"How To Properly Punch A Nazi" & Other Insane Tidbits From James Damore's Lawsuite Against Google

Authored by Rachel Stoltzfoos via The Federalist,

Employees were allowed to award those who spoke out against Damore's memo 'peer bonuses' monitored by the 'Google Recognition Team'...


The lawsuit James Damore filed against Google on Monday provides a fascinating glimpse into the way the company and many of its employees see the workplace in terms of a demographic hierarchy, and what happens to those who diverge from the consensus view.

Details from diversity training sessions, accounts of alleged reverse discrimination, and screenshots of internal communications on company forums and message boards in the lawsuit cast the company culture as extremely hostile to employees with unpopular opinions, especially heterosexuals, men, white people, and those who hold conservative views.

Damore and another former Google employee, David Gudeman, allege the company discriminates against white male conservatives, and maintains illegal diversity quotas for hiring managers. Damore was fired last year after an internal memo he wrote positing that men and women have biological differences that affect their work preferences and abilities was leaked and went viral.

In screenshots laid out in the lawsuit, “Googlers” as they call themselves, talk openly of blacklisting and purging the company of employees whose views or identities are deemed outside the bounds. Employees were allowed to award those who spoke out against Damore’s memo “peer bonuses” — a company kudos of sorts monitored by the “Google Recognition Team.”

“We want to be inclusive of people not ideas” one employee identified as Alon Altman wrote in a message included in the lawsuit. Damore says that sentiment was backed up at an Inclusion and Diversity Summit he attended in June, when he was told by Google employees the company does not value “viewpoint diversity,” but actively strives for “demographic diversity.”

The lawsuit succeeds in suggesting a sharply divisive worldview pervades Google, in which those deemed worthy of tolerating (women, minorities, transgenders, etc.) are to be protected and agreed with at all costs — the recipients of unbridled compassion and understanding — while those who fall outside the bounds are to be ruthlessly disowned and expelled. 

Here are 19 of the most notable and bizarre snapshots of corporate culture laid out in the lawsuit.

1. ‘Living as a Plural Being’

In a section claiming Google tries to “stifle” conservative parenting styles, the suit reads: “Google furnishes a large number of internal mailing lists catering to employees with alternative lifestyles, including furries, polygamy, transgenderism, and plurality, for the purpose of discussing sexual topics. The only lifestyle that seems to not be openly discussed on Google’s internal forums is traditional heterosexual monogamy.”

A footnote next to the word “plurality” adds: “For instance, an employee who sexually identifies as ‘a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin’ and ‘an expansive ornate building’ presented a talk entitled ‘Living as a Plural Being’ at an internal company event.”

The suit also includes a screenshot of the presentation on “living as a plural being” when the presenter is discussing how to address coworkers with multiple identities. Examples of “not okay” etiquette listed include “addressing any one headmate in particular; we’re all listening!”


2. ‘Don’t hire white men’

A few of the messages show Google employees proposing hiring practices that exclude certain groups of men, or putting women in charge of hiring for a year to ensure diversity quotas are met. One employee wrote: “Alternate proposal: moratorium on hiring white cis heterosexual abled men who aren’t abuse survivors.”

3. ‘Bias busting’ 

Damore recounts attending “voluntary” diversity training because Google employees stressed attendance as necessary if he were to advance in the company. “At the in-person training, entitled ‘Bias Busting,’ Google discussed how biases against women exist in the workplace, and how ‘white male privilege’ exists in the workplace,” the suit reads. “The training was run by the ‘Unbiasing Group’ at Google.

4. ‘I will keep hounding you until one of us fired’ 

After a coworker leaked his memo to the public, Google’s human resources instructed Damore to work remotely for a while to let emotions cool, after he forwarded them a particularly angry email from another employee. “You’re a misogynist and a terrible person,” read a late-night email from Alex Hidalgo, a Google engineer. “I will keep hounding you until one of us is fired. Fuck you.”

