What's in a Sh*thole?

The outrage! The shock! The lament! The disgust! The inevitable head-shaking and finally the calls of racism. Racist. Everything is racist.  The media’s reaction to Donald Trump follows this tight time-schedule that even Mussolini would be amazed at. This week’s offense by Trump are the comments he supposedly made during a closed door meeting with both Democrats and Republicans where he called certain countries “sh*tholes.”

But what is a sh*thole?  Why is CNN so outraged - outraged! that they had to repeat it over 36 times while apologizing to their flock about having to say it…36 times!? Surely they have heard the word before.  Most certainly because many in the media have used the word to describe red states in this country.  Never mind that most of the Democratic strong holds are so nasty that even the rats have moved away (I am talking about the sh*tholes of Detroit, central Houston, most of Baltimore, Camden, N.J., and of course, the rest of the sh*tholes we all avoid).

Of course, it is true: many other countries are sh*tholes.  This does not mean the people who live there are flawed or bad. Not at all. But face it - Haiti is a sh*thole.  Somalia is a sh*thole. Frankly, I would say that any country where you need to bathe with bottled water because the parasites in the local water will penetrate your body is, in fact, a good candidate for sh*tholedome.   

And if you are inclined to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, you can argue that the point he was trying to make was that we should base immigration policy on the person, not their country of origin.  For instance, the Diversity Visa Lottery System brought us our friendly neighborhood ISIS supporting terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov.  Saipov is accused of killing eight people when he drove a truck down a New York City bike lane this past November. 

The Diversity Visa Lottery was sponsored by Chuck Schumer (then a member of the House) in 1990.  He and President Trump tit-for-tatted on the program after the arrest of Saipov.  Trump said the system must end, Schumer said that Trump shouldn’t cut the budget.  Or something like that. 

But immigration reform isn’t the discussion. The outrage is the discussion. The disgust is the discussion. And of course the racism.  But why? Crazy Uncle Joe Biden said “This is a big f*cking deal” to then President Obama during a speech congratulating Obama on the passage of health reform.  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted: “And yes Mr Vice President, you’re right…”  Chuckles from Huffpost.  Knee slaps from CNN - “oh that wonderfully colorful Uncle Joe..”

Heck, even Obama, the most gifted, smartest, brilliant, bestest, awesome and coolest savior ever has been known to go on “profanity-laced” tirades. By all accounts, all Presidents have done it, including old Honest Abe.  

So why the outrage?  Because…because…because it’s Donald Trump of course.  The most $#%^, $@#!&, mutherf%#$@er sh*thole there is!!



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  Once they got their mind set on a thing or person being x. X it must be in every way. Just like Obama was perfection in his every breath. Even his farts smelled nice? Trump must be evil in every thing he says or does.

  The election was a set up to trigger both sides. Never mind that Trumps actions are pretty much bombing and starting wars constantly. Just like Obomba did.

 Once triggered people go binary. Everything is either black or white. No gray area or middle ground. You are either one thing or the other.


  All or nothing? I say yall fucking feral if you cant see it.


  That said. When do bankers start going to jail?  Not on Obambas watch. Tell me honestly. When is Trumpy going to do it?

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South African protesters ransack H&M stores over 'racist' ad [...confirming Trump's alleged remarks]


Protesters angered by a "racist" H&M advertisement ransacked several of the Swedish fashion group's South African stores on Saturday.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) protesters targeted six H&M stores in the Gauteng province, where South Africa's economic hub of Johannesburg is located, tearing down shop displays and throwing clothes around, police said.



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Have to wonder about who came up with "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle", then who approved putting it on a tee shirt, then who decided to use a diverse young man as the model, [here's where using a white male child would have saved their asses.] then who approved releasing that ad to the public.

A fuck ton of stupid in that chain.

When I saw the image I laughed my ass off at the amount of stupid.

Okay, just remembered that non-American and non-English speakers have no clue as to what their tee shirt says.

And that is who probably created the tee shirt and the ad image.

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"Mud Cakes"


"People with certain mental health conditions such as schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder may develop pica as a coping mechanism. Some people may even enjoy and crave the textures or flavors of certain nonfood items. In some cultures, eating clay is an accepted behavior. "

As a child in Mississippi, my father told us about the blacks that also ate clay found along creek banks.  I assumed it was a nutritional deficiency.  My 3 dogs do the same thing when we take them on walks. They just stop and began munching down on the dirt.  We supplement their diet, but it doesn't stop the dirt munching.  I've considered that antifreeze or something was spilled there (3 places), but not during the 30 years I've owned the property.



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And Speaking of Inflated Shit Holes like New York City, San Fransisco...

