Turkey Notifies NATO Of Imminent Massive Invasion Of Syria To Fight Kurds

Turkey is poised for an imminent massive ground invasion of Northern Syria to quash Kurdish militia groups currently holding Afrin near the Turkish border. Multiple regional outlets have reported a build-up of forces that could constitute the largest external intervening force thus far in the entirety of the Syrian war.

According to Middle East based Al-Sura News, Turkey's military build-up currently underway includes special forces troops, Army units, Turkish-backed Syrian Rebels and Turkey's air force. The Kurdish YPG/J (People's Protection Units) has held Afrin since the Syrian government withdrew from the area in 2012, which constitutes the western-most part of the self-declared Rojava autonomous Kurdish zone.

"First Turkish military convoy enters Syria's Idlib, heads to hilltop overlooking Afrin." via Turkey's Daily Sabah

Turkey considers it a "terrorist" enclave as it sees Syrian Kurdish factions as an extension of the PKK, while the US has claimed not to be active in supporting Kurdish operations in Afrin, which lies a mere 40 kilometers from Aleppo where the Syrian Army continues to advance through the Aleppo countryside and into Idlib province.

Over the weekend President Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed recent US efforts to ramp up support for the Kurdish dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), saying during a speech in Ankara, “A country we call an ally is insisting on forming a terror army on our borders." He framed US support to Syrian Kurds as undermining Turkey's security, adding, “What can that terror army target but Turkey? Our mission is to strangle it before it’s even born."

Meanwhile a top Turkish general told a meeting of NATO military commanders, "We cannot and will not allow support and arming of the YPG terror group under the name of an operational partner. We hope this mistake will be corrected in the shortest time."

Regional outlets Al Jazeera and Al Masdar News have confirmed that the large Turkish convoy has entered northwest Syria and that sporadic fighting against Kurdish forces is already underway. Notably the air force is said to be mobilized - a significant factor as Turkish ground forces, including its proxy rebel forces making up its "Euphrates Shield Operation", have had little success in the past dislodging Kurdish fighters without air support.

Should aerial power be utilized by Turkey it would mark a dramatic escalation, especially given that both Russia and the US operate over Northern Syria, with Russia controlling the airspace over Afrin Canton (as well as over Idlib, which have generally frustrated Turkish plans for greater involvement). Whether the operation against Syrian Kurds moves forward or not into a full scale Turkish assault depends in large part on Russia, which has administered 'deconfliction' zones in the Afrin area, and has sponsored trilateral talks with Turkey and Iran which seeks cooperation among the three powers to wind down the war in Syria. 

In response to news of the impending Turkish invasion, US Coalition spokesman Col. said Tuesday of the Syrian Kurds in Afrin, "We don't support them, we have nothing to do with them." Dillon explained further when pressed by Turkish state media journalists, "We are not operating in Afrin. We are supporting our partners in defeating remaining ISIS [Daesh] pockets along the Middle Euphrates River Valley, specifically in areas north of Abu Kamal, on the eastern side of the Euphrates River." 

Turkey's current build-up and offensive comes after Dillon's controversial comments on Sunday in which he announced that the US coalition will establish a 30,000-strong new border security force with the SDF in Syria. In claiming to have "nothing to do with" Syrian Kurds operating in Afrin the Pentagon is seeking to distance itself from entering into direct conflict with Turkey in northwest Syria. 

Though Turkey has threatened many times before that it will dislodge Afrin from control of the Syrian Kurds, Erdogan might not be bluffing this time. Late on Tuesday he's reported to have phoned NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg in order to inform NATO that the Afrin operation is being launched. 


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You've gone 'full retard' now.

It's one thing to fling the biblicism thing around here daily - there's much to be learned about the wily tricks of the wastrels for newcomers to the theme...

but you should stick to laying links and leave the interpretive analysis to others.

Turkey in this case is hardly a US's Bitch... in fact the role chosen for it... by the "chosenites"... is very much to be America's nemesis, in a grand plan we've seen outlines of as far back as summer 2016, when in the aftermath of a staged 'coup,' and the run up to a staged US election that fall...

the dice was set for a 'not so Merika-first' fall guy to enter 'stage right' with a secret mandate - made in sreal - to bring America to it's knees via a string of misplaced foreign adventures and bravado ... whilst a patched together coalition of the puppet kind would work up a ragin backlash against the staggering bully in all of Asis and the muddled East. Splicing of the juiciest bits of Europe into the Russo-talmudic camp would be the second part of the one two punch by which the west would be lost. And the forces hard at work in Germany right now - in tandem with Trumps auto-destruction agenda domestically - are well on the way to bringing it all to fruition.

Srael tells Ankara what to do ... and when to do it. And when the time is right, there plan to blow up Nato via the squabbles tween it and the other puppet palace in DC will be activated at last. That time appears to be .... now.

