Paul Craig Roberts Rages At The Persecution Of Julian Assange

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

“We need a political intervention to make this situation end. He (Assange) is the only political prisoner in Western Europe.” Juan Braco

The persecution of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is now seven years old. Ecuador has protected Assange for the past half decade from being turned over to Washington by the corrupt Swedish and British for torture and prosecution as a spy by giving Assange political asylum inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Ecuador has now given citizenship to Assange and attempted to provide his safe transit out of England by giving him diplomatic status, but the British government continued in its assigned role of jailer by rejecting Ecuador’s request for diplomatic status for Assange, just as the most servile of Washington’s puppet states rejected the order by the UN Committee on Arbitrary Detention to immediate release Assange from his arbitrary detention.

Assange got into trouble with Washington, because his news organization, Wikileaks, published files released by Bradley Manning. The files were a tremendous embarrassment to Washington, because they showed how Washington conspires against governments and betrays its allies, and the files contained an audio/video film of US military forces murdering innocent people walking down a street and then murdering a father and his two young children who stopped to give aid to the civilians the American soldiers had shot. The film revealed the heartlessness and criminal cruelty of the US troops, who were enjoying playing a real live video game with real people as their victims.

It was Manning who suffered, not the troops who committed murder. Manning was held for two years in conditions that experts said constituted torture while a case was framed against him. Some believe the harsh conditions affected his mind. Manning was convicted by a kangaroo court and sentenced to 35 years in prison, but Obama in an act of humanity unusual for Washington pardoned Manning.

Washington wanted Assange as well, and the chance came when two Swedish women, attracted to Assange by his celebrity status, seduced him. The two women had not secured the cooperation they wanted from Assange in the use of condoms and, brainwashd by HIV fears, wanted Assange to join them in being tested.

Assange, misreading the extent of their fears, was too slow to comply, and the women went to the police to see if he could be required to be tested. According to the women, the police made up the charge of rape. The women themselves disavow the charge.

The charges were investigated, and the chief Swedish prosecutor Eva Finne dismissed the charges, saying “there is no suspicion of any crime whatsoever.”

Mysteriously, the case was reopened by another prosecutor, Marianne Ny, who many suspect was operating at the behest of Washington. On November 30, two days after Assange began publishing the Cablegate materials leaked by Bradley Manning, Ny issued an Interpol “red alert” arrest warrant for Assange. This was an unusual request as no charges were outstanding against Assange, and hitherto extradition from one country to another on an arrest warrant required actual charges, whereas Ny said she wanted Assange for questioning. Most everyone in the know understood that Washington had ordered Sweden to get its hands on Assange and to turn him over to Washington.

Assange challenged the legality of the arrest warrant in British courts, but the British court, many believe following Washington’s orders, ruled against the law and in favor of Washington. Assange assented to the arrest and presented himself to a British police station. He was placed in solitary confinement at Wandsworth prison. If memory serves, the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith paid his bond and he was placed under house arrest. When it became clear that the Swedish prosecutor wanted Assange for Washington, not for any charges against him in Sweden, Ecuador give him asylum, and he fled to the embassy in London.

Where he has been ever since.

Sweden has closed the case a second time, and Assange is no longer wanted for questioning in Sweden. Therefore, there is no longer any reason for the British to hold him for Sweden. But the British government never were holding Assange for Sweden. The British were holding him for Washington. And they still are. Even though Sweden has closed a case based on a false report by police and have no basis for any charges against Assange, the British government says it will grab him the minute he steps outside the embassy.

The British are so desperate to serve their Washington master that once they even declared that they were going to violate diplomatic immunity and invade the Ecuadorian Embassy and seize Assange.

The British excuse for a once proud government’s continuing servitude to Washington as Assange’s jailer is that by taking asylum in the embassy Assange jumped bail and therefore the British have to arrest him for not surrendering a second time to the police for an investigation that has been closed.

Stefania Maurizi, an Italian investigative journalist for La Repubblica, smelling the stench of fraud that covers the entire case, has been trying for two years to get her hands on the correspondence between the UK, US, and Swedish governments pertaining to the case in order to pull back the shroud of the Washington-orchestrated propaganda that colors the case. A British tribunal refused to release any documents on the grounds that it had to protect the British Prosecution Service’s relationship with foreign authorities.