- Trends indicate that the immigrants will find even our small cities are inflating to be just like New Fucking York
- Planned Inflation, Limitless Immigration, Sanctuary of Illegal Immigration, Deflating of US Dollar with BOTH Monetary and Fiscal Policy, poor Stewardship of the WRC, Media Blind to Jobs & Employment Taxbase converting to Capital Equipment and Moving Offshore... USA is the Biggest Shithole of all

USA is the Biggest Shithole of all

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Malema and his EFF are communists. South African communism was created by Jews (including Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo) including their terrorist arm. They were taught that the White's 'stuff' is all their 'stuff' and that they can just 'take it'. This message worked well because historically tribes in Africa enhanced their wealth by 'taking it' from other tribes (after killing and enslaving them). That is exactly how Shaka created the Zulu 'nation' from a conglomerate of conquered tribes and their 'stuff'. Democracy is alien to tribal Africa which followed only 'might is right'.

Actually communism per se is a Jewish creation. Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were all Jews as were the international bankers who financed the Jewish bolshevik revolution against Christian Russia and almost all the Commissars were Jews as were the death work camps, the gulags, all censored by Jewish controlled MSM and hollywood, see here

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Agreed. Trump and all the Rest of them, must know his supporters are watching his every decision and action or lack of ('By their FRUITS ye shall Know Them' NOT by their words!). In his epic 1000 page book 'Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time', historian Professor Carroll Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor) revealed that every single President is selected by the Round Table money/power oligarchs way ahead. He said elections are a farce in order let the masses think 'we can throw the bastards out'. He was permitted to research their documents and that is where he got these facts. Elections are in fact all a 'show' for the public. The whole world's a stage.

'Racist' is just code for 'REALIST'. I am proud to be a Realist.

Time we stopped being psyop'd by the Jews' manipulation of our language and called them out on it!

Regards fakestream media CNN (who still watches them??) they are just Zionist Big Brother's orwellian style mouth organ. They have been caught out many times staging scenes, such as a group of 'Islamic' protestors, by hiring actors, providing them with banners, and filming them. CNN is code for Mind Control Promoter.



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Economist has NEGATIVE $780 Billion Trade Balance. (Swarm of Trade Goods = to $780 Billion a year in Trade imbalance... read this as USA is a Pussy, our men are Pussies, our Skills are those of Pussies, and you can Rape the men when you run out of women or attractive women... Is that clear or not yet Clear?

Trade balance October 2017 (3rd QTR)
United States -780.1

USA is a shithole. AND they convince us that Petroleum Industry is bigger employment than Farming and when the oil price is low our Mono Trade Collapses.

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  By their fruits ye shall know them.

  A profoundly accurate statement thats always been right on the mark. On so many levels.

   This kinda ties into that discernment thing. The idea that everyones opinion should be listened too. As one example.  If you have never been a good parent STFU about raising children. You know nothing of it! And yet I have had many an idiot pipe up about it.

  Same deal with people that never paid bills or held down a steady job pushing for socialism or any other ism for that matter. If you aint a producer STFU about it!

 Equality of the sexes is another giant pile of BS. Boys and girls are very different. Get over it. That anyone would even think for a second about men needing to understand women better is devoid of logic and reason. As a man its not possible for me to understand a womens point of view. Because? I am actually a man. We already know girls will never know what its like to be a real man let alone a good father.


  I use this other analogy.  So you think you know how to wipe your own ass? Did ya ever go to the store and buy the TP with your own hard earned cash? Did ya buy enough to last until your next payday? If the answer to any of those questions was no? Ya dont really know how to wipe ur own ass. Sorry. STFU! Nothing personal.


  That said.  We really need to start stomping the dogmatics bigtime. Not that we will change their minds. We must do it because the young have been lied to far too much.

  My new years resolution is to walk as many dogma as I can. Oh thats a nice dogma ya got there! Let me take it for a walk for ya. It wont take long. Ill be right back. Sicking your dogma on me? Dont be surprized ifin I kick it hard possibly killin it. An just like you wont be thanking me for it dont expect an apology from me for doing it. Im sorry it hurt your feelings but not for stomping your dogma. Just so we are clear on it.


 PS love your posts


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 Funny I noticed the word realist has been avoided. They are trying to replace it with any other derogatory they could use in its place. Anything to avoid having a real debate take place.

 The lengths tptb will go thru are stunning. That so many fall for it is just downright fn scary.

  I noticed a need for some open debate form a good while back. A grown ups table filled with people of integrity,real skills and some backbone. With some form of vetting would be best. Not an echo chamber but a real no shit debate forum.

