Over The Next Year, Germany Will Hit A Scary Demographic Milestone

In Europe, the economy is humming along at its fastest pace in 10 years.

According to the European Central Bank, the most recent forecast for the eurozone pegs growth at 2.3% for the year ahead, a significant upgrade from the central bank’s previous estimate of 1.8%.

But as Europe regains its economic mojo, Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, a key part of the machine is seeing demographic reality take shape.

A Scary Milestone

It’s been no secret that Germany, which has a reputation as the economic engine of Europe, is in a troubling demographic predicament. With one of the oldest populations in Europe, and a low fertility rate of just 1.5 births per woman, it is only a matter of time before the rubber hits the road to affect growth in the country.

That time may be finally creeping in, and the country is poised to hit a dubious milestone in the next year that really crystallizes concerns around the demographic composition of Germany’s population.

By 2019, there will be fewer Germans under 30 years old than there are Germans that are 60+ years:

This ratio is certainly extreme on a global level – after all, 24.4% of the world population is under the age of 14, and only 12.3% is older than 60 years.

However, it’s also pretty extreme in comparison to other developed countries. The U.N., for example, recently estimated that the 60 and older population made up an average of 22.1% of the total for all high-income countries.

Conversely, the last time the 60+ group made up the same proportion in the German economy was in 1997.

A Closer Look at Germany

For a closer look at this trend, here’s an animated and interactive chart of Germany’s population pyramid. Notice that by 2020, the shape starts to represent the negative population growth pattern that we showcased in a previous post.

Use the “lock” button to save an imprint of particular year, and then use the play button to animate future years.


With more people in the 60+ age bracket than in the younger generation, it’s inevitably a prelude to population decline in the native population.

Here is this negative growth projection shown, using a more conventional graph:

German population growth

Based on these United Nations projections, the German population is likely to decline by over 10 million people as we move towards the end of the 21st century.

This is a stark contrast to other parts of the world, such as the booming megacities in Asia and Africa, that will soon dominate the world’s future demographic landscape.


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Wrong, as is the assumption that a baby born in 2060 will live to 88.  FightAging.org.  The only question is whether extreme longevity tech (SENS) arrives in 15 years or 30 years.  I have no plans to die.  In fact, I'm planning on having ~20 awesome, beautiful, talented, FREEDOM-LOVING and joyful children every century with the finest women on the planet (in batches of 2 to 10) for the next millennia or two.

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What do Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Italy’s Paolo Gentiloni, Great Britain’s Theresa May, Holland’s Mark Rutte, Sweden’s Stefan Löfven, Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, and the European Commission’s Jean-Claude Juncker all have in common?

The first is they are all leaders of nations/regions now suffering terrible Islamic extremism brought about by open-border immigration policies that they continue to support and demand be allowed.

The second is that none of them have children or grandchildren.


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The Christian religion as it now exists just teaches infinite tolerance and forgiveness. The authors of the New Testament even referred to Christian believers as sheep, Jesus as their shepherd. Fact is, men are not improved by becoming sheep. Sheep are raised for slaughter, some for wool. That is what Christian believers want to be, Jesus' sheep. It is no wonder the progeny of the Middle East are invading our countries. I will stay a man, thank you. You can keep Jesus and his erroneous teachings that are harmful to those who worship him.

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So, population gets more sustainable instead of growing forever with a nightmare ending. This is good. Germany is lucky, they get all those millions of forced migrants to make everything better. 

Moe-Monay NoBiggerX Thu, 01/18/2018 - 05:13 Permalink

My theory is that the nations that previously pumped up birth numbers to create more soldiers are now reverting to the organic levels of population.  I suspect that some people who would have never procreated or procreated at levels in excess what was natural for them. 

Just as nature will surely weed out those who abort their children will also increase the numbers of those inclined to procreate in a few generations.  But bankers who get to create money upon debt can not wait !!!

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OverTheHedge NoBiggerX Thu, 01/18/2018 - 05:54 Permalink

You would think a declining population would be a good thing, except that it means a declining GDP, which means a decline in debt, which means the end of the world, as we know it.

If only we had a sensible monetary system, then we wouldn't need infinite growth, and infinite debt, and other insane, impossible things.