That tells you all you need to know. Julian Assange has lost seven years of his life because stinking dirty Washington wanted revenge on Assange for exercising the US Constitution-protected right of a free press, and the stinking dirty governments of Sweden and Britain did Washington’s dirty work. What we know for certain is that Assange is totally innocent and that there is no honor and no integrity in the US, Swedish, and British governments. Law means nothing to the scum that misrule these countries.

In the US and probably throughout Europe, politicians and feminists, with the exception of Katrin Axelsson and Lisa Longstaff, used the presstitute media to paint Assange as a rapist and as a spy. The feminists cared nothing about any truth; they just wanted a man to demonize. Truth was the last thing on politicians’ minds. They just wanted to divert attention from Washington’s crimes and betrayals of allies by portraying Assange as a threat and traitor to America. They were unconcerned that Assange could not be a traitor to America as he is not an American citizen. In actual fact, there is no basis in law for any US claim against Assange. Yet because of Washington and its servile British puppet state, Assange remains interred in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Clearly, honor and respect for law reside in Ecuador, not in the US, UK, or Sweden.

But facts, along with law and civil liberty, have ceased to mean anything in the Western world. The corrupt US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the arrest of Assange is a “priority.” The British police, mere lackeys of Washington, said that they would still arrest Assange, despite the case being dropped, if he left the embassy.

For the British, serving Washington is a higher calling than the honor of their country.


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"“We need a political intervention to make this situation end. He (Assange) is the only political prisoner in Western Europe.” Juan Braco"

No way. There are hundreds of thousands of victims of gangstalking (zerzetzung) for dissidence in Europe. It is a new and improved version of Cointelpro. Lots of tech and gadgets, and East German tactics, courtesy of the Stasi.

I am one of the dissidents, in exile and living in Bolivia.

There are millions of persecuted dissidents in the U.S.

We are also being tortured with microwaves 24/7. See the Wikileaks post next:

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Wikileaks busted Stratfor (CIA) for confirming the existence of MICROWAVE TORTURE; see the email:…


RE: microwave is working again

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Subject: RE: microwave is working again

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Just because these peeps were brought into this office illegally does not
mean that they should be ridiculed and subjected to microwave torture. They
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This is their home. They deserve.. No.. They have the RIGHT to be here just
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In fact George, I believe that you should give them jobs!

That is all,

Lee Simpson
Strategic Forecasting, Inc.
Quality Assurance Manager
T: 512-744-4307
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Okay, first of all, American soldiers may be in all kinds of shadowy situations, much like Vietnam, where children that troops were trying to be kind to by buying candy and flowers from them carried grenades.

It is not all innocent foreigners and bad Americans. We would not even be in these wars if foreigners, here on student visas, etc., had not done things like crashing planes into buildings, causing the deaths of 3,000 innocent office workers, including numerous Americans forced to jump to their deaths to avoid burning to death. 

I do not buy the false narrative of innocent foreigners v/s bad Americans that that anti-American groups pump out, but no nation is above critique when wrongdoing OR mistakes occur. We are supposed to have a free press in the West—a free press keeping a watch on power to reduce its abuses and mistakes. 

Also, it was not Assange who leaked the information. It was Manning. Assange is a journalist, and journalists have a different job mission that those working in military intelligence.  

Manning was the one in military intelligence, a job where it is your duty to protect information. Manning also put a new citizen in a bad position by telling him about his leak, forcing him to make a decision to turn him in or be implicated himself.

Manning was super-careless. It has nothing to do her private life and everything to do with being careless with other people’s lives and careless in a job, where other people’s lives are on the line. Why was this person in military intelligence to start with?

Why were people, like Snowden, who were not careless in the way they handled the information punished more severely? Why is Assange punished the most severely, when he was not working for any intelligence agency, nor even as a contractor? He was a journalist. Journalists are, by definition, are supposed to provide the public with information on those in power to prevent oppressive dictatorships from taking root. 

How, too, can governments accuse Assange of being a spy, while political candidates are free to compile dossiers by paying actual foreign spies to compile the information from foreign sources? 

