What's in a Sh*thole?

The outrage! The shock! The lament! The disgust! The inevitable head-shaking and finally the calls of racism. Racist. Everything is racist.  The media’s reaction to Donald Trump follows this tight time-schedule that even Mussolini would be amazed at. This week’s offense by Trump are the comments he supposedly made during a closed door meeting with both Democrats and Republicans where he called certain countries “sh*tholes.”

But what is a sh*thole?  Why is CNN so outraged - outraged! that they had to repeat it over 36 times while apologizing to their flock about having to say it…36 times!? Surely they have heard the word before.  Most certainly because many in the media have used the word to describe red states in this country.  Never mind that most of the Democratic strong holds are so nasty that even the rats have moved away (I am talking about the sh*tholes of Detroit, central Houston, most of Baltimore, Camden, N.J., and of course, the rest of the sh*tholes we all avoid).

Of course, it is true: many other countries are sh*tholes.  This does not mean the people who live there are flawed or bad. Not at all. But face it - Haiti is a sh*thole.  Somalia is a sh*thole. Frankly, I would say that any country where you need to bathe with bottled water because the parasites in the local water will penetrate your body is, in fact, a good candidate for sh*tholedome.   

And if you are inclined to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, you can argue that the point he was trying to make was that we should base immigration policy on the person, not their country of origin.  For instance, the Diversity Visa Lottery System brought us our friendly neighborhood ISIS supporting terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov.  Saipov is accused of killing eight people when he drove a truck down a New York City bike lane this past November. 

The Diversity Visa Lottery was sponsored by Chuck Schumer (then a member of the House) in 1990.  He and President Trump tit-for-tatted on the program after the arrest of Saipov.  Trump said the system must end, Schumer said that Trump shouldn’t cut the budget.  Or something like that. 

But immigration reform isn’t the discussion. The outrage is the discussion. The disgust is the discussion. And of course the racism.  But why? Crazy Uncle Joe Biden said “This is a big f*cking deal” to then President Obama during a speech congratulating Obama on the passage of health reform.  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted: “And yes Mr Vice President, you’re right…”  Chuckles from Huffpost.  Knee slaps from CNN - “oh that wonderfully colorful Uncle Joe..”

Heck, even Obama, the most gifted, smartest, brilliant, bestest, awesome and coolest savior ever has been known to go on “profanity-laced” tirades. By all accounts, all Presidents have done it, including old Honest Abe.  

So why the outrage?  Because…because…because it’s Donald Trump of course.  The most $#%^, $@#!&, mutherf%#$@er sh*thole there is!!