5. ‘The Derail document’ 

The suit claims Gudeman was fired in part because he took issue with the merits of a “derail document” written by Google manager Kim Burchett. “The thesis of this document is that on this one particular set of topics, the left-wing political frame of systematic bias, must always dominate, and the receiver must accept that frame, and its associated worldview, in their response,” the suit claims. It does not provide the actual document.

In his response, Gudeman said “the point of this document is to disallow any defense at all that a man might make when some woman complains about bias. There is no defense. The woman is always right. The man has no alternative but to submit to her superior moral position. We have a word for that attitude, it’s called ‘sexism.'”

He says the criticism was widely derided and deemed “un-Googley.”

6. ‘You did something so amazing that Matthew Sachs awarded you a Peer Bonus’

The suit includes a screenshot of one of the emailed “peer bonuses” awarded to those who opposed Damore.

“Congratulations, Simone Wu!” the email begins. “You did something so amazing that Matthew Sachs awarded you a Peer Bonus. Here’s what Matthew Sachs had to say: Simone has been doing a fantastic job speaking up for Googley values and promoting [diversity and inclusion] in the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is [Damore’s memo] … Visit your award history page to see your certificate to print and proudly hang on your cube, wall, fridge, robot etc.”

7. ‘Discourage them all throughout the industry’

“If we really care about diversity in tech, we don’t just need to chase serial offenders out of Google, we need to discourage them all throughout the industry,” a lengthy internal post on Damore read. “We should be willing to give a wink and a nod to other Silicon Valley employers over terminable offenses, not send the worst parts of tech packing with a smile …”

8. ‘I will hurt you’

Damore’s memo prompted another employee to post this quote: “I’m a queer-ass nonbinary trans person that is fucking sick and tired of being told to open a dialogue with people who want me dead. We are at a point where the dialogue we need to be having with these people is ‘if you keep talking about this shit, i will hurt you.”

9. ‘Relies on crowdsourced harassment’

Google encourages employees to enforce unwritten norms by harassing and ostracizing those who break them, according to the suit, and by allowing employees to create “blocklists” on their communications systems. “[Google] relies on crowdsourced harassment and ‘pecking’ to enforce social norms (including politics) that it feels it cannot write directly into its policies,” the suit states.

10. ‘I…apologized for whitesplaining’ 

In a message from July 2017, a repentant Google employee publicly realized he was “whitesplaining” black history. “I (a white Googler), in an attempt to build a rapport with a Black Noogler and demonstrate my lack of ignorance of Black History, ended up whitesplaining Black History to him…thereby demonstrating my ignorance of Black History in the process. A few minutes later, feeling like a complete idiot, I went back to him and apologized for whitesplaining.”

His comment was lauded by another Googler.

11. ‘You’re being blacklisted…at companies outside Google’

Google manager Adam Fletcher wrote in 2015 he would never hire conservatives he deemed hold hostile views. “I will never, ever hire/transfer you onto my team,” he wrote. “Ever. I don’t care if you are perfect fit or technically excellent or whatever. I will actively not work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I’ll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.”

“You’re being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google,” he added. “You might not have been aware of this, but people know, people talk. There are always social consequences.”

12. Conservative author triggers ‘silent alarm’ over lunch with employee

Conservative blogger Curtis Yarvin, who advised Steve Bannon and other members of the Trump administration, triggered an alarm when he visited the Google campus to lunch with an employee. Security escorted him off the premises. The suit alleges other conservatives are on that list, including Alex Jones and Theodore Beale.

13. ‘Should inclusion on the list require something resembling a trial?’

Burchett once proposed creating a list she would personally manage of “people who make diversity difficult,” to include employees who did things like make statements “unsupportive of diversity.” She suggested the list could serve as a punishment that could incentivize “better” behavior among the offenders listed.

“Things I’m still pondering: should inclusion on the list require something resembling a trial? should people be removed after some period of time if they start behaving better?”

14. ‘Throw away that bad apple with no regrets’ 

The suit says Google manager Jay Gengelbach discussed blacklisting an intern whose views proved intransigent, despite the efforts of Google employees to bring him around to their views. “I was there at the lunch were said intern said the things he did,” Googler Matthew Seidl replied on the thread. “A number of people there did try to esquire as to what he was basing his belief on and give counter examples. They didn’t really take.”

