Chernobyl Disaster Site Transformed From Monumental Sarcophagus To Massive Solar Plant

Some 100 meters from the giant metal sarcophagus that contains the infamous Reactor Four at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, a new solar project has been built, providing hope of salvaging something positive from the disaster zone.

As RT notes, The 3,800 photovoltaic panels installed in a 16,000 square-meter (3.95-acre) area are expected to produce a total of one megawatt of energy for the local grid - enough power for roughly 2,000 homes reports Science Alert.

The Shelter Object (in the background above), the aforementioned sarcophagus installed last year to replace the rapidly-eroding original concrete shield, has reduced radiation levels to a tenth of their previous amount, affording developers the opportunity to repurpose the nuclear wasteland.

“This territory obviously cannot be used for agriculture, but it is quite suitable for innovative and scientific projects,” Ostap Semerak, Ukrainian Minister of the Environment, told AFP in 2016. Ukrainian authorities have opened up roughly 25 square kilometers for solar project developments with 60 proposals currently under consideration. Another 4.2-megawatt solar power plant was recently completed within the irradiated zone in neighboring Belarus.

The panels are fixed to concrete slabs as opposed to being put in the ground, as drilling, digging or disturbing the soil in the area in anyway is strictly forbidden. It may take an estimated 24,000 years before people can safely inhabit the area again.

“This solar power plant can cover the needs of a medium-sized village,” Yevgen Varyagin of the Solar Chernobyl, the company behind the development, told AFP. Depending on the success of the facility, the Ukrainian-German company may one day ramp up production to almost 100 times current output.

The current project cost approximately €1 million ($1,220,200), which Solar Chernobyl hopes the plant will earn back within the next seven years.

On April 29, 1986, Reactor Number Four at the plant exploded, leading to the largest uncontrolled release of radioactive material into the Earth's atmosphere in history, killing 31 people and contaminating up to three quarters of Europe. The plant’s other reactors continued to operate until 2000. Chernobyl is widely accepted as one of the two worst civilian nuclear disasters in history, along with the Fukushima incident of 2011.

“Bit by bit we want to optimise the Chernobyl zone,” Varyagin told Anna Hirtenstein at Bloomberg last year. “It shouldn’t be a black hole in the middle of Ukraine.”


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"Israhell did this" -crackhead comments in 3-2-1..

I left LiveLeak because it was downgraded by dumbass comments and now I have to witness the same happening to ZH.

Too sad!

Sanity Bear bluecollartrader Mon, 01/15/2018 - 06:20 Permalink

"We used to call them ignorant"

After engaging with some of these wanna-be types I found out that most of them are teenagers in Canada, who are apparently very resentful of the fact that if they say these things in their own country they'll get arrested.

It's the modern version of spray painting a swastika in a back alley. They're doing it for attention because they are very dissatisfied with the status quo (understandable) and too lazy to actually get off their asses and do something to change matters (their own damn fault).

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SixIsNinE Michigander Mon, 01/15/2018 - 11:18 Permalink

what?  all the booming wildlife and birds & critters have thrived there since humans left. 

This is more likely like the Hiroshima & Nagasaki - bustling cities, no worries about the Fear Factor Millions of Years Half Life Radiation Scare.  


No, this is normalization to bring a return of humans to the area - the danger is contained.  move along,  continue to be scared about the invisible Millions & Billions of Years of contamination.  

See Tokyo.  7 Years, this 3/11, very auspicious number.  Tokyo is operating just fine. 

look at Galen Windsor's videos on youtube - he designed & ran Hanford Nuke plant - he says bluntly the fear factor is a scam.  

Of course there is danger, but not at all what we were deceived into believing.


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Makes no sense to have a population with an "average" of 115.  Adjusted for cultural variables and age, for instance, as IQ tests have to be, any given population averages 100 by definition - the mid point on the bell curve.  Granted that it's many years since I did Psych 101 and stats, but I think that I remember enough to challenge you ... but be my guest.

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See video about six minutes in:


There is no such thing as a deposit into a bank, it is your loan to the bank.  A debt money system DOES NOT INTERMEDIATE MONEY.  It is semantics about whether or not you want to call it a bank. 

A gyro bank, or a trust DOES intermediate money.  Savings and Loans intermediated money, but they got whacked.

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The bailout via TARP was tax money stolen, which then went into covering bad loans.  

QE was next, and that was FED keyboard created money, which then bought MBS ...paying face value for them, and protecting the bankers.

