"I Paid To See A Movie About Singing. I Got Ninety Minutes Of Pentagon Propaganda."

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium.com,

To cap off a long, strange day, my husband and I took the kids out last night to see Pitch Perfect 3. The first Pitch Perfect is a firm favorite in our household, the kind of movie we end up watching when we can’t agree on what to watch. We’d been waiting til we all had a night to see the latest one together, so we made a night of it and went out for some dinner, too. I even had a Coke. The sugary kind. This was a big night, people! So we were all in high spirits and I entered the theater excited to see some good music and have a good time.

I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece, but I also wasn’t expecting to be blasted in the face with ninety minutes of blatant war propaganda from the United States Department of Defense.

Documents Expose How Hollywood Promotes War On Behalf Of The Pentagon, CIA, & NSA "The documents reveal for the first time the vast scale of US government control in Hollywood, including the ability to…"


Before I go on I should mention that a group called Insurge Intelligence published a report a few months back on thousands of military and intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act which showed unbelievably extensive involvement of US defense and intelligence agencies in the production of popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. Just from the information this group was able to gain access to, the scripts and development of over 800 films and 1,000 television titles were found to have been influenced by the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA to advance the interests of the US war machine. We’re talking about big, high profile titles you’ve definitely heard of, from Transformers to Meet the Parents.

So it’s an established fact that these depraved agencies of destruction and domination are balls-deep in Hollywood production. You can understand my discomfort, then, as it became evident that the movie I’d sat down to watch with my family was set on US military bases for no reason whatsoever. There was nothing about the plot of Pitch Perfect 3 that required this; any music tour of any kind would have worked just as well. The antagonist had nothing to do with the military, the protagonists were a civilian a capella singing group, and the general conflicts and resolutions of the film were entirely uninvolved with anything related to the armed forces of any nation.

Indeed, the film looks like it was initially written to have taken place in a civilian setting, then after many rewrites and the involvement of God knows what agencies managed to force itself onto US military bases. As Insurge Intelligence noted in its report, once that happens the war machine is granted what amounts to total creative control of the film’s production, up to and including the ability to cancel production altogether by withdrawing support.

Sure enough, retired Army lieutenant colonel Thomas Lesnieski, who was involved with the production of the film, says that in order to “make sure that the way the military is portrayed is done right,” changes were made to the script of Pitch Perfect 3 after the film enlisted “DoD support”.

As far as the film in question is concerned, “the way the military is portrayed” could not have been more propagandistic. The heroines were constantly drooling over the handsome, sexy servicemen, there was nonstop saluting, flag-waving and patriotic “thank you for your service” lines, the lead cast did an entire number dressed in camouflage, a lesbian character said she wanted to enlist “now that they let gay people join,” servicemen were portrayed as charming heroes and protectors of women, and life on a military base was portrayed as a fun party where you get to go to awesome concerts and have a great time. You could not possibly pack more glorification of the US war machine into a movie if you tried.

Air Force Captain Meredith Kirchoff, a public affairs officer at Dobbins Air Reserve Base where the film was shot, gushes over the movie for the way it “humanizes” (read: normalizes) the human resources used to power the American war machine while US civilians are deprived of the basic social safety nets accorded to everyone else in every other major country on earth.

The US Department of Defense was given a “special thanks to” line at the tail of the end credits.

Again: there was no discernible reason for this film to be set on military bases. At all. Anyone who gets involved in filmmaking for love of that artistic medium loathes the involvement of any outside influencer putting pressure on them to change their script and produce their movie in a certain way to advance their own agendas, but this film deliberately sought that influence out. From top to bottom, a sequel to a popular movie about an all-female singing group was built to normalize the globe-spanning war machine that is closely approaching a trillion dollar budget and recruit teenage girls into its ranks to be used for slaughter and destruction.

I love Pitch Perfect. It’s honestly one of my favorite movies ever. It’s an effortless romp of a film about the joy of delightfully unique individuals not overcoming those differences but enthusing about them in each other, enjoying them, embracing them and collaborating together to create something beautiful, inspired, healthy and new. It speaks to my heart about what we have to do as a species to create utopia and avoid self-destruction. To take that and twist it into another advertisement for the blood-thirsty, child-killing, empire building war machine was all kinds of heartbreaking to me.

