Residents "Crying And Screaming" After False "ICBM Threat" Alert Rattles Hawaii; Gabbard Slams Trump

Update 2: More details are coming out surrounding just how this terrifying false alert impacted Hawaii's citizens.



NBC News reports that the ballistic missile threat left people "crying and screaming" in Hawaii on Saturday, the state's officials said the message was sent in error.

California resident Elizabeth Fong is in Hawaii looking to buy a house and received the alert. She said she didn't receive a correction alert, stating it was a false alarm, until 8:46 a.m.


The aftermath of the false alert was "crazy," she told NBC Bay Area, and prompted people to run around on the streets "crying and screaming," wondering what to do.

"I prayed to God and asked for forgiveness of my sins and for Him to protect us," she said, adding that people are still shaken up.

Andy Thammavongsa, who tweeted a screenshot of his phone that showed the time between each alert, lives in Ewa Beach and told NBC in a Twitter message, "Everyone was panicking, the whole island was awake and alert."

He added that "there's nothing really you can do honestly" if the alert were real, saying there's "nowhere to take shelter, the island is only so big."

As we detailed below, many people in Hawaii took to social media during and after the alert.

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Update 1: Gov. David Ige and head of Hawaii's Emergency Management agency, Vern Miyagi, told Hawaii News Now that the false alert was the result of human error - and boiled down to someone pushing the wrong button.

Oddly, while the local officials proclaimed it an error, The White House described a false inbound missile alert received by Hawaii residents on Saturday morning as an "emergency management exercise," offering no further explanation for the erroneous warning.

"The President has been briefed on the state of Hawaii's emergency management exercise," White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters told reporters in West Palm Beach, Fla.

"This was a state exercise," she added.

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Shortly after 8am local time Saturday, Hawaii's emergency alert system sent out a shocking tweet to its citizens: "Ballistic Missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek Immediate shelter, This is not a drill."

The emergency alert was sent to all cellphones...

And interrupted Hawaiian TV...


Hawaiians who got up early to watch soccer or basketball instead got the scary, robotic voice warning of a missile’s imminent impact.

Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency responded 20 minutes later...

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency spokesman Richard Repoza confirmed it's a false alarm. He says the agency is trying to determine what happened.

And Rep. Tulsi Gabbard quickly took to Twitter to confirm the emergency alert a false alarm...


U.S. Pacific Command spokesman Cmdr. David Benham said in a statement that PACOM "has detected no ballistic missile threat to Hawaii" and that an "earlier message was sent in error."

Politicians wasted not time in pointing fingers and assigning blame...

“It was a false alarm based on human error,” Democratic Senator Brian Schatzof Hawaii later said on Twitter, without offering evidence. Schatz said Hawaii’s roughly 1.5 million residents were “terrified. There needs to be tough and quick accountability and a fixed process.”

“At a time of heightened tensions, we need to make sure all information released to the community is accurate,” Senator Mazie Hirono, a Democrat, said on Twitter. “We need to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure it never happens again.”

And Gabbard was then quick to take to MSNBC proclaiming that "our leaders have failed us. Donald Trump is taking too long... he's not taking this [nuclear] threat seriously..."



Hawaii has been on high alert given claims by North Korea that its newest intercontinental ballistic missile could fly 13,000 kilometers (8,000 miles). If true, that would put even the mainland U.S. within range from Pyongyang. The isolated nation conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3, and launched more than a dozen missiles in the past year.

Hawaiians on Twitter are not happy about this false alarm and who can blame them.

@MatthewBringas - Fuck u hawaii alert system

@KDombri - This mistake caused me to cry...I had a the best morning until I got this stupid notification

@mastermindhi - Held my babies and prayed

@MichaelRobison - So, is this truly a mistake?!!!?? Sirens are going off and people are in absolute panic....

In the last month they have begun preparations for a nuclear attack, as's Mac Slavo details...

The previously retired air raid warning sirens from the Cold War era in Hawaii will be wailing again come December. Only this time, it’s due to the rising tensions between the United States and North Korea.

