Jim Kunstler On America's Racism-O-Rama

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

The New York Times worked itself into a fugue state this morning of the MLK holiday with a front-page orgy of reproving headlines:

“[Charles] Blow: Trump is a Racist, Period;”

“Donald Trump’s Racism, the Definitive List;”

“’I’m Not a Racist,’ Trump says, as DACA Hopes Dim;”

“In Trump Remarks, Black Churches See a Nation Backsliding.”

I suspect these are not so much the cries of a people yearning for redress of unfair laws - as was the case in 1963 when Martin Luther King led the now-hallowed march on Washington against the Jim Crow regime in Dixieland - but the hue and cry of a political machine desperate for attention that has otherwise run out of principles and purposes.



Donald Trump is certainly a vulgar fellow of questionable intelligence, and the country might be better off with someone else in the White House, but where exactly would that leave black America? We’re not going to re-run the civil rights campaign of the 1960s, which culminated in explicit federal laws that abolished the southern state’s Jim Crow laws.

What is government supposed to do now to improve the lives of black America?

There is, for instance, the quandary of public assistance - welfare of various forms, transfer payments, SNAP cards, housing subsidies. I don’t believe these policies were concocted deliberately to keep people-of-color down, but they’ve been hugely destructive to family formation because of the “man-in-the-house” rule that strongly promotes single-parent households headed by mothers. And these policies have surely shaped a dysfunctional ghetto culture in many other ways. I don’t hear any calls from the black caucuses, or from their professional colleagues in the lobbying industry, or from the black churches, to change that rule. There is no movement at all to get rid of public assistance per se.

We’ve had several generations who, in one way another, have enjoyed the benefits of “affirmative action,” and American black people are still under-represented in the professions, except in government jobs.

Affirmative action has been challenged in the courts, but it finds new ways to assert itself, especially in academia. Black public intellectual - Sowell, McWhorter, Steele, et al - have argued that affirmative action stigmatizes all of black America, and it’s worth considering if that is true. They are in a tiny minority of black non-Leftists who even dare to raise the question.

Who is actually responsible for the murder rate among black men in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and Milwaukee?

Is “structural racism” behind the decision to pull the trigger? Are gang-bangers depraved on account of they’re deprived, as the old lyric from West Side Story goes?

How come there is no recognition that the promotion of multi-culturalism militates against the idea of a national common culture — e pluribus unum (out of many, one) — leaving nothing for any people to assimilate into?

And how much is the cult of multiculturalism an excuse for black America to stay exactly where it is, separate and steeped in grievance for being “left out?”

These questions are apart from the easily-observed character deformities of the President. But they were there in plain sight before he came on the scene and Trump is not the reason black America finds itself so frustrated and angry.

I had an eye-opening experience three years ago after I gave a lecture at Boston College (a talk on issues raised by The Long Emergency). The social justice hysteria on campus was reaching cruising speed just then. After my talk, I was taken out for dinner by six or seven faculty members. One was ethnically Asian, the rest white. Three of them were professors specializing in “race and gender” studies. Since that was the case, they steered the conversation to issues of race and gender. I made the remark that it ought to be a primary mission in education to teach proper spoken English — because without that ability, kids might not be able to learn anything else.

I was denounced as a “racist” all round the table for saying that.

Three years later, it still astounds me that any professional educator would mount an argument against developing skills in the language of this country. That’s something I would definitely blame white people for.


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There is, for instance, the quandary of public assistance - welfare of various forms, transfer payments, SNAP cards, housing subsidies. I don’t believe these policies were concocted deliberately to keep people-of-color down

No quandary. 

These policies were developed by politicians to buy votes with other people's money...

...and nobody ever got rich voting for a living.

Keeping blacks in the ghetto was just a side effect.


However, if my head is clear, I will sometimes hear the voice of Murry Rothbard.   He reminds me that by doing for these people what they could and should be doing for themselves, our government is intentionally preventing these, "descendants of slaves," from ever being truly free.  As Lyndon Johnson supposedly said, "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years."


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Electing a black racist to be POTUS has done nothing to help blacks in the long run... it was not supposed to.

Training gullible black sheep to be angry at all times, to feel entitled, to be dependent on govt. handouts, and to remain on the voting slave plantation is what socialist Dems. do, and they're good at it.

The EBT (Every Black Transaction) card is as valuable to blacks as their race card.

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Jim Kunstler On America's Racism-O-Rama

My response: Which Political Party always playing the "RACE" card?

The answer: DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!

When they have now where else to go, the DEMOCRATS always play the RACE card!!!

By the way, there is only one RACE, the HUMAN RACE made up of MALE and FEMALE genders.

Someone needs to tell this to most, if not all, the DARK SKINNED members of LEGISLATIVE bodies like MAXINE WATERS. Note that I did not use titles like "BLACK" or "WHITE" because there are no "BLACK" or "WHITE" people, only people with different shades of brown in their skin. 