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No, you aren't qualified to do that. The Swamp and Deep State are deeply embedded. You think Trump has the authority to just go I and start firing everyone?  Do you think that will fix things?  The criminal acts these people are guilty of deserve a firing squad but there are thousands of them and you can't just go in and do it that way.  Are you not aware there are laws protecting some positions?  The only way to win is to go in and start replacing people with good people and then prosecuting the ones that committed criminal acts. That takes TIME and planning and execution. Hell, you have to figure out who is dirty and there are spies and traitors all in the government, some work for the Muslim Brotherhood, Soros, Rothschild, and all kinds of evil people and groups that have their finger in the pie. This has been going on since the Republic was formed and it can't be cleaned up like an elephant would clean a china shop.  So, give the man a break and stop your bitching. Learn what is going on, study the Q posts.  After four years, if you don't like the result, vote for someone else.

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But what is a sh*thole? Urban Dictionary clears it up.

A horrible place that is considered (by the majority of thinking members of homo sapiens) completely undesirable to live, work, or play in. Oftentimes, but not always, shit holes can smell real bad as a result of cow/horse manure, methane or the like. Hence, the origin of the term.

A shit hole is nearly completely devoid of any cultural, economic, or career opportunities. Shit holes are boring, stale, and are not conducive to fun activities aside from hiking, camping and , maybe, milking the occasional cow. Shit holes are either located in rural areas or they are small towns where the citizens -- being unused to actual civilization -- often delude themselves into thinking that they live in a major metropolis just because they spend 5 minutes every other day stuck in traffic.

People that live in shit holes may or may not be well-intentioned -- but almost all of them are woefully ignorant -- believing in unfounded stereotypes regarding those that live in more diverse, exciting areas of the world. These shit hole dwellers often detest activities partaken by city folk (such as dancing, eating ethnic foods, participating in festivals, baseball, or visiting museums) preferring instead to milk their cow or put their lives in danger by obliviously running headfirst into freezing areas inhabited by mountain lions just to randomly scoop up a pretty rock. Due to their severe lack of worldly exposure, shit hole dwellers not only have gross misconceptions and prejudices regarding city dwellers, but anybody who is different from them (be it on the basis of nationality, creed, or skin color).

Scientists are still trying to explain why a small percentage of the human population would willingly choose to harm themselves and loved ones by opting to live in shit holes. A promising hypothesis that attempts to explain this most irrational behavior is that shit hole dwellers are willing to forgo job security and a rewarding career in or near an exciting major city to live in the outdoors. When asked why they would do this, respondents answered.. "It's because the outdoors are puuurrrty!!!" To test this radical hypothesis, leading scientists from Columbia University and MIT plan to administer I.Q. tests to several groups of shit hole residents as a first step in testing for devolution.

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Personal current transfer receipts: Government social benefits to persons: Medicaid (W729RC1Q027SBEA)
Q3 2017: 583.351 Billions of Dollars,

Government social benefits: To persons: Federal: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (TRP6001A027NBEA)
2016: 65.421 Billions of Dollars,

Government social benefits: To persons: State and local: Public assistance (A1596C1A027NBEA)
2016: 637.345 Billions of Dollars,

Total Consumer Loans Owned by Federal Government, Outstanding (TOTALGOV)
Nov 2017: 1,141.6663 Billions of Dollars,

Monthly Treasury Report 30 Sep 2016,

Treasury Dept still paying TARP:
2016 Total Outlays Troubled Asset Relief Program = $5 Billion
2015 Total Outlays Troubled Asset Relief Program = $4.2 Billion

2016 VA Information Technology Systems outlays = $3.827 Billion
2015 VA Information Technology Systems outlays = $3.827 Billion
2014 VA Information Technology Systems outlays = $3.432 Billion
2013 VA Information Technology Systems outlays = $3.218 Billion
2012 VA Information Technology Systems outlays = $3.266 Billion
2011 VA Information Technology Systems outlays = $3.355 Billion
2010 VA Information Technology Systems outlays = $2.526 Billion
2009 VA Information Technology Systems outlays = $2.395 Billion

Total VA INFO TECH Outlays = TOTAL = $25.846 Billion Dollars (How do you spend this kind of money on IT?)

2014 federal Outlays Training & Employment Services = $3.10 Billion (Decreased)
2013 federal Outlays Training & Employment Services = $3.48 Billion (Decreased)
2012 federal Outlays Training & Employment Services = $3.74 Billion
2011 federal Outlays Training & Employment Services = $4.48 Billion
2010 federal Outlays Training & Employment Services = $5.11 Billion
2009 federal Outlays Training & Employment Services = $4.45 Billion

How the hell do you spend 20 Billion on Training?

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