Hungary Introduces "Stop Soros" Legislation To Fend Off Illegal Migrants By "Every Means Possible"

Hungarian lawmakers previewed a proposed legislation package aimed at stemming the flood of mass illegal migrants through "every means possible," including those who are aided by foreign funded NGOs such as the various organizations tied to billionaire George Soros.

The legislative package presented during a Wednesday cabinet meeting has been referred to as the "Stop Soros Act" by government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, in reference to the 87-year-old US-Hungarian financier who has been in a long-standing fallout with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.


“If Soros is found to have engaged in such activity, meaning he organizes illegal immigration, then the rules will apply to him,” Kovacs said.

While the exact details will be presented on Thursday, Hungarian media detailed three primary pillars of the new legislation outlined by Interior Minister Sándor Pintér (translated): 

  1. NGOs which participate in or support illegal immigration will be obligated to provide data to the government on their activities.
  2. Affected NGOs that receive money from abroad must pay a 25% tax, collected by the National Tax and Customs administration. 
  3. Foreign nationals and Hungarian activists who support mass illegal migration may be subject to a restraining order which requires they remain up to 5 miles from the border, with diplomats and UN representatives exempt.

Observance of these rules, Pintér said, will be checked by the prosecutor's office, and if it finds an infringement, it will inform the court and propose a sanction on which the court may decide. (translated)

The legislation follows an October, 2017 probe into Soros' "Open Society" network, in which Orbán instructed his intelligence services to map what he described as the networks run by the billionaire financier's "empire" targeting his country, reported BloombergOrbán also mailed a Soros-related questionnaire to all 8 million Hungarian voters (see: Hungary Launches Anti-Soros Political Campaign).

As an illustration of the types of assistance provided by Soros NGO's during a Wednesday press conference, Interior Minister Pintér gave the example of someone giving a mobile phone to an illegal migrant "with the aim of showing how to get to, say Sweden."

a​​​​nti-Soros billboard, Hungary

As we noted in December, three decades ago, Soros paid for a young Viktor Orbán to study in Britain. And as recently as 2010, Soros donated $1 million to Orbán’s government to help the cleanup effort following the infamous “red sludge” disaster.

But the once-warm relationship between the two men has deteriorated substantially over the past seven years, as Orbán has drifted further to the right. In 2014, the leader of Hungary’s Fidesz party declared he would seek to model Hungary’s government after “illiberal” democracies like the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

anti-Soros p​​​​​osters in Hungarian train station

Of late, Orbán has accused the "open border" tycoon and philanthropist of trying to undermine European values and cultural identities by actively promoting and assisting a flood of refugees and asylum seekers from largely Muslim countries

In 2015, Soros stated that the European Union “has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future. And, to do that, it must share the burden fairly.”

In December, Soros was accused by Orbán of planning to interfere with Hungary's upcoming April, 2018 election by distributing pro-immigration propaganda via Soros-linked NGOs. 

Hungary is far from alone in its desire to preserve its borders, language and culture: Poland has joined Hungary's anti-immigration stance, drawing rebuke and threats from the European Union, of which it is a member. At an early January press conference in Budapest, Viktor Orbán and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters "The EU's migration policy... has failed," adding "It is clear that the European people don't want immigration, while several European leaders are still forcing the failed immigration policy." 

"In terms of migration and quotas that were to be imposed on (EU) member countries we strongly reject such an approach as it infringes on sovereign decisions of member states," Morawiecki said.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Viktor Orbán

Meanwhile, last year in Austria, a 31-year-old anti-immigration candidate led his party to victory in Parliamentary elections. In the Czech Republic, a populist tycoon named Andrej Babis who’s been described as the “Czech Donald Trump.” Babis led his party to a landslide victory, making him the frontrunner to become the republic’s next prime minister. Italy's two richest regions overwhelmingly voted for autonomy over the weekend, and so on.

That said, with his unlimited financial resources, Soros is more than capable of striking back against Orbán. The billionaire financier donated $18 billion in assets from his family office to his “Open Society” foundation, which oversees a network of dozens of nonprofits that seek to promote Soros’s political values. Incidentally, the final showdown - financial or otherwise - may be not between Soros and Orban but Soros and Putin whose wealth, according to some estimates as much as $200 billion, is orders of magnitude higher than that of Soros.

In November, Soros responded to Orbánposting a scathing rebuttal to his website for an "anti-Soros, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic propaganda effort." 

With Hungary’s health care and education systems in distress and corruption rife, the current government has sought to create an outside enemy to distract citizens. The government selected George Soros for this purpose, launching a massive anti-Soros media campaign costing tens of millions of euros in taxpayer money, stoking anti-Muslim sentiment, and employing anti-Semitic tropes reminiscent of the 1930s. The national consultation is part of an ongoing propaganda effort that has been underway since May 2015 that included the “Stop Brussels” consultation in the spring of 2017 and the referendum that vilified migrants and refugees in 2016.

Soros went on to offer a "rebuttal", which in several cases read more like a confirmation of Orban's "propaganda." You can read it here.


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Well, than first spend the spring in Hungary. Thermal bathes, nice people...not to speak about the beauty of the women... I lived there for over a decade, and if you make a tour to lake Balaton, don´t forget to visit Heviz with the biggest natural thermal lke in Europe.