Another Googler chimed in, “Throw that bad apple away with no regrets.”

15. ‘I won’t say violence has no place’ 

In one thread, employees discussed at length whether Trump’s win meant it’s time for a violent revolution. “How do people cope with this?” one employee wrote. “I’ve never been part of a military or war effort before. … I don’t know how useful I’ll be.”

Another advised: “Get in touch with your friendly local antifa. … I won’t say violence has no place, but if you are going to be doing anything risky, I can’t overemphasize the important of networking with people who’ve been thinking about scenarios like the one we’re in for years, and building relationships with them. We are only powerful if we organize.”

“This list is not truly anonymous,” another cautioned.

16. ‘If you don’t want to get punched …’ 

One employee explained what to believe if you don’t want to get physically assaulted. “There is literally only one reason an antifascist would be violent towards you. You are a fascist. … If you don’t want to get punched by an antifascist, it’s simple: don’t go to white supremacist rallies and don’t own white power symbols.”

17. ‘How to (Properly) Punch a Nazi’

Two more bits on punching Nazis. In the first, an employee explains why peaceful measures aren’t enough when facing people with certain views. “How do you let people know you don’t take their ideas seriously? … No-platforming fascists does scale. So does punching one on camera.” And a cartoon sent around depicts a Nazi-punching strategy.

18. ‘Psychotic break from reality’ 

Those who oppose certain liberal orthodoxy must be either “deeply deceived” or have had “some sort of psychotic break from reality,” another employee wrote, adding: “What you think of as information is nonsense.”

19. ‘This is where my tolerance ends, with intolerance’

“You can’t support Donald Trump without also supporting his racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia,” a Googler wrote in a lengthy communication on Trump supporters. “Or even worse, if you vote for Donald Trump because of his economic policy or because you feel the other party is corrupt, then what you’re saying is that economics is more important than the safety of your peers. This is where my tolerance ends: with intolerance.”

*  *  *

Google briefly responded to Damore’s lawsuit Monday in a statement reported by The Verge. “We look forward to defending against Mr. Damore’s lawsuit in court,” a spokesperson said.


Keyser tmosley Sun, 01/14/2018 - 22:49 Permalink

I identify as an Egyptian Queen living in Transylvania, residing in gothic castle with the sexuality of a Greek god, when reality is that I'm a brain-washed drone living in a 600sf bolthole while being spoon fed propaganda by one of the most powerful companies on the planet... What could go wrong?  

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OverTheHedge Keyser Sun, 01/14/2018 - 23:49 Permalink

Does this not remind you of the article a while back, about how it only takes 4% of the population to embrace fundamentalism to force everyone else to go along to get along?

Had a quick rummage, but couldn't find it: the premise was that you don't need the entire group to be hard core fundamentalist - as little as 4% will force the entire group to embrace the extreme views, just to go along. Without the hardcore mentalists, the vast majority would be much less extreme. Google seems to have been taken over by a very vocal minority, and now everyone's jobs depend upon agreeing with the extremists.

How do we clean up Muslim extremism? Anyone?

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Folkvar Keyser Mon, 01/15/2018 - 00:54 Permalink

My god, to say these people have severe mental health issues is the greatest understatement ever uttered. You have to tip your hat to Damore for managing to work in such an utterly sick, warped, damaged, and dysfunctional environment for so much as one day. How on earth people manage to get this mentally ill is beyond me.

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They even rub special scents on their furries' privates.

Really not something that should be discussed in a public setting.

Decorum, an ancient way of thinking and living.

Had to look up "headmate". Right, be respectful of the "others" in the mind of an individual suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

Celebration of insanity.

Would the character Norman Bates be considered a normal, healthy individual today?