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Race is real, and the different races are separated by far more than just skin colour: a vast number of average behavioral traits including aggression levels and ability to delay gratification and plan for the future.

Each race has its own group interests, which are natural and healthy for group members to pursue against non-members. This leads to survival in a world where individuals are too weak and disunited to compete against cohesive groups.

On the other hand, "Racism" is a Marxist nonsense word, invented to destroy the natural defensive group instincts for self-preservation, but only in the Whites that Marxists hate. All other groups are encouraged to exaggerate their racial instincts, in order to achieve the ends of white genocide ever faster.

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Dindu Nuffins said: "Race is real."

My response: SORRY, but you are wrong bigtime!!!! Let me repeat one more time for the record.

There is only one RACE, the HUMAN RACE made up of different people groups who all bleed the same color of blood which is red. 

Any RACE discussion is made up of LIES from from the PIT of HELL that is meant to create division among people. See video clip below.


My suggestion: If you don't like how GOD designed humanity, then take it up with Him when you see Him if you see Him.

"But at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female."

No mention of the word RACE in this line nor anywhere else in His book.

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Both of you I believe raise solid points.  To avoid confusion let me speak "politically correct" to clarify what I believe Dindu is attempting to portray:

The human race, of which prodominantly people of "dark skin persuasion" tend to be more spontaneous and emotionally driven. An example would be many of the marches against perceived intolerance by police against any SINGLE offense made national news against said person(s) of "dark skin persuasion", not to mention the countless murder rate, primarily caused by non premeditated murder, or also known as "Crimes of Passion" (or better known as "droppin a cap on a nigga", right there where he stands)

Whereas- those humans of "light skin persuasion" really don't give a rats *ss when another human of similar skin tone is treated unfairly by police under similar circumstances.  Regardless the skin color persuasion of the police officer whom offended said "victim".

In addition:  The crime of "Serial Murder" also known as "serial killers" are performed by "humans of light skin persuasion" to the sum of a high 90% (percentile).  This is a long term data result over decades gathered both in Europe and U.S.  "Light skin Persuaded" individuals are more calculative and planning, not giving into emotional heated reactions (unlike their dark skin persuaded counterparts) and therefor in REAL LIFE, in STATISTICAL ANALYSIS, there are clear and present differences between skin persuasions (of, as you would insist, the same "race")

----Now, see how much easier this conversation would have been to hold, had you not held onto the petty P.C. verbology?

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"There is only one dog breed, because all dogs are the same. The Bible doesn't mention different breeds of dog, so a poodle guards my house, and a rottweiler plays with my children. Poodles and rottweilers are the same!" 

The Bible is deeply racial, from the destruction of the Tower of Babel (which GUS wants to restore by bring all peoples together again) to the crossing of the river Jordan (when the Hebrews were advised to kill and chase off all other races) the Bible has made it clear that different races do exist and were meant to exist apart.

You simply are a Zionist tool. You are a charlatan, GUS, and your weak pabulum is talmudic misdirection.


Shamus, I have lived in South Africa. In Petermaritzburg there is an albino Zulu man who has white skin and blond hair and he works in the government office where you get birth certificates. He is still a black man. Likewise, a white person could have an opposite genetic mutation and be as dark as coal. He would still be a white person with European ancestry. If I get a summer tan, I am no closer to having the traits of those who are actually African in ancestry. It's just a visible indication, like a uniform, and not the actual substance of all racial differences.

100,000 years of genetic drift and the mating of Europeans and Asians with the big-brained Neanderthal that they met in travels across Eurasia have caused many differences between the various races, differences hardened by having to think ahead to survive the winters and poor harvests of the northern latitudes.

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Ah. I see.

A monotheist of the "Jesus" sect.

You've been had, you poor fool. "Jesus" was a Roman propaganda creation.

The Flavian emporors invented him to defang the warlike Maccabeian Jews.

That's why Jews still hate the whole myth.

Return to your ancestors. Don't fool with the schizophrenic Semitic cults.

The Semites have twice the rate of schizophrenia than the rest of the hominids, which is the basis of their religions.

Don't fool with madness.

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Guss100Corina says "no mention of the word race in this line nor anywhere else in His [God] book".

Well, Guss, try this on for size: it's called "evolution". As humanity evolved, more races evolved. And each race, while still remaining human like the rest, evolved with unique characteristics.

It's what you call true diversity. The Democratic version of diversity wants everyone to be the same, which means destroying true diversity. Very simple logic, mostly lost on the Left.

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Weak response. Not an argument or refutation.

Get out of your white utopia and live in a majority black area, if you really want to walk the virtuous walk.