When we came home and the kids were out of earshot my husband and I started angrily fuming about what manipulative, disgusting, art-killing parasites these people are, then remembered we have a podcast now so we hit record before we ran out of rage:

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WTFRLY Sun, 01/14/2018 - 15:31 Permalink

Sounds like she hates freedom or something like that. If that's too much Murica, move to one of those shithole countries... Right?

BennyBoy Troll Magnet Mon, 01/15/2018 - 06:04 Permalink


"Bitch Perfect 3"

Everyone in Shitholerica should see this film to understand why 15,000 US troops are there to protect and give them democracy and freedom. They are not there to kill and enslave citizens, or slaughter entire villages so a pipeline can be built, or overthrow and install a another US clone dictator with a swiss bank account, or be mercenaries for big oil, big mining or big clothing manufacturers.

US military always always gives countries democracy, or is it overthrows democracies, I forget. I'll watch MSM to get educated.


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Normally Aspirated Raymond K Hessel Mon, 01/15/2018 - 14:08 Permalink

She lost me when she wrote in the 1st line, "To cap off a long, strange day, my husband and I took the kids out last night to see Pitch Perfect 3"

Why would anyone with half a brain line up to the 3rd instalment of a very light Hollywood crappy movie such as Pitch Perfect?

And then to think that "the way the cast interacts with each other" is some type of future template for society to get on?

Real deep.

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Mercury Raymond K Hessel Mon, 01/15/2018 - 15:00 Permalink

"As far as the film in question is concerned, “the way the military is portrayed” could not have been more propagandistic. The heroines were constantly drooling over the handsome, sexy servicemen, there was nonstop saluting, flag-waving and patriotic “thank you for your service” lines, the lead cast did an entire number dressed in camouflage, a lesbian character said she wanted to enlist “now that they let gay people join,” servicemen were portrayed as charming heroes and protectors of women, and life on a military base was portrayed as a fun party where you get to go to awesome concerts and have a great time. You could not possibly pack more glorification of the US war machine into a movie if you tried."



Look, I'm no fan of America's endless, pointless wars in the ME either but you can go fuck yourself. This isn't the fault of rank and file soldiers and it's pathetic how detached most Americans are from the lives and reality of our men and women in uniform in the first place.

If Hollywood wants to film a movie on a military base they may be required to play by their rules. Duh. I'm willing to believe that Fat Amy digs a man in uniform and I have no problem with that. You're probably just upset to see a whole bunch of hardworking, disciplined men on screen that your super-sensitive husband could never be.

Luckily, Hollywood cranks out dozens of America-shaming, Western Civ-shaming, navel-gazing, cry-fests every fucking year for you to warp your childrens' minds with and affirm your fantasies about how the world actually operates.

Fingers crossed 'Get Out 2' is a much better entertainment experience for you.

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mc225 any_mouse Mon, 01/15/2018 - 09:40 Permalink

anna is smokin'... movie doesn't show enough t&a. director or some bigwig wanted to 'sauce it up' a bit, but was nixed on the idea. they were like, 'oh nobody watches this movie for the t&a'... well, actually... t&a is the only reason some people would watch a movie like this... ymmv

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jaxville Moe-Monay Mon, 01/15/2018 - 03:16 Permalink

   I only go to the cheapee movie theater the rare time I go to the show.  I do my best to avoid the wrong type of movies but even then I sometimes find myself walking out midway making loud homophobic or antisemetic  remarks as I leave.

  It's better to wait for the DVD to be on sale for five bucks or less.  If it sucks I just throw it away.  Sadly most of what comes out of Hollywood sucks.  It's even worse than TV.

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Dickweed Wang Skateboarder Sun, 01/14/2018 - 16:42 Permalink

If anyone still has the idea that "Operation Paperclip" after WWII, where the CIA brought in thousands of "German Scientists" to the USA, was all about the space program and stuff like that they need to rethink that.  Paperclip was actually the covert transfer of political Nazi Germany, and much of their oligarchy, to the US.  If you look at what's happening in the US right now with the oligarchy running the country, a growing police state and over the top propaganda 24/7 fed to people through every mainstream (i.e. corporate owned) media outlet, it is EXACTLY like Nazi Germany was in the late 1930's and early 1940's. 

Remember . . . it didn't turn out real well for them in the end.

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Kelley Endgame Napoleon Sun, 01/14/2018 - 23:58 Permalink

I believe Pitch Perfect is one of the best movies ever made. Each and every scene is a gem.