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Plenty of people saw it coming. We just chose not to listen. I did read the entire thing. It is bizarre and psychotic. These people are truly deranged. The more i read these kinds fo things, the less I think peaceful coexistence isn't possible. One funny thing I always enjoy, though, is their hatred of police. They have NO IDEA how lucky they are that the police are around, and will still arrest people like us for fucking them up. I know they like to fantasize that the police are oppressing them, and are standing between them and their desired revolution, but the police are actually protecting THEM from the consequences of constantly angering the wrong group of people. The most pussified, effeminate group of males on the face of the earth is threatening violence against the rest of us.... They should thank god for the police, every single day.

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the question IS, when after the Civil War 2.0, armed insurgencies, etc etc ...

when the leftoid scum "apologize" and beg for their lives, what do we do with them? bearing in mind that A) leaving just 1 cockroach alive *guarantees* another infestation and B) being leftoids, if they had won (LOL) they'd kill us all, and throw a party afterward. 

so what is to be done with them?

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FoggyWorld Meat Hammer Sun, 01/14/2018 - 21:58 Permalink

I have NEVER worked anywhere where this sort of discussion was considered an appropriate way to spend a work day.  It's down right amazing to me that this is so out of control.  

It's a wonder that anything pertaining to Google's actual business gets done at all.

Maybe the next lawsuit ought to be a class action suit on behalf of stock holders who obviously are being ripped off by these overpaid people sitting around filling the air with hate.

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techpriest FoggyWorld Sun, 01/14/2018 - 23:01 Permalink

I've worked somewhere where this sort of thing was allowed. Funny enough, the company had collapsing revenues, 75% of HR was laid off, and turnover was high everywhere. When I left, they had a project going to lay off 90% of sales via automation, and layoffs hit my department shortly after I left (according to a coworker who was hanging on).

Meanwhile, I'm starting to look for a 2nd contractor at my small business, and I've given thought to posting a policy of discrimination against people who prefer to eat hamburgers without vegetables. I figure I can filter out the crazies because they will flip their lid over a "discrimination" policy. The lack of vegetable fiber increases your odds of digestive/intestinal problems, so getting the otherkin to make themselves sick as a "protest" would also be a schadefreude-rich opportunity to expose the full depth of their refusal to accept reality.

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Troy Ounce techpriest Sun, 01/14/2018 - 23:11 Permalink

The absence of a measurement tape defining value like a gold or silver standard, the anaesthetization of risk as well as relentless money printing by Central Banks has confused people for such a long time that their offspring is now mentally living in a risk-free la-la-land thereby supporting "das gesundes Volksemfinden" of Cultural Marxism and identity politics without realising that they are being set-up.

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There are no markets anymore, only interventions. -Chris Powell, GATA.

I just came back from Europe where everybody is high fiving each other because "it is going great!".

NO, it is not. The ECB is just releasing credit ad infinitum thereby creating the illusion of wealth.

"Who care where the money comes from", is the rebuttal.

Nobody cares, gives a shit, untill they have to, as they were wrong all along.

It is a set-up. Europeans will be lead by SuperCredit (ECB) to a "European SuperState" full of Snowflakes lead by Soros et all. 

Americans are a bit smarter. They pulled the emergency brakes in the form of DT.

NWO is uncertain now what to do with Trump. They cannot make a proponent of the NationState succeed. On the other hand, the whole sjebang will come crashing down (including Europe) if they pull the plug on Trump.  So now what?

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dchang0 Meat Hammer Mon, 01/15/2018 - 04:59 Permalink

We only have to look to history to see how far groupthink combined with power can go, from the Salem Witch Trials to the Spanish Inquisition to the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany to the East German Stasi, etc.

I'd say taking groupthink this far is NORMAL and will continue to repeat throughout history. Seems to be a component of human nature.

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vulcanraven greenskeeper carl Sun, 01/14/2018 - 21:32 Permalink

Couldn't upvote this enough, completely agree. These lunatics are all playacting their little communist fantasies out in the streets, enjoying all of the trappings and safety that the most free country in the Western world has to offer. College kids crying about being "oppressed" with an iPhone in one hand, and a Starbucks in the other. They will rue the day that a civil war actually turns hot in the good 'ol USA.

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