QE funneled toward TBills already in reserve loops, doing a swap, which then held TBill prices high and interest rates low.

Emergency loans over the discount window at foreign banks, gave dollar loans to cover loan calls.

The finance community was propped up with your tax money, even though they caused the problem.  The finance community was propped up with swaps holding prices high, while you were enticed into taking out new debt with low interest rates.

Actually finance used the low interest rates, to then buy you out even more.

Please don't follow Mises or Libertarian money theory, they have their own type of propaganda.  I have spent enough time here at ZH debunking them as well.  

Money's true nature is law, not debt, not credit, and not metal.  That we live in a reality distortion field, doesn't make Mises correct.

Private Banks are criminogenic, everybody who has a pulse should know that by now.

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I'm debating here - are each of you up towards the top wearing a uniform siting at a round table doing a circle jerk while typing, or are you just a single guy in uniform, alone in a cube, beating-off to Hedge on your screen?

By the way, your fastest route to promotion is simply going down on your CO.

'The Military' the ultimate Mommy for those who seek & need structure - because the wide open world is a scary place alone. She feeds you & dresses you, cuts your hair, teaches you naughty from nice, she tells you when to go to bed & even tucks you in - it's precious really.

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Sounds like you never had a probability and statistics class.

What is the probability of one religion, which makes up less than 1 percent of the global population controlling 95+ percent of the world's money.

Dont like that one, try the percentages and probabilities of Fed Governors

Or you can try media executives, that's a Winner as well

When you have multiple significant statistical anomalies, you have to look into correlation.


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This is the first time I've seen anyone give an honest rationale for the many anti-Jew anti-Israel comments.  I've asked before but never received any response.  I've observed exactly what you've pointed-out in your post - the probabilities.  But can't that simply be explained by nepotism?  Especially if the Jews got a head-start on most other groups by becoming bankers.  

So if you are Jewish, does it mean there is a high probability that you are a rich, ruthless, and evil person, b/c of the fact that if you are one of the world's rich, ruthless, and evil puppet masters, there is high probability that you are Jewish?

Is the argument that the Jewish religion makes a person this way?  Serious question.

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I am going to respond to your post with a serious reply.

Societal nepotism is certainly a factor.  When I term it societal, its not that Judaism is solely religion, its not a specific ethnicity, and its certainly not a national origin.  Its bigger than all three.  A Jew in France is a Jew first and a Frenchman second, same as a Jew here.  Jews have a common goal, and work together to achieve it, and that goal has largely been attained, and simply put its world domination, as expressed by Marx, that's their vision of your world, and that's where you are going being willing or not.  Your computers operating system, your social media, the news you see on television or read in the paper, is controlled and constructed by one group.  The financial well being of the country you live in, is again, controlled by this one group.

This one group cannot be challenged or you are an anti-Semite (almost as bad as being a racist /sarc).  This is not a new concept for the world and has been around from biblical times, and many times societies have tried to purge this groups control only to fail.  Now their control is almost complete, and frankly we live in the Joo world order.

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Moe-Monay gatorengineer Mon, 01/15/2018 - 07:58 Permalink


  • So if you are Jewish, does it mean there is a high probability that you are a rich, ruthless, and evil person, b/c of the fact that if you are one of the world's rich, ruthless, and evil puppet masters, there is high probability that you are Jewish?


Someone has not taken their logic classes.  To wit:

The statement: If A then B 

Does not in any way alone imply:  If B then A

Let's put some values in 

     A == my dogs

     B== brown

All my dogs are brown thus I can say

    If (they are my dogs) then (they are brown)

Now that does not mean   

    If (they are brown) then (they are my dogs)          .......for my neighbor also has a brown dog.

Got a clue yet?  Math. It's good for the mind. 

Yes I have Jewish friends I hold dear.  They are not bankers.  They are more right wing than I.  They eat pork. They discuss private central banking with. They even discuss my theory that because of the Askenazi bump in IQ that their sociopaths are smarter than sociopaths of other races. But rest assured their relatives in New York act like their hair is on fire and their ass is catching when they discuss politics at Thanksgiving.

If you have any doubt who controls private central banking and therefore most the world of man just take a look at what they did to someone who treated history like a scientific project like David Irving.  He disagreed with their holocaust depiction in numbers and location and they essentially ruined him financially.  Think that would happen if he disagreed with the Amish?  The amount of power wielded to execute their program against Irving is impressive. People need to wake up to it because as with anyone that level of power corrupts.