Now on to the multicolor haired harpie who has never lived on a Military base. I have several times growing up. It was fantastic! Yeah, real peole who are good people live there, and have a lot of good times.

The 'craptic' who wrote the above piece loves being able to got buy a Coke and watch any movie of her choice. She must think that just magically happens. 

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MrPalladium beemasters Mon, 01/15/2018 - 02:17 Permalink

Recently a bunch of thirty something gals came up to me at a bar, asked if I were a veteran, and then "thanked me for my service". Like so many soldiers stationed at small bases around the world, I as bait tethered to the stake, there to provide an excuse for war if attacked. It is a very strange kind of service - and even more weird to be "thanked" for it.

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Manipuflation MrPalladium Mon, 01/15/2018 - 03:00 Permalink

That would be odd.  Why would they ask you anything?  I don't go to the bar anymore.  To many fights start at those places.  I have one fake tooth.  I was really drunk that night and I got one of my front teeth knocked out.  I was only 18.  That was the night that I ended up with 23 stitches in my left arm.  Yes, I had to get into another fight later than night and a broken bottle came out but I had sobered by then. 

It was fun.  No cops.  I broke out the 12 gauge that night.  I'm glad that nothing bad happened.  Where I grew up, it was game on. 

You are a good man.  And you are risky on palladium.  I did that.  The PGMs are really hard but I made a few fiats.  Not many.  I have some platinum.

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jaxville Dickweed Wang Mon, 01/15/2018 - 05:54 Permalink

  That is just fucking retarded.  So what exactly is now National Socialist in the USA? The National Socialists held the family, racial integrity, decency in art and culture and state control over currency as foundational values.  What policies of the US government mirror those of Nazi Germany? 

   If Nazis run America why do the Jews have so much power in finance, culture, education and government?

  You should read Mein Kampf, specifically Hitler's views on propaganda before trying to compare it to modern American media.


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jaxville Dickweed Wang Mon, 01/15/2018 - 14:01 Permalink

  The Nazis spied on communists, degenerates and others they perceived as their enemies.  Now communists and degenerates run the US government and they spy on everyone.

  The National Socialists censored the media from degeneracy, much like our government USED to do. Now our media is a source of degeneracy. David Irving has reported that as late as 1939 foreign newspapers were widely available in most German cities.

  Please go on with a real National Socialist policy that the government embraces. The example(s) you provide are more akin to Soviet or other totalitarian systems.  You have not, nor can you make one example of an actual goal of US policy being the same as those held by National Socialists.  It's as though both we and Germany collect taxes so we are both NS!?!?

  Just for laughs, compare the relationship between government and the Jews in both regimes.

 Your argument displays a total ignorance of history in general and German National Socialism in particular. Go back to your television and stay in your comfort zone.


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verumcuibono Dickweed Wang Mon, 01/15/2018 - 11:45 Permalink

You're close.

Operation Paperclip was the broad, covert immigration of private corporation and industry but particularly, the safekeeping of the confiscated gold and art and everything else Germans got their hands on.

Germans also had superior science and medical industries than US and many of our intelligence models were also influenced by German military and warfare culture after WWII. Everyone knows about the atrocious "research" done during the war. What most people don't realize is the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) was a department within the CDC that did the same thing once those scientists were ushered into the waiting arms of the US military. It's now underground - called by some other "project name". Biowarfare and bioengineering of bioweapons (including Lyme disease and other "household diseases" were developed by this group The incredibly eugenics-oriented vaccine program we have today and its dangerous inoculation schedule forced upon all Americans is a byproduct.

The space program benefits were driven PURELY by the panic from UFO activity during the war (think: Foo Fighters). In fact, some researchers suggest this is why Germans agreed to surrender WHEN they did and the entire system went underground to finance and develop a stellar/space-oriented military, here in the US. A theory suggests that the ETs were deeply concerned about the atomic weaponry being developed, which coincided with a shocking amount of sightings, visitations (proved by THOUSANDS of military documentation). Ultimately, downed extra-terrestrial aircraft provided a critical opportunity to reverse-engineer our way out of the 19th century. It's just that this technology has still been hidden from the ROW… for specific reasons.

Also, what emerged out of WWII and the infiltration of Nazi culture and leadership into this country is the creation of the CIA as the largest bank. To understand this one must recognize the $23+ Trillion missing...

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