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Hungarian is less related to English than Hindi, the entire concept of grammar is completely different in finno-ugrik language. However, I lived in a few different places when I worked in Budapest, and so had a handful of expat neighbors as well as expat colleagues. Among my coworkers, several expats (Brits, poles, Italians) had leard the language. One neighbor in particular was a very bright Brit who learned the language over about 5 years. It’s practically impossible to lose a noticeable accent if you didn’t speak it as a child, but you can function in society and work.

In fact, there are accelerated Hungarian as a second language classes that are extremely effective: the ELTE law school, for example, has a one year program for foreign students and before its conclusion they speak well enough to study law in Hungarian — which isn’t too shabby.

So there are ways.

Also, I’m not sure it is like this now, but if you had a job you had 90 days to go from a tourist to a work visa. Also, if you were coming from a “shithole” country, they made it extra hard, but Brits Americans Aussies, Italians were given work permits with red-carpet, expedited service (like within minutes, and with warm greetings and offers of espresso.) 

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the large three letter IT company I work for has been killing jobs in Germany for years now and pushing them into Hungary and other low wage countries. My wife's company produces in that most excellent land.

The wages are abysmal there. there is no reason other than absolute poverty that would incentivise anyone to move there for economic reasons.

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As long as they shoot the invaders. Then as long as someone finds a way to deal with Soros. Life will start to be good.


Who is going to start playing or doing: Cowboys & Muslums? Once that is started, the powder keg of the left blows up in their face and the people go off. Everything else that the left has done has blown up in their faces in a catastrophic manner.

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Same here.  Obuda was delightful, food was unbelievably good and cheap, and the people were wonderful.  We drove through the countryside on our own, got lost, and ended up asking directions from some people outside a rural store without a single word in common and they still managed to draw us a map and get us where we were going!  You could vacation in more expensive spots, but they wouldn't be nicer.

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Hungary had a constitutional kingdom that lasted for nearly a thousand years.  It was along similar lines to the magna carta, where the king was circumscribed by moral law.  Their King was elected.

Hungary also did a signal service for western civilization by keeping Muslim hoards at bay, to the point where it dissipated Hungary.  Constant Muslim attacks make people weak, as they become weary from fighting.

Hungary also has a long history battling the Jew, so they are much more Jew-wise than American's or people in Western Europe. In the late 50's the Jew tried to take over in Hungarian revolution.

Soros is using a typical Jewish playbook:  Stealing the wealth of people through usurious schemes.  In Soros case, he is a bear raider, manipulating exchange rates. I enjoyed it immensely when Putin screwed Soros over in Ukraine, as Soros gambled incorrectly.

Soros gambles on the way a currency will move, and then helps it move the way he wants it to go - so it is not really a gamble.

These people, who think they are God, have always been with us, and Soros is just another manifestation.

Go Hungary! Be Illiberal.  Revert back to your Consititutional Kingdom.  Don't take any immigrants in, unless they are similar already to Hungarians.  Keep out the Jew.  Hungary has always been one of the most important countries in history that nobody knows about.

Most importantly Hungary... convert to a sovereign money system, so you can keep predators like Soros at bay.



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Faeriedust MEFOBILLS Sat, 01/20/2018 - 13:31 Permalink

And just to round of the who's right, who's wrong argument: nobody elected Soros to make policy or govern ANY nation, including Hungary.  The Hungarian people did elect Orban.  So according to the rules of democracy, Soros doesn't have the right to undercut Orban and try to make policy behind his back.  If he wants to govern Hungary, he needs to go back, go through the paperwork to regain citizenship, run for office and get elected.  Then and only then does he get to make the rules.

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Soros's strategy is simple:


Import cancerous cultures so that it's not just Israel alone leading the fight against cancer.


Not so fast Georgie...that cancerous culture is your malignancy alone. Dont you dare try to make the entire civilized world sick.



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because it is not just him ....


Benjamin Disraeli, later Lord Beaconsfield, repeatedly warned Christendom against the world-revolution. Like de Luchet, Alexander Hamilton and Edmund Burke fifty years before, he saw “the design” behind it; unlike Lord Acton, who fifty years later spoke only of anonymous “managers,” Disraeli identified these organizers as Jews. The century that has passed since he uttered the plainest of these warnings has justified him; whatever its origins, the organized world-revolution was under Judaist leadership by the middle of the 19th Century and continued under Judaist leadership at least until the 1920's (in the present writer's opinion the condition continued after that and prevails today).


Why the Talmudic sect took over the leadership of the revolutionary organization established by Weishaupt, or whether it instigated the original revolutionary undertaking, are two questions which cannot be answered today.


If the ambition of Judaic world domination, instilled through the centuries by the Talmud and even more by the Cabala,[5] is ever to be realized the enslavement of “the heathen” to the Holy Nation will have to be accomplished through some destructive organization like that set up by Weishaupt; the fact that Weishaupt founded his Illuminati at the very moment when the Jewish “centre” in Poland sank from sight, after an unbroken life of more than two thousand years, might be more than a coincidence. On the other hand, it is equally possible that the dominant sect for the purpose of Talmudic fulfilment, took over control of a destructive organization already set up by non-Jews for a different end.

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'Refugees' LOL! 95% are young men of fighting age from non-war torn countries no matter what the msm reports. Operation Barbarossa II springs to mind.

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The Hungarians are a lot smarter than the US Globalist Socialist Liberals and GOP RINOs.


The United States of America. A future "Shit hole" thanks to GOP RINOs and Democrats.