Today, distinctions are not based on different job descriptions. In a fake-feminist world where jobs and family life have merged, there are fewer job-specific responsibilities and job duties. We are going back to notions of aristocracy and vague, inconsistent notions of honor. 

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"I do not buy the false narrative of innocent foreigners ... 'if foreigners, here on student visas, etc., had not done things like crashing planes into buildings, causing the deaths of 3,000 innocent office workers, including numerous Americans forced to jump to their deaths to avoid burning to death.'" 

If you are referring to Israeli "art" students and an Israeli moving van company, you are probably right.  I think they had some onside help though.

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Paragraph #1: The United States military has no right or authority nder the law of our country to be in the middle ease.


Para. #2: The WTC buildings were blown up from the inside and the Pentagon hit by a missile. Do your homework.

Para. #6 "her"? "HER"?!? Are you so stupid you can't tell the difference between a mutilated man and a woman? Why do people like you support other people's delusions? See Paragraph #2 for confirmation of supporting delusions.


Para. #7 Why do you not focus on the issue that makes your question moot? Assange is not a Citizen of the United States or of any State in the Union.  Assange is not within any jurisdiction of the United States or of any State of the Union. The other stuff you talk about is again, moot. So why do you present that as an argument?


Para. #8 Who accused Assange of being a spy? No one did or has. He is not under accusation nor charge. Why do you say otherwise? Oh, you talk about the make a conclusion of political candidates are free to compile...of course they are free to do that if they want but using it knowing it is fraudulent is another matter.  I don't think the story is written on this whole matter yet...

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Seth Rich is very dead. As are a number of people who were involved in Wikileaks. Strange break-ins at the Lawyers office etc.

So it is very easy to be critical on the range of material provided, but due to the supply and vetting process nothing can be inferred as to the political bias and affiliations of Assange and Wikileaks unless you can see their "Catalog", and review their operational security to know who they can check 9/11 material with, that does not lead back to bad outcomes for their sources. Effectively they need two separate sources, not known to each other, one of whom can be verified as in a position to know to do the verification. This starts to reduce the pool of subjects and material that can be released.

Wikileaks maintains its power through being accurate and avoiding disinformation.

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Assange is smart enough to know that without solid uncontestable evidence any mention of building 7 etc will be used to discredit him. Assange/wikileaks is funded by his audience and their voluntary contributions. Why risk loosing 50% (say) by pushing a narrative that is a) extremly well known and publicised. b) enough evidence already exists for people to make up their own minds c) distances him from msm journalists with whom he's trying to have a professional relationship. d) kills immediately any future possibility of "leaks" being taken seriously as a journalism clearing house. To assume anything more than that is a complex equivalence:


Complex equivalence draws an unrelated conclusion from an event to create a logic that “does not follow”.

For example:

“And now my secretary quit. I’ll be bankrupt by the end of the year!”
Challenge: “Are you telling me your fortune depended on your secretary’s employment?”

More simply: The terrorist was muslim therefore all muslims are terrorists (kinda thing).

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Great -- and arbitrary -- idiotic comment - - ignoring all the invaluable information and data which has come to us with WikiLeaks the conduit!!!!

Frigging idiot!

Now, the pertinent data is that EVERYONE involved with the extradition attempt of Assange in Sweden (Thomas Bodstrom, Claes Bostrom, Anna Ardin, etc., etc.) is financially connected to the Bonnier media family of Scandinavia (essentially, the Rupert Murdochs of Sweden).

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Hi Moe, I am comfortable writing about it.

It is my leverage against these psychopaths.

Yes it's Cointelpro on steroids, with 3-4-5G toys and tech.

Read Hidden Evil for a concise story by another survivor of this crime against humanity, being perpetrated against millions worldwide (approx. 1M english speaking people targeted by gangstalking).

Also read this:

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For some reason the US wants and allows Assange to stay in the Ecuadorian embassy. I can only speculate as to the reasons.


I am old enough to remember when the US wanted Noriega out of the Vatican Embassy, and he was out and arrested pretty fast. One can argue the Vatican is not Ecuador, but clearly the move on Noriega was agressive and serious... 

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I think at the end of the day it doesn't matter much where he actually is. We are told he is at the Ecuadorian Embassy, so for the US political goals that's where he is. That's where most people think he is and that's what the US wants you to think.