Hrer's to believing 5 impossible things before breakfast, as all good Central Bankers like to do.

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So a small majority of people ages 1-4 is foreigner if i recall correctly. 


One thing is sure: German Granny is going to be mugged multiple times in the future. 

ShadowHedge Thu, 01/18/2018 - 04:51 Permalink

I don't understand these articles - do people actually want population growth? Because perpetual population growth within a closed system like planet earth is impossible. Something will have to give.

Germany is half the size of Texas, yet has a 3 times larger population. That's 6 times higher population density. It is smaller than California, yet has double the population. So I think a little population stagnation or even decrease isn't a bad thing.

gaoptimize ShadowHedge Thu, 01/18/2018 - 08:23 Permalink

There is no closed system.  We can easily quadruple the population with sustainable seasteading (seasteading.org) and vertical agriculture.  There is an asteroid, 16 Psyche - Wikipedia , that has hundreds of thousands of times more metal than humanity has ever mined, with which we can build glorious habitat for tens of billions more people.

Do you say these things because you are intentionally uninformed or because you are a nihilist?

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The author of this article obviously does not understand the situation in Europe in general and Germany in particular; in another 20 years the majority of the population in Germany will NOT be ethnically German, it will be of M.Eastern origins, and because those ethnic groups regard families of less than 7 children small, the population will not decrease, it will increase dramatically, and to the extent that Germany`s economic resources cannot support them and Germany will degenerate into a mirror image of the poor and unstable country that they originally came from. A similar future awaits several other European countries. Britain is wise to be getting OUT.

I sympathise with the migrants, they`re only doing what they think is best for their families and themselves, but migration from a poor and unstable country into a country that will become poor and unstable due to the flood of migrants is not a viable, realistic solution. It`s not their fault, it`s the fault of our own Western Establishments who have through greedy profit motives forced the migrants own countries into poverty and war, and are now using the migrants as cheap labour pawns to undermine the pay and conditions of the Western working class. That is why there are tensions building between the migrants and the indigenous population, the indigenous population are blaming the migrants for their diminishing living standards, WRONG, look much closer to home for the culprits, look to the members of the Piggery, such as G.Saurus, it is they who should be on the receiving end of our anger.  The only sensible and humane solution is to stop the almost genocidal treatment of the West towards the migrants own countries and try to help them make their own countries peaceful and prosperous so that they won`t want or need to migrate to OUR countries. But there`s no profit for the Pigs in that is there ?, so it`s not going to happen, is it ?.

Cloud9.5 Greed is King Thu, 01/18/2018 - 08:00 Permalink

The back story to all of this is oil.  Once American oil production peaked in the 1970’s, OPEC began its exponential rise in wealth and influence. The United States abandoned gold and constructed the petro dollar as a mechanism to address its negative trade balances.   The United States government planned to take down seven Middle Eastern countries in an effort to secure its oil supplies out to at least midcentury. This gave rise to our Middle Eastern wars.

The OPEC countries enjoyed decades of positive growth fueled exclusively by their oil exports.  This opulence afforded political excess and exponential population growth.  Efforts to move away from the petro dollar brought down the governments of Iraq and Libya.  The surge of shale oil production in the United States devastated the oil economies of OPEC.  The resulting political and economic collapse fueled the surge of immigrants from the Middle East.   The flood of North Africans is a direct result of failed economies and population overshoot.  North Africans are economic refugees.   The welfare states in the European Union were natural magnets for these populations.


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Very good concise summary of the last 50 years.  

Yet this plan was merely a short-sighted attempt to keep the American empire on top as long as possible (maintaining the hegemony and wealth share of the 0.1 %), pending inevitable global energy depletion.  Such worldwide population overshoot (more than tripling in just my lifetime alone - and virtually entirely in third world low IQ countries) will eventually lead to economic collapse and consequent massive depopulation.   

Hence the empire's desperate attempts to maintain chaos in the Middle East, and its otherwise absurd appearing constant and unnecessary antagonism toward Russia, at great economic cost, and all the while that average Americans' livelihoods are daily diminished in the process.  This to the point of routinely threatening the world with nuclear annihilation as intimidation and to distract people with an 'enemy' to fear.