In South Africa, the rocket scientists of tomorrow burn down their own university campuses because the student fees are too high... which causes damages that require student fees to rise...

You have the luxury of feeling better than others only because you are insulated from the realities that your beliefs cause.


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Living in the ultra-liberal Bay Area, I get first-hand responses from people that I firmly believe have lost their minds. So many are working to get Trump out of office. No one looks at what was wrought on us over the past 12 years.

We didn't place signs up that we are conservatives for fear of the damage to property and our lives from the "oh so nice and concerned hippy fascist left). We have a saying, regarding Berkeley's population complaining about free speech. It is only "Free Speech" if you agree with them.

The latest poll (on the radio made the ludicrous statement) that if the election were held to day, Oprah would beat DT in CA by 40 points!?!?!)! No shit people. Only 3 states are so solid blue they are comatose dead from anoxia and brain damage. I really cannot believe these people and now I am getting pissed off.

Referring to Haiti as a Shit hole, is valid, because it IS a shit hole. I heard one comment this morning when a CNN news caster (female) was asked if she would rather live in Norway or Haiti, her comment after a pause, was "I'm not sure" with all the consternation she could put on her face. JFC. How ingenuous can someone be. I think tar and feathering is too good for these people. 

And as far as Dick Durbin's comments on Trump's comments being, "‘It was vile, it was hateful, it was racist’", I think he needs to look in the mirror and someone (Project Veritas, maybe) needs to record this POS and show the world how hypocritical these Democrats really are. They are the most foul-mouthed people I know.

My only hope is that all this pot legalization will lead to making them so brain-dead that they can't even vote and don't even care. I just hope they don't breed!

So much for my rant! Thnks


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But 'race' is a very useful tool to manipulate the herd... done by the usual people.. 'the chosen people of Satan'... yes, many so-called 'Jews', though most so-called jews aren't really jews, but that's another story... and in that regard of this 'race card', there's the usual push to propagandize this by the usual people by this 'race' name, tell me you haven't heard this pattern before:

Neo-Nazi behind Daily Stormer website Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer 'is of Jewish descent, his mother says'


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"You put them first," said Malcolm X, "and they put you last. 'Cause you're a chump. A political chump! ... Any time you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that party can't keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that party -- you're not only a chump but you're a traitor to your race."


And notice the "racist!" callers are always the most hateful.

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You are correct!




"What is government supposed to do now to improve the lives of black America?"    NOTHING!!!!!

Take away their self taught privilege that they are owed something based on a brief period in history when their own people sold them in to slavery because they could not fight well enough to defend them selves. History is a bitch!

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Every time they are given a "raise" the FED takes it away. (That is robbery from all)
I've said it before........
Real money is as basic a freedom as any other freedom laid out in the Constitution.
I believe that removal of that one freedom laid the groundwork for removal of all freedom.

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Zacktly!! Everybody is descended from slavery- nobody is exempt. My own, personal corollary, the "holocaust". When asked about the "holocaust", I reply, "which one"?, the Irish " holocaust"?, the Native American "holocaust"?, the Armenian "holocaust" or any of the thousands of "holocausts" that took place over the millions of years of pre-history?...crickets..

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All empires do this... 'divide and conquer'... leads to 'divide and rule'... keep the people fighting amongst themselves so they aren't blaming you (oligarchs and their puppets in govt). From a political perspective, this is the basic 'perversion' of the system.. the OWO, that those working on behalf of the NWO use to destroy their enemy... remember it was the same 'Chosen People of Satan' that setup the banks that were allowed by the sovereigns to control the money supply, as long as the ruler had easy access, same as the financial markets now... it was they who setup the communist ideology and financed and got the mostly Jewish Bolsheviks into Russia and took over... destroying the old culture along the way... but before that, those opposing them, those who taught the basics of what later became 'fascism'.... were led astray, as those teachings/instructions got perverted as well before they could really be put into use, so that it then became the tool of the same banksters to dispose of the USSR, when they lost control after Lenin's death and Stalin took over.... same as practiced in the 90's... see the pattern? Same in the entire West today.

It isn't the little people in the herd of any color or under the imported fake belief systems.. but the oligarchy that rules over them... things are 'shithole' because we want them that way... it's how all empires operate... as all empires are corrupted.. some early conquerors are rather legit, but they don't last long... after a few generations, their seed goes bad.... and the banksters remain in power... and look who is calling others 'anti-Semitic'? It's those anti-Semites... remember that the 'Semitic' group is the Palestinians,  not the Ashkenazi Jews... rather funny bit of sadistic behavior, but then that's why they are the "Chosen people of Satan'.

Most Jews, like most Christians, don't realize they are all being played... which is one of the main lessons in life in order to 'graduate'.. you have to learn perspicacity... keen insight into who is or isn't 'good' or 'bad'... how can you choose sides, if you can't tell the difference?

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