Noriega was arrested and imprisoned... I don't know for a fact that's what happened but the MSM told that story, so for US political goals that's what happened to him.

So effectively, Noriega was imprisoned and Assange is at the embassy.


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Really ?

Here's Trumps CIA director on Wikileaks;

WikiLeaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service,” 

and Trump on Snowden;

“I think Snowden is a terrible threat, I think he’s a terrible traitor, and you know what we used to do in the good old days when we were a strong country — you know what we used to do to traitors, right?” 

but I understand, you want to believe and,

perhaps that's all you have ?

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Don’t you realize Trump is an imperialist warmonger and an allied of the MIC ?


It is all too obvious now that Trump just said during his campaign what was necessary to fool voters. The real program is now obvious : chaos and tension as much as possible, conflicting any country that would develop enough to become a serious competitor for the US, and strengthening US alliance with sunni jihadists and Israel. And of course big money for the MIC and the super rich.

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Assange is a fictional hero - who rose to fame on the back of the work of the real hero - Manning - and has decoyed attention away from that that case - which the US people - seem indeed to be clueless and helpless to understand in its correct context.

Bradley Manning was stripped of all legal rights, imprisoned illegally, force fed estrogen laced additives to mess with his body and mind, subjected to ongoing torture, and then finally - long after most anyone else would have stopped resisting -

broke - and turned a purpose into an example for public display - of what can be expected to happen to patriots in noahide Amerika. The sex change thing is for that purpose entirely - to make a mockery of the real man with the real cojones to stand up to the MIC/police - and thereby 'discourage' any and all further examples of noncompliance.

But let's NOT TALK ABOUT THAT ... instead lets drone on about the fake heroes, the phony stalking victims, the ongoing dialectic of fake oppositionalists and their 'lead from behind' kabbalist kontrollers...

so as to better pass the time until... real resistance is TRULY FUTILE... and we can then safely say...

"there was nothing I coulda done!"

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The US is not clueless : the US is the bad guy and has been the bad guy for a very long time. The point it took a very long time to become obvious to almost everyone on the planet.


Now if you look at the history of the US since the colonial times, the US almost always was the bad guy, from the start. There were but few exceptions in these centuries when it was not the case : mostly in WW2 when the US participated in bringing down super villain nazi Germany which the US had previously participated in setting up (in cooperation with the previous generation of neocons that were the so-called british appeasers who in fact wanted to disband USSR as they wanted with Russia in WW1).

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Ecuador has respect for law and individual rights.  Yet U.S. bigots continue to refer to South America and other places as "third world" or "shithole" countries. 

Dear Mr. Trump and his supporters,

The U.S. is a "shithole."  The nation is ruled by a military junta, Wall Street, and corrupt intelligence agencies.  There is no law.  The wealthy commit whatever crimes they desire, while the poor are thrown into prisons that are more akin to animal pits.  The cities are crime-ridden war zones.  Gun violence is endemic.  There are millions of severely depressed, traumatized veterans wandering the streets.  The police forces are corrupt and dangerous.  Any encounter with police is liable to result in death.  The Customs Agents and Airport security is obnoxious, intrusive, and abusive to every guest and visitor.  Health care is unaffordable.  There is no public transportation.  The center of the nation is a massive opium-addicted trailer park. The West Coast is overrun with homeless people, and no one can afford to live there, except people rich on Fed funny money pumped into tech unicorn start-ups.  The people are obnoxious and bigots.  Everyone hates everyone else.  The blacks hate the whites, Asians, and Latinos.  The whites hate the blacks and Latinos.  The women hate the men.  The public education system is atrocious and far worse than any education system in Latin America (except maybe Brazil).  Hollywood and Silicon valley with its extasy-ridden orgy parties are the new Soddom and Gomorrah.  There are hurricanes, floods, fires, snowmaggedons, and mudslides.  The entire North American continent from Oklahoma to California is shaking, and Yellowstone's firey pit yawns, moans, and stirs.  The nation is under the wrath of God.

Why does the U.S. get so many migrants from Nigeria and Haiti?  Because no one else wants to come there.  Your wall is a prison, because no one in the world wants to come to the U.S. .  Do you understand now why a wall is unnecessary?