And why?  Russian communism is dead, its thousand year-old Christian past is in renaissance, and it is a European centric culture whose indo-aryan roots are closest to the vast majority of Americans.  The reason is simple.  The Russians, perhaps unhappily, control the most extensive land mass on the planet with the greatest amount of available undeveloped natural resources.  It is a treasure trove without end.  No need to invade or intimidate others, while having a virtual multi-century insurance policy in hand.

So what do the next several decades portend.  Endless proxy wars around the globe, total national regimentation through human surveillance control, greater enslavement and impoverishment, increasing third-world immigration into western societies geared toward eventual cultural replacement . . . in "their" vane hope they (those who count) will still come out on top at the other end.

Utter insanity.  Best go for a walk on the beach.

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Bendromeda Strain Cloud9.5 Thu, 01/18/2018 - 10:15 Permalink

The United States government planned to take down seven Middle Eastern countries in an effort to secure its oil supplies out to at least midcentury. This gave rise to our Middle Eastern wars.

I think the oil is secondary, and actually a payment for service. The "7 countries" is at the behest of Israel and KSA who are secret BFFs and want to rid the ME of the apocalyptic Shia, whose theology, interestingly enough, tracks closer to Christianity than Wahhabism does, but that is of no interest to the MIC who would fight Jesus for profit.

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fockewulf190 Thu, 01/18/2018 - 05:13 Permalink

Russia certainly isn’t going to have much to worry about: hordes of old men with canes and prostate problems.  The Bundeswehr today can’t even scrape up enough recruits to keep it’s personnel levels up (and it also has a graying workforce within the current ranks).  Imagine the size of the Bundeswehr in 15 to 20 years?  Sure as shit, you will not be seeing any Fourth Reich popping up during this century, that’s for sure.  

Sandmann Thu, 01/18/2018 - 05:31 Permalink

Japan and Italy are not much better. Anyway Germany is overheating because of ZIRP having robbed Savers of EUR 436 billion and transferred it to  Government which saves EUR 50 bn/year in interest charges. SOCIALISM

Cloud9.5 Sandmann Thu, 01/18/2018 - 08:12 Permalink

The entire banking system is an 18th century construct built on the premise of exponential growth.  It made perfect sense during the time of the industrial revolution, railroad expansion and colonization.  The west for all practical purposes has now reached the end of growth.  It suffers under the weight of a banking system ill prepared for stasis or contraction.   Trillions in outstanding debt will be defaulted on.   When economic systems collapse, political systems collapse.   The resulting chaos will force a resurgence of tribalism

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It is just an excuse for Brussels EC to let muzzies from Middle East and Africa come to Europe to make up the young workforce.

They don't work and claim benefits.

I have muzzie aquaintances that tell me though don't need to fight the westerners, they will just come to Europe, breed, claim state benefits and economically destroy the west.  They seem to be suceeding.

We don't need more young people. There is AI (Artificial Intelligence) software , robots and automation.

The western governments will be promoting euthanasia in the future and life will be so shitty in the west that old people will be begging for an end.

OverTheHedge Cashboy Thu, 01/18/2018 - 06:14 Permalink

Just imagine the inflationary wage pressure that Germany ought to be feeling. All things being equal, there is going to be a huge need for qualified workers in Germany, to keep their technical, high value export industry going. All German workers should be benefiting from this. Except....

Of course, if none of the immigrants either want to work, or are capable of working, then German prosperity is going to nosedive.

Logically, they should be reorganising society to encourage women to stay at home, have babies, and keep the system ticking along, but that is probably sexists, so better to disappear with a whimper in 40 years time. Although, to be fair, a 20% reduction in population is hardly a disaster, in biological terms.

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Cloud9.5 Cashboy Thu, 01/18/2018 - 08:20 Permalink

Everyone is oblivious to the fact that oil discoveries over the last decade have been insufficient to sustain current levels of consumption.  AI and its legions of robots are incredibly energy dependent.  Where is this energy going to come from, solar panels and intermittent wind farms?  More and more of your oil and natural gas will flow from Russia.   Less and less oil is going to be available for public transport.  The energy surplus that was the hallmark of the 20th century is in permanent decline.   This simple fact is shattering economies.  Exponential debt expansion that will be defaulted on is not growth.

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