as a 'BETA TEST'... using military aircraft...

I'm almost convinced that it's 'synergistic' (aluminum, strontium, barium nano-particulates combined with consistent 'low-dose' radiation from Fukushima that averages about .22mS/hr for that past 6 FUCKING YEARS; with a new addition of a gene-spliced/recombined/chimera type of 'influenza' spore).

ADD to this the influx of 'carriers' of disease 'on the ground' ('refugees' who still LITERALLY wipe their asses with their hands), stir in a few lost TENS OF TRILLIONS from the PENTAGRAM spent on 'black projects', AND run up the new 'five gigahertz' rollout of radiation like the proverbial 'pot of boiling frogs', and sit back and wait...

House by house, town by town, city by city, STATE BY STATE...




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I have spent the last month caring for an elderly relative. The hospital waiting room is full of people not wearing masks, coughing, coughing, coughing.  Spreading their various disease states. I really need to buy an industrial respirator.

How is San Diego doing with their (fecal-oral transmission) hepatitis A outbreak? 

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mkkby Fish Gone Bad Sun, 01/14/2018 - 01:23 Permalink

My neighbor caught MERSA during a routine hospital surgery.  For those who've never heard of that, it's a very nasty bacterial infection that's resistant to almost all antibiotics.  If this shit ever spreads it will depopulate the world like the black plague.  Two years later she still looks like a walking corpse, though she has a positive attitude and insists she's getting better.

Nasty stuff running around doc offices and hospitals.  Stay away unless absolutely necessary.  Schools and office cubicle farms are also crowded with coughing people.  I work from home and have no kids, and haven't been sick in years.

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My father got MERSA following his initial stroke and never went home again. Even though he went to a care facility for therapy, I believe MERSA actually co-opted is body and made it much weaker and impossible to fully recover.... MERSA was contracted from the hospital. Lasted one year almost to the day. Most people that age (86) don't live long. 

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Avoid animal based protein, and proteins in general as these are acidic forming. Proteins are mucus forming for our bodies in general because the human body struggles to break down/metabolize proteins and this eventuality leads to oxidization/inflammatory responses within our bodily ecosystem.

Fruit is king if you want full vibrant health but in order to achieve that full vibrancy in oneself you will need to consume only fruits (zero grain alcohol, sugar, salt and oils) for a minimum of 3-4 years due to the toxicity built up from your lineages, toxic environmental, processed foods and all animal products you've been brainwashed into believing is natural and good for you.

Your body metabolizes fruit better than anything else. Alkaline healing and highly rich in nutrients/enzymes so naturally creates anti-inflammatory responses within the body.

Just be careful-how your teeth react to so much consumption of fruits and also the herximer (detox) effects you will naturally feel too so would recommend a suitable rife machine (on detox program) to combat teeth sensitivity.

Humans are so emotionally attached to their foods and drinks and also BS ideas of caveman diets or hippy vegan BS. This is about chemistry       

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”Did you get your vaccine?  No?  Stop putting everyone else in danger - be responsible and get vaccinated today!”

Fuck that.

Let the 'herd' stay safe and immune (so they think), I will take my chances on diet, nutrition and healthy living. offers a colloidal silver nasal spray which I always keep on hand for these epidemics...

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We had it here, it spun round the house, everyone kicked it in a few days with fresh fruit, Echinacea, Thyme, Garlic, salt water etc. At large we've become way too dependent on clinical sterile environments, baby formula instead of breast milk (that allows the child to absorb the mothers immune system antibodies), and other docile human urban substitutes that weaken the immune systems. Need to get feral to get strong!

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