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SilverDOG Moe-Monay Mon, 01/15/2018 - 10:22 Permalink

It is great to know and have as friends, the exceptions to the majority.

None the less, the majority of the underlying controllers all are within the same "religion". Thus a very high percentage of their populace.


I have known both, and find it ironic and coping mechanism hilarious; the one I went through K-12 with in a completely non-specific ethnic region became a billionaire in banks, dealing arms on the side. 

But hey, he was voted "Most likely to succeed" out of 137 classmates.... so racisssss !

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HisBoyElroy Moe-Monay Mon, 01/15/2018 - 13:07 Permalink

I agree with most of your post, but as my friends and I have discussed many times the Jew superior IQ notion is a myth. Asians, overall and individually, have the highest IQs in the world. We think nepotism, along with above average intelligence, is the the central factor in Jew societal control. I'm sure you've seen the internet memes of media, banking,political, and government figures with Star of David markers over the pictures. It really is eye opening.

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"Eat pork..."

They're not Jewish. That's like the Christians-in-name-only types, Westboro Baptist. If they went up to the Jews in charge of this shindig, they'd be kicked right the fuck out with the rest of the goyim. Shabbo-goys.

"Not all X are Y," but god damnit man, call a spade a spade.

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We'll just call it 'A Transnational Subculture with Decidedly Antisocial/Narcissistic Tendencies' then, shall we?

Why, it's almost as if they should have their very own listing in the upcoming DSM VI, special little cupcakes that they are.

. . . chosen by a god of their own choosing.

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LittleGreenMan gatorengineer Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:01 Permalink

Thanks for the reply.  I haven't seen that all Jews have a common goal of world domination.  But if they do, how/when/where is that goal communicated between them (e.g., to children)? 

Even if all the puppet-masters are Jews, that doesn't mean that all Jews are evil.  Most of the puppet-masters are also probably white men, and I don't think that all white men are evil.

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Guderian LittleGreenMan Mon, 01/15/2018 - 07:29 Permalink

In my view it is indeed a mix of very strong nepotism and upbringing.

The latter is tanatmount to a sub-religion. Jews in Europe were poor and outcast, but in general very educated. Jewish kids are raised with a high affinity to education, logic thinking and competition. Competitive debates are encouraged and commonplace.

The jew=banker also has a historic background: before the modern days, Jews were denied to own land or join a guild (i.e. become craftsmen). Trading and money biz was considered lowly and so the Jews were allowed these trades -and not much else.

I do agree, that Jews control much of the media, of Hollywood, the intl. banking system (or at least most banks) and some very lucrative branches of trade, such as diamonds. BUT that does not automatically mean, that they do so as part of a conspiracy. I don't even rule that out, but I have not seen proof for that.

I feel Jews are taking advantage of their funds, positions and connections. Most visibly, when forcing any and all US politicians to bend to AIPAC. I believe Jews are making the same mistake here, as they did in Germany between WWI and WWII. The nepotism is becoming all too obvious, costly and breeds resentment in the general populace. If you care, you can find how Jews dominated the judiciary system, banks, trade and media in Germany. When our currency collapsed, it was mainly Jews, who bought our corporations, real estate and even farms for relatively strong foreign currency (mostly British Pound). To that point in time, Germany was a rather safe haven for Jews exciling East Europe and Russia. Hitler did little more than point to the facts and then exaggerate into oblivion and turn his followers into raging anti-Jews. He never convinced the majority, who had good relations and/or experince with jews -farmers with jewish drovers, for example.

Again; I find it much more interesting to join a debate about different topics and learn or explain aspects thereof. The automatic reflex of "FED! Jews! 9-11!" et al is simply boring. It disrupts real debate and has obviously driven away many of the most inspiring contributers from ZH comments section.

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gatorengineer Guderian Mon, 01/15/2018 - 07:35 Permalink

"I do agree, that Jews control much of the media, of Hollywood, the intl. banking system (or at least most banks) and some very lucrative branches of trade, such as diamonds. BUT that does not automatically mean, that they do so as part of a conspiracy. I don't even rule that out, but I have not seen proof for that."


Ok, going by the counter argument in the thread you have an "uber-intelligent" intellectually free group, that has yet to produce a SINGLE POLITICAL CONSERVATIVE, in its history.  That in and of itself is proof that there is some singleness of mindset that proves conspiracy, beyond any statistical doubt.

