Are We Losing Our Sense Of Outrage?

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“A society that loses its sense of outrage is doomed to extinction.”

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Defining Deviancy Down

Gold was rallying and stocks were lackluster with the US dollar running at multi-year lows this morning.

The Fed released its 'Beige Book' at 2:00 PM. It was full of anecdotes about the tremendous jobs growth and robust economy, with growing labor shortages.  And by implication, wage pressures.

As some noted, we suspect that this was aimed to please twitter man, el hombre naranja, and to justify the next round of interest rate increases. 

The Fed is glossing over the significant lapse in the number of employed in the Labor Participation Rate and hand-picking examples.  But they have always been courtiers to power.  Their independence and self-effacing goodness is a fairy tale, a farce.  Unfortunately they are in good company with the other regulators, the pundits, and the politicians.

The labor shortages are for the most part artificial, because employers are not yet engaging in wage increases designed to attract talent, having become accustomed to thirty years of growing productivity and stagnant real wages.

The moneyed interests and their courtiers like to blame it on laziness, games, and drugs of the unemployed and the poor.  It is not their stealing that condemns them so much, as it is the slandering and dehumanizing of their victims, at home and abroad, to justify themselves.  They steal not only their victims' money, but their humanity.   It would have been better for them if they had never been born.

Do not delude yourselves, and go only to those places where they tell you what you wish to hear.  Where they flatter you with tales of your superiority, compared to these others.  For this is an easy and carefree path, blithely into the abyss.

You know it is wrong, you can feel the unease when you part from these serpents and their soothing reassurances.  But you cannot bear to face the truth, and the lies are smoothly seductive.  Your vanity urges you to imagine yourself to be the real victim of these others, to justify yourself.

Let's see if this is the start of something new, or just the kind of tickle and comfort that the courtiers and careerists to power like to pay to their masters, and the god of the markets.  There is nothing like a good wash and rinse in the market that the boys like better, just ahead of a stock options expiration.  And from the short term overbought and oversold conditions it was a nice opportunity to game the system and pick up some easy profits from the public.

There will be a reckoning, and it may be historic. 

But they do not believe in it, they do not think that change or reform is possible.  This is the true opium of the people.


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Are We Losing Our Sense Of Outrage?

My response: We lost our sense of outrage a long way back.

Any NATION that would condone the slaughtering of 60 million babies (US citizens) in the womb without barely a whimper is dead from the neck up and has a very cold heart. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is the PARTY of murder. Just ask the abortion POTUS, President "Obozo" and his DEMOCRATIC PARTY friends. 

We have over 400,000 churches in America and yet we continue to murder 2000+ babies a day!!! This is why repeal and replace of "OBOZO"CARE was so important because it was an important step to end the American massacre. The TAX CUT was good, but the babies are still being murdered.

GOD knows about America's abortion sin and his JUDGMENT is coming. We just don't know when.

As Thomas Jefferson once said,

"I tremble for my nation when I know that GOD is JUST and His JUSTICE cannot sleep forever."


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curbjob GUS100CORRINA Thu, 01/18/2018 - 18:26 Permalink

Just how many babies did the Pornhub viewers in Hawaii kill ?


But here's the dirty secret; IF the GOP could end legal abortion tomorrow,  they wouldn't.  They know that if they did, it would be the end of the party because you would be  chomping on the carrot. It's the issue that keeps a large proportion of their base showing up to vote ... again and again, hoping for a different outcome.

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SixIsNinE GUS100CORRINA Thu, 01/18/2018 - 18:26 Permalink

pregnancy is a symptom.   What is the cause of unwanted pregnancies?

start to deal with that.

It is appalling that fetal tissue is documented to be used as a flavoring agent in soft drinks and other consumables.

It's appalling that the aborted fetuses are used / sold in all kinds of methods/fashion.

How about Nissan unveiling a new "car" they want to brain hack us into "driving" ! yeah, right.  Just another not clever angle at hi-jacking the human mind for the coming Matrix :…?

and GM rolling out their new autocar NO driver that has NO steering wheel or gas/brake pedals (jail car)...


and then there is the UN Rockefeller plan to reconstruct the US CONUS.  Been wondering why Deagle has been printing a US population in 2025 of 50-60 million?  

here is where the UN is taking us (usa) :

that skips to the 4m08 mark with the UN map of where we will be in a few years.

