FBI Investigating Millions Of "Mishandled" Dollars Funneled From Australian Govt To Clinton Foundation

The FBI has asked retired Australian policeman-turned investigative journalist, Michael Smith, to provide information he has gathered detailing multiple allegations of the Clinton Foundation receiving tens of millions of mishandled taxpayer funds, according to LifeZette

“I have been asked to provide the FBI with further and better particulars about allegations regarding improper donations to the CF funded by Australian taxpayers,” Smith told LifeZette.

Of note, the Clinton Foundation received some $88 million from Australian taxpayers between 2006 and 2014, reaching its peak in 2012-2013 - which was coincidentally (we're sure) Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's last year in office.

Hillary Clinton and former Australian PM Julia Gillard 

Smith names several key figures in his complaints of malfeasance, including Bill and Hillary Clinton and multiple Australian government officials - including senior diplomat Alexander Downer, whose conversation with Trump aide George Papadopoulos that Russia had 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton allegedly launched the Trump-Russia investigation (as opposed to the Fusion GPS dossier, of course). 

Within hours of the NYT publication, the paper was immediately shredded as the information Papadopoulous told Downer was already public

The materials Smith is giving to the FBI focus on a 2007 memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Clinton Foundation's HIV/AIDs Initiative (CHAI) and the Australian government. 

Smith claims the foundation received a “$25M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception” as a result of actions by Bill Clinton and Downer, who was then Australia’s minister of foreign affairs. 

Also included in the Smith materials are evidence he believes shows “corrupt October 2006 backdating of false tender advertisements purporting to advertise the availability of a $15 million contract to provide HIV/AIDS services in Papua New Guinea on behalf of the Australian government after an agreement was already in place to pay the Clinton Foundation and/or associates.”-Lifezette

As a reminder, the Australian government announced that they would stop pouring millions of dollars into accounts linked to the Clinton charities in November of 2016 - right after Hillary Clinton lost the election. 

The federal government confirmed to news.com.au it has not renewed any of its partnerships with the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation, effectively ending 10 years of taxpayer-funded contributions worth more than $88 million.

The Clinton Foundation has a rocky past. It was described as “a slush fund”, is still at the centre of an FBI investigation and was revealed to have spent more than $50 million on travel.

Despite that, the official website for the charity shows contributions from both AUSAID and the Commonwealth of Australia, each worth between $10 million and $25 million.

(Norway, coincidentally, also reduced its $20 million / year donations to the Clinton Foundation right after Hillary's loss.) 

A third complaint by Smith revolves around a "$10 million financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception between April 1, 2008, and Sept. 25, 2008, at Washington, D.C., New York, New York, and Canberra Australia involving an MOU between the Australian government, the “Clinton Climate Initiative,” and the purported “Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Inc.”


When asked why the Clinton Foundation was chosen as a recipient of Australian taxpayer dollars, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that all funding was used "solely for agreed development projects” and Clinton charities have “a proven track record” in helping developing countries.



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Precisely what has the Clinton Foundation's HIV/AIDs Initiative (CHAI) ever done?

Their page on what they do is very vague. It sounds like they might do nothing but hold meetings  and some PR campaigns. https://www.clintonfoundation.org/our-work/clinton-health-access-initiative/programs/hivaids

Basically it seems CHAI helps doctors and hospitals become more efficient. But is it 1% more or 1000% more?

It seems like CHAI is taking credit for others hard work.

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The details of the $50M in travel should be revealed.  How many Private Jet / First Class airfares and 5 Star hotel nights were involved?  Bet there were not a lot of LaQuinta nights or coach airfares.  

Part of this Clinton sham was being a job parking lot for 1,000+ Clinton loyalists to get a salary while waiting on Hillary's coronation, upon which time they would be put on the White House and Federal Executive branch payroll.  Funded big-time by the chump taxpayers of Hillary's cronies in Australia, Canada, Norway, and many other countries.  Pretty clever as long as you have no shame or morals.    

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I'd also add: How many 'Chelsea weddings' were involved?

The fact that the Clinton's haven't gotten tried in court for money laundering and illicit use of gov. funds is insane. Czech prime minister gets outed because his girlfriend tapped his ex-wifes phone, and here in the land of the Free, we have a family that has been basically permanently involved in scandals and they somehow walk away every single fucking time.


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