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The Kurds are TURDS!


they deserve Nothing - they believed the US is Partner based  on bullshit rather than do the right thing and do a deal with Iran and Turkey


he Kurds long term are fucked


the crescent will hold from Hezbollah home base to Syria / Turkey / Iraq and Iran and then eventually Afghanistan and Pakistan


the Scum in DC are so myopic and arrogant  - whether it is the American White & Yellow Citizens in the USA to the Browns in the ME


DC is on the eve of destruction !

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The Kurds are TURDS!


they deserve Nothing - they believed the US is Partner based  on bullshit rather than do the right thing and do a deal with Iran and Turkey


he Kurds long term are fucked


the crescent will hold from Hezbollah home base to Syria / Turkey / Iraq and Iran and then eventually Afghanistan and Pakistan


the Scum in DC are so myopic and arrogant  - whether it is the American White & Yellow Citizens in the USA to the Browns in the ME


DC is on the eve of destruction !

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could you maybe post your bollocks a third time... case we really didn't get the "death to america/Grrah for hezzboolah" vibe the first two?

Give  it up already minion o the $power. You know NIRP about the Kurds, the muddled east, nor anything at ALL save cheerleadin for the Merika deserves to die meme here.

The region is being set ablaze (agin) in accord with a master plan which will leave you and your homeland every bit as devastated as the area which you pretend to be sooooo concerned about. It's one thing to recognize the pending demise... and deal with it as best one can...

quite another to deliberately assist those who seek to bring it about.

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The US picked one of the worst gypsies around as their last, desperate attempt at justifying an illegal presence in Syria. They can barely unify amongst themselves, what is a Kurd anyway? Maybe the fact that they couldn't make a country yet tells you enough about them.

I recommend Turkey to also target US forces in northern Syria, as they are the ones spear-heading the shit show up north and bribing the Kurds into conflict with their neighbours, who will be hung to dry once the tide fully turns against US imperialism.

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The  Kurdish population in Turkey is estimated anywhere from 15-20 %. The Kurds are most populous in the southeastern mountainous provinces of Turkey closest to the Syrian border to the south, but are also distributed in lesser concentrations throughout the nation. Erdogan and past Turkish leaders have opposed Kurdish tribal movements to break away for an independent Kurdish nation fragmenting Turkey. To now carve out of Syria a separate Kurdistan directly to the south of Turkey, Erdogan considers will lead to the loss of south east portions of Turkey. If the US, Britain and Israel support the Kurds in their bid to carve a separate state out of Syria, they will likely experience conflict with Turkey driving Turkey completely out of NATO into a very tight alliance with Russia.  The US has already pissed off the Turks with the failed attempted coup to get rid of Erdogan, and likely will not now risk a large scale ground war in the area by supporting the Kurdish rebels in Syria, alienating Turkey further.   

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Turkey won't ally with Russia, and Iran won't allow it either.

This remnant of the Ottoman Empire is still the "sick-man" of Eurasia, just as it was ten and a half decades ago.

In the end Turkey has no allies who are deep and true, not Iran, not the Russians, not the Americans and NATO (who will drop them like a hot potato if need be), not the Kurds, not Syria....no one. 

Even the demon-kin Israelis and the evil Saudis do not support Turkey deep down (but they will rejoice at the news of bloodshed).

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Turkey Notifies NATO Of Imminent Massive Invasion Of Syria To Fight Kurds

My response: All the pieces are in place for the GOG-MAGOG conflict (Ezekiel 38-39)

Below are the players .... stay tuned ... more to come. This is really interesting.

Ancient Name ====================  Modern Nation
Rosh (Rashu, Rasapu, Ros, and Rus) ======  Russia
Magog (Scythians) ================= Central Asia & possibly Afghanistan
Meshech (Muschki and Musku) ==========  Turkey
Tubal (Tubalu) ==================== Turkey
Persia =========================== Iran
Ethiopia (Cush) ===================  Sudan
Libya (Put or Phut) =================  Libya
Gomer (Cimmerians) =============== Turkey
Beth-togarmah (Til-garimmu or Tegarma) =  Turkey

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Assad has only invited in Russia. Ergodan & Turkey are a back stabbing weasels that got pissed, when he got caught selling Syrian oil to the black market for gold. Russia will annihilate them. Sooner or later.This fits with the bull shit that the US is creating a 30k strong boarder fence in Syria. The US has no business in Syria. Get the fuck out. They won't, because this will actually lead to WW3. Which is what the brain dead want.



Stupid fuckers that make these decisions need to be given a gun and put on the front line, untill the end of the conflict. I don't care what positions of power they hold. That would end this bullshit pretty quick.

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This is the problem humans are hard wired to obey I remember being in the Cambodian killing fields hearing all the Pol Pot horror stories from the Cambodian guides then I just asked the question why didn't someone just shoot the prick,I got a look like I was from outer space.Trust me this Erdogan is going to be a major problem.

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Shouln't this be an internal Syrian matter. I know Assard are busy trying to take the Idlib province right now, and I wish him all the best, when first order have been established there the Kurds are the only faction opposing the legitimate government that are left standing.

At that point a deal will properly work best where the Kurds lay down their weapons in return for gaining a limited level of local autonomy. Much better then bloody war.

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