Is Baltimore America's "Shithole": Visualizing The Collapse Of An American City

The real 'shitholes' are democratically controlled cities across the United States that have let their inner cities deteriorate into a complete war-zone. This is not a new phenomenon but has been worsening for decades.

Baltimore ranks high on the “shithole” list for its widespread death and destruction. The city’s population hit a 100-year low in 2017, as residents are fleeing neighborhoods to escape the violent crime. The federal government stepped in last year at the request of the mayor to get the city under control. Intelligent agencies are circling above with light aircraft using optics and other spy-tech to monitor residents, meanwhile, a network of cameras on the city streets use facial recognition software to track citizen.

In 2014, the Ferguson effect aided in the 2015 Baltimore riots, when citizens from low-income areas ripped up their social contracts with the state and started looting local businesses. The National Guard was called in to close down the city with armed troops patrolling the streets.

After the riots, Baltimore residents and the entire world scrutinized the police force, which ultimately led to the fracturing in the relationship between the community and police. As requested by the residents, the police started to pull back from proactive policing, which left entire areas to fend for themselves. As police patrols decreased, inversely, violent crime surged to record highs.

Now, Baltimore’s homicide per capita is on par with Venezuela, a country that is suffering from an economic collapse in South America.

Combined with violent crime, the opioid crisis is adding fuel to the fire signaling that the most violent days are just ahead.

The Baltimore Sun says violent crime surged after 2015, precisely lining up with the popular theory called: the Ferguson effect. That year, homicides spiked 62 percent to 342, a level not seen since the crack epidemic of the late 1980s and 1990s. Further, the report labels 2015 as a pivotal year, when overall violent crime started to increase. Below, the Baltimore Sun shows three years before 2015 and three years after.

From 2012-2014, the city experienced a steady decline in violent crime. The narrative then was Under Armour’s gentrification of the area, but that all came to a screeching halt when the riots of 2015 sent the region into a panic.

According to the Baltimore Sun, “overall violent crime between these two time periods is up 9.8 percent. Most categories of violent crime either increased or stayed about the same, with the biggest percentage growths in homicides, shootings, and robberies.”

Homicides And Shootings

Homicides and shootings make up a small percentage of the overall violent crime, but saw the “highest percentage jumps from 2012-2014 to 2015-2017,” reported the Baltimore Sun.

From 2012-2014 to 2015-2017, low-income neighborhoods with abandoned homes saw a dramatic increase in homicides and shootings. All violent crime in the city is centralized to 12 impoverished communities, where education, health, and wealth inequalities are some of the widest in the United States. 

Shootings and killings are now occurring earlier in the day.


Robberies account for a majority of the violent crime increase over the time periods. The city saw 4,358 more thefts between 2015-2017. The most common of these are street robberies.

Street robberies in the downtown district, otherwise known as Baltimore’s tourism area outpace all neighborhoods. Crime networks have found that robbing tourist is the most lucrative way to make a living in Baltimore.

Carjackings in Baltimore have seen a significant percentage gain over the past three years.

Unbeknownst too many, carjackings in low-income areas have exploded in the 2015-2017 timeframe. The Baltimore Sun failed to label the energy behind this trend, but we might add, it could be due to subprime auto lending enabling low-income folks to buy new cars, and consequently, the vehicles are parked in lawless neighborhoods.

Commerical And Residential Robberies, 2012-2017

According to the Baltimore Sun, commercial robberies have increased by 59 percent between the two time periods. Since 2012, most business thefts occurred in the downturn area near major roads.


The Baltimore Sun explained, “between 2015 and 2017, 25 percent of violent crimes were committed using firearms, up 8 percent compared to 2012-2014.” With that said, the increase in firearms could be contributing to an acceleration in violent crime.

Unfortunately, many Americans don’t have to look to Haiti to see President Trump’s “Shithole.”

Just take a drive to the nearest inner city, and you will be able to find a community that is rotting away.

It’s time the American people understand where the real “Shitholes” are before it’s too late. Take for instance Baltmore; it ranks fairly high on the “Shithole” list, as the city risks imploding on itself. Welcome to the United “Shitholes” of America.