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Moe-Monay Juggernaut x2 Mon, 01/15/2018 - 08:19 Permalink


Private Central Banking and banking in general is the cause.  The power to create fiat money out of thin air confers here forward called "the money power" confers such great power upon the group that wields it that any the rest is fait acompli.


Ok, going by the counter argument in the thread you have an "uber-intelligent" intellectually free group, that has yet to produce a SINGLE POLITICAL CONSERVATIVE, in its history.  That in and of itself is proof that there is some singleness of mindset that proves conspiracy, beyond any statistical doubt.

.......Theirs is a bit of a dictatorship. Private Central Banking / The Money Powers do not lead to spread out powers.  If what they did to David Irving the historian is any indication then immense pressure is brought to bear jew upon jew should opinions vary from orthodoxy.

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iadr Juggernaut x2 Mon, 01/15/2018 - 09:27 Permalink

Juggernaut Jan 15, 2018 7:57 AM

"Most" are liberal? Actually, 80% of US jews self-identify as liberal.



I would say that highly indicative of a go-along-get-along relation to the external world, and I note that is hardly an attitude exclusive to the Jewish culture.

Now there is a second view- that cultural consensus- as to what is OK to believe, is shaped in our present era disproportionately by media, and media is shaped by Jewish culture- both by via active intervention, and by the commercialization/financialization forces which act on the maintream-mono-media.


 It's also in how you define "conservative".  If it's evangelical Christian values a la Reagan era, then by definition no, not going to be any stand out jews typifying what you want (but it is not like Reagan's admin shut out Jews- I simply don't believe making a list there pushes the debate in a healthy way).

 There are any number of libertarian Jewish authors- from Ayn Rand to Paul Rosenberg. You'd have to be willfully blind not to see them all.

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gatorengineer Nunyadambizness Mon, 01/15/2018 - 07:59 Permalink

The two that you mention are nationalists, or ultranationalists, and may be socially conservative but not by any stretch conservative in the broader definition of the word.  In a socialist state, it doesn't take much to be called a conservative, reference Merkel.  Israel, is a socialist state, only exists as a construct due to the mass welfare and aid provided them by western countries and foreign jews, in the past (and present), and their continued destabilization of their muslim neighbors.

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Moe-Monay gatorengineer Mon, 01/15/2018 - 08:25 Permalink

Netanyaho == NEOCON

The Neo in front means a lot.  Please educate yourself on the difference.  

Israel probably only exists because the private central bankers wanted their own intelligence services under the legal rubric of a state.  Isreali state powers conferred exclusively upon the controllers of all the private central banks of the world.  Sound powerful to you?  Sounds pretty daunting to me. The huge clue is where did CIA originate? Dulles brothers.  Cromwell & Sullivan Wall St. law firm.  CIA / Mossad / MI6 are all heads on the same beasty.

The rest is window dressing I suspect.  The poor jews that actually live there to dress the windows of the banker state appear not to know. 

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thatthingcanfly gatorengineer Mon, 01/15/2018 - 07:47 Permalink

"Ok, going by the counter argument in the thread you have an "uber-intelligent" intellectually free group, that has yet to produce a SINGLE POLITICAL CONSERVATIVE, in its history.  That in and of itself is proof that there is some singleness of mindset that proves conspiracy, beyond any statistical doubt. "

No it isn't.

Never assume conspiracy. It's much more likely, in this case, that Jews are simply predisposed - due to education, high IQ, strong tribal awareness and survival instincts, family ties, and societal cohesion within their group - to pursue careers where their small numbers can leverage the most influence, to block vote for the party that favors their interest, and to sow the seeds of spiritual sickness among the host societies in which they live as minority population. No conspiracy is required for them to "know" what is expected of each other.

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Moe-Monay Juggernaut x2 Mon, 01/15/2018 - 08:32 Permalink


It's a dictatorship.  So maybe that means it's not a conspiracy since the thinking of the  guys on the lower levels do not matter.

The money powers are immense.  You obviously have not taken the time to study the money powers and what that confers upon those that have to the exclusion of all other peoples.  Your chance to rectify that is below.  I recommend it to one and all.

YouTube: English: Bill Still's "The Money Masters"

YouTube: Portuguese subtitles: Bill Still's "The Money Masters"

...........Nothing will change until most of the people of the world understand how private central banking works and how it is being wielded against them. NOTHING.  Won't matter how much you "do it for the chilrun" or if you set up a foundation like Bill Gates. ( private foundations are quite another matter but I do not want to divert or distract )


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