Shocking Video Shows Kid Placed In Storm Drain During Hawaii's False ICBM Warning

Not only did yesterday's stunning false alarm warning of inbound ballistic missiles leave Hawaiians "crying and screaming", it caused some parents to resort to hiding their children in storm drains.

As Alex Thomas notes, while citizens who were on Twitter were informed that the alert was false within ten minutes, it took upwards of 38 minutes for government officials to officially correct said false alarm with a second text message.

Some, like NBC Philadelphia anchor Vai Sikahema was actually in Hawaii at the time and fully believed that both he and his wife were about to be killed.

NBC Philadelphia’s anchor Vai Sikahema recalled his reaction to the alert to MSNBC. Sikahema said he texted his children, after none of his four college-age children picked up the phone, letting them know he and their mom were in Hawaii. He then told them where they could find a will as well as their insurance information. 

Sikahema said his wife told him: “Hey, if this is it, I guess this is no better place to go then here in Hawaii and the two of us being together.”

Hawaii state representative Matt LoPresti told CNN:

"I was sitting in the bathtub with my children, saying our prayers."

Some people in the state took the warning so seriously that they were actually placing their children in storm drains in a desperate attempt to protect them.



The video shows a child saying "I don’t want to go in" as she is lowered into the drain while panicked adults shout in the background.

Clearly, as Thomas concludes, some heads are going to roll after this epic mistake.

One can only wonder how the American people are supposed to believe that this all happened because someone simply pushed the wrong button?!