Hawaii has long been a military defense outpost, sparking fears that North Korea could target the island.

 “I suppose that’s necessary as a precaution,” said Ted Tsukiyama, a Hawaiian resident, and WWII veteran.


“But I don’t think North Korea is gonna attack,” Tsukiyama said. “They’d be foolish to threaten South Korea or Japan or the United States.”

But the concerns are growing as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has repeatedly threatened to drop a bomb over the Pacific Ocean, and President Donald Trump has threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” and designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism.  In turn, North Korea has continually failed to abide by the United Nations sanctions placed on them, as they advance their weapons of mass destruction.

Sirens were installed around Hawaii after the second world war started, according to Tsukiyama, and there would be periodic tests.

“I remember hearing the sirens going off. The radio would give us a warning: ‘This is only a test, don’t get alarmed,’” said Tsukiyama, who was born and raised in Hawaii.

According to Vern Miyagi, administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA), which is part of the state’s Department of Defense, the chances North Korea will act are unlikely, but making sure Hawaii is prepared is still vital. 

“If North Korea launches against us or our allies, the retaliation would be complete and they would defeat North Korea’s ambition to continue its regime. The regime would probably end,” explained Miyagi.

He notes Hawaii is protected under the U.S. Pacific Command’s defensive umbrella, the anti-ballistic missile system, and it is home to the Pacific Command, the military’s headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region.

Miyagi has pointed out that “Hawaii is a likely target because we’re closer to North Korea than most of the continental United States… As we track the news and see tests, both missile launches, and nuclear tests, it’s the elephant in the room. We can’t ignore it. People of Hawaii need to know what Hawaii is doing in preparation for this.” 

Hawaii has been ramping up their preparations in advance for a potential nuclear attack by North Korea.



The Aloha State is currently attempting to educate its 1.4 million residents, as well as its visitors, on how to prepare for a nuclear attack.  Hawaii has become one of the first states in the nation to initiate a nuclear preparedness campaign and starting December 1, it will reinstate the “attack warning” siren, which it hasn’t tested since the Cold War. The siren will follow the monthly “attention alert” signal, which warns people of an incoming tsunami or hurricane.

The state has also been holding community meetings and broadcasting public service announcements on TV and the radio to prepare people for a possible attack.  Gone are the days of “duck and cover” during the Cold War; today, the mantra is “shelter in place,” preferably in a concrete structure. Officials also recommend having enough food and water to survive for 48 hours and being prepared with supplies to last up to 14 days.

If North Korea launches a missile, officials estimate it would only take 20 minutes to reach its destination.  It would take about five minutes for the United States government to determine where the missile is going, which would leave about 12 to 15 minutes to warn the public.


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As James Thurber demonstrated there's something absurdly funny about folks running for their lives when no real danger exists.


The Day the Dam Broke


Meanwhile hundreds of people were streaming by our house in wild panic, screaming “Go east! Go east!” We had to stun grandfather with the ironing board. Impeded as we were by the inert form of the old gentleman — he was taller than six feet and weighed almost a hundred and seventy pounds — we were passed, in the first half-mile, by practically everybody else in the city.

Had grandfather not come to, at the corner of Parsons Avenue and Town Street, we would unquestionably have been overtaken and engulfed by the roaring waters — that is, if there had been any roaring waters.

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Moe-Monay Billy the Poet Sat, 01/13/2018 - 13:54 Permalink

Remember how so many of these false flag events start with a drill?

Hawaii would be a great place for a nuke to go off.  Isolated from the mainland the fallout would be "contained".

Convenient Mr G. Man.  Very convenient.

The bankers have already promised us 3 world wars.  Seems like we still owe them one do we not?

Has Gabbard gone full NeoCon and cheerleading a Nork hit?  Now I know she will run in 2020.  Turned full BushBama NeoCon.

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Cognitive Dissonance Moe-Monay Sat, 01/13/2018 - 14:01 Permalink

That was one hell of a fat finger.