That's why Deagle kept telling us (another zero posted their forecasts many years ago) - in 2025 we only have around 50-60 million people in CONUS .

How they trapped us?  spraying us with toxic chems and poisons.  aluminum causes alzheimers.  anyone lucky (ha!) to live through it won't be able to remember jackshit.  - worldwide chemtrailing program.  

look up   for NASA's war plan PDF.  

youtube channel suggestions:

builder rejected


for uplifting and inspiring : Neil Kramer on youtube, totally awesome - recent Veritas Radio interviews are great!


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I dunno who in Hell would downvote your comment unless he/she/it is some Zionist shill Kazar penis worshiper. Or maybe because you dared post an article about Israel's carnage glee wrought on even the littlest of Palestinian children as sport. They are into child murder from antiquity and it goes on in Israel and all over the globe because of Rothschilds illuminate Luciferian stranglehold on all tech, all military, all governments of the world. "Anti-semite" and "racist" are their tools to shut down the conversation that bubbled up in Germany in the 20's and 30's and once again now but this time in the US as well.

It's the Jews, stupid. It's always been the Jews. The perverse, war mongering, mind fucking cowards and terrorists, the great usurpers of all decent impulses into their sick world of feasting on our young and capable. What other peoples would come up with the Federal Reserve system of money? What other peoples would strangle entire countries to death because someone missed a payment of interest in ridiculous amounts loaned? They only care about themselves. Their aim is to rule the Earth, these Luciferians. Odd there's absolutely no mention of their crimes in the present or at any time through history by media. Not a peep.


One more time -- it's the Jews, stupid. And I am outraged at this scenario throughout my entire lifetime and the lifetime of my parents and grandparents and before that over and over again to the very foundations of the West.

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folks overwhelmed.  willful ignorance.  learned helplessness.  conditioned apathy.  

FLUORIDATED water supply known for 90 years to keep livestock docile and obediant.  There are likely other contaminants along with the alzheimers & cancer causing fluoridation. (aluminum - also in the chemtrails)


as to your twitter link and the renegade outlaw California .goob officials  - I was having a brewski last week and happened to sit with a nice couple and got to talking - anyways, one of their sons wanted to help the country and be a border patrol agent.   He was NOT allows to search any more than ONE of TEN vehicles.  They intentionally weed out the newcomers wanting to enforce the law.  He couldn't take more than 2 years (Texas). 

It can't be any more clearer than by now that the destruction of USA was indeed by design and intention.  

I remember just 10 years ago i scoffed at the idea we were being destroyed from within - even though my total awareness of what 9/11 was - i had no idea the totality and scope so immense.  So long planned.  

And today's Sacramento news where the mexican who murdered two cops and was so joyous in the courtroom that he did it, and telling the court that he will break free and kill more police.   FREEMASONs are the police and they have intentionally brought this upon themselves.  

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merica was to good to be true. the plan was set in 1913 and is in it's final throws. the dolla regurgitate is under way w 4 trillion unleashed. spent on MIc destruction of countries, the social policies that have rotted self worth of individuals, and a federal government run amuck and corrupt as ever.the debt remains but the dollas have been spent foolishly.

i say: contain that mutha fukers...


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 I think the depth's of ignorance of the western masses has been clearly exposed. You're either exploiting it, and making money ( why it's called predatory capitalism ), or your poor, and bitching about it on ZH.

 Anyone still arguing left/right is a moron. Anyone still playing by the rules is a fool. Anyone guilty of both, is poor.- Teletubby

 The majority of any group, tribe, state, nation, and empire, are the unenlightened, and the demise of all these due this fact.- Aristotle

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 The majority of any group, tribe, state, nation, and empire, are the unenlightened, and the demise of all these due this fact.- Aristotle

Good example to this in the Atlanta suburb of Gwinnett County--we had snow here Tuesday about 4 a.m. that turned to ice on the roads, news outlets, governor,  & DOT telling everyone to stay home--wind chill between zero & minus 5--more than 1100 wrecks in 24 hours in Gwinnett County alone because no one could manage to stay put for a day--barricades were  set up to block off the worst of the icy roads, but people drove around them because it was the shortest way to get where they just had to go---then they were interviewed on local TV acting shocked that they wrecked.

Plus all the malls opened SMH. What would anyone need to buy at a mall during a snow storm?


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So much of the rot is now taken for granted, not good, but what do the sheeple have in a rigged system stacked against them?

It seems the problem is beyond whatever "ism" and "acy" happens to be around - whether Communism, Democracy or Capitalism.

The problem is human nature itself. We are a fucked up species with great potential, but equally, if not worse, tendency to take it all away at a whim. Master-slave mentality lingers all too often, in all too many places.

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What about this guy? This article was great. Thanks for acknowledging what the overpaid bureaucrats at the Fake Bureau of Labor Statistics (FBLS) and, even worse, in the dishonest MSM refuse to admit. 

Tax revenue is down, according to David Stockman and the Mises Institute. That means that the jobs are not full time, nor are they high paying enough to create a better tax base.…

They are mostly nothing by temporary, part time, high turnover and 1099-gig jobs and have been since 2005, likely due to increased automation among other factors.……

Contrary to the opinions of those who fret about the babies, poor parents are paid by government in increasing amounts per birth, whether or not they are citizens of this country, not just with free food and housing, but with refundable child tax credits @ up to 6,444 (and now even more tax cash) that the parents often blow on trips to Florida with boyfriends and other adult indulgences. They can do that when their rent and groceries are covered by taxpayers.…


Economic elites are disguising the economic rot with all of these multiplying social-engineering programs for single moms and other parents, including the doubled child tax credit that the Swamp just approved. 

The rest of the citizens face wages that do not cover even  half of their monthly rent cost—wages that are not going to rise due to so many workers with an incentive to work part time for low wages to stay below the earned-income limit for welfare and the cut off for the child tax credits.

People in the top 20% and in the womb productive, welfare-buttressed groups at the bottom are often quite haughty about it, thinking their relevance in this temp / curm economy is unquestioned. 

Bots can likely replace 50% of them, and wombs do not remain productive forever, leaving the welfare recipients in the same position as the non-womb-productive.

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If the author really expects society to be "outraged" by what's in the Fed Biege Book she's delusional.  98% of the population has never heard of the Fed Biege Book.  They don't even know what the Federal Reserve is.  When pressed, they guess that the Federal Treasury is where the spending money is kept, like a checking account, and the Federal Reserve is where the emergency money is kept, like a savings account (actually, this isn't too far off).  Even if they did somehow get their hands on a copy of the Fed Biege Book they couldn't read it - it's written at a college graduate level and most of the population reads at a 10th grade level.

Tp provoke outrage among the populace you need to post a YouTube video of cat juggling, or a Tweet about kneeling football players.  That'll rile up the peasants.  The Fed Biege Book?  Hardly.

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Outrage fatigue; feel it, I do...

Too weird, the world has become.


When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

Curiously_Crazy Thu, 01/18/2018 - 18:12 Permalink

“A society that loses its sense of outrage is doomed to extinction.”

We're fine for another few billion years then. It seems there's nothing people these days *aren't* outraged about.

Apart of course from the things they really should be.

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Depends on your particular bent.

Personally, I moved way beyond outrage maybe 6 yrs ago. 

My sense of rampant injustice is still burning hot, though.

i want to see capital justice passed out liberally. Lots of hangings. Lots of firing squads. 

Short of that, then I’m for vigilante death squads. Vivid examples must be made and solid, basic rule of law, equal for all must be restored. 


I’m not sure we can count on the criminals in charge to do this to themselves. They are going to require help. Lots of it.

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Maybe the outrage has been pacified with self-preservation, ie preppers. The millennials don't care because they have video games. Gen x and below have guns, food, and video games. Gen y is a mess and should just get in bed the millennials. 

Gen Y was down syndrome to the full retardation we have now...