Crypto Rebound Continues As South Korea Admits Exchange Shutdown May Be Impossible

The rebound from yesterday's lows ahead of the Bitcoin futures expiration continues across the crypto space with Ripple soaring over 50% in the last 24 hours. South Korean headlines continue, ranging from insider-trading accusations to admissions that shutting down crypto is "realistically impossible."

Bitcoin hit $12,000 this morning...

Quite a rebound...


As headlines pour out of South Korea:




Shutdown Impossible:



Not Government's Problem To Intervene:



Finally, we note that FundStrat's Tom Lee, who has been a very vocal bull on Bitcoin, says investors should consider Ethereum and Neo as alternatives.

Lee puts a $1900 year-end target on Ethereum, $60 on Ethereal Classic, $225 on NEO.

Ethereum is back above $1000 this morning...