<You're all gonna die. Oops, my bad, carry on.>

Miyagi has pointed out that “Hawaii is a likely target because we’re closer to North Korea than most of the continental United States…

Maybe they should consider seceding. Just sayin'

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This test was a supposed "mistake"??  I don't think so.  Think about it . . . how much stuff have we seen recently in the MSM about nuclear war?  "They" know the chances of a real attack are getting higher by the day (and it won't be from the DPRK I can assure you).  This was a test to see what the reaction of the general public would be in the event of a missile attack warning.  Based on the reaction of people in Hawaii I bet if there is a real attack in the future there won't be a warning at all.

Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye . . . 

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Tulsi, Get a grip. Now you know what would happen in a real emergency. Those people will die and become a burden on the survivors.  You need to up their operational readiness. Don't wait for Trump or FEMA or Congress.

Living on islands that is a Paradise far from the USA mainland. An attractive target in Asian eyes.

What are the escape routes if everyone has to get off the islands?

WW2 was about sinking the USN Pacific Fleet. Limited warfare.

WW3 will be about annihilation.

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still and all, i voted for trump because he was less warlike than hillary clinton. his antagonizing north korea and for that matter iran and russia had better be camouflage and changing the subject for one hell of a doj inspector general's investigation featuring major indictments and, eventually, convictions. if that peters out and what we've seen so far is the best trump does, i will be one disappointed voter.

still wildly better than hillary clinton though.

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If I had to guess, this was most likely a test of the emergency warning system gone wrong. I.e. the message was supposed to send to a small list or to the cell towers, but not *actually* go out. The alternative is crumbling infrastructure.

I have a friend on Kauai, and when his girlfriend was understandably panicking, he pointed out that there was absolutely nothing they could do in the situation, so better to stay at home and not contribute to the panic. My guess is that this is going to be the best choice to make for just about everyone should nuclear war really go down.

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Better yet (for those who know little to no nuclear response) get into your crawl space (should you have one and not a slab foundation) for 2 reasons:

1. should the blast blow out the windows, the main rooms of your house will be filled with alpha particles carried by the blast draft, and then beta particles shortly after and for the next few days.  The house will be contaminated (if it even stands)

2. Nuclear radiation and blast follows the path of least resistance.  This means the blast hits the surface ground and follows it destroying pesky wooden objects etc in its path.  Your crawl space is a good 3 feet beneath the surface of the ground and if your house blew away, it's likely the floor will remain as it's on ground level. (which means you and yours will be intact UNDER the floor)

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  "This little primitive-looking thing in this picture is a Soviet-designed shelter," he said. "In essence you dig a hole, take lumber, small saplings or something like that, and build this thing and cover it with dirt . . . that cuts the lethal area of that megaton weapon down to about two square miles . . . [The] Russians have twenty to thirty designs. The idea is you pick a design to match the material you have on hand."

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Gabbard is deflecting.  She's more responsible for this than he is being the senator from Hawaii.

The thought of those lefty commies acting out the cowards that they are running around like their hair was on fire and their ass was catching amuses me to no end.

When it's your time it's your time.  But these are not pleasant people these lefties.

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The chain of command has been seriously degraded since "our" times. Can you believe the idiots put a few cows aboard a ship with a bunch of bulls running around and then put out the word that " there will be no shenanigans " and drama.

Stupid fuckers.

If women are such great warriors give them their own ship.

Let them all cycle THAT.

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yeah, just going by how other things work, the ‘oopsie’ excuse does seem unlikely at best. 

Although I’m not sure what benefit there is and to whom here were it a deliberate ‘mistake.’  Gabbard and some moonbats aside, I don’t think it does much to harm Trump... 

A wise man once advised me to generally not look first for evil where incompetence abounds.

Only sure thing is it must’ve been scary as fuck to see before you’ve even had your coffee.


This is all leaving aside the issue as to whether NK can actually hit Hawaii, and the fact if they wanted to nuke Hawaii they’d likely deliver the payload via fishing boat... their missiles have a habit of blowing up